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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£14.99+ Free shipping
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on 4 November 2011
20 years ago, a gaming legend was born. Not only would he become the rival of Mario, but also one of the greatest video game characters of all time. Sonic The Hedgehog first debuted on the Sega Mega Drive on June 23rd 1991 and has become an icon to many since then. Now the year is 2011 and it's the 20th Anniversary for the blue blur. To celebrate, Sega have given us not only one of the greatest games in the series history, but also one of the greatest celebrations of a franchise's history ever. Sonic Generations brings together fans and gamers young and old to celebrate this Hedgehog's 20th anniversary, and it does it with style and pure fan service.

The plot is as basic as it gets. It's Sonic's Birthday and his friends put together a party to celebrate. Suddenly a mysterious entity appears out of the sky and sucks in all of Sonic's friends. Sonic tries to stop this being but is easily knocked out. He wakes up in a strange dimension where everything has lost its colour and notices locals that look very familiar to him. Not only that but he also meets up with his younger Classic self. It's up to both Sonic's to rescue their friends and figure out what's going on. It's a very simple tale that works well and has plenty of references and injokes of the series history that fans will appreciate.

The gameplay is split into two styles for both Sonic's. Classic Sonic plays like the Mega Drive games. 2D style platforming with momentum based physics. You'll be collecting rings, jumping across platforms and destroying badnicks just like the good old days. The old TV box powerups are back such as extra rings, extra lives, invincibility and more. Classic Sonic's controls are solid and handle just like they did in the Mega Drive games. He has a new feature by pressing the X button to activate the spin dash, but for those who prefer the old way of doing spin dash, it's still here. Classic Sonic is represented perfectly and his gameplay will please those who loved the old games.

Modern Sonic's gameplay uses the formula of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours gameplay. His levels are played in 3D and 2D. While he doesn't have the spin dash like his classic self, he has his own abilities which are the returning homing attack which auto targets enemies, the slide which is used to fit through small gaps, the stomp attack which sends Sonic slamming on the ground and his boost which propels him at high speeds as long as he has enough energy in the boost gauge. He also has a new feature where he can do freelance tricks when he jumps from a trick ramp or a rainbow ring. When you perform tricks, it builds up Sonic's boost meter and can even extend beyond the meter. Modern Sonic's stages are much faster than Classic Sonic's stages and are a blast to play. The controls for Modern Sonic are the best they have ever been. They are much smoother and you feel more freedom in Sonic's movement then he was in Unleashed. The controls are a great upgrade.

The game has a hub world called White Space. The hub world is played from a 2D perspective and you can go around the various levels of the game and take higher paths to find challenge missions. There is a skill shop where you can buy skills to equip to both Sonic's which will give them new abilities. Also there is Sonic's collection house where you can view the extras you unlock.

Each level has two acts. Act 1 for Classic Sonic and Act 2 for Modern Sonic. As you complete levels, you will be able to play challenge missions which have 5 for each level for both Sonic's. As you complete missions, you will unlock boss keys which will be needed to take on the bosses of the game. There are also rival battles with other characters from the Sonic universe. As you beat rivals and bosses you unlock more levels and Chaos Emeralds.

When it comes to level design, Sonic Generations has this nailed. Each level comes from a past Sonic game such as Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, Chemical Plant from Sonic 2, Sky Sanctuary from Sonic & Knuckles, City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 and much more. These classic levels have been re-imagined with new level design and even nods to the levels original design. There are plenty of alternative paths to take which makes for fantastic replay value and aiming to finish stages in the fastest time possible.

While the main quest will only take you about 4 hours to finish, the amount of extras will keep you busy for a while. There are plenty of unlockable extras such as music, artwork, character bios and videos. You unlock these by finding Red Star Coins hidden in the levels which have 5 in each act. There is also an online mode where you can go for the fastest time in levels you've unlocked and try to get to the top of the leaderboards.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful. The hedgehog engine that was used in Sonic Unleashed once again makes for brilliant visuals, lighting and outstanding character animations. The levels are bright and colourful and the older levels such as Green Hill and Sky Sanctuary really shine.

The soundtrack is hands down the greatest soundtrack in the series history. Classic tunes and vocal songs are remixed and all sound fantastic. The nostalgic feeling you get from them is overwhelming and you'll love every minute of them. The new voice cast who joined last year with Sonic Colours and Sonic Free Riders are still top notch and give solid performances, especially Roger Craig Smith as Modern Sonic.

Wither you are a long time fan who's played the classics or a fan of the modern games, Sonic Generations is the perfect Sonic game to bring both sides of fans together and hands down the best celebration of a video game series to date. Make sure to check out this one. Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog, and here's to 20 more. 10/10
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on 31 March 2013
my son is almost 6 and he absoulutly loves this game as it is challanging for him and you wont get bored easily playing this game
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on 4 November 2011
It's only taken 10 years for Sega to release a game as good as the 3d Sonic Adventure series. This game pays homeage to all the best levels from all the Sonic games fans love the most, everything from the Sega Megadrive era to Dreamcast to more recent games on the Xbox 360. Fans will rejoice at hearing Green Hill Zone again, you can play each level in classic 2d mode or the more standard 3d mode. You will need to do both to complete the game.

Some of my favourite levels in the game are:

Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1)
Chemical Plant (Sonic 2)
Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure 1)
Sanctuary Zone (Sonic 3)
City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)
Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes)

There are many more levels and infinite amount of achievements to complete so expect to take quite a few weeks to get everything in the game. If you have an online connection, you can post time attack scores and compete against your friends. Want to remember how great Sonic games used to be? Then this is a must buy, Sega have already said it's a one off so support it before it goes Out of Print.
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on 20 August 2012
When i first started up this game, i was filled with anticipation to finally play a good 2.5d sonic game, i definitely was not dissapointed. There are so many good things that i could say about this game but i doubt i would fit it into a review anyone would want to read. So here goes, this game is a refreshing break from all the rubbish Sonic games, i'm looking at you Black Knight, it stays true to the original platformer-type Sonic games but it looks better graphics-wise, i'm sure many of you know that in Sonic Generations you can re-visit some stages from old Sonic games and also, not-so-new Sonic games such as Sonic (2006) and Sonic Unleashed, while i enjoyed the gameplay and graphics just as much as any other hardcore Sega fan, i didn't like the fact that they still had Modern Sonic, he has the type of attitude that makes me want to throw him onto a set of spikes on purpose. He may be one of the most annoying characters to ever darken our home consoles. Anyway, i would definitely recommend you buy it. Go on, it's only £13.
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on 9 January 2016
Purchased this for my wife, who hates gaming, but loved playing sonic..
She's progressing well, which means its not to difficult for newbies.
Its stunning to play, graphics are great and very evocative of the original Sega release.
The gameplay is typical sonic format.
Controls are simple.
All in... She's loving it.
(judging by her grin)

This is the sort of game I like to have in our library, for those moments when you want some fun, and a break from 1st person shooters.
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on 12 December 2015
Whilst the game itself is what I was after the disc is freezing. (brought in Sept for my daughters birthday end of Nov as there were only a few left). At 1st I put it down to maybe my daughter had put her fingers on it and marked it but not a scratch or dirty mark when examined so just put it down as a one off. Now everytime it's used usually around 5-10 mins into playing it freezes and she has to restart. It is very irritating. If I hadn't have brought it so early I would've asked for a replacement as my daughter loves the game itself
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on 3 March 2013
I bought this because the last time i played it was on my Sega about 18 years ago.... and I love it just as much as I did back then. Its a bit more updated, the graphics are better, but the overall feel of the game is the same. Brilliant
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on 13 August 2015
Specifically ordered the 'not classic' version, as it has extra levels & this was a replacement for a lost disc. Was disappointed that the 'Classic' version arrived & spoke to the company, they were very helpful, apologised & offered me my money back, but as it was a present & needed, I let my son have it. The company said it was the only Sonic Generations that they stocked, so the listing must have been incorrect. My son still loved it, but missed the additional levels
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on 10 February 2013
I bought this as a present for my brother who has always been into gaming, and has a fondness for retro classics like Sonic the Hedgehog. This was a good find, and much cheaper than many Xbox 360 games.
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on 30 January 2013
My elder grandson loved this at Christmas. Obviously the Sonic games (older versions) are all updated now and it also includes all the newer games. Highly addictive enough to order another one for myself!
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