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on 15 October 2013
does everything it says on the box.Just hope it lasts a bit longer than my last GARMIN.A bit pricey to last only 2 years
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on 16 August 2015
This worked fine for about 10 months, then errors started creeping in every time I used it. Now, 12 months down the line it is beyond use. At £200 for less then 12 months use this product is not good value for money. If it was reliable it would have been a great asset; instead I feel I have wasted a lot of cash on this.
The main problem I have encountered is with the touch screen. It lost it's calibration and I was then unable to use any touchscreen functionality i.e. pretty much ALL functionality. I sought advice and was instructed to re-calibrate the touchscreen by Garmin. This has failed on several attempts to rectify the problem. I also performed a "hard-reset" which had no effect. I would seriously advise anyone looking for a running watch to avoid a touchscreen model, it's simply too much technology in a tiny device and is bound to encounter problems. This is the main crux of Garmin's problem; they cram in some awesome functionality and tech but it is totally at the expense of product reliability- too much can go wrong and invariably something breaks or an error occurs within less than a year of ownership which, to me, is unacceptable.
A second problem was with the charging. The charger is unreliable and the battery power itself caused a lot of issues. I found that the watch would run out of battery midway through running which, as you can imagine, was highly annoying.
Overall I am very disappointed with this product. It is simply unreliable and will not last a year or regular use and, therefore, does not represent good value for money. I do not normally write reviews on Amazon but this product warranted a warning for other customers- don't waste a load of money on a product with such a short shelf life.
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on 31 December 2011
I've had this watch for a couple of weeks. Having never used anything like this before, and only 6mths into running/fitness, i was very unsure whether to spend this kind of money and especially as it only had 7 reviews at the time. But i read a lot of reviews on other similar products, and the older Garmin ones, and felt that getting the latest version was a chance worth taking, on the basis that most of the -ve's points in the reviews on the older Garmin products would probably have been addressed with the 610 (eg buttons on the older watches, poor battery life etc etc). And i have to say, it would seem that's been the case.

I've used the watch for a couple of 10k runs outside, and about 15 hrs at the gym.

It does everything that it claims to, and very well:

Satellites take 30 seconds or so to locate.

The "swipe" touchscreen is excellent. I just tap it and it changes to the next screen, so very good whilst running (Havn't used it in the rain, so i can't comment).

I'm not especially tech-oriented, but it is very intuitive. The manual is very straight forward and easy to read. I very quickly set-up the screens i wanted to see on the watch.

The HRM strap is very comfortable, and has never lost any signal to the watch.

The only area where i struggled a touch was the software, but if you follow the intructions (ie dont plug in the USB stick right away,,tempting tho it is, before going on the website). I clicked on the Garmin website link via the instruction disk. Created a sign-in, and after that you just click on upload. The data it provides is, for what i want, perfect. EG i set the watch to lap every KM (and also to alert me every KM). When uploaded, the website shows a breakdown of the time, elevation, HR etc etc for each lap, making comprisons very easy. The map of the route loads very quickly, as do charts showing HR, speed, pace etc. It shows very clearly all of the runs/activities, making historical comparisons very easy, and to monitor progress/improvement.

The battery life seems very good, and the alert to tell you the battery's low, gives a fair amount of notice. The wrist strap is very robust, but can be changed if necessary.

Overall, i'm pleasantly surprised at how good this is, and the fact that i actually use all its functionality.

I would highly recommend this product.
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on 5 May 2015
So you are looking to invest in a decent sports watch. You do some online research, you think about the functions, specifications, the design, the prices and you narrow it down to a few choices. You start to actively read reviews and if you are like me you filter for 4 star products or better. Then you read some of the the one star ratings and if you are like me, you convince yourself that the pissed off customers are either nutters, didn't understand the product, or got a dodgy unit (which sometimes happens). Then you ignore these ratings and if the price is right you go ahead and buy your new toy.

I really wanted to like this watch. I tried hard, I really did. Within a month of purchasing it the heart rate monitor starting to misbehave. Big jagged spikes in the data, gaps, weird stuff and general difficulties getting the watch to communicate with the device. After about six months it died completely. I spent time online looking for fixes, cleaned it, changed the batteries, reset it blah blah. Nothing doing. About the same time, I noticed one of the pins in the watch strap started to work loose. The strap is good and beefy but the end of the strap where the pin is attached is poorly made. The pins only has to move a few millimeters side to side and the strap detaches altogether. You could push it back in with a fingernail but it works its way out again. I found myself running with the watch in my pocket.

I also noticed a small crack appearing in the touch screen. I categorically maintain that the watch was never dropped or knocked off anything but there it was - a crack in the screen of my expensive watch. Thoroughly annoyed at this point, I contacted Garmin support. They promptly sent me a replacement HR monitor and watch strap but I was out of luck with the screen. Not covered. Tough.

The replacement HR monitor worked again for about six months and then died too. The new watch strap came apart after three months - a different issue this time but the same net result - a watch that cannot be worn on the wrist. As other reviewers flagged, I also got a lot of rust building up on the back of the watch. Ever heard of stainless steel, Garmin?

The Garmin connect software is OK, but not great overall. It can be quite unresponsive and the interface is not that intuitive. Looks more like a college project than professional grade software.

The final straw for me is the touchscreen. Navigable at best, it has more or less completely died at time of review. Resetting, calibrating, swiping until I'm blue in the face occasionally gets a response. My most recent attempt to use the watch on a run resulted in me changing the language setting to Spanish, where it currently remains. My wife keeps giving me these pitying 'why did you waste your money' looks every time she sees me frantically swiping the screen to no avail. Why indeed?

I have never been more disappointed with a product than this one. I've bought a few duds over the years but never one that promised so much, cost me so much and delivered so little. If you're like me, you'll read my cautionary tale and buy the watch anyway. Just don't say you weren't warned.

P.S. I am a professional electronic and software engineer. So I know how to treat, care for, troubleshoot and maintain electronic devices.
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on 18 May 2013
I bought a Garmin Forerunner 610 to replace a Polar HRM and have, thus far, been nothing other than impressed by the device's utility and functions. I am a recreational runner and and for my needs, I can't find fault with the watch - it is comfortable and relatively discreet to wear, it is easy to use once one reads the instruction manual and the charging hook-up is delightfully simple. Sophisticated features like the ability to race against oneself and others and the facility to record a thorough schedule of workouts on the Garmin Connect website, together with more basic features like Auto Pause and a consistently reliable GPS, all contribute to an excellent training tool.

My only critique - and it is a minor and subjective one - is that the elastic section of the chest strap tends to wrinkle. It doesn't inhibit function, but the design of the strap isn't quite as good in my opinion as Polar's.

I have no hesitation in recommending this device.
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on 8 May 2016
does exactly what I need it to do, and with th HR Strap from my garmin edge 1000 I can keep a track of my heart rate post heart attack
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on 5 January 2017
Got this for my husband and he love it!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 August 2011
I picked this up almost as soon as it came out, as been desperate from an upgrade from my forerunner 305. Avoided the 405 due to the huge amount of criticism on the bezel control format.

Did have to think twice about spending such an amount on a running watch, but I'm pleased to report I've very happy with my purchase.

My main reasons for upgrading from the Forerunner 305 were, firstly, the very slow GPS pickup. If I had moved a fair distance, and started running, it could easily take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes to get satellite reception.
The 610, despite it's far smaller size, blows this out of the water. My average time so far has probably been about 30 seconds. Often less, though more a couple of times - but never more than a minute.

Secondly was the battery on my 305. Would only take a few decent sized runs before recharging was required. The 610 can manage about 8 hours. From what I've read, this isn't much better than a 405, but definitely better than my 305.

My worry on the 610 was the control mechanism. I was happy with the 305 controls, and the "improvement" on the 405 was regarded as a bit of a disaster.
The 610 has 3 hard buttons on the sizes (for power, start/stop, and lap/reset), everything else is touch screen. I'm finding it very useful. In particular, swiping between screen you've pre configured by tap or swiping is great, much better than the hard buttons on the 305.
I've not had any issues with rain/sweat affecting the connection between your finger at the screen either.

Other features I'm enjoying over the 305 -
- Wireless Sync. When the watch is on near the ANT USB stick, data automatically gets transferred (have tried on Windows and Mac, with success on both). really nice feature.

- Virtual Partner. This has changed from my 305. Partner used to be a virtual character from a previous run (which I thought was a great feature). This is now called Virtual Racer. Virtual Partner is now a pacer - set it to run at 8 minute miles, and you can see distance/time behind (or on a rare occasion, ahead :-)

- Easy changing of data fields during activity. You don't even have to preconfigure the screens - holding a data field will change the information available on that field.

In summary - a superb running watch. The only downside is that it is a pretty steep price. But if you're doing a lot of miles, this great bit of kit is definitely worth the money.
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on 11 June 2015
This thing is even more brilliant than I thought it would be. It works exactly as advertised but the accompanying web software is really excellent. It is so easy to set up specific workouts on the web and then download them to the watch (so no fiddling with the perfectly decent but tiny watch interface for doing complex things). At the current price of £129 (I guess because the colour screen 620 is now the current device at this spec) it is a giveaway. If you sometime train on a treadmill (I do) get the footpod too.
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on 11 July 2014
Quick delivery and a smart looking product. Unfortunately, a couple of months down the line,the watch seems to have jammed and nothing will work. Attempted to fix it myself but looks like it will have to be sent away for repair
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