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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2012
I didn't actually buy this item for myself,but I did install it.While doing that we tried to see how it worked and what we noticed was pleasant.It works nicely,the picture is reasonably good,it is smooth and compared with the other of our friend,whom we contacted to test ours,it was miles better.
All and all,I think it's just most people need when they're in need for a good webcam.
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on 21 March 2012
I bought the C615 HD webcam to replace an earlier Logitech webcam. The previous webcam worked well on my Mac but did not allow me to fully use the cameras features hence the reason for buying the C615 which is Mac friendly. So far the C615 has performed very well both for sound and vision, and is also smaller in size which is also a big advantage. In summary, if you have a Mac and need a new webcam, I can recommend this model.
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on 14 May 2012
What a fantastic webcam. After much research on the internet, my eyes were pointed to this cam, and I am not let down. Great picture quality and a the auto focus is spot on. Love how portable it is, and that it can be set up anywhere. Am using on a mac, and it works like a dream. Highly recommend it.
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Logitech has its fair share HD webcams to offer and C615 model would be a great medium between HD video, its features and portability.

The C615 features full 1080p video recording producing excellent picture quality, using Logitech's Fluid Crystal Technology in process, although users should know they need system which can support 1080p for the best quality. Users with slower/older systems will find out that the resolution can be dropped to 720p, 480p or lower. Also, users have choice of recording in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Video chat can be done in 720p using almost all IM programs such as the included Logitech Vid HD, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, AIM, Facetime on Mac and etc..

The included software also allows for one-touch video uploading to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter but strangely only to Facebook for photos. Software update allows photo uploading to Twitter accounts as well.

Aside from the picture quality, what makes this camera interesting is the fold-and-go design making this webcam really portable and easy to take on the go. The webcam can also be mounted easily on top of a monitor with a clip-like design which is quite sturdy. Unlike the C910, which is quality-wise, Logitech's best webcam, the C615 does have a 360-degree swivel perfect for recording something around while in same time working on a laptop. There's also a tripod connection underneath although it must be purchased separately. On the left side of the lens blue light is situated which turns on when the camera is in use while the right hand side includes the built-in microphone.

The only missing features from the C615 would be stereo recording and more quality lens. Because cam is coming with a cheaper price tag than its higher-end relatives which is understandable.

C615 is a very good HD webcam from Logitech, easy to use and carry on, produces fine picture with the ability for 360-degrees rotation. I recommend it.
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on 6 January 2015
I could give this product five stars as it is a good camera, but in my case it is simply not fit for purpose. As a webcam it works very well with clear picture and sound. However, I bought it mainly because was advertised as being Mac compatible and I wanted to use it for Skype on my Mac Mini. It does work with the Mac Mini, but it does not work with Skype. After a lot of web searching I discovered that I was not the only Mac user facing the same problem with this webcam. It appears that if you are running Mavericks or above, Skype will not recognise the camera (though it does recognise sound input from the built in mic). The problem seems to lie with Skype (owned by Microsoft) software, which I'm sure Microsoft is in no hurry to fix just to keep Mac users happy. I also own a Windows laptop and that's what I now use for Skype with this camera.
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on 19 December 2012
recommended. Good with auto-focus and for the mounting bracket for the screen. Clear picture at the other end down under.
Ideal for skype.
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on 19 June 2012
Hello there guys! This is just a short review of this webcam, all you need to do is plug it in and it works, people say it works for MAC, I was searching for a decent webcam for my YouTube videos, I was looking all over YT for a decent cam and seen a few, and I needed one with a zoom, I don't mind the 1080p but its amazing, it runs smoothly even when recording in 1080p! Even when in the dark it looks amazing, sometimes as all webcam's do in the dark go a bit funny but that's how all webcam's work.

This webcam I think personally is better than the c900, I seen it online on how it records, its FPS - Frames per second at 1080p runs a lot slower than this webcam! It has slighty just SLIGHTLY better detail on the c900, but I would prefer to get this amazing camera instead for a lower price!

I feel bad at this webcam don't have much views, search it up online on youtube you'll see its great detail, the microphone is amazing for a webcam mic, I never thought I would of used it but its amazing!

So if your in for a nice amazing webcam, take a look at this baby! :D

If you guys are interested inn taking a look at the webcam, or any of my gaming videos I use it for, please come check out my Youtube channel :D

I hope this helps, please enjoy this product :D
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on 4 February 2013
This is a very good webcam. As a Mac user, it is essential to buy a Webcam that is compatible with Macs (many are not). This one is both compatible and very good quality and value for money, so i would recommend.
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I wanted a webcam that was Mac compatible and that I could move about, as the fixed position one that's integral to my iMac was starting to feel a bit limiting. This is doing the job I bought it for very well. My only small gripes are that 1) the lead is quite short so you can't move the cam very far from the computer, and 2) the base, whilst adequate most of the time, could perhaps have been better if some sort of clip were supplied. I haven't looked into it yet, but I guess longer leads and clip attachments may be available. The cam itself is great tho' giving a good clear image and refocusing pretty smartly 99% of the time.
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on 7 May 2012
I bought this primarily because its a 1080p webcam and because its Mac compatible, I also bought it because its Logitech. Whenever I have bought Logitech products they have just worked, no fuss, just install the drivers and away you go, until now that is...

I run OS X Lion 10.7.3(11D50d) I installed the drivers and started the software, I was impressed with the auto-focus and the colour rendition, it was very accurate, I changed the settings a few times and chose 1080p wide-screen as the default setting.
Having never seen this software I assumed all was OK but soon realised that this was not the case, I took a few Photos of my chubby little face - no the glass didn't crack, but neither did it show a thumbnail of said photos. Hmmm! OK, I made a video of me and the C615 box and the near Zen-like craftsmanship of the glossy box and its clever if somewhat excessively over-worked interior boxing. Unfortunately this didn't show either.
Because no thumbnails were showing I couldn't move on to the; for want of a better phrase, "show the image screen" I thought it hadn't taken either the Photos nor the video.
I decided to investigate and headed over to the Pictures and Movie folders, I found my chubby and not so little cheeks glowing in glorious 1080p, yet again the Hmmm! was sounded. "This ain't right" I said in a very poorly executed fake American accent. Unfortunately that was not the last of the issues. I closed the software down then started it up again, it crashed, it does this every time now making the Logitech software useless.

I headed off to the Logitech forums and found a post on this webcam crashing, it suggested unplugging the C615, uninstalling the drivers, install some QT Opensource software from Nokia and then reinstalling the drivers and plugging the webcam back in.

Bet you can't guess what happened... Yep! it crashed the second time I opened the Logitech software and refuses to open thereafter. On the first time of opening after the QT install I took a picture and it added a thumbnail, so I could preview it and this showed me the Share links for Twitter, Youtube and another I can't remember because I can't start the sodding software. The webcam works in Facebook and Photobooth and probably other software. I have some lovely pictures of me that I'm selling for a fiver to pay for a replacement webcam that hopefully does work with its proprietary software.

I've given it 2 stars because it works in third-party software but because it's own software is useless and it shouldn't be, it gets 3 stars knocked off. If I find a solution I'll let you know, in the meantime if you're a Mac user, I'd steer clear of this webcam until they fix the software.

21 may 2012 Still no fix
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