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on 21 June 2016
I have had this desk for over 2 years now and I cannot fault it one bit

It arrived quickly, nicely packaged together. The desk has a very good heavy weight to it, which you will not find at this price range as others will charge the same if not more for a desk with very weak light flimsy wood so at this price is a steal.

I had chosen the large black computer desk and it looks excellent, the colour has not faded over time it still looks as good as new which I am very pleased with.

The draws also have a good weight to it and glide in and out without any problems which you will sometimes come across on cheaper desks which have draws that do not fit or break easily because they use cheap runners , so I am very pleased with the quality of those.

Build time should take you between 20 mins – an hour depending on experience and it can be assembled by one person, but adding the top shelf will be a little tricky with one person and for that part it would help having a second person assisting you.

I chose not to install the printer shelf attachment so I could get more space for additional storage which this allows you to do.

Overall this was a fantastic purchase and it has lasted me a few years and I expect it to last me many more.

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on 13 April 2012
I was very impressed with the quick turnround from ordering to delivery of this product which was received within 2 days of ordering. The product was very securely packed and all items individually listed and marked for ease of assembly. In addition all the screws and components required were placed and identified in seperate plastic bags so it was extremely easy to identify which part belonged where. There was even an extra bag included which had a variety of spare screws etc in the event any were missing from the main packs (incidentally there were none missing). It does take a fairly long time to assemble particularly if doing it alone, as I was, but the end result is a superb quality desk for the price. I was impressed to show my family and friends who are all highly complimentary about it and it does look impressive once assembled especially with it having a modern look to its finish and design. My only minor issue is with the size of the raised platform to the right hand side of the desk as it is very narrow. It is intended for a printer to sit on but as I have quite a large printer I opted not to attach the platform and rest my printer on the desk surface. However, the wooden platform has come in handy to sit on the floor under the desk and I have placed my router on it. Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase and have subsequently purchased a matching chest of drawers from the same company which was equally quickly delivered having been ordered on Easter Monday and delivered by the following Wednesday. Excellent customer service from Piranha Trading.
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on 4 January 2016
Thank you for the QUICK delivery on my recent purchase of your Piranha computer desk model PC5. I expected it to be a nightmare to put together. I was amazed that every piece of wood was numbered and all the screws and bolts also individually packed and numbered and thank you for the bag of spare bits and the screw driver. I put it together on my own in 5 hours but could have saved over an hour if.......................
Just a few recommendations that would help.
Instead of a screw driver fitments why not use an allen (hex) key fitments on the screws and bolts. With a allen (hex) key you get grip when tightening up screws and bolts. The holes on the wood really could do with them tapping out as the top finish covered most of the holes and I had to used the screw driver to poke them before I could get the bolts in.
Picture 9 in the assembly instruction booklet does not show that board 12 has two holes and should have the holes facing towards board number 10, and the same on picture 15. Board 19 should have the holes facing board 16.
It is easier to attach board 23 on to 24 if it is done on picture 20, rather than trying to do it laid on the floor as in picture 22.
Finally once put together the compartment that holds the tower...........doesn't. Once I have put all my cables in the tower, my tower hangs over the front lip by 2 inches. Board number 19 should be cut ot taking into consideration that the tower is now up to 3 inches longer with all the cables hanging out. Ie cut the board in say an arch shape allowing the cables.

Hope you don't mind the feedback.
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on 27 April 2016
Here are the various categories based on which I am giving a 3 star rating to this product.
1. Item delivery: The product arrived within the estimated delivery time provided by the seller. The delivery consists of 2 boxes.
2. Packaging: The product packaging was satisfactory. There were items in one of the box that had moved around during delivery but that is to be expected.
3. Assembly instructions: I found the instructions included with the product to be detailed and easy to follow. All items mentioned in the documentation were present in the delivered boxes.
4. Assembly: I would not call myself an expert at DIY but have put together a few items similar to this table in the past so am not a complete novice. From start to finish, it took me roughly 5 hours to assemble the complete table. One suggestion would be to use a screw driver other than the one included in the box. While the included screw driver does have its use, especially, towards the end of the assembly when you need to tighten a few screws and are cramped for space, for most part a larger screw driver would make things easier.
5. Product quality: This is where I found the product to be lacking, so much so that if there was a 2.5 star rating available on Amazon, I would have most likely gone for that. Here are reasons for rating on the low side.
a. When I started putting together the drawers, I noticed that the laminate was slightly chipped on one of the corners. I did not think to much of it as I knew that when placed in its intended location in the room it would be in the corner and would hardly be noticeable. Half way through the assembly I noticed similar damage on the face of the compartment that houses the CPU.
b. As I kept on assembling the table, I noticed more and more marks on various parts of the table. I am sure that with use over time a lot of scratches would end up on this table but it would have been nice to have a clean product to begin with.
c. While the visible corners of the table are rounded, the corners/edges of the drawers are extremely sharp. And I mean sharp as in capable of giving you a nasty cut so exercise care while opening and closing drawers.
d. In the item that I received, the markings of where the drawers sliders were to be attached on the side wall does not seem to be correct. Hence one of the drawers does not sit perfectly straight. I am able to open and close the drawer without any issue at all, it is just that it is not perfectly straight.
e. The face of the left side of the table (that would be the left side wall of the table next to the drawers) is not finished nicely at all. I am reluctant to use anything on that just in case it would make matters worse. As was the case with the chipped laminate of the drawer, that particular side is going to be very close to the wall so hopefully would not be too noticeable.
f. There is slight damage to the floor of the compartment where the CPU is supposed to go. It does appear to be because of the nut that was added to base of the table. This would get covered by the CPU so I am not too bothered because of it.

I went for this particular item because I found the design to be quite practical, which I still believe is the case. I am just wondering that considering similar design tables are available from a different manufacturer as well and for a slightly cheaper price, if I would have been better off going for the cheaper option. I have a feeling that the finish quality would not be too different.

Just one more observation, I do think that the finish of the actual product is slightly darker than what appears in the photographs. This actually was beneficial for me as it matches the floor in the room.
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on 5 February 2015
If you want a small desk, but quality matters, I'd go for this. Now, I had a little trouble with the delivery; the courier was useless, lied to me and to the supplier, before eventually delivering it with the boxes severely battered and the driver was rude to me, but I've significant experience resolving complaints caused by couriers who seem determined to ruin the reputations of suppliers up and down the UK, and the reason I mention this at all is that the service from this supplier was EXCELLENT. It's a shame they hand to hound the courier, but that's what they did, and I got my desk in the end. And the destroyed packaging did its job; the product inside was in perfect nick, so no issues there!

As for the desk itself, it's one of those million-part-jobbies that does take considerable time to put together, but I did manage to do it entirely alone, even though they recommend two people. The instructions are nice and clear, everything's really well labelled, and the finished product really does look and feel of high quality. I am also pleased to note that although the initial build took hours, it should basically come apart in to 3 easily-transported parts one day.
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on 3 April 2012
We have been trying for over a year to find a nice, sturdy white office desk for our study. However, with the small dimensions required this was proving rather difficult. This was the closest we could find and thought we will live with the extra 3" depth and was pretty much sold by the reviews. The desk arrived well packaged and on the date specified - another excellent Amazon delivery! We did however recruit our DIY friend to put it together and set him the 5hr challenge. Two rounds of tea and 2 hrs later it was done! We did not assemble the raised desk printer platform but instead used the wood to create an extra side shelf against the wall for the printer creating more desk space - nifty idea! Overall really thrilled with the finished product which looks good, very solid and houses all our IT equipment neatly at a reasonable price. We also bought a leather chair and a lamp and the overall look is fantastic creating a property study for both work and leisure. I would thoroughly recommend this product.
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on 16 April 2016
The desk itself is fantastic, it looks great and is very sturdy meaning I have no worries about knocking objects off it were I to bump or knock the desk. There's is a fair amount of room on the desk which is great for a decent PC gaming set up, though I'd recommend not installing the small shelf on the top if you're looking at a 2+ monitor set up.

Assembly was lengthy as I did it alone, the instructions are very clear but the problem I had were the screw holes weren't always wide enough for the screw to fit. This was easily overcome with a power drill but I would have had some serious trouble with the drawers sliders if I was doing this without a power drill so for that reason alone I'd highly recommend using one.

Overall I'm highly satisfied with this product, it's exactly what I expected, but as I said I'd highly recommend using a drill for this as it will make things so much easier and save you a fair amount of time.
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on 27 August 2016
Spent this morning putting the desk together. I'm not a confident DIY person so it took me longer than most people listed in other reviews - I started 8:30am and finished 1:30pm (5 hours on the dot!). It was pretty straightforward but I recommend going slowly and calmly. Occasionally I started to hurry/rush & I immediately started to make mistakes like applying too much pressure when screwing in a screw at a wrong angle, almost breaking the component. But happy to report I successfully built the desk with no malfunctions or defects and I'm super happy with it. Love the colour - matches my room perfectly, looks suave and smart, and very comfortable to work on. I'm looking forward to spending some good hard working hours at this desk. Highly recommended, but allow a good 4-5 hours of your day to put this beast together. Instructions were also v clear and I liked that all the pieces were labelled with a key/code.
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on 12 July 2016
Ordered Monday, delivered Wednesday. I assembled a bit and my husband did the rest. The instructions are very clear - we are old enough to remember struggling with MFI flat pack furniture - this is all clearly marked with a letter, the individual bags of screws are clearly marked with sizes and letters so no guessing which part goes where. A fantastic solid desk that looks like you could easily sit on it rather than at it. I have bought it for home working but my husband has just ordered one for his office as he was so impressed by the quality. I bought this one due to the good reviews, normally when you read them, there is always someone who hates the product so gives a one star - there is no one like that here!
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on 30 September 2016
Great product heavy solid cabinets and quick delivery.I have three of these products ,the desk,filing cabinet and draw cabinet instructions are good with everything labelled,do provide a small screwdriver but used my impact driver which made it easier,I have a lot of practical knowledge being in the contruction business but still took me about 7 hours to complete in all but dont let that put you of as the result is good,just one caution when doing the small shelf on the right of the desk be careful when screwing the supports into the screw threaded bolt I tighten it up to much and the bolt came thru the mdf so go gentle,but that was my fault now my study looks great and have ordered a nice burgandy office chair to match,and am now also thinking of buying the full size cabinet to finish it all of.
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