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on 22 April 2012
Yet again Sony has done it with another brilliant product. I love this TV, Easy to setup and the internet smart TV is great, the only downside is that you need to buy a Wireless Network Adapter for it to work but it is well worth it. It's great being able to watch Youtube on the 32inch screen as well as the many other channels you get with it. The free view HD is amazing, the plasma screen shows high crystal clear display with perfect clarity.I have tried other brands such as Panasonic and LG but nothing can beat Sony. They are a bit more expensive but it is well worth it. You wont be disappointed purchasing this TV, Highly Recommended!
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on 13 August 2012
Firstly I will state. I was looking for a new TV for some time now. It was for use with my Computer (e.g. laptop) and 360. Now i was not having much luck myself. So I asked my good friend Skyheart. He should me this make of TV. I at this time had many brands picked and ran everyone by him. I all boiled down to a nice stew and it came out with this one the Sony KDL32CX523BU 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 50Hz LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD.

Reasons why. HD fully! Not HD ready. As I wanted the 1080p. I prefer LCD so that was a factor to. Not to mention the Freeview so I could ditch my freeview box that took up space! Now I have not used the internet TV as of yet. But I intend to! Picture was one of the main factors to. Now I watch all my anime through my HDMI to the TV from the lappy and it is perfect. I surf the net through it to and play my games from Supreme Commander to Skyrim and half life to and there just amazing on it. I recommend this to any gamer. She is one perfect peace of tech. She arrived on time in perfect nick to. Easy to set up and light with was another factor. I have her sitting on a desk in the corner of my front room of the house. Again this has been a great buy from a 15" to a 32". Massive boost buy a great joy from it.
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on 4 May 2012
This tv is very good 4 hdmi inputs but only one scart but this is fine as scart is going out now hdmi is the thing component is also available .Internet tv works well and I have fitted a hard drive to record programs to see later. As I have read on other reviews the hard drive then only works with the tv and must be at least 32mb .Picture quality is excellent .Most internet tv services have to be paid for ,but iplayer youtube are free of course. The tv links in our other network devices in the house. Overall a great tv if now being outdated by the newer led versions but for what I paid it does what I wanted.
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on 8 January 2012
Ordered this product as I wanted a sony bravia t.v. and wanted the internet option. Even though I am happy with my new t.v. overall I was very dissapointed to not be able to go on the internet with it,this is because it isnt capable of wireless connection as I believed without buying something extra! In the Technical Details it states
"32-inch Full HD 1080 LCD TV--Wireless LAN Ready for access to Internet videos and Skype(tm)" But this is totally misleading as it wasnt ready..I now realise you have to purchase an additional product and they recommend a sony one of course, that goes in the usb port to enable wirless connection to your router (£50 + price mark!). Very disappointing, but I intend to buy a long ethernet cable to enable me to connect to my router easily and forget about doing it wirelessly alltogether. Im not sure wether you have to use the official sony usb adapter thing only, but for price costs you can easily purchase a 10 meter ethernet cable new for about £5 which I have chose todo to connect straight to my router and save spending more money. Overall I hope to enjoy the t.v. but its a shame customers are mislead into thinking its so internet ready. Hope my comments helped
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on 21 March 2012
The remote is light and could be considered cheap, and using it can be a chore - some buttons are illogically placed.
The UI on the tv is a little cumbersome, but responsive. Plenty of options to alter the picture and sound, although they don't always appear to have an affect.
Tv was quick to turn on, and minimal delay when changing channels. Easy to setup, and autotuning worked well.
Picture -
HD programmes via Freeview are great although, weirdly, text can sometimes appear blocky!! Even motion was good. Bluray movies are sharp, and are much better than DVD's.
SD programmes lack detail and cannot compare with the good old CRT tv's. Some tweaks may be needed to improve the picture such as to reduce a purple tinge that infected a persons hair in an 80's drama! SD images often had jagged edges! DVD's were disappointing - lacked detail. Motion was noticeably blurry too.

I use this for gaming with my PS3 and it suits me perfectly. I dont play many fast moving games, but for Buzz and the Uncharted series, its perfect; even if it is only a 50hz set.

It's fine. If you live in a flat, booming wattage wouldn't be welcome. Music did seem to play louder than voices, but playing around with sound options resolved this.
Tv guide is excellent. Compared with my 19" Sharp, it actually downloaded the full 7 days of tv shows instead of 2. And there were no annoying adverts like the Panasonic recorders have. But, to set a reminder for a show is long-winded (requires 5 key presses). And you cant set a series reminder!

I've seen some of Samsungs £1k offerings and those units are truely amazing - especially with SD transmissions and DVDs. For a budget set with excellent HD ability for Freeview HD, blu-ray and console gaming, then get this one. But I would say don't pay more than £340! It struggles with SD stuff!
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on 3 September 2011
TV models of the same size from the same supplier are constantly been updated and find it very hard to keep up with the changes. Sony was offering a free Blu ray Player and Dongle as an incentive at the time we purchased this TV and it was a great buy for us especially with the further discounted price which Amazon offered. Could not justify paying a lot more to get the more superior Sony models either and these did not include the DVD player / Dongle in the price either; and is necessary to benefit full use of the TV features. Hence it was a good buy for the Price for us.
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on 20 December 2011
KDL-32CX523BU Review.
The first thing I noted is that the display is on the dim side. Compared with my old CRT TV and my flat-panel computer monitor it seems very dim, particularly in daylight hours. It has to be said that none of the makes of flat-screen TVs I saw in-store were dazzlingly bright, even in shop mode.
The printed user manual supplied refers to the whole Sony TV range, not specifically to this set
The numerous functions generally work OK.

If you are wondering "But does it..??"
-expand 1366x768 VGA to fill the whole screen? -Yes
-display licensed internet video via a PC? Yes.
-display NTSC DVD? Yes, via SCART or HDMI - result good
-display NTSC 4.43 videotape? - Yes, by PAL60 mode and SCART - result very good
-display NTSC 3.58 videotape? - yes, by composite phono input - result very good
-work with BBC i-Player? Yes. I just plugged in the router cable to the TV and it worked no problem.
-play video from USB flash drive? Yes, after you find the USB menu.

-navigate to all websites? YES -but the interface is buried in the menus under "Applications", it's a pain to enter the URL, and many sites, particularly those using Flash, won't display properly.

-have an analog tuner? Apparently not, but there is no analog signal here anyway.

I previously used a 4:3 ratio CRT TV, and the improvement in picture quality is such that I'm re-watching some of my old DVDs and tapes.
The TV has an optical digital audio output for surround sound. If you use this there generally seems no need to make any other connections between player boxes and the surround sound amp. Nobody told me that optical cables have a tiny rounded cover on each end which you have to take off before use! The TV's small internal speakers are adequate for watching the news etc, but for movies etc you really should use an external surround sound system to get the best out of your investment.

Not having owned a widescreen TV before, I was surprised to find that some older videos and DVDs (even including some in 16:9 ratio) are clearly designed to be shown on a 4:3 ratio TV, and behave very badly when fed to a widescreen TV. If you refuse to distort or crop the picture or crop the subtitling, the only other option may be to have a lot of black on all four sides.

The Freeview HD broadcasting is a bit of an anti-climax so far, but I now have a Blu-ray player and a Freeview/HDD/DVD combo that both upscale to 1080p, with impressive results.

Overall verdict - good picture and sound, lots of features, not expensive for what you get.
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on 3 October 2011
I've had this unit for almost a month now and very satisfied with the clarity of the picture, vibrant colours and black is true black. the unit has all the bells and whistles performs well.

Disappointments: separate wifi unit - why cant they just build this in?? overall build - looks and branded as a Bravia but majority of the unit is relatively flimsy plastic, lacking rigidity and substance.

Overall it presents great value for the cost, but it really is the lowest end of the Bravia line given the materials and build. If you want a good quality TV for a low price, this is a contender. If you are expecting the quality and construction of a Bravia, spend a few more quid and get a higher version model.
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on 20 February 2012
Pros: TV is great value for money. Nice picture quality and nice sound quality, I'm not a sound buff so don't be expecting great things from it but for a TV it's good. Loads of features on the TV including record and playback, you just need to buy a hard drive. Quick responsive TV guide.

Cons: Controls are not straight forward. A lot of features are hidden in the menus.
To use a sleep timer you have to go through 3 different menu options, can't find a quick sleep timer button. I haven't found a way to quickly scan through the channel lists without having to change channel to see whats on the other channels. TV guide is good tho, you can watch what your currently watching in a small window while you look through the TV guide.
A USB pen will not work and the hard drive you do buy for it will have to be dedicated to the TV only as it has to be formatted in the TV's own format.

Summery: If I had to buy again I would def still go for this model. The biggest issue is the crap menu layout and the button lay out on the controller.
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on 17 October 2011
I bought this as a 3rd room television (Conservatory) after our old TV was made redundant following the digital switchover.
It was more than I wanted to pay but decided after looking at the specification and reviews to go the extra mile.
Very glad I did. HD Freeview is as good (maybe better) than I get on either cable or FreeSat HD, but normal (SD) channels are not very far behind at all.
The tuner must be good as even without the aerial connected at the house end (just a long piece of aerial lead hanging off) it found all channels and I couldn't see any difference in the picture.
One of the problems in a conservatory is the amount of light / reflections but this screen handles it perfectly with hardly any glare on a sunny day making it watchable in any light.
The wireless is a nice touch and the features to be able to attach and record to a hard disk; Skype (which we haven't tried yet) and the host of controls / features you can edit makes this a super all-round unit for any room.
I did see a couple of moans about the sound. If you ask it to be too clever (3-D surround, etc) it starts to struggle and the words become a bit muffled but leave it on standard and it's absolutely fine for watching TV. If music / concerts are your thing then use a music player or invest in proper speakers, basically this is for watching things!.
Overall, highly recommended.
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