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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Rage: Anarchy Edition (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Anarchy Edition|Change
Price:£9.99+ £1.62 shipping

on 21 July 2017
I usually like sniper games, so was not too thrilled when I was brought his by my grandchilden, I had tried one or two different games and never been happy with them, but decided to give it a go to show willing.
But it turned out to be a really good game and I warmed to it.
You are the main figure and you have to go to different places to retrieve various things and do certain jobs, killing stuff on route. Once you have done all you can for the man who runs the settlement where you were taken after awakening in your previously buried ship, you move onto a township where you have to run errands for the mayor and sheriff.
You have to race in races to earn racing certificates to up grade your car, and pick up and sell stuff you find on your journeys out to make money to buy bullets and guns. Eventually you have to leave Wellsprings and go to another place where you do much the same thing of collecting, killing and selling stuff until you end up at the end of the game in Capital Prime and a place you have to blow up to release the other people who were buried like you. This is where the game ends, but its a good game with several side adventures, some you have to undertake and some you can undertake if you wish. The game comes in about four or five levels but the levels are all the same just more difficult to complete. Very happy with the game and delivery. So happy in fact that this game of Rage I purchased for my grandchildren. Just tell them to ignore the swearing.
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on 31 March 2017
The game Mad Max should have been Xbox One compatible By ID the creators of Doom and Quake A very good game
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on 16 May 2017
Great purchase arrived soon and just as described, no problem
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on 23 March 2017
Excellent value.
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on 19 March 2014
This game was not what I was expecting, from the title assumed a straight forward first person shooter. But is almost an RPG, Perfect for fans of borderlands or fall-out.
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on 6 July 2016
great game hours of fun
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on 31 August 2017
wrong disc in case music magpie
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 August 2013
The graphics take a whopping 22 gigabytes of space, but they are stunning.
The gameplay is excellent, as are the mini games and the interaction with other npcs. The storyline is rich and engaging from the opening sequence to the finale.
In theory, you could rush through the game in 20 hours, but having played it a number of times, there is much more to be had by taking your time and planning your attacks ...giving you ample time to luxuriate in the rich and very impressive environments.

I could write a longer and more illuminating review of the game, but its an old game with no sequels or add on Dlc, so the review is short to simply say... At prices of now round £5, this game is a must have if you enjoy fps games.
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on 22 October 2011
Its the end of the world as we know it....

Is it just me or are we getting a wee bit obsessed with the world ending? Post apocolyptic storylines are coming out of the wood-work of late and to be honest I dont mind one bit. I cant get enough. Being a big Fallout fan I simply couldnt ignore the premise of ID's latest offering - RAGE.

Set a hundred (or so) years in the future after the planet has been hit by a giant asteroid and all has gone to hell. The world is a wasteland. A big wasteland filled with small raggedy bastions of humanity, lairs of bandits and hives of mutants. Its a recipe that we are all too familiar with these days. But a succesful recipe nontheless.

Enter the protagonist - an ARK survivor. Before the asteroid hit Earth a series of Arks were created and humanities best were put inside and cryogenically frozen - in hope that they would survive and come forth to re-populate the earth after the dust had settled. So you play as one of these guys. With a basic introduction you are thrust into the wild world of the wasteland, no longer safe inside the Ark. Rage doesnt take long to get going and before you know it you will be introduced to your first friendly NPC, given something of a base camp and a vehicle.

Let me just get this out of the way now - Rage, despite a small resemblance to Fallout, is not a Role-play-game. By this I mean there are no stats, no perks and no levelling up. So it isnt a roleplay game in the traditional sense of the term but.....there are factors concerned that will be decided by player-choice and development tastes. Its up to you if you want to engage in side-quests to earn more money, gamble it away or spend it on ammunition, ingredients for recipes etc etc I'll get onto that soon though. Just ultimately think of this game as role-play lite if it makes you feel a bit more confident in parting with your cash for this product. I do believe that there is something for everyone in this game.

Crafting and resources

Rage offers the player recipes. As you progress through the game you will earn, discover and buy new blueprints for new items. Ingredients for these recipes can be discovered across the wasteland, inside bandit lairs and so on. At first you will unlock simple things such as healing aids, health boosters and tools aimed at progession (ie the lock grinder - some missions contain areas with locked doors but once you reach a certain point you can make a lock-grinder to reach these areas - so it is worth going back to previously visited locations). later into the game and you will have access to turrets and spider like sentry bots, effectively giving you more killing power.

FPS heaven

Rage handles well. Its smooth and the combat is really satisfying. Pop a bad guy in the leg and he will believably hit the deck and crawl away for cover. Pop him in the body and if the momentum takes him he's going down again. Given the fact that you have a decent arsenal at your disposal then it really pays to experiment with the options. The standard revolver can be upgraded early into the game with a magnified sight, allowing precision head shots, couple that with more devestating ammunition called Fatboy ammo and you have a one-hit-one-kill weapon. Of course this applies early into the game when opponents arent heavily armored but thats what Rage is about - understanding your weapons and more importantly the ammo types.
Each weapon has various ammunition available. Personally I like the Crossbow with electro bolts. If you hit someone normally they will react with convulsions while being hammered by an electric current, similiar to the electro bolt from Bioshock might I add. Hit someone in water, or even a group of enemies in water, and that electrical bolt is going to spell lights out.
Plenty of weapons and ammo choices, and some ammo does need to be crafted using the recipes I mentioned. And given the fact that money and supplies are not endless in this game...it pays to flash the cash sensibly and invest in the upgrades that suit your style of play.

Racing for life

I love the racing on this game and the vehicle exploration. Its cool. Its arcadey. Its like Mad Max. Its what Fallout would possibly be like if it had vehicles in it.
You will, after a couple of hours of play, be awarded your own buggy. And then you are free to speed off into the sunset...well, kind of. There are simple diversions available to you if you like the vehicle side of Rage. This game does not force you into racing although you will use it a lot in the exploration side of things as it isnt advised to be hoofing it about on foot everywhere as the Bandits have rides too. There are maybe two, three races that Rage forces you to participate in. This is for main story progression. After that it is up to you if you want to get out onto the track.
Racing offers awards in the style of race flags with 15 up for grabs in every event. Race flags can then be exchanged for vehicle upgrades (please note that race flags are the only means of buying vehicle upgrades - cash wont do). The racing is far from Forza 4 but its fast, arcadey and purely designed to be fun. I'm not very good at racing games full stop but even on the harder difficulty settings I can beat the racing on this game. So thats a thumbs up from me.
Anyway back to upgrades. Vehicles can be upgraded in several or more areas. New engines, boosters, armour, paint and deco styles, weapons; ocket launchers and so on. It certainly pays to win races and spend those flags because it makes hunting down those bandit drivers in the wasteland more fun and yes, the vehicle combat is quite satisfying.

Rage's storyline isnt brilliant I am afraid but then again its more about the action and gameplay modes on offer. The variation of FPS and racing is quite refreshing and the makers of Doom and Wolfenstein do know how to make a good shooter. Like I mentioned earlier this game could be considered RPG-lite and there is a decent amount of exploration to be had but this is not Fallout. Do not expect multiple path conversations or perks - Rage is a true FPS wrapped up in a believable world with options for the player to pursue, or not pursue.

The Anarchy edition of this game offers spiked gloves (brilliant in the early part of the game as they literally kill the bad guys with 2 hits, helping conserve ammo), A Rat Rod buggy (unlocked once you reach the first major settlement in the game) which boasts slightly better armour than the normal buggy and it looks cool, a double barrel shotgun (Mad max style). Finally you get some exclusive armour called the Crimson Elite armour. This armour has combined abilities of all three normal armours available within the standard edition.

Finally if you buy the game new then you get the Wasteland Sewer mission pack DLC. Basically this will allow you into the sewers, several are dotted around the wasteland. You can then face off against lots of mutants and steal there stuff. A nice distraction.

Finally .....

Rage looks great,plays great and is sure to win over a lot of fans.

A good offering from ID and a solid 8/10.
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on 25 June 2015

Brilliant and detailed environments.
Fast paced action.
The characters have believable personalities... up until Subway Town.
Fun mini games (racing, cards, etc).


Limited exploration possibilities due to zoning restrictions, making what could be an adventure turn into a disappointment.
Multi-assignment function controls (the gamer has to pick whether to use a medipack, grenades, wingsticks for a single trigger each time they want to use them). This can be very annoying when in combat (player goes to heal but throws a grenade instead and vice versa).
The overall length of the game is unbelievably short, taking about 2 days in total to complete.
No map on missions.
Women of Subway Town act and dressed as only their Patriarchal creators would allow: needlessly revealing clothes and largely unrealistic suggestive attitude.
The story starts off well enough and adds its own flare to Apocalyptia, but it soon loses steam and ends in a severe anti-climax. Overall, while the story has potential, it lacks substance all the way through.
The game boasts that there are a lot of missions but this is very misleading as there are not.
Just as the gamer finds a door, gets excited at having a new area to explore, the door turns out to be impassable. This happens far too much.
Missions gets shorter and shorter as the game progresses. The most consistent part of the game is the racing.

Overall, this is like a cheap can of beans: food without substance. The story is, in a word, pointless in the midst of all the carnage. The best part of the game is the racing. The controls and multi-functions are irritating. The length and lack of story make this game hardly re-playable. Good for knocking off a day or two while waiting for a better game to come through the post.
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