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on 18 September 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I like the idea of the package but the quality isn't what it could be

You can't change the angle of the monitor so that you can see it from different heights. The transformer is in the plug which makes it stick out annoyingly from the wallsocket, when it would be more useful weighing down the base station. The blue carry case is cheap and flimsier than you might hope for.

The brush and heads perfprm well

This could easily be a 5 star product with a little extra attention to detail, but since it has a high price tag, I can't overlook its failings.
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VINE VOICEon 24 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This product seems to be the output of a lot of careful thinking. I do not think it could better designed for its many intended purposes. I've used an electric toothbrush for years, so I was intrigued to see what a "better" model would offer me.

The box contains a number of useful items as well as the toothbrush: three brush heads, a holder, travel case, charger (commendably indicating a power consumption lower than some devices use when on standby) and a separate wireless display with batteries included.

My initial reaction on discovering that the toothbrush had a separate wireless display was "come on, it's a toothbrush" but actually....

...the display can be fixed to e.g., your bathroom cabinet mirror, and includes a clock (so you can keep an eye on how late for work you are). It provides information about the type of brushing "programme" you are using, warning symbols about pressing too hard, battery charge and so on. And, fair play, if the display were on the body of the toothbrush, you wouldn't be able to see it.

The toothbrush is a "3D" type so it vibrates in more than one direction, I am unable to say at the time of writing whether this is better than my existing toothbrush, but it feels different and the blurb is convincing.

There are a number of programmes to help, e.g., with stain reduction, again too early to say whether these will save me the cost of descaling at the dentist. It is nice to use, it came with some nice to haves (the clock particularly). I'm slightly thrown by a toothbrush that comes with an instruction manual. I don't think it's an essential item, however, if you like the idea of being guided through several tooth hygiene programmes this will be just what you want.
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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using rechargable toothbrushes now for several years, mainly Philips.

This Braun, Oral-B works well advising you when you have spent 30 seconds on a zone in your mouth.

Total brushing time is two minutes just as it was with my Philips.

Brushheads seem to be smart and can indicate on the display that the are worn out.

Also different heads cause the brushing motor to operate in different default modes.

I can get just over a weeks use out of it before the LCD starts flashing the lower segmant that it is time to charge it up.

Travel carry case also useful which I used last weekend (it has room for two brush heads).

Mains adapter is bathroom safe two pin plug and is okay in a shaver unit.

Oh, and it does a good job cleaning your teeth.
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on 11 November 2011
I've used a variety of Oral B electric toothbrushes over the last decade or so and I have say this is one of the models I wouldn't recommend.

True, it has all the bells and whistles but seriously, do you actually NEED all of that brush your teeth?
Personally, I ended up only using one speed out of the five and couldn't find a practical use for the Smart Guide except as a clock in the shower. The whole diagram thing of showing which part of your mouth is being cleaned is a total waste of time; the brush vibrates when it's time to change so why do you need a display?! It's really just a useless gimmick that drains power from the handle.
The battery also died sooner than usual (one MASSIVE design flaw of all the Oral B toothbrushes that's making me consider changing to Phillips) after about a year of use so the build quality is nothing to write home about either. I also felt that even at it's highest speed it was a little under powered and would drain the battery in a short time, a couple days in most cases.

I'm still with Braun but I've decided to stick to the single speed Oral B 1000 which covers all the bases I need. This is a pretentious and over priced toothbrush however if you're very pedantic about your brushing you might find a use for it.
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on 8 December 2011
I bought this toothbrush to replace SonicCare ones, as they usually stopped working after a year or so. The Braun Oral-B has a choice of brush heads and a gadget to tell you how long you've been brushing for. Had it for a couple of months now and so far I'm really pleased with it.
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on 8 February 2010
I have had 3 Braun toothbrushes before and although this is the top of the range model I am not sure it is any better then the 7 or 8500/8900 series, I would probably save my money as although the battery life is good, it still gets slower the more the battery runs down and the external clock is fun to begin with and then not really needed after.
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on 15 October 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used a few rechargeable toothbrushes over the years but I always end up coming back to a trusty manual brush. I decided I'd give this one a good trial, though, and see if it could permanently lure me away from old-fashioned brushing.

It's an extremely stylish piece of work. It's easy to put together and once you've given it a charge overnight, you're ready to get scrubbing. The SmartGuide is a rather space-age little gadget which can be affixed to your bathroom wall or any other convenient area - it comes with a small sheet of sticky paper which does the job. When the toothbrush isn't in use, the SmartGuide just becomes a digital clock. To be frank, this is probably its most useful function.

There's three optional heads to use - The Floss Action has multi-directional bristles and promises to get right into the most elusive of spaces; the Pro-Bright head has a strange little yellow 'cup' at its centre which is meant to help buff up your teeth and aid brightness; the third option is one for particularly sensitive teeth and gums. There are corresponding brushing modes available on the brush for each head, accessed by pressing the power button and watching for the icon on the SmartGuide.

Once you start brushing, the SmartGuide turns itself on and starts a 2 minute timer. There's a small graphic showing you which quadrant of your mouth you should be concentrating on for each 30 second section. After 30 seconds has elapsed, the toothbrush vibrates and you should obediently move along to the next quadrant. I must admit, I found this a bit irritating. Yes, it's great to get into good habits of giving every area of your mouth a thorough clean, but I have big hands and I'm pretty clumsy, so I tend to work slowly. The brush would vibrate, I'd be only halfway through, and then I'd struggle to change direction and predictably drop the slippery brush into the sink. It was all a bit regimental for me. I found it took me a good 4-5 minutes to feel like I'd given everything an even brushing.

One of the features of the SmartGuide which really appealed to me when I read about it was that it lets you know if you're brushing too hard - a small graphic will appear on the SmartGuide and you'll know to ease up. Well, that's the theory anyway. I found I had to press the head of the brush so hard against the surface of my teeth and gums that it was a whisper from snapping off, in order to get that graphic to appear. I'm pretty sure you could be damaging your gums very easily with much less force than is needed for the SmartGuide to alert you.

As for the brushing experience itself, well, maybe the electric approach just isn't for me. I find it hard to get a good toothpasty lather worked up without stopping several times to apply more toothpaste. The toothbrush itself felt very clunky in my hands, and I found it was too easy to accidentally hit the power button and change my brushing mode without meaning to while I was handling the brush. Also, this maybe isn't the option for you if you have a relatively small mouth. The head of the brush feels huge and you have to open your mouth so wide that it becomes a very messy experience. I've now got quite a few tops with stained blotches courtesy of dripping whitening toothpaste.

Still, the big question is how well the brush cleans your teeth, niggling annoyances aside. I used this for a good month, morning and evening, for at least 5 minutes at a time. I must be honest, my teeth were very bright and white at the end of my trial, but I still had some stubborn staining to the backs of the teeth. This is maybe reflective of the fact that it's harder to handle and negotiate the brush inside hard-to-reach places in the mouth as opposed to the front 'social six' teeth that everyone sees. The whiteness I achieved may also be tied to the fact that I was just brushing for a lot longer than I usually would with a manual brush. But I felt I needed to because I just didn't feel the same squeaky clean feeling I can get a lot quicker with my old manual.

This brush will undoubtedly buff up your teeth impressively if you have the time to devote to twice daily rigorous cleanings, and the patience to deal with its clunkiness, bossiness and messiness. But maybe I'm just lazy or too old-fashioned for it - I've found myself once again using my infinitely cheaper and simpler manual toothbrush. I may still dig this out for a special occasion if I want to give my teeth a buffing, or if I'm doing a course of home whitening or something like that, but I can't say it's all that user-friendly for everyday use. There's a strong temptation with any expensive and stylish product to feel like it must be wonderful, and its price must be justified by all its flashy bells and whistles. People are willing to shell out a lot to feel that they're getting the best, and then there's maybe an element of psychological suggestion or an unwillingness to admit that it's anything less than astounding. I would caution potential buyers not to buy into too much of the hype about this brush, though. The SmartGuide looks very swish, yes, but beyond getting you into the swing of even brushing, it's effectively useless, especially if you're already in that habit.

This brush definitely does a decent job, but I do think it's more style than substance. If you don't have one, and you're wistfully contemplating an enhanced dental life beyond your unexciting manual toothbrush, I'd say don't feel too deprived. You might enjoy the novelty of a James Bond-esque gadget for a little while, but at the end of the day you may, like me, return to the unexciting but more comfortable and equally effective option of old-fashioned manual brushing.
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on 25 February 2012
I have been using Braun Oral-B Professional care series brushes for years. I was very satisfied with the products. I bought this Triumph 5000 five months ago. The smart guide stopped working after three months; and now the brush cannot be charged any more. It is an absolute rubbish product!
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on 29 May 2012
An expensive item that has completely failed to charge from the moment it was first set in the charger. Now for the trouble of replacing it or getting a refund. Research seems to show there is a fundamental defect with this product and a significant proportion have charging faults. Pity.
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on 17 December 2011
Great toothbrush, as good as everyone says and confirms that sonic is not necessarily better. The Smart Guide also stands vertical on a shelf without the need to affix with the included adhesive tape. This may sound minor but I couldn't find any reviews which stated this and I was concerned it would lie horizontal... Bit of confusion over which model is newest though, one has a LCD screen, the other has LED lights (the LED version also has a pressure sensor 'red light' on the handle too - as opposed to just displaying on the Smart Guide). Note: no model displays the mode on the handle therefore they must be used in conjunction with the Smart Guide.

EDIT: After much confusion, I emailed Braun to clarify exactly which model is which, here's the info provided directly to me: I can confirm that we do have two Oral-B Triumph 5000 toothbrushes in our range both with similar features. Our newest Triumph 5000 type 3762 which was released this year has new LED illuminated icons and charges on a 220-240 voltage, whereas the Triumph 5000 which was released in 2010 has a LCD display and chargers on 100-240 voltage. However all other features are the same on both toothbrush.

Amazon were shipping the newer model but displaying the info for the older model at the time I purchased.

All in all, buy it!
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