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on 16 January 2015
I do love Johanna Lindsey and her characters relationships are always rivetingly turbulent and gripping. However I've got to say I could cope with the initial rape scenes but it got a bit too much when they're relationship starts to develop and the rape scenes continue. We want love and passion not rape rape and more rape. Despite this, the story is moving and Garrick is actually likeable . I don't regret reading this book, it just wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
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on 28 March 2014
I bought this book yesterday morning and could not put it down. Even whilst on the phone to my other half I found myself leaning over to continue reading. I see a lot of myself in the character Brenna and even found myself crying at some of the hardships she had to endure. This is the first book I have read from Johanna Lindsey and I'm glad to say that I will be reading more of her fantastic books! I definitely recommend!
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on 28 May 2016
I only like this book found it too long and Garrick was not much of a hero prefer "Hearts Aflame".
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on 24 August 2017
Exciting storylines to say the least, taken in a raid, given as a slave, kidnapped and a love story well worth reading
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on 20 September 2017
Love these books, I sit back and drift in to the story and forget the world outside. It doesn't matter if second hand . Its a book.
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on 15 September 2003
When boyish Lady Brenna's home is pillaged and destroyed by Viking invaders, and she and other female members of her family are abducted as slaves by the very chief whose son she was pledged to marry, she vows revenge on the clan of Haardrad.
Fires of Winter is a powerful adventure across the seas to a faraway Nordic land with strange customs, a strong and appealing hero (Garrick Haardrad) and a heroine who is brought to realise that she can be both courageous and feminine.
Though one of Lindsey's longest, the story is so well paced and packed with great characters and plotlines that you are sorry when you come to the end of the book. It is definitely one of those 'unputdownable' novels that we all seek!
Lindsey gives us a glimpse into a long-ago world with a primitive yet powerful culture in such a way that I longed to know more (and was pleased to discover that Brenna and Garrick's world is brought to life through their children in two subsequent novels). The hero and heroine mesh together well both in mind and body. Their passion, whether in a battle of wills or in bed, makes this well-plotted story wonderful. Enjoy!
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on 13 March 2012
Fires of Winter is quite possibly the one book I've read over the last decade that I despise the most. Everything about this story is loathsome, from the one-dimensional characters, the moronic plot and the fact that this book is labeled as a historic romance, as it is both completely lacking in romance and the "historic" label is tenuous at best, seeing as it is grossly incorrect and poorly researched. I am sure Johanna Lindsey is a good author, and her writing is decent, but my goodness is this book terrible.

Firstly, the main characters Brenna and Garrick do truly deserve each other, as they are equally stubborn, narrow-minded, moronic and temperamental. Everything bad that happens to them, every obstacle they face is directly or indirectly caused by their own stupidity or (more often) their stubborn belief in their own infallibility. Their actions and behavior is more similar to a 4-year old with a temper tantrum than anything else, and they learn nothing from their mistakes.

Also, (SPOILER ALERT!) Garrick rapes Brenna. It was at this point in the story I completely gave up on this book. I cannot bring myself to care for, empathize with or like a main character who RAPES the other main character, especially in a so-called "romance" book. I read a lot of romance/erotica, and there is a lot of dominant, possessive and aggressive sexual interaction between characters in these kinds of books, sometimes bordering on rape. Honestly, I found it painful having to read a book with such a careless use of rape in it, not to mention insulting.

Brenna was an arrogant, selfish, narrow-minded and unintelligent girl throwing temper tantrums like a child. Her entire character was not only hard to relate to, but also impossibly annoying and her reactions were unrealistic to say the least. The portrayal of Brenna as a tomboy was not just poorly done, but also shows just how little Johanna Lindsey knows about gender, gender roles and history. Instead, Lindsey seems to have used the most common clichés and misconceptions about the period to write her book. I also resent the fact that Lindsey is apparently one of the authors who thinks that the best way to portray a woman as strong and independent is to make her stubborn, temperamental, physically strong and/or a skilled warrior.

So yeah, I absolutely hate this book. It was awful, the characters, the plot, all of it were pure awful. By the end of the book I felt insulted, not just as a person, but as a woman, and this book put me off historical romance for good.
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on 9 June 2002
This was my first "Grown Up" book that I ever read, fifteen years on it is still my favourite. Brenna is a wonderfully strong women, (although it takes her a while to realize that she is a women not a man!). Made by her own father to marry into a viking clan, she studies the viking language and culture in preparation for her new life, but there is to be no marraige, it's just a viking ploy to gain entry and plunder her household. She is taken as a slave and given to the chiefains women hating son Garrick, She has the knowledge, cunning, courage and stubborness to escape Garrick's wrath into the wilderness of Norway. Garrick is cruel yet caring and once he finally lets himself love, and believes that Brenna loves him, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. Over all I did not want the story to end, one of those you wish had a sequel.
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on 15 June 2001
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on 2 April 2005
I really enjoyed this book especially Brenna's strength and ability to fight. More heroines should be strong like Brenna and her daughter without denying how they feel about the hero. This is definately one of my favs, right next to the Malories.
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