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on 21 December 2013
I'm writing this as a professional wedding photographer. I've owned quite a few flashes and am not one of these who buys into the whole 'it has to be OEM' people. I use what I consider to be the best product for the job.

There's no doubt in my mind this is good flash. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It's powerful, recharges quickly and is fairly quiet in operation. I like the locking mechanism which I think is superior to most other flashes which use the more traditional screw down locking mechanism.

I also like the fact that the SB-910 can be a master controller for other flashes. I've used this for my strobist work in conjunction with my Yongnuo YN622's and it works well.

I find the interface a bit complicated and non-intuitive. It's not BAD...just could be improved a bit. Times when you think pressing OK is enough, it isn't and you have to press another button. It's just niggly but given the cost of the flash it's something I think they can and should improve upon.

However....and this is the catch really. The price. I'm sorry but for the cost of the SB-910 you can get nearly 3x non-OEM flashes. And is it 3x as good. In a word....no.

So....if you need a flash that will also double up as a master controller. Get the SB-700. Well....unless you NEED to control 3 other external flashes.

Otherwise I am struggling to find a compelling reason to recommend spending > £300 on a single flash when you can get many alternatives for a fraction of the price. Sure you may argue that the Nikon may well last longer....but 3x longer? If you are a professional then chances are you will probably drop one before it dies from natural causes so in my mind keeping the cost down is probably a good idea. If you are not a professional then go save yourself the cash, get a cheaper non-OEM flash and use the savings elsewhere!

I've compared it alongside a Yongnuo 568 and in terms of power output there doesn't seem to be much in it. Maybe the SB-910 is slightly more powerful but in practice I doubt you'd notice.

In short I think the SB-910 is only really suitable for high end professionals that simply MUST have the best for no other reasons than...they must. For most other people the SB-700 is a much more logical choice and if you aren't averse to non-OEM brands then there are plenty of alternatives out there who will give you more bang for buck.
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on 5 October 2012
I had 2 Nikon SB600's and I felt that for portraits I needed something a bit more advanced to control them than the built in CLS system of the D700, having to keep diving into the camera menu (even having it assigned to the function button for one touch access) to adjust output of my flashes was a bit tedious. I had considered the SB900 but overheating issues kept me away and then this came out.There wasn't a lot of difference in price from the SB900 but I took the plunge 2 days before a wedding shoot.

The SB600 is very basic and it was a gamble to use my new SB910 on a wedding as my first job but what a flash. Very easy to use. I swear the photos just seem to be a lot better with it on TTL mode. I know it has a higher output and coupled with the fact it can detect FX and DX sensors I suspect the metering is also superior leading to a much better experience which should be expected from a pro flash. It also knows when the head is being bounced up, used straight on or pointing down for macro to help it adjust for the situation.

The back screen is fantastic as I am able to quickly look at it and see my camera ISO, aperture and focal length without having to use the top right LCD screen which is great in hectic conditions. The built in bounce card, diffuser cap and gels for tungsten and fluorescent lighting are also a welcome addition for me.

During product shoots, being able to switch the flash into master mode allows me to continually see and adjust the values of my remote flashes much faster than using the D700's menu and it really shines for this purpose.

You could argue that nearly all of these points I made are typical of the SB900, having no experience of it I can't compare but all I can say is for those who are choosing their first flash or coming from an SB600 this is a stunning flash. For those with SB900's I'm not sure if it is worth it, the SB910 hit it's maximum cut off temp during a wedding I shot every so briefly (1 second) and then cooled enough to continue. Maybe the SB900 would have been off for a lot longer but that's the only time it's came close and that was only once and I shoot regularly and love this flash.
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on 4 January 2013
This is my first speed light, so it was a little overwhelming for me at first. There's a lot to this flash, with a menu system as well. After getting to grips with using this flash, the exposure is spot on every time. Using TTL, it knows how bright the flash needs to be. You can bounce the flash off the ceiling or walls, and the flash will adjust the output to get the correct exposure. The head has a "ZOOM" feature, where when you zoom from say 18mm to 200mm, you can hear the flash head moving backwards or forwards according to your focal length. There are three light patterns you can select. STANDARD - Normal Flash, WIDE (EVEN) - For group shots, CENTRE-WEIGHTED -Focuses light more near the center. The flash comes with it's own stand, so you can position the flash anywhere near or around your subject for a different lighting effect. For this, I set the camera to REMOTE, then used the pop up flash on my camera. The flash going off on the camera will set off the SB-910 as well, the pop up flash (or another speed light) will be the trigger. I thought this was awesome, so now I had two light sources to use. This worked extremely well. You can set it to AUTO or Manual when using the remote function. What I done was to set the minimum flash output on the camera, and used various flash output settings (in manual) on the SB-910 to experiment. This flash comes with a diffuser, when fitted the zoom head sets to 14mm wide angle. It also comes with two hard plastic colour filters for white balance when shooting in tungsten or fluorescent light. The flash communicates very well with the camera, the LCD on the flash displays your ISO, focal length and aperture. I am very pleased with this flash, and I am sure it will give me years of use.

Just a note, after reading reviews, With constant hard use of the flash, the SB-900 would overheat then shut down, this flash, if overheated does not shut down. It just extends the recharge time so it can cool off, so you can still use the flash instead of it shutting down like the SB-900

Hope this review is useful.
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on 16 February 2014
I was going to get a D800, but felt that I could get a much better range of well-lit images with the D7100 and this speedlight. With hindsight, I think I made the right decision. This speedlight performs miracles in both ttl and manual mode, both on and off camera. Buy a cheap white umbrella and put it on a cheap stand, add the expensive SB-910 and you get beautifully smooth portraits. Go outside and find an old fashioned low bridge over a canal, sit the flash on its stand, put it in manual mode, and you can get detail in the shadows under the bridge, while obtaining a nice natural light portrait of the person standing in front of the bridge. It's a brilliant device for getting light where you want it in many situations. With a couple more speedlights, I think I could do professional quality work, and I'm just an ordinary Joe.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 December 2013
I could write a long review going into all the technical benefits of this flash but I won't because if you are spending this amount of cash I guess you are switched on enough to know what you are buying.

I will just say I am not disappointed. This is a powerful, flexible, high quality product that I am very pleased I spent the money on.
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on 15 June 2015
OK, so this is not inexpensive and it's difficult to justify such a purchase if you simply want to take snaps of the family. I feel with the lack of quality alternative 3rd party units, it's one of those markets where you're left with little choice. This unit provides precise and consistent exposures. The build quality is excellent (though I feel the locking mechanism should be better, slight wobble and not as tight as a wheel locking system of yesteryear). The output is consistent and the options are many. For example, taking consecutive pictures of your kids means this flash can belt out light shot after shot at 3,4,5 fps no problem. Compatibility should be assured for years to come (thanks to the capability to upgrade the firmware by the user) and Nikon provide a 2 year warranty as long as you register the product within 30 days. One shouldn't see this as a accessory but rather a necessity. You may change your body every few years, but this unit has been on the market since 2012, hundreds of thousands of professionals have these units in their bags and almost all will vouch this is a excellent bit of kit. It's a tried and tested bit of equipment and I would say if a deal comes up which makes this unit less than three hundred British pounds buy one. That's what I did!
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on 12 September 2014
This is my first flash used with a nikon d7000. Without any training or reading the manual I figured out the features quickly. The flash is very powerful and now being able to use bounce flash my pictures are stunning. If using this as an on-camera flash the automatic mode is a treat to use and delivers near perfect results without having to manually adjust the settings. I have had no over heating issues as of yet which are highlighted on current reviews elsewhere.
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on 6 March 2014
Just switched over to Nikon from Canon so there was a little bit of a learning curve with the SB910 but I've used it at a couple weddings and so far it's been great. There's a lot of power available but an awful lot of control. Now I'm used to it, if anything I find it more intuitive than the Canon flash I had before (580EX). Very happy so far.
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on 22 April 2013
You can really go wrong with this at all, I spent 3 hours trying to take a bad picture with this and it just wont, so if your going to try and do some special effects you might have to run this flash in full manual, but it has given me the confidance that when your hooked up either on top of the camera or by tether you just cant go wrong
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on 15 December 2013
As a user of the SB600 for a long time I always thought I really didn't need to upgrade my flash but I was wrong. This flashgun really is an excellent bit of kit and really comes into it's own when used off camera. Every conceivable function you can think of is here and included is a flash diffuser and coloured filters all in a nice tidy storage bag. Definitely worth considering if you like doing location work but don't fancy carrying around portable lights.
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