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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2017
Fantastic, part 3 of a great game, spoilt though halfway through as loading stuck several times. Contacted seller who gave me refund asap. So happy with service, never mind.
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on 8 March 2017
Good for the story, its a shame the multiplayer servers are not online anymore, I used to play it for hours, it was my favorite part of the game.
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on 27 April 2017
Loved this game
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on 19 April 2017
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on 20 September 2011
Resistance 3 sees us step in to the shoes of Joseph Capelli. Capelli is camping out with his wife, Susan and his child, Jack, along with several other humans in Haven, Oklahoma. Humanity's fight with the Chimera seems completely lost and everyone seems to have formed small communities to just survive.

Enter Dr. Malikov.

Malikov asks for our (Capelli's) help as the Chimera are deliberately making the planet colder, which will make it easier for them to live yet will also wipe out humans in the next winter.
On a general level the story is well written and interesting enough to keep you playing throughout. New characters are consistently introduced, keeping things fresh, and even if everyone's performance isn't as polished as it could be, things stay interesting enough to make you care about what you're doing and who you're with for the entire game. Regardless, the campaign packs a punch and, especially within the FPS genre, has one of the best story-driven campaigns around.

In terms of presentation, the game does a very good job. The textures only seem to have been tweaked at best though the colour palette does a great job of keeping an engrossing ambience which does make the game look a lot better overall. The voice acting, as well as the sound effects, are also done very well and are top notch.

Generally speaking, the gameplay has been tweaked and reworked to the benefit of the game. Unlike Resistance 2, the weapon wheel is included just as it was in the first game, and its tremendous comeback really adds to the experience of it all. The gun designs are all creative and the amount of options you're given for taking down enemies is numerous enough to keep you wanting more. In addition, weapons are also now upgradeable, and the more you use them the better they become. Know what's better than shooting someone with a shotgun? Shooting them with a shotgun and setting them on fire at the same time!
The two player split-screen co-op also makes a glorious return. There were a lot of people complaining about this not being in Resistance 2 (myself included!) so it's nice to see that Insomniac actually listened to the audience. You can play offline with two controllers or invite a friend over PSN, which always makes the game more fun.

This time around the multiplayer too has received a big overhaul. Instead of giving you dozens of players across giant maps the multiplayer has been scaled down to a maximum of sixteen players in smaller maps. I was originally sceptical at first but the change does make the matches more focused on combat and gives you a lot more contact, albeit at the expense of shorter matches. Still, it's fun enough to extend the lifespan of the game by a lot and the levelling system makes sure that there's still great upgrades to be unlocked to keep you playing.

So, the visuals look great, missed features are back, the multiplayer is more intense, the story is solid and gameplay has been fine-tuned. What's not to like?
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on 31 December 2011
Resistance 3 is hands down the best shooter i've played this year.

It has superb mechanics, stunning graphics, a good story that doesn't make you cringe (see every other shooter out there, especially KZ3, which was laughable), and a lot of replay value. I've returned to the campaign mode many times to replay certain incredible set pieces.

The guns in this game are spectacular - each one feels completely unique and has a clear strategic value. They feel powerful, realistic AND fantastical at the same time.

The alien enemies in the game are grisly and ferocious. I was definitely scared of them in many situations, particularly an amazing set piece fighting through a destoyed building in NYC in the last act, surrounded by aggressive snipers and charging shock troops - in the dark!

This game has no recharging health - this is a great choice, as it reintroduces fear into each encounter no matter how small. I'd forgotten what that tasted like in a game. I love gears of war and COD, which produce the classic video game adrenalin rush, but resistance 3 is working very often like a horror game. I did not expect this and was frankly thrilled by it.

The game is very polished and has generally excellent and aggressive AI. I never felt like i was on a duck hunt.

I love sci-fi shooters, and for me this kicked crysis 2 into a cocked hat.

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VINE VOICEon 26 September 2011
Like it or loathe it, Resistance was the first of the big success stories of the wave of new franchises Sony created for the PS3 and even though it hasn't exactly had the smoothest ride of it, the series has been consistently enjoyable enough up to now and this third and possibly final game in the 'main' series at least doesn't break that consistency thankfully.

Putting you in the boots of Joseph Capelli, one of prior protagonist Nathan Hale's squad mates in the previous game, Resistance 3 kicks off a few years after the end of Resistance 2, with the Chimera having wiped out 90 percent of the human race and having begun terraforming the planet with giant flying laser cannon looking things. Joseph and his wife and son are holed up underground beneath a ravaged small town with a small community of survivors living in constant fear of discovery by the Chimera... which is obviously something that happens pretty quickly when old scientist Malikov from R2 wanders into town to beg Joseph for help to destroy the enormous portal in the sky that appeared at the end of R2 as he's discovered that if it isn't destroyed within a few days, the rest of humanity is going to die. So Joseph and Malikov head off on a road trip across the ruined United States with the Chimera base in New York their destination, trying to survive the legions of Chimera that are between tham and their goal. The story takes a very different approach to the previous games, in that it's no longer about mankind taking on an alien invasion (as mankind has pretty much been beaten already), but about a desperate man on a suicide mission because he can't see any other action to take. The game does a tremendous job of creating an atmosphere of really being alone in the fight. In the first two games there were always other soldiers or assistance of some sort around to help Hale out, but here Joseph is alone for the majority of the game, with only rare instances of assistance in battle. There are sequences where the feeling of desperation and tension is played up to perfectly, where Joseph will end having to do stuff like singlehandedly hold off a small army of Chimera that feels so much more overwhelming than most games have managed with similar situations. A midway sequence where you're having to move through a mountain forest undetected as a patrol ship spotlight scans the area and invisible snipers stand guard on the higher ground is an excellently tense set piece. The story and atmosphere really are top notch here, surpassing the previous games in every way that it can on this front.

The gameplay is largely more or less the same as Resistance 2, just with more refined weapons and controls and considerably more polish in it's design. The first thing I noticed about the game was that it it was using a health bar that can only be replenished by collecting "med kits" of a sort, which I don't need to tell you is pretty outdated FPS design to use. You can unlock the option to use a regenerative health system (Like every other FPS does nowadays) after completing the game, but come on... why not give the option from the start? Beyond this though, the game is pretty great to play with the superb weapon design once again the star of the show that sets things apart from the other shooters out there. Most of the weapons are the same as the first two games, but they've all gotten tweaks or overhauls in how they work, from minor changes like the look and movement of the Bullseye rounds to complete redesigns like the Deadeye, which no longer allows you to slow time while aiming, but now instead can fire high powered, chargeable, precision energy blasts. I only spotted a handful of new weapons thrown in, with one gun you get later in the game that fires blobs that causes enemies to develop explosive tumours being pretty hilarious to see in action. The large scale, OTT boss fights of Resistance 2 have been toned down a bit here as well, though there are still some major bosses to be had of course but most of the decisive battles in R3 are more of the 'defend tenuous position from overwhelming enemy numbers' variety... which works in the game's favour I think, as having a boss battle like that one with the Godzilla sized chimera in R2 in this game would have felt out of place given the story and tone of the game. Beyond that, there isn't really a whole lot else I can tell you. If you've played a Resistance game before you'll be in mostly familiar territory with how the game plays and if you haven't played a Resistance game before... well... I can't imagine why you'd want to play R3 really. If you aren't a fan already this will probably do little to change your mind about the series. Oh, and as for the multiplayer... while the co-op works well I didn't really feel any compulsion to spend much time in the competitive multiplayer mode. It's competent and all (Despite needing a 600mb patch to be downloaded already), but nothing special by any means.

Graphically the game is a pretty significant step up from R2. It's not exactly on the same level as Killzone 3, but the texture work is much more consistent and detailed than R2, the lighting effects, animation and physics are much better looking and the performance is more solid than what's gone before it. It's a much better game on this front than it's predecessor, but I gotta say that at times the picture did have a slightly 'murky' or blurry tint to it (Doubtless a result of the game's sub-HD native resolution) that was fairly noticeable in places. The music and voice work are rock solid across the board also. Technically it's a very solid game.

Resistance 3 is a title that few will remember years from now, but it is highly enjoyable to play and unlike most shooters around nowadays has a bit of real imagination in it's design, even if certain aspects like the multiplayer feel a bit too run of the mill. If you're not already a fan it won't turn you around and if you go into this expecting something mind blowing then you're going to be disappointed but if you want a genuinely fun sci shooter that'll last you a while if you want it to then believe me... you could do far far worse than Resistance 3.
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on 12 October 2011
I have to say, after completing this game I feel it was a step down from the last game. The story in Campaign mode felt very undercooked and the ending seemed very rushed. I was sitting thinking, so what happens now? Are the Chimera finally defeated? Also, I didn't find the game as challenging and there weren't as many bosses to fight, nor were the levels anything that we hadn't already seen in the first or second game. Did anybody find the game to be fairly short or is that just me? I also found myself missing Nathan Hale, Capelli just wasn't as interesting for me.

The online gameplay is not bad from what I've seen so far but I miss the 8 player co-op mission mode they had in the second game, I spent hours at that sucker!

Now to the positives: The graphics are fantastic and the sound is very good also. I like the addition of upgrading your weapons and I like that they have brought the weapon wheel back from the first game.

For me, the order of the Resistance games in terms of enjoyment and playability are as follows:

Resistance 2
Resistance: Fall Of Man
Resistance 3

You may or may not agree so your comments are welcome!!
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on 24 October 2012
I've never had a particular fondness for the first two Resistance PS3-exclusive games. They were OK FPS-shooters but that was about it, they seemed to lack that certain something. And they were eminently forgettable. And alien-invasion games with terrifying creatures should not be forgettable.
It's as if Insomniac Games were trying to find their feet and stumbling a bit, although the games had their good parts and the weapons were fun.
And then came Resistance 3. NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!!
It took three games (and a few PSP titles) but they have nailed it. R3 is quite simply one of the best FPS I've ever played and is very memorable, very more-ish and graphically impressive.
And it's biggest asset? Focusing on a smaller-scale story within the global apocalypse happening. The survival of one man and his family amidst all this carnage.
It's more emotional as if all this actually means something, whereby R1 and R2 felt like arcade shooters and nothing more.
Also, the level design and set-pieces here are phenomenal. Everything is designed to a fault to give the player the maximum feeling of panic, stress and excitement of participating in skirmishes that can feel overwhelming and really dangerous.
Being holed up in a bar with a few new friends while being encroached upon by hundreds of Chimera outside intent on smashing their way in and eating your face is wow! The set-piece in the cornfield, with Chimera darting to and fro amidst the corn being very hard to spot. The set-piece on the boat with zombie-like creatures (who have been cut off from the hive-mind) jumping onto the boat. R3 is basically a long rollercoaster ride through thrilling and cinematic set-pieces.
It may be linear in progression, but the areas are mostly huge with the player given the strategic choice of how to approach the situation. With the large array of awesome guns at the player's disposal and some smart thinking, impossible-seeming situations can be overcome - often after many deaths.
Sniping, blowing things up, blasting everything around you to bits. You choose.
And some sections almost approah survival-horror. The scene where you are trapped in a building with leeches and zombies assaulting you almost feel like old-school Resi.
Even if you hated R1 and R2, at least try this. Go and play a demo at a gamesstore or borrow someone's copy first if you must. But just try it. You'll be hooked, I swear! Addictive as hell and gorgeous to look at, this is Insomniac's proudest moment. Well done. We knew you had it in you.
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on 7 January 2012
Resistance 3 looks and plays great.
I'm only 13% and i am already writing a review!

After blasting your way through hordes of the Chimera you'll have to man up, restock and get back out there.
Some of the levels are brilliantly thought and planned out with hidden journels which prove of great interest throughout the game.
With the features of trophies some you won't even have totry and get, and some you'll be sitting there for hours trying to get them!


Gameplay is so smooth with the help of cutscenes to create suspense and so to show the endless waves of the Chimera which need attending to by you and your ramped up armory (Which players have the chance to level up a certain weapon and improve it by mashing through the wimps and the bullys of the Chimera.
Weapons are in so much detail i thought i was Joe Capelli with the Alienotic weapons like the Atomizer which will make the InFAMOUS hero jealous and the more disgusting weapon the Mutator another great chance to over mutate those S.O.B's.
Not to mention the sounds and lighting of the helpless world of resistance which put you on edge and make you want to sit in the corner and pray for enough ammo when the Leapers and Grims start charging.

To fully get the full Resistance 3 vibe i consider getting the book which is worth the extra few pennies and it really helps the player learn the true tactics of the Chimera and guides you on platniuming the game!.
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