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on 21 August 2017
This is a very important film.It gives a thought provoking view of the things that are going on behind closed doors.The acting is outstanding,especially from the portrayal of the battered wife played by Olivia Coleman.The bad language is its only downside,but the story and characters allow you to overlook that.When the film finished I really felt as if I had seen something special.......great stuff!
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on 25 February 2016
Excellent film with only two central characters, the peripheral people hardly get to say a word, though Eddie Marsan's hideous husband doesn't have to say a thing since his actions are so horrible.

Both Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman are brilliant. As everyone here points out this is really about what the front of a person shows, and the massive contrast that often is behind it. They are laid bare as the movie progresses and both win our hearts easily, sure I was in tears a couple of times. Gritty yet emotional and the whole thing rests on the two characters, they are played so well that the film triumphs on all levels.

Many films fall down on character development, this film is ALL character development, done perfectly by director and actors.

Paddy Considine (Director) shows in this his debut, that he learned a great deal from Shane Meadows when he starred in Shane's cult classic Dead Man's Shoes, that Paddy co-wrote with Shane.
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on 5 August 2014
A very very powerful film.As other people have stated there are no light moments in this film, but it is very shocking in its violence.Peter Mullin gives an enormous depiction of a very troubled soul with demons in every corner.Olivia Colman plays a women who tries through her faith to deal with domestic violence, a fact revealed through the half friendship the 2 characters develope.Its never a comfortable or easy friendship because they are both flawed characters.No spoilers but this is a very bleak watch, and yet compulsive and shocking to say the least.It is however one facet of the real world.It happens, it goes on every day in society, and this film shows that reality
The violence can be intense, some of the characters not likeable, but there is a slim glimmer of hope that you can through faith( if you believe), or through inner strength change your destiny.Joseph( Peter Mullen) is just a lonely isolated man, Hannah( Olivia Colman) is a lonely woman in a not so loving relationship.
Powerful, powerful film.
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on 5 June 2012
I sort of knew that if Paddy Considine made a film it would be like this. Hard drinking gamblers and fighters. Tattooed, benefit dependent thugs with baseball bats and weapon dogs. Random racism and calculated GBH. Neglected children bearing witness to adult trails of dysfunction and destruction. Lost souls reaching for lost souls in a land of the soulless. A funeral, a wake, a coming together. There's no doubt this is a good film. Olivia Colman is just beautiful as the cross-wearing, alcoholic charity shop worker; Eddie Marsan is his usual fathomless, weird-headed menace; and Peter Mullan does admirably what the hard man role asks of him. Paddy was never going to have a musical, or a costume drama or a stab at Shakespeare as his directorial debut so should I be surprised that this is what it is? Probably not. Is art, because it supposedly imitates life, a perpetual re-affirmation of a community of stereotypes? Possibly. And although there's nothing wrong with drawing truth from what you know I could have done with some more shade and colour in the narrative and a little less immersion in the world of the depressed underclass. If that meant an extra fifteen minutes on the length it would have been worth it as I thought the film was a bit too short.

`Tyrannosaur' might bear comparison with Samantha Morton's 2009 directorial debut 'Unloved'. In some ways their directors' biogs are similar - an East Midlands origin, falling into acting through non-traditional routes, working class upbringings - but whereas Moreton's film about a little girl's experience growing up in care is both bleak and beautiful Considine's is just bleak. Despite the stylistic - and gender - differences both films seem to go to similar places; buy both and view them as a pair.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 February 2012
Some films thrill you, some scare you, some make you laugh. You choose which one depending on how you want to feel. Tyrannosaur is a fantastic movie, but you have to be in the mood for it. It's not a feel good type of film. It's gritty, nasty, dark, but ultimately uplifting (in a sad sort of way).

The main character, Joseph, is introduced to us as he kicks his beloved pet dog to death, smashes a Post Office window and gets into a fight with some youths in a pub. And he's our `hero' - he's the guy we're expected to root for. If you don't like the sound of him already, you're probably not going to enjoy his tale. He's not the most sympathetic of characters. Olivia Coleman (best known for her comedic roles, such as `Sophie' in Peep Show) is outstanding, showing just what a versatile actress she is.

Some people have criticised it as `yet more British miserablism.' That's a fair comment. It is pretty miserable. That's why if you're looking for something cheery, it's not for you. However, if you're willing to see just how depressing some people's lives are, you'll be glad you did - I'm guessing not many people are as trapped in such a downward, self-destructive spiral as the two central characters. If nothing else, you'll be glad you're not them.

Oh, and don't get your hopes up about seeing giant dinosaurs - it's a metaphor - Jurassic Park, this isn't.
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on 10 August 2016
I have to say the writing, acting, editing, cinematography, atmosphere and everything about this film is great. However, I recommend avoiding this film if violence upsets you. Perhaps too brutal, this film does test its boundaries. However, you must consider why it does this as it clearly does this for a reason. With a protagonist that is easy to hate in the beginning, to one that is clearly trying to redeem himself and understands his flaws it can be a little difficult at first to sympathise with his plight. The lead female's story is tragic and heart wrenching, she is a victim who is ultimately punished for facing her monsters.

TL;DR - Great film, would recommend to avid film enthusiasts. Although contains sensitive and violent topics, wouldn't recommend to people who are easily shocked by such things.
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on 12 February 2015
Gritty, somewhat shocking in places, yet beautifully real & candid film. Bridges the gap between then stereotypical classes, somewhat, by comparing the lives of households very polarised in their financial status, yet their day to day problems aren't all that far apart.
This film is beautifully acted & directed & bravely tackles many social issues, without really focussing on them nor attempting to side/pass judgement. It is the lives of the characters that is the focus & the film provoked a variety of emotions & memories for me, as it is so accurate in its detail & just tells it as it is, but with a couple of twists that leave you questioning society, human nature, the justice system & perhaps beliefs.
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on 9 February 2012
when i first heard of this film the title was kinda confusing then i heard it was written and directed by paddy considine, so had to get it. this review is mostly on the blu ray not the film as have yet to watch it.

not very pleased with the special features, which basically
your usual audio commentary, trailer, stills gallery, deleted scenes, and a making of booklet, was hoping for a making of documentary,but it does come with considine's short movie entitled Dog Altogether. but nothing, though the blu ray edition comes with a dvd, so im guessing dvd format version of the film??? as doubt it'd be worth doing 2 discs one for the film other for special feature (well could be wrong) but have seen the trailer for the film and read a lot of reviews, so the film does look good. starring Peter Mullen (itv's the fixer) Olivia Colman (channel 4's green wing) i seen her in the trailers and cant get used to her playing a normal role other than the forgetful crazy charactor she played on green wing.
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on 15 August 2016
I can say without a moments hesitation...this is not a blockbuster, its a gritty very well written & performed movie that deserves all the credit it can get.
Pretty much is the type of UK movie that makes me proud to be in this great land of ours.
A must see.
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on 7 June 2014
Olivia Coleman plays her role with her usual understated grace and charm. In my opinion she gets better with each passing year and each thing she does.
It covers very difficult subjects but is not violent for its own sake, beautifully acted and directed. It manages to make you feel protective to the characters even though initially Peter Mullans character is anything but worthy of empathy. The main protagonists have a symbiotic relationship, it is esentially a love story and good winning out over evil. I loved it.
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