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on 18 July 2015
The game that all Sonic fans were waiting since the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. I'm a very Sonic fan, and the modern ones I just didn't like it that much and in this game, even the modern gameplay it's very nice! And the pleasure of playing with classic Sonic in the Green Hill Zone and in the Chemical Plant... Such a nostalgia! I only wished they would have made more old levels. I love this game. Hope that Sega sees that Sonic fans want gameplays more like the old ones.
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on 26 August 2017
Great quality and value for the money, grandson loved it
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on 21 June 2017
Great game for the kids
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on 29 October 2016
nice my.kids love it
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on 26 November 2011
As a fan of the series for 19 years, Sonic Generations is a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary! Playing through 9 levels cherry picked from the series history as old-school 2D sonic and the newer 3D style creates lots of nostalgia, particularly when you spot a piece of level design from another level that didn't make the cut. (The final level from Sonic Colours feels a lot like the classic 'Scrap Brain Zone', for example.

The game is fairly short, but each level has so many secrets and alternate routes as well as online leaderboards it becomes hard to put down! The difficulty curves nicely for younger children (and those of us with no hand-eye coordination), and the music remixes for each Sonic play style are absolutely fantastic!

Cannot recommend it enough!
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VINE VOICEon 9 December 2011
A... good Sonic game? A GOOD Sonic game?! What crazed Bizarro world parody of Earth is this upon which I find myself? After so many years of the has-been hedgehog turning out terrible game after terrible game (Last year's surprisingly good 'All Star Racing' excepted I guess, but it wasn't strictly a Sonic game) it seemed not unreasonable by this point to just roll your eyes at the very idea of a new Sonic game (Although some of us still kept coming back for more every time. Not my proudest moments.)... but believe me when I say that Sonic Generations is easily the best Sonic game since the series moved to 3D. I'm sure the irony of the majority of the game being based firmly in 2D play mechanics is lost on no one.

Foregoing the pointlessly long winded narrative structure of the majority of the 3D Sonic games, Generations' story is kept as minimal as possible, using only the bare minimum of cutscenes to establish the story that sees some sort of time travelling monster causing havoc for both 'classic' Sonic (As he appeared in the Mega Drive Sonic games) in the 'past' and 'modern' Sonic (The Poochie D-esque annoyance he's become today) in the present. With the two stranded in a white 'limbo' outside of time and unaware of each other's presence there, they both must travel through levels revamped from every Sonic game from the very first title right up to last year's Sonic Colours, each played in 2D for classic Sonic and in a hybrid 3D/2D mixture for modern Sonic that has the appearance of the 'daytime' levels of Sonic Unleashed in execution, but are significantly better put together here. This essentially gives you every level presented in a Mega Drive era fashion (Gameplay wise at least) and also in a full 3D fashion, and it works fantastically.

The 2D stages adhere surprisingly closely to the play mechanics of the original Mega Drive titles, correcting the missteps that made the recent downloadable disappointment Sonic 4 such a bad idea by actually making it play just like the older games, with none of the new nonsense tossed in (Goodbye homing attack) for these levels aside from the visuals of course. It actually FEELS like Sonic 3 to play, which is just how you'd want it when the game is aiming for what this one is. The 2D levels are fun, well put together and do real justice to their originating sources. The 2D altered versions of levels from 3D Sonic games have some really cute touches to them as well, with Sonic Adventure 2's 'City Escape' being a real highlight in my eyes. The 3D hybrid levels with modern Sonic take a fairly different approach, but not so much as you might expect. There are a lot of 3D sequences, yes, but at least half your play time in these levels will also be spent in 2D... except that these modern levels DO feel a lot more like Sonic 4 in execution but with several tweaks that make it a lot more fun to play such as the 'speed boost' ability that sends you flying forward at ludicrous speeds, with you having to collect rings to keep the boost gauge full. It cannot be overstated how great the sense of speed during these moments are, most especially when controlling Sonic in the full 3D segments. There are some of the usual niggles in here like suddenly appearing obstacles, traps or enemies that you will usually be going too fast to possibly react to in time and some control annoyances with the 3D bits, but beyond that, I was amazed by how intuitive and easy to handle the controls were in the game. I think what highlights best just how much better this game is than what came before it is the level 'Crisis City'... a post apocalyptic, lava filled city level which is lifted from the 2006 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game. In THAT game, Crisis City was a deeply frustrating level where you were constantly being bombarded with sudden pitfalls, tons of enemies and a level which seemed to go on forever in addition to the poor controls the game itself had... and in Sonic Generations, this level is recreated for modern Sonic in such a way that it LOOKS identical to see in motion, but the tighter controls, more focused, reasonable length level design and challenges that don't feel cheap make it a completely different experience to play. I died something like 7 times before finishing this level in the older Sonic game... in Generations I did it in one shot with minimal hassle... which in a way brings us to one of the main problems with this game: difficulty.

This is not a hard game. The challenge is fairly minimal throughout, with enemies proving to be little more inconvenient than jumping over a stone in front of you. The bosses are a little harder, but still aren't up to much, with the best I can say about their difficulty being that some of them are looooooong. One of the later boss fights where you have to battle Dr Robotnik in some sort of big flying dragon type robot went on way too long for my liking, lasting longer than any regular level of the game I had done up until that point. Then on top of this the final boss of the game is absolutely infuriating. Not because it is actually hard or anything, but more because the way it is designed is just horrible, and really ruins everything that the game did so right beforehand at the worst possible moment. There is also a point to be made about how short the game is, as apparently it took me just over 6 hours to complete... and that's with doing a whole bunch of the challenge levels too, rather than just blasting through the story. I'd be very surprised if it took the average player of reasonable skill more than 10 hours at the most to get the Platinum trophy for this one. Which may sound fairly decent for a Sonic game (Especially when you consider that the original Sonic the Hedgehog, included on the Generations disc as a bonus, is barely ONE HOUR long in it's entirety) but still felt very 'slight' to me. There is replay value here though, and at the end of the day it is very enjoyable to play, but worth full retail? Debatable.

Graphically, the game is just marvellous. The characters and levels are brightly coloured and super fast moving with rock solid performance from beginning to end. I did find that the lighting looked a tad 'odd' in places, but beyond that, it's a superb looking game. The soundtrack is pretty great too, made up of numerous remixes of various Sonic soundtracks from throughout the character's history. The... ugh... voice acting is what you've come to expect from a Sonic game at this point, but Sonic Team made the very wise decision to not have 'classic' Sonic talk at all, which works perfectly thankfully and makes for some amusing physical comedy that is streets ahead of the crap you get from modern Sonic's repellant 'supporting cast'.

All in all, this is a really great game. It's fun, it's easy to play and provides a genuinely enjoyable nostalgia trip charting the history of the Sonic series (Both good and bad) in a really well judged manner. It is very light on content though and the difficulty is pitched very low, but these are probably minor gripes (now that the game's price has dropped quite a bit at least) against the fact that this is easily the best Sonic game since his Mega Drive days. It is superb.
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on 28 April 2012
First off, I thought everyone should know that this looks fantastic in 3D, so if you have a 3D TV you're in for a real treat.

Sonic games in the past few years have been pretty bad, Sonic 4 was terrible, the music was hideous, just plain nasty, so much so you had to turn it off, but also they messed up the game physics, all momentum was removed from the game and it simply didn't play right, it wasn't Sonic. You had no choice if you wanted your Sonic fix; you had to return to Sonic 1/2 and Sonic CD. When Sonic Generations was announced I had little hope. However I was wrong, very wrong, now I can get my Sonic fix without returning to the 90's!

Graphically the game looks great, it really is nicely polished. I really like the music, it's a compilation of original Sonic tracks (from Sonic 1,2, Adventure and even one track I noticed from Sonic CD) but revamped to sound fresh and new but maintaining the original sound, it sounds great and works really well.

There are some really cool bits, one bit in particular - Sonic finds himself at the top of a building on a spire, real high up overlooking the town, he slides / grinds down a rail towards the ground at great speed; the buildings on the ground rushing up to meet him! You really have to see it but it looks amazing (its a moment where the graphics, music and game-play all come together to make you feel epic!!), maybe the 3D made the difference here (providing greater perspective), but it really stood out. There are plenty of bits which wowed me though, even made me smile. Plenty of time has been spent on this game and it shows.

The slight problem... well, if you're familiar with Sonic games of yore then you'll know you need fast reflexes as well as responsive controls. Well the controls sadly aren't responsive enough, there is a noticeable delay when you jump. However, you find yourself compensating for this after ten minutes, but there are times when I've died because of this delay which is really annoying. Some people don't notice this delay, but if you've played original Sonic a lot you'll instantly detect this delay.

There is one other thing, more personal preference really, but there are too many level where you can fall to your death very easily, too easily. I hate falling to my death, it sickens me! Most of the time its down to not being able to jump fast enough because of the control delay when jumping.

All in all, I'm very happy, finally a 21st century Sonic that I actually want to play!!!
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on 9 September 2015
I bought this game off PSN. WARNING if like me you have a tendency to throw your controller then do not buy this game. It is possibly the most infuriating game I have ever played. If you are not a hot head like me then you might enjoy this game. Pros: 1) Its good to revisit some old stages with new twists. 2) The graphics are the best I've ever seen on a Sonic game (especially on PlayStation). Cons: 1) The controls can be clunky so Sonic misbehaves. 2) Stage select is set out really stupidly and causes confusion. 3) Some levels are made unnecessarily hard and can spoil your enjoyment. So all in all a good addition to your sonic collection, as long as you can stay calm and not smash your controller into molecules.
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on 17 April 2012
After a few terrible games (notably the 3D PS3 debut of Sonic The Hedgehog), the SEGA guys have really found their feet with the last few releases. After spending years trying to force Sonic to move with the times and embrace a more advanced three dimensional mechanic the fact remains, Sonic The Hedgehog simply works better in good old fashioned 2D.

Thanks to a couple of excellent Nintendo DS titles (Sonic Rush Adventure 1 & 2, and Sonic Colours) they decided to revert to old school Sonic on major platforms and what we got was a real treat. First we were treated to the under-rated 2d/3d mixture of Sonic Unleashed, a half lightning fast half puzzle game. Then we got the fantastic Sonic 4 which was a full return to 2D heaven. And finally we got this...

Sonic Generations is a collection of old and new classic Sonic levels. Could it recreate the things we remember so fondly from our time as kids? Dangerous territory there indeed.... But actually, it's incredible detail only improves the maps you probably remember from your childhood, such as Green Hill and Dr Robotnik's Metal Zone (I mean, Dr Eggman). The gameplay is fast and furious. Old Sonic is tiny and compete with little pot belly, which only makes the game better, whereas new Sonic is rather lanky and stupendously quick. You'll be met with a classic level followed by a series of special challenges in that zone (beat the clock, etc) to unlock the classic boss fight so this feels more like a Sonic exhibition game than a full story-driven feature but that's no bad thing at all. This is basically nostalgia all the way and rightly so. Both Sonic charachters get to play through the same maps, which means when playing as new Sonic you will get to see stuff like Green Hill Zone switched up into 3D and it actually works quite well, as the developers focus on speed and those "I'm going so fast if I hit an unexpected wall here I'm deaaaaaaad!" moments which Sonic games were built for.

You'll have your favourite Sonic no doubt.... My 5 year old son tells me that 'big Sonic' is the best, but I know where my loyalties lie.

The biggest compliment I can give this game is that those classic Sonic levels where you are being chased by the ever-rising water level STILL scare the hell out of my 5 year old boy the exact same way they used to scare me some 20 years ago.
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on 8 December 2011
It's been a while since I purchased a Sonic game but after reading the good reviews I thought I'd give it a try, I was not disappointed.

The game revisits 9 stages from previous Sonic games from Sonic The Hedgehog to Sonic Colours. Act 1 is for classic 2D Sonic gameplay and Act 2 is for modern 3D Sonic gameplay. Most of the stages are great and beautifully done but you'll probably dislike 1 or 2 of the stages (I dislike Planet Wisp and Sky Sanctuary but even those stages are well done). However, the boss stages aren't as fun as the main stages. The last boss in particular was terrible and I thought it could have utilised 2D - 3D switches much better.

The game isn't very long if you rush through all the stages but there is plenty to do if you complete all the challenges, collect red rings, unlock all music and art and collect all the trophies. The graphics are excellent and the unlockable artwork is nice. The music is fantastic too, there's a classic and modern remix for each stage and you have the option to change the music for each stage to something you unlock (There's typically 1-3 songs to unlock for every sonic game). My only other complaint is the loading times. You can't install the game on your hard drive and the game loads every time you switch characters and save, this did annoy me at first but since the loading times are fairly short I got used to it.

Overall there were a few minor things I disliked but the game is great fun and I hope there's a sequel.
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