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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2010
I was quite dissappointed with this album the first time I listened to it. It seemed to lack that power Kate had came up with in The Dreaming and Hounds of Love and I quite quickly lost my interest on this album and it rested a long time on my shelf. I also thought this way about The Sensual World, until I fell in love with it and after that I gave another try for The Red Shoes and truly fell in love with it too. I just love that Kate uses the Trio Bulgarka in this album like she did in The Sensual World and they sound even better on The Red Shoes. That's why the Song of Solomon has become one of my favourite Kate Bush's songs.
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on 17 May 2011
Like most I was a little confused at this CD being the only album remastered,of the four Kate Bush has put out on her own label. However to be fair this is a re-master of the analogue recording. As it states in the sleeve notes Kate is not a lover of the Digital recording method, hurah. This is not to say that this CD does not sound fantastic in does. The clarity is warm and the drums leap out at you and it all sounds fresh and not sharp, and over compressed like many recording which seemed to be made only for the i-pod generation. The sensible thing here is it is not turned up ridiculously loud to ruin the quality, that has been left for you to do with your own volume knob. As for the songs, all the fans know them Rubberband girl, Eat the music, Moments of pleasure, which are my personal favorites, I could go on. Although not in my opinion her best album it still original and unlike anyone else still to be great. This re-master opens your ears to a knew experience. There is no news as yet if the other three albums that Kate Bush now has complete control of will get them same treatment, I hope she considers to re visit them as The Dreaming is 29 years old now, and the original LP still sounds crisp and warmer than the only CD issue. Lets hope so. Thumbs up Kate Bush you are not alone, not all of us want out music compressed!
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on 20 May 2011
I am ever so slightly cynical about Ms Bush's claim to have 'recently come across the back up mixes of this album' - it's true that historically EMI was pretty shoddy with its archives but by 1993 I am fairly sure they'd got themselves organised - anyway, regardless of the story behind this reissue, there's no doubt it marks a huge improvement upon the original CD.

Basically this is slightly more than a remastered reissue, given that it's from a different source. Unsurprisingly the analogue tape remastering provides the classic combination of slight tape compression alongside scooped EQ. Surprisingly this really does wonders for the songs - far more than I'd ever have thought possible.

For the record I did a little comparison test using a totally EQ-free set-up, a Music Fidelity CD player, two massive block amps, and Neat speakers. The outcome is I'll be sticking my original 1993 copy into one of the many charity bags that come through my door, and hanging onto this new version.

In reducing the low mids, this remastering gives the impression of added space and air, so its deep and bright but never brittle ... there's much more continuity and the bass is really warm and beefed up - lovely. One very unexpected surprise is how good 'Top of the City' sounds and even the none too inspiring Clapton guitar solo sits within its track much more successfully. I have to wonder, given this outcome, quite why Ms Bush felt she needed to revisit these songs on 'Director's Cut'. As for 'Big Stripey Lie', remastered it's a revelation; to my mind an overlooked masterpiece. The toms on 'Why Should I Love You?' are slightly distorted at the beginning of the track - I assume this is intentional cos they sound great.

Anyway, I always had a few problems with this album - it certainly wasn't close to being my favourite. I have always had the impression that EMI wanted a Kate Bush album they could flog to mainstream America, so required guest stars (Eric Clapton and Prince) - hence the ghastly sticker on the case of the original release.

It's great to finally (after 18 years) have this opportunity to to hear this album revived and stronger than ever.

Congratulations to Ms Bush - a wise move, a true restorative that brings new life to her work.
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on 13 August 2011
The precocious title of the review refers to this newly remastered edition of Kate Bush's understated 1993 album The Red Shoes. Having owned an original copy of the album, I thoroughly enjoyed it but I always thought the mastering was awful as the songs sounded quite distorted or "edgy" as Mrs Bush described it. This remastering gives the sound a depth of clarity that was missing from the original. And that has given the album a new lease of life. The album itself, is not my favourite of Kate Bush's catalogue but I've often played to my heart's and vocal content, often to the annoyance of others. So to any budding Kate Bush fans, The Red Shoes should be in your personal collections!
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on 2 April 2004
Well, Red Shoes has caused an ominous controversy among Kate's fans, and only Kate fans, because whoever else gets to listen to this album truly loves it.

The lyrics are sharp & truthful, the music is at its best (with only 2 exceptions, which are not bad at all but do not sound like Kate), and the production is less experimental than her previous albums but always imaginative, hi-quality and timeless. Also bear in mind that it was her most popular album in the US, which means it is much more accessible than her previous projects.
Being a Kate Bush fan myself, I'd rather go for the Dreaming, but Red Shoes is one of the Kate albums you MUST have. Other Kate fans (or, may I say, fanatics) loathe it because they find it 'shallow' in contrast to her previous works. This album, however is characterized but its emotional depth and meaningfulness.. Moreover, it is strange how people who can't stand Kate, really like this album, and some have even added it to their alltime favorite list..
Who could ever resist the beauty and the intimacy of MOMENTS OF PLEASURE (which is, hands down, one of her finest recordings, ever), the pure joy of RUBBERBAND GIRL, the painful and heartaching AND SO IS LOVE - SOLOMON SONG, or the wickedness of BIG STRIPEY LIE?

Don't miss on this album.. it truly deserves its place among Hounds of Love, Sensual World and The Dreaming...
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on 2 September 2005
At first I listened through the album (well, not entirely, I skipped tracks after the intros) and pretty well hated it. So it stayed in its bag, under my desk. I've recently been working my way through all of Kate's albums after being introduced to Hounds of Love. They're just fantastic. So by this point, the only one I was short of was The Dreaming. And I bought and listened to and loved it, whilst The Red Shoes was still under my desk (I am also a messy person), and I realised The Red Shoes deserved a second chance. Which is what I am giving it now, as I write; I have to say, I am more than pleased. This is actually a brilliant album, if you give it time (which you most definitely should). And if you haven't listened to any Kate albums before, I actually recommend this as a starting point, because they can only get better that way ;)
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2002
Listening to this album for the first time in ages, you realise that, at the time of its release, perhaps people were a bit too harsh on "The Red Shoes". Yes, a few songs feel straightjacketed by mainstream pop and sound a tad over-cooked. But there is real beauty in this record. Like in "Song of Solomon" - when the Trio Bulgarka sweep in for a moment. Or "Moments of Pleasure", a poignant and personal tune, namechecking lost loved ones. And most especially "You're the One" - an open letter of heartbreak at the end of a long-term relationship. The album is half sorrow (the death of her mother is also a strong influence here) and half playfulness - "Rubberband Girl" and "The Red Shoes" are fun slices of skewed pop.
Yes then - a mixed bag, but full of hidden delights. Listen harder.
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on 24 June 2011
I have always liked the songs on The Red Shoes (TRS) but found it quite fatiguing and not a very easy listen on either vinyl or CD, particularly at a realistic volume ie quite but not deafingly loud.

Recently I bought Directors Cut (DC) on vinyl and really like the sound quality - in my opinion it is the most live sounding, musical and involving recording I have heard for some time. When I saw that the TRS analogue tape was remastered by the same team who mastered DC I decided that I would have to give it a go.

Thankfully it seems to have been remastered in the spirit of DC. I can play it at a realistic volume without the fatigue or harsh (or 'edgy' as KB puts it) sound of the original. Bass and drums are more evident and carry the songs rythmn's more, making the album a whole more involving and musical experience. (I have to agree with another reviewer re Big Stripey Lie - always a favouite of mine and the remastering does wonders).

As someone who always prefers vinyl given a choice, the icing on the cake would be a vinyl release as well - here's hoping.
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on 29 August 2013
Just a fantastic album, should be in everyone's collection. Kate Bush at her best, with a whole load of favourite tracks. So good it could be a best off. One of my favourite groups, and definitely a favourite album, so go and buy your own copy.
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on 15 November 2002
This is the third single released from Kate's album with the same name. A very catching, as well as a hypnotic song, influenced by Madagascan music. It has such a depth and quality that even after nine years I still discover new aspects of it. And I have listend to it quite a lot.
But, you have to be willing to really listen to music and not just consume it even though you could do that with this song also, due to its catchyness.
The B-Sides can upkeep that quality. Not just because they have been (Cloudbusting in a slightly different version)singles by themselves.
"You want Alchemy" has not and still does.
It is beautiful and enchanting and just the right thing after the driving title track.
Kate Bush makes music to last and this is another example for it.
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