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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£11.98+ £2.10 shipping

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on 13 March 2012
SSX Tricky and SSX3 were great games. This is not. It isn't a bad game as such but it does give the impression that it has not been properly thought through. As other reviewers have said, the HUD is a mess and the unbelievably dumb positioning of the timer, which pops up right in front of you blocking your view, give the impression that the game wasn't properly tested before release. Perhaps a patch could fix these gross errors?

There is a huge number of tracks, but the problem is that not many of them are what you would call fun. Many are very similar, despite apparently being in different countries and many of them are just too difficult to have a meaningful race on. I'm not against difficulty per se, but the number of blind landings which are actually cliff edges and hidden crevasses make some of the tracks a lottery and more frustrating than fun; especially when coupled with the poor steering.

The addition of ice axes and oxygen and wing suits etc just look like gimmicks. Unnecessary gimmicks at that.

My biggest gripe though is with the genius at EA who decided that no one would want a 2 player mode. Unbelievable! Yes, you can race on line against `friends' (ie strangers mostly) but why not against a real friend or family member in your own living room?


After ploughing through this game and getting my platinum this is going back on the shelf and will, very likely, never get played again. I don't have a huge collection of PS3 games but this is one of the least enjoyable games I've ever played and after Tricky and SSX3 a real disappointment.
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on 7 March 2012
I have always been a huge fan of SSX and have been looking forward to this version since it was announced,Graphically this looks great and runs very smooth,
i will say character personalization is pretty poor but thats ok because you never get to see what others look like online...however styling your own racer would have been far better than predefined outfits for each racer.I would much rather create a character and build them from start to finish but SSX has a story and characters,not just any story a really bad and dull story.Apparently we have to own every mountain before Griff.WOW edge of the seat stuff there...Shame Griff is awful and i beat him first time on every challenge.

Come on EA surely you have been creating games long enough to get rid of weak background stories and concentrate on gaming.

The online features im quite happy with,i actually prefer live mountains with whoevers playing it and a ghost of record holders.
I also like the fact you can play your own music.

The tracks range from great to just stupid,yes you can get down them all but snowboarding is meant to be fun and a lot of the tracks are made to be so dangerous that they are not fun to play,i love a challenge in gaming so its not that they are hard... its that they are frustrating and when you do go off the edge there is no respawn(that would have been ok).Noooooo they have a rewind button that i am forever pressing by accident when i want to grind tree trunks ect....but this feature of rewind is awful because as you fly off of a verge you can't see where your going to land so you might have a huge combo going that you can never land because there is no powder below you,just a drop in to a white abyss,ah but you realize that your going to fall in to an abyss after 4 or 5 seconds so you click rewind....well in races the time keeps ticking so you wind back to a surface which can take 4 or 5 seconds then let go to get back in play only to find you let go to early and still cant control the trajectory,BAMMMM! back in same abyss so you have to rewind again.Who thought this was fun?

My last complaint is with the controls,there are 3 different control methods,both sticks,1 stick and buttons and classic from old ssx games,problem is they have added so many pointless and not fun other things to deal with that you are pressing to many buttons,wingsuit,oxygen all these different things add little to the game but add another button.also the whole control system just feels like they have to many buttons mapped and really a lack of a decent combo system.

When the game is good its great but for me they designed the game by saying oh we have a button we havent used we need a new feature,games like this should be simple and fun but complex to master the combo system,I do like the game but will it last me months like previous SSX games? no,infact 5 days after buying it i am hardly playing it.

Overall i will say as EA do to often,
pointless back story,
long restart times if you wish to restart a run,
some great tracks,
some awful tracks,
to much over design where almost every track needs a new thing to do like wing suit or oxygen.

If i wanted to play pilot wings id buy it.

Game has everything to be fantastic but slightly ruined by to many bad ideas trying to fill out something that in its purest form is at its most fun.

Don't get me wrong its a good game but it has been slightly ruined by to many ideas that don't add to the game.
EA keep to snowboarding and keep the contols light and the combos TRICKY.
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on 14 June 2012
My main feeling on playing this game was of frustration; the tracks are overly tortuous with far too many holes (crevices) in them. These holes (when one falls in them) cause one to have to either restart the level or "rewind" (literally) back to a point of your choosing to have another go at missing the hole. This rewind mechanism is VERY tedious and one often has to rewind several times to overcome one's "mistake", the clock is also ticking on races as you rewind at 1.0x speed meaning generally that you lose if you rewind. The word "mistake" in the above sentance is in quotation marks because so many of the holes in the game are invisible to one until one is actually heading into them, requiring one to take a long winded trial and error approach to getting down a track.

This game could have been a lot better by simply improving the track design and rebooting the "reset" option when you go wrong, as in previous games. However the basic game "physics" are very good; the sense of speed is great, the graphics are great and the whole things runs very smoothly but these things are not enough.

The trick system is actually quite good and occasionally I found myself enjoying the trick competitions quite a lot (when I wasn't avoiding irritatingly placed obsticles).

This game lacks a convincing storyline, doesn't feel fun and the extra game mechanics (gliding, racing in the dark etc) feel tacked on or are excruciatingly frustrating (the tunnel level in Africa especially so).

I tried to enjoy this game as I did greatly the previous incarnations of the series however I was just spending too much time going slowly around obsticles, down holes, reloading and just getting frustrated.


Mediocre; definitely not the great game we have all come to expect from an SSX.
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on 17 April 2012
After a long wait and plenty of hype this title has a lot to live up to and in most respects it delivers.

Visually, it's incredible, the snow, weather effects, terrain, and even the menu look well designed and finished to a high standard - Good job art team.

Characters- same as before but you don't have the opportunity to dress them up in silly clothes, they all have a set uniform which has about 200 different colour combos (red top green trousers, beige top, yellow trousers etc). Which is a shame.

The tone of the game is fairly similar to the characters, in comparison to SSX3 or Tricky its a lot less 'fun'. A much more serious racing game which sort of fails to laugh at itself which will impact on its replay value I fear. I already have one fast serious racing game - WipeoutHD/Fury - which frankly is 'the daddy'.

Gameplay - Fluid and and smooth, the game feels like it has been tested for countless hours by a team of pizza fueled teenages locked in a basementand paid to play games - the result - it's pretty damn solid.

That said - there is a down side. As the game progresses away from clear crisp mountins and becomes incresingly more strewn with plane carcasses and massive painful rocks a lot of the fun runs out. It becomes a hardcore gamers realm (remember the spotty adolecents testing the game whilst coated in BBQ sauce? well, thats their fault). It becomes much less a race to the finish while flaling at opposition trying to knock them down and is simply a frustrating nightmare trying to get down the damn mountain in under ten minutes without falling in Lava, bottomless pits, mineshafts or just off the edge of the world. When you do get it right it's satisfying and great fun but the most of the time you will be staring at the loading screen to restart the drop and loose another ten minutes of your life to the vortex that is your playstation.

In summary, go for it, it's good fun, the only snowboard game worth playing and looks fantastic, be warned though some of the tracks are just not enjoyable, countless holes and blind hills mean you learn the track one failure at a time. In a race thats annoying - in trick mode where you can loose pretty much all your points on one mistake inches from the end..
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on 4 September 2012
I used to play SSX3 (and On Tour) years ago on the ps2 so was excited to see a new SSX game for the ps3. Unfortunately it doesn't live up to SSX3 at all. One of the best things about SSX3 was the freeride story element, where the character can snowboard round the mountain deciding to enter a race or contest, carry on freeriding or take on a challenge. Having to choose by the equivalent of a menu screen takes something away from the game.

The other major irritation of this game is that some of the tracks are just too difficult to find your way round (and it seems to be more luck than skill); you go flying off a cliff and it's not til you're halfway down that you know whether there's a landing or if you are just crashing off into oblivion. Rewinding is also of little to no help as it's impossible to see where you need to rewind back to in order to not repeat the same mistake. When you crash off the same cliff four or five times and there is a massive load time for the track to restart it makes playing boring and frustrating. The other thing is that the characterisation in SSX3 was better. Here it doesn't really matter which character you play as, they have no personality and you hardly see them.

Overall the game is nowhere near as fun as SSX3, the load times are far too long and some of the tracks are just too frustrating. I rented this game, will be sending it back and won't be buying it.
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on 7 March 2014
Developers/EA have tried to add far too much that detracts from what you want. i.e Snowboarding and doing crazy stuff. I really don't care about the survival rubbish they put into this. I just want to do one of 2 things: 1 Race. 2. Get silly scores doing silly things. I don't want health bars, oxygen masks and wing suits to help me survive down the mountain. Almost everything I liked about the first and third games have been removed in this game. Don't get me wrong, I had some fun for a week on this, but have never played it since. Time to dust off the Gamecube me thinks...
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on 3 December 2013
I've always loved the SSX games and have played all of them. There does come a point where making a game too difficult means it's worth shelving and moving on to something else. From death traps that require you to restart (with long load times) to requiring a constant flow of trick combos to rank it feels more like work than play. This is coming from someone who played through Dark Souls twice. The difficulty in Dark Souls made sense, in SSX it's a killjoy. Should have stuck with the same difficulty level of the original games. It seems this game was developed with difficulty in mind first, when making it enjoyable first seems like the logical approach. I've read forums, and there are all these 30+ year old SSX veteran guys thinking they've lost the touch due to getting older.
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on 28 April 2012
I've had it for about two weeks and have lost the desire to play it anymore.
It's quite good in places, the problem is those places are few and far between with only about 4 levels in the whole game which dont feel broken and only 1-2 I'd consider fun which are no where near as fun as some of the levels in the previous games.
EA didn't do this game any favours either by not including a Local multiplayer option and also Incorporating a online pass system which is a massive scam.
It's one saving grace however is that it is afterall an SSX game based on a very solid gameplay design and since there hasn't been one in years it somewhat satisfies an urge fans of the originals will have been craving.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 31 August 2012
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At first my son and I were really in to this game. We started learning the tricks and got pretty far in. But then our interest wained. I went back to FIFA whenever I had a spare moment, my son perservered but hasn't been back to it in a while. THe mark of a classic is that it will get a regular outing, SSX isn't one of those games. My son summed it up when he said that he preferred Family Ski on the WII, but only because he can use the WII Board.

Sorry, not a long term game.
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on 25 November 2016
It's not SSX Tricky. Had they kept the elements of Tricky that have been removed (2 player mode for starters) it would be on par. My 6 year old loves it, but, then he never had the chance to play tricky on the old PS2.
Could do better...
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