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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£6.47+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 9 November 2011
Before we start, I have played MW2 and Black Ops pretty much none stop. I love the game, love the franchise. I wanted NOTHING more than to love this game. I have spent months looking forward to this. Yes, I am sad. No, I don't care. So I was very excited to finally get this game posted to my letterbox via the trusty Royal Mail (no sarcasm at all, it really DID arrive on time. Thank you!!)

I was expecting a new exciting game, built upon but a big step forward from the previous MW titles.

My partner finished the uninspired campaign within a few hours. Let's be honest though, the single player compaign is not really the primary selling point for these games. It's the multi player where it's at. Most campaigns are unfortunately after thoughts - it's not something I can single MW3 out for.

So I made my way on to XBOX Live and tried out some maps to get a feel for the game. First impressions was this it was eerily similar to MW2. At this point alarm bells were ringing, but I gave the developers some slack as MW2 was a very good game. But playing more and more maps it became obvious that although graphically there have been improvements, there really hasn't been a big leap in the gaming experience. I have yet to be immersed in this game, I always feel I am playing a game rather feeling I am there. I like being emotionally invested in a game. I get emotionally invested and immersed in Battlefield 3 and Black Ops. I want to believe I'm in the game. For this game, I am just tapping keys on an XBOX 360 waiting still for a moment of fun to happen. It seldom does.

This is game is a massive lost opportunity, I was waiting for new ideas, originality, game play. Instead I was getting bored with the game 10-15 minutes in. There are other gaming modes other than Team Deathmatch which I will have a go at to see if this game has any redeeming factors worth investing my time in. Right now I just feel I have given £40 more to the cash cow that is the CoD franchise with very little in return.

On the plus side (yes, there are some!), the developers have sorted out some of lag issues experienced in MW2 and there are a small handful of enjoyable maps.

But overall -

Few fun maps to play
Killstreaks still too powerful
Doesn't encourage team play
Lack of originality
Graphically OK, but was expecting so much more (just cannot emphasis this enough)

I will try and give this game a few more hours. Who knows I may change my mind. But to be honest, I have started playing Battlefield 3 (the first time playing Battlefield on a console, first Battlefield game I have bought since 1942) because it is a far more enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. No, this is not a Battlefield v CoD review. CoD is what it is. But I'm not going to defend this game. Given the revenue and resources they had at their disposal, this game should have been a lot better. No excuses about the limitation of the XBOX 360 graphicaly, Battlefield is in a WHOLE different league to this game. Battlefield 3 is simply stunning. CoD could have been a brilliant, awe inspiring game.

This game is simply OK, meh, an upgraded MW2, but feeling no big love for it at the moment. Which just leaves me massively disappointed.
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on 8 November 2011
I cant believe we keep buying this every year.

This might as well be the first game with a number 3 on the end.

Feel completely ripped off by Activision and Infinity Ward, (YET AGAIN!), as they have released this 'new' game that has such a feel of fatigue. I felt so much deja vu in minute 7 as I did in hour 7. Actually, make that hour 5, as it LITERALLY takes 5 hours to complete the campaign. Pathetic really.

They promise all these new features, new graphics, better multiplayer, when it is clearer than the brightest day that they have actually changed nothing since the first Modern Warfare; only the set pieces and story have changed. But even then, they are all so damn similar in what happens, so predictable, that you might as well not bother.

''But multiplayer is where it's at!''

Well, plenty of people buy CoD only for the singleplayer, so when that is just a Michael Bay movie requiring zero brainpower and only 5 hours, I expect the price to be £20, not £40+.

So the multiplayer is awesome is it?

''New perks'', yeah, that dont actually change anything! Swapping the UAV for a plane DOESNT COUNT AS A NEW PERK for example! ITS THE SAME THING WITH A DIFFERENT OBJECT IN THE SKY!!!

I fall for this rubbish EVERY YEAR. Modern Warfare 2 was the same, Black Ops was the same, and yet again, Infinity Ward have produced the same game with different locations. There is pretty much ZERO inovation at all. AGAIN!

This is the number one complaint for anyone that has returned a CoD game; nothing has changed. It feels the same etc.


Every single thing about this game feels EXACTLY THE SAME as the last 3 games, no matter what the developers say. Every animation is the same. Every weapon feels the same in each class (sub machine guns etc). And no, the graphics ARE NOT better, as it is the same engine running in the background. Anyone blessed with the gift of sight can see they have changed nothing.

The lead designer (cant remember his name) recently said that he gets enraged when people say ''you havent changed anything'', and said that they had made huge improvements over the old engine, ''just look at the water.''

Wow. That's worth the £40+ price tag right there! A reason to buy the new CoD! How could I have been so NAIVE!?

''More refined multiplayer''

Oh just go away. They havent changed anything. The new modes they have added are just slight tweaks on existing ones; pointless. They added a new mode called ''Kill Confirmed''; essentially a Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch round(s) where the guy you killed drops a dog tag when he dies, and you have to collect them to unlock your killstreaks. It adds an element of tactics, where it can sometimes be benefitial to leave the dog tag out as bait for other players, because if they get to it before you, they steal the tags.


So AGAIN, absolutely no inovation even in these 'new' modes.

The only, single positive thing I can think of in this game is the number of maps that come as standard. It's around 15 maps, cant check now as I'm at work. But hey, give it 3 months and you'll be shelling out £15 on a new map pack, like a sheep following the herd, being ripped off for 3 or 4 'new' maps.

Funny how other developers release new maps for free if you pre-ordered the game, but Activision insist on you paying a third of the game's price for the same thing...

This honestly might as well be Modern Warfare 1.3. Hell, even if they named it as an expansion pack of Modern Warfare 1 it would make more sense. Just a load of new maps and different weapon skins, there you go. And we all lap it up like it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Save your money and spend it on something else worthy of it, not this so-called generation-defining FPS which does absolutely NOTHING NEW every time it comes out, with the only greatness it can claim is having the highest sales record.

Oh, and it's flooded with whining kids already. Hmm, nice to see people noticing the huge ''18'' age restriction on the case! Great job parents.

''Why did you buy it then if you knew the other previous ones were the same!?''

Because unlike every CoD player out there, I like to actually try a game first, so I then have the right to condone it etc.

And, buying it every year may be dumb, but trading it in for almost the same amount of money you bought it for isnt. CoD holds it's value over time. MW2 is still going for around £30 a year on.
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on 10 November 2011
Lets get one thing straight from the outset. I have played COD from the very first one on the PC, through the add ons, COD 2, COD 3 MW, WAW, MW2 BLOPS and now this.

Forget the people who say the graphics are rubbish, they aren't. They are as visually stunning as always. The gameplay is smooth, the sounds are OK and it's fast and frantic. Why the 2 stars then? I hear you ask.
Well to sum it up in 2 letters and 1 number BF3.
If BF3 had never happened, indeed if the BFBC games had never existed then this would be the pinnacle of FPS's. The problem is the BF series has continually raised the bar each time a new title has been published, COD has basically remained the same. Here's an example.
COD, run around shoot someone get shot, run around shoot someone get shot etc etc or if you play domination or one of the other game types then there is a small bit of variety but still run around shoot someone get shot etc etc.
Now BF3, get in a jeep, mate climbs on back operates machine gun. Race into battlefield area, get out of jeep lay anti tank mines around captured flag area. Get back in jeep, head to new area bail out as you come under fire from tank approaching over hills. Run for cover, take out 2 enemies planting mines at their end, break out RPG, flank tank blast it send em to hell. Mate sends recon drone up, spots enemies guarding next capture point. Another squad member breaks out mortar shells enemies spotted by squad mate, helicopter lands close by everyone piles in, fly to next point, dodge stinger missile using flares, bail out of chopper land on top of enemy tank, plant C4 detonate run away laughing and so it goes on. Different everytime you play, OK I may have mixed up some classes there but you get my drift.
COD run shoot run shoot ad infinitum BORRRING.

COD is a victim of it's own success. It' a shame but there are plenty of decent COD players out there who never give BF the time of day and I just know if they did they would love it.
It's important to remember that these are 2 different games and each has it's place it's just that COD seems so dull after BF.

Now that graphic thing, both visually stunning but the difference is that COD looks like a game, you never feel totally immersed, just like you are playing a game. BF looks more real and coupled with the stunning sound gives an experience second to none.

MW3 is basically a MW2 map pack, same overpowered kill streaks, same juvenile kids running round everywhere and dull dull dull. Lots of maps but really they are all the same, it's not fun anymore.

Now to all those people who think they've been ripped off How? You know what to expect, nothing in any of the reviews ever said it would be any different. You pay your money you takes your chance. I bought it but I don't feel ripped off just disappointed. No one forced me to buy it.

Until COD raises it game, brings in multiple vehicles, destructible environments and gameplay that is different and fresh then this will be the last one I ever buy. Also personal preference I prefer the Treyarch games. MW3 is missing things that made BLOPS great, customisable emblems, great maps, combat training mode (loved that), COD points etc
WAW was and still is my favourite COD game but sadly now that I have spent 18 months on BFBC2 and now have BF3 I can't see the disc ever going in my drive again. Thought about trading it in but when would I ever have time to play another game when BF3 is in the drive.
Sorry if this sounds more like a BF3 review but the stakes are now set so high that it's impossible to review MW3 without referencing it.
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on 8 November 2011
as a diehard MW player i was expecting great things and have waited 4 this game for some time,last night i was having a few beers at my mates waiting for the midnight release, my mate said i should get BF3 instead and put the game on, i admitted at the time that it was good, but was really excited by MW3, got the game from tesco round the corner and went home to play, good game but its the same as mw1,2 and Black Ops, i felt longing for destructable enviroment and the freedom of vehicles from BF3
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on 9 November 2011
Apologese for the repeat of other reviewers when i say this game mirrors that of MW2...not a lot of change unfortunately.

The campaign is short (no suprise there) as the game is primarily aimed at the 'multiplayer' gamer. My argument there is not EVERY gamer loves to play online therefor find themselves paying £40 for 5 hours of gaming then almost feeling obligated to play online just to feel like they've had there money's worth, like it or not!
My calculation makes that around £8 per hour of game-play on SP...wow, steep pricing in this difficult economic climate!

I feel the creators of the game have been quite malice..... bringing out 'awesome looking trailers' and putting captions on the packaging such as 'THE BEST SELLING FRANCHISE IN XBOX HISTORY IS BACK' and all the other captions to make us gamers even more tempted to buy...and when we do buy it and feel disappointed and ripped off??....NOTHING we can do about it then! We feel into the trap and they have our money for there minimal effort!

My advice? Rent it or lend it off a friend who feels as gutted as me then make your decison on whether you want to pay £40 for it.

I'm not a hardcore COD fan, but I do feel sorry for those who are.....waiting many months for what is a below average 'BIG' release.

Battlefield 3 in my opinion delivers in all aspects!

Hope this helped and sorry if I have offended anyone.
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on 9 November 2011
Clearly this is just an early impression (having played the campaign thru in 4-5 hours, an hour or so on Co-Op, followed by another 4-5 hours of Multi-Player) but it's quite clear where this game is going...

Campaign game: nice to see some familiar faces, but the game play feels very one dimensional - 'move from point A to point B, shoot everyone, move to point C, shoot everyone' and so on. No choices to be made, no thinking involved (although virtually all FPS' suffer from the exact same thing, you'd just like to think that some day, someone would break the cycle). Once again 'timed missions' rear their ugly heads, so expect lots of frustration on Veteran mode as you hope for that lucky break...

Co-Op mini games: probably the highlight of the game to be honest, about the only time two CoD players will ever actually co-operate, different tactics for different missions, a nice mix of brute force and stealth...

Multi-Player: carrying on from Black Ops, the CoD franchise is clearly catering for the arcade 'run-n-gun' market again. Cluttered maps populated with hyper-active, Halo-jumping, ADHD sufferers with SMGs, running laps and killing/dying in equal measure.
The maps on WaW and MW2 seemed to allow for a wider variety of play styles, whilst the last 2 CoD releases seem to be moving even further away from tactical 'squad based firefights' and more into 'cartoon violence'.

If you enjoyed the fast-paced chaos of Black Ops then you'll probably think this is the mutt's nuts. But, if you're a fan of the bigger maps (like Seelowe on WaW or MW2's Estate) then I advise you have the Benny Hill Show theme playing whilst you play, as this may at least add a comedic note to what will otherwise feel like a tradegy...

In a proverbial nutshell, if you buy this knowing it'll be cartoon/arcade action then you won't be disappointed by what is actually a very visually appealing game - if, on the other hand, you're hoping for something remotely like a military sim then prepare to be disappointed.
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on 9 November 2011
There are 4 big games currently on/over the horizon: Battlefield 3 ("BF3"), Modern Warfare 3 ("MW3"), Rage and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ("Skyrim"). The first two are FPS warfare games with multiplayer focus, and Skyrim is a single player open world FPS-RPG with unparalleled freedom. I've played both BF3 and MW3, and watched about 8 hours of Skyrim gameplay. I also own Rage and have spent a good few hours playing both single player ("SP") and multiplayer ("MP").

Rage has impressive enemy AI that makes for extremely twitchy nerve-wracking shooting, however the single player is virtually identical to Borderlands in style and execution, and the only multiplayer shooting component is a set of co-op levels which, although immensely fun, can be completed in a total of less than 2 hours, with little revisit appeal. Additionally the much touted "megatextures" although creating impressive distance scenery are incredibly low-res up close and look rather naff. Plus the useless jumping and constant invisible walls/insurmountable obstacles makes it feel like a graphical upgrade for [insert name of Id shooter 10 years ago here].

Battlefield 3 has a stunning new graphics engine that doesn't disappoint; the game simply looks utterly jaw-dropping and plays incredibly slickly too. If you were a BF2 fan and/or looking for a more intelligent game to MW2 (that's 2, not 3) then you'll absolutely love this new version. Truly it is a sight to behold, you will not be disappointed!

Skyrim.. well my copy arrives tomorrow and I absolutely cannot wait. It looks incredible, though is obviously of a different ilk to these warfare shooters, but offers such fun, freedom and graphical glory that I know I'll be spending many, many hours on it. The graphics engine along with everything else has been entirely rewritten and significantly enhanced since its predecessor Oblivion. The new "Creation" engine has the power to create both microscopic and macroscopic detail, and the dynamic nature of its NPC interaction and quest generation, along with the vividly real AI system creating creature and NPC battles, conversations, etc. which go on whether you're there to see them or not creates the most believably alive world yet seen in a videogame.

So, that's a summary of three out of four. Now, what about MW3:


Well, it has..


See, this is the problem. While it's all too easy and delightful to see where the developer time has been spent with BF3 and Skyrim, I haven't got a clue what the Call of Duty developers have been doing for the past X years. Seriously. Does the single player have some fun set-pieces? Sure. Do they feel any different from the last 2 Modern Warfare games? No. Is the multiplayer significantly improved from MW2? No. Has the graphics engine been noticeably overhauled? No. Are the new multiplayer maps mind-blowingly awesome? No. Are there some gameplay-enhancing new game mechanics involved in the multiplayer to at least offer new playing experiences? No.

I was really hoping for something special with MW3, and instead it feels like a cash-in. While other franchises have tried their utmost to forge forward and develop a new generation of their product, Modern Warfare has remained in the rut it's carved since MW1 and not tried to be different or significantly improved. Woe betide anyone who buys this and thinks they've got value for money; what's offered with the game should have been 10 quid DLC, and instead is being branded as 'the next big thing'.

I'm not affiliated with any games companies nor do I have fanboy-itis. This is just me being honest.

Do yourselves a favour: order a copy of BF3 and Skyrim, and let the good times roll. MW has had its day, and iteration 3 offers nothing new to sink your teeth into. If you're looking to delight your senses both audio and visual, BF3 and Skyrim are absolutely the right way to go. Let the boys shell out for MW3, you can enjoy the games men were meant to play.
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on 15 November 2011
I would just like to pinpoint what many other hardcore fans of this series, Including myself feel mostly let's MW3 down in comparison to other COD titles.

1. Multiplayer feels nuked in comparison to even MW2's multiplayer, as the killstreak system is somehow tailored to gamers who are not good at playing FPS games. Meaning that, even if you die; you are being rewarded by deathstreaks that IMO are just as noobish as the perks they made an effort to not include in the game; i.e second chance.

2. Multiplayer maps seem very small in comparison to even black ops multiplayer maps, this in turn has created more frustration, as there seems to be more campers in all maps.
In my experience, I have found players walking around using motion sensors on guns, just camping randomly around the maps - This can be countered using the assassin perk; yet still noobish to include motion sensors IMO.

3. Multiplayer maps do feel very much like an expansion pack to MW2, and feels like IW just used the same map editor from MW2 to create all the maps for this game. In addition the maps look remarkably similar to the one's in MW2 IMO; i.e Overgrown, Highrise. No new and refreshing maps, which I was at least anticipating; considering MW3's campaign is set at various locations around the world.

4. Multiplayer spawn system is very poor, compared to even black ops spawn system. Considering I was playing team deathmatch, and the enemy team were spawning literally straight in front of me on more than one occasion in the same map. I seriously do not know how IW could make this game so bad.

5. IMO you cannot seem to rush in MW3, as simply sprinting around with an SMG will likely get you killed; This game pushes you to change your play style compared to other COD titles, which frankly I do not wish to have to endure. I want to use the same play style I have used in all COD titles, but sadly I cannot within MW3.

6. Campaign was very short, and completed it on veteran difficulty; which seemed like I had the difficulty on regular, as it was that easy to complete on veteran within around 4-5 hours. Overall campaign was very short, and just seemed unrefreshing and boring, compared to MW2's single player campaign.

7. Spec ops IMO did seem more enjoyable to play in MW3 than in MW2, but still becomes boring upon completion. Whether or not new DLC will be released to counter that problem I do not know, however I feel cheated out of approx £40.00 just to enjoy playing spec ops for a day or so.

8. Call of duty Elite service was down from day 1, I feel sorry for those who purchased the MW3 hardened edition and wanted to activate their founder status. With just the pre orders alone, they should have anticipated that the servers would crash, unless optimized to allow millions of registrations. Very poor service indeed.

The game feels just like one big money making gimmick for IW, and as a matter of opinion it probably was.

Honestly I regret not pre ordering battlefield 3 now, instead of pre ordering such a hyped up game that has failed mine and many other peoples expectations.

To be fair I may start and buy more EA titles from now on, as that is where all the best talent for games development has resided, including ex senior IW developers.

I can honestly say that this is the only COD title I have ever regretted purchasing, and trading in within such a short space of time.

IW + Sledgehammer really need to step up their game to ever get me to purchase a title developed by them again.

I honestly do believe this to be MW 2.5, as many other people have mentioned, as in my opinion MW3 does not bring anything new to the FPS genre.

I got almost 100% of the achievements for this game within 2 days, and do not feel the need to keep this title anymore, so have decided to trade it in towards Skyrim; as I want a game that is well worth the £40.00 I pay for.

I'm just stating my honest opinions and facts I feel let the game down, as I have owned every COD title there is to date.

Personally I would suggest you save your money and buy a game that is truly worth your time playing, rather than wasting it on such a rushed game that merely feels like an expansion pack to MW2.

Thanks for reading my review and hope you learn from some of the key points I have made.
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on 8 November 2011
Boy COD MW 2 disappointed big time, only taking 8hrs 10 minutes to complete the singleplayer mode, and i am not even a hardened gamer, i play for leisure.
BUT COD MW 3 takes the biscuit, 5 hours 17 minutes to complete the singleplayer mode, dont these people understand us paying customers are not going to stand for this.
The content is pretty much the same as MW2 so nothing new here, the game play is, in my opinion BORING i wanted to put the controller down after about an hour and a half i was so bored.
Dont waste your hard earned cash or even your dads hard earned cash, their are way better titles out their that will keep you entertained for a lot longer and probably cheaper in price too.

Happy Gaming..
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on 1 June 2016
A fantastic game!
Brand new.
review image
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