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on 12 December 2015
The finale to the Superb Modern Warfare franchise.
Not a great deal of change from the Modern Warfare 2 formula but with the addition of survival mode both offline split screen and online with friends (but a matchmaking system would have been welcome)
This story picks up from right where Modern Warfare 2 left off - even thought there was a game released in between called Call of Duty Black Ops by another developer.
Players of Modern Warfare 2 will immediately feel at home with the game play but enough has changed with the weapons and attachments to keep things interesting..
If you own an xbox 360 and have not already played through the Call of Duty Modern Warfare collection you seriously must have been living under a rock for the past 8 years and I'm upset that you're still sat here reading this review rather that sat playing it.
3 games any real gamer MUST have in their collection.
...Before the Call of Duty money train came off the tracks
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on 16 August 2017
Call Of Duty MW3 is one of my favourite Call Of Duty games they have released, it has great graphics and a good gameplay experience. I primarily bought this to replace my damaged disk. would recommend to anyone, just waiting for it to backwards compatible.
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on 17 April 2012
Firstly, I was disappointed with the lack of effort infnitly-ward made to the main screen look. They took the MW2 main screen and used that instead. However, the look for multiplier was quite good. Black and grey side line with easy to read text. Also the same with spec ops as well.

The graphics is quite nice, average gun detail and ok-ish graphics over all. The thing I'm mostly happy about it the graphics of the buildings and scenery. On the map packs (which are optional to buy) are well detailed and have a nice spread of color. If I where to use a HDMI cable it would be more pleased with it, however that's my own fault.

The multiplier is defiantly the best thing about the game. You have alot more game modes, and they've now added community playlist which is a really nice touch. The campaign is short. You have 15 levels however it took me less than 5-10 hours on the second to last difficulty.

Overall it's a nice game. Having played Mw3 for a long time. I'm not that impressed with it due to not that much improvement in graphics and game play. I might soon turn to Battlefield 3 because of everyone boasting how the graphics is so good. I think it worth buying due to the low pricing point.
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on 20 May 2017
Great seller and the item arrived as described with prompt delivery.

Quite possibly the best Call Of Duty game made to date and even better now Microsoft have allowed backward compatibilty on their newer consoles.
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on 12 June 2012
I'm not a die hard COD fan but I have played all of them so I've got a fair understanding of the history of COD. MW 1 was a breath of fresh air in the FPS arena that was beyond saturated with World War 2 stuff. MW2 was just as good in the campaign area if not for the poor multiplayer part that seemed to get hacked to death in the first 6 months of release. Now I'm not going to point fingers because thats not what this is about but with the release of MW3 a lot of people including myself were hoping for a more polished multiplayer that couldn't succumb to 13 year old hackers and modders and believe me they are out there. Do a Youtube search on it and you'll find loads. But alas they did and it did and so far down the road the all mighty empire that is Infinity Ward don't seem to have done anything about it. Which is sad really because this was a series that for the first time that I know of the protagnist was not American (no offense but there are other countires wh speacial forces who are just as good if not better), the story line was good and the overall content was satisfying. But it will always be mared by the poor multiplayer.
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on 26 March 2014
3 Star rating as now and then the game won't start saying, clean the disk. However the game is great and eventually got it working as it should. If it came to selling it on that would be impossible unless I sold it without seeing it like I did and trust the seller. Would I buy any more games from this seller the answer is NO. Just to mention my console is brand new and has hardly been used so there is no problems with my machine. And also all my other disks work without any trouble at all. You get what you pay for and as I had owned this game before and payed the full price for it I wasn't going to do that again as I always give them away for free once I have finished with them.
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on 17 August 2015
Super action game, what can I say but this is a completely new and upgraded version of the series of Call of Duty games. Superb quality graphics, good storyline, various difficulty levels and very interesting and numerous weapons as usual to choose from and acquire but overall a great purchase which will provide many hours of entertainment without the new "free to play" style of game where in game purchases are required to further your progress quicker.
This is exactly what I wanted, a game with a fixed figure so I can spend safe in the knowledge that I will not be tempted to spend more so all in all a great buy.
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on 10 November 2013
As everyone knows there is a lot of controversy about this game, and the series' motifs have been questioned a lot for doing the same thing and repeating itself on various occasions, and whilst some of this might be true, you also have to admit to yourself that honestly speaking, you wouldn't like MW3 if it was COMPLETELY different to MW1 and MW2. People would then complain about how it's 'too' different and 'too' original. The thing is you can never satisfy every single gamer, and Activision could have tried a little harder with content such as; graphics, movement, and the ability of free-roam.

Personally, I think that the campaign story is relatively good, nothing particularly gripping, but there were certain moments of shock and awe. Although, as everyone knows the modern warfare series aren't exactly made for the campaign so it's never really as up to scratch as people expect. Of course, everyone wants to hear about the multi-player, as it is the most essential thing keep COD on it's feet. I think that the online, is good for when you wanna plaay with quite a lot of friends, or just strangers in big groups. There's many different ty
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on 12 August 2013
My 2 stars is because of the game and not the company I purchased form or delivery. They are both fine with delivery being a day early!!

The game itself is not that great. I play it of course because that's where the Call of Duty population was at the time but it certainly isn't as fun as Modern Warfare, World at War and Modern Warfare 2, but maybe that's because I have grown up and have accepted the reality of work! Or maybe is the gaming industry that's failing us with RockStar Games being the only decent gaming company who cares what their players want. I would say it's the second option.
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on 26 February 2014
I loved MW2 and thought this would be the perfect follow up, however I felt disappointed.

Campaign was typical CoD, multiple different squads and places in the world with every level, overall I enjoyed the campaign and good old Captain Price was in it as well which is always a bonus.

On line I felt massively let down, the lag seemed out of control on this game and the perks and kill streaks were nowhere near as good as previous releases.

Overall, good for campaign but better on line offerings for MP shooter.
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