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Not a movie to loan to your granny to watch. This film is like marmite you either love it or hate it. Visually looks fantastic but the story is very grim and hard to take. Not one for the faint hearted
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on 4 January 2017
This is usually number 1 on the list of most disturbing films ever made. It is very well made and incredibly well acted. It also got sicker as it went on. I knew it would be a hard film to watch, and in places it was. This film is major shocking, I often wondered throughout how the actors coped, but they somehow did and created a believable horror show. So, if you can tolerate obscene depravity on a whole new level, I say watch it because it's worthy of the reaction this film received and the reason why it got banned in so many countries.
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on 19 May 2016
Those reading this please take note as a Horror fan of all genres, watch this movie it is very disturbing but it is meant to be, the hour mark of the movie is something else, watching this you know why these movies are talked about and banned. I first got a VCR in May 1982 and rented out most horror movies thinking the Evil Dead and The Exorcist were something else and then along comes SALO,HENRY,Murder Set Pieces,The Human Centipede 2,A Serbian Film and August Underground, cinema at it's darkest those who view Salo should check out this list, I am still deciding which is the most evil in order. I would say enjoy but you cannot really enjoy any of these movies deffo not for the faint hearted or nan to view.
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on 20 February 2015
This is a film that exhibits most of what Pasolini stood for in film-making.
Some of the characters would fit easily into Cronenberg or von Trier. They enhance the film because they do not fit the stereotypes. The film's indoor set pieces match the bleakness of the countryside in which the mansion is placed. There is a general air of external and internal decadence, one juxtaposing the other.
These are apt descriptions of a film that is unremitting in displaying the bizarre and inhumane nature of Fascism. There is a naturalness about the film's nudity, with no attempt to enhance physical features. The action that is meant to disgust is a reflection of the film's message of political indignation with fascism
A powerful end product from Pasolini - what a pity he was prevented from fulfilling all of his movie producing talent. Nevertheless, a fitting and powerful epitaph to a master craftsman of the movie industry.
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on 14 October 2017
Mental film, but not all that it's cracked up to be - don't believe the hype! I, however, did not enjoy this film, but can understand why it was banned.
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on 8 August 2016
Salo, the final film by Pasolini is a film about a group of rich Fascists during WWII-Nazi Occupied Italy who kidnap a group of 18 youngsters to be used solely for mental, physical and sexual abuse for their own depraved pleasure over the next 120 Days.

The film attemps to attacks us on our possible desensitized feelings towards violence yet also purposely aims to desensitize us to the film itself and its continous scenes of torture. We witness so much rape , mental and physical torture throughout that it eventually becomes normal to us... of course until the violence and depravity descends onto something much further as it does each chapter.

The film as a whole is an art film aimed to horrify yet somewhat educate us. Of course this is not a typical horror movie with masked men or jumpscares , we face our villians from the outset and the horror is pure and real and almost feels non fictional as if we are viewing something real.

The last quarter in which various rule breakers are tortured and murdered is the section of the film which is most recognisable to the horror genre with the brutal violence and realistic gore effects and it is definetly the most harrowing and effective part of the movie. As the victims are tortured and murdered each one of the fascist rulers take turn as voyer and watches the orgy of horror and we watch with him... The film essentially equates our viewing of this film to their viewing of the executions as they are entertained by the violence and we ourselves are watching this for entertainment just as they are.

Salo offers something conventional horror films do not which is pure real horror. It also delivers a strong and open message which you may recieve differently from others but no matter what this film will leave an impression on you.
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on 29 July 2015
The story and acting superb.
But you should be thickskinned to see through some of the film as there are a few controversial scenes which I will not give away.
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on 4 October 2017
I must admit I was utterly shocked that humans could sink, or even be envisaged to sink, so low! I am somewhat mollified to hear that
Pasolini intended his film to be a warning. Though surely after the terrible wars of the 20th century plus Cambodia, Rwanada, Iraq etc,
is there really a depth of human vileness that we all are not aware of? I question the usefulness of Pasolini's film - apart from giving
ideas to our serial killers & torturers across the world: it cannot really be viewed for entertainment except to the mentally ill. So it only
serves as instruction.

So a group of depraved sadists, heads of a failing state, decide to humiliate, torture & murder a group of young people. There is not even
a stern redeeming reason (like in pursuit of war) for this, no happy ending, no rescue, hardly even an analysis of their reasons. Men who are
pure evil, straight from the Pit. I have always been for free speech, but this film makes me wonder... If our civilisation falls, as the one in the film did, it will surely be because of men such as the ones in this film and our inability to control them. Sensitive people - avoid this film,
psychologists, doctors & spiritual teachers please see it & prevent such things, the rest of us please ask - do I really need to wallow in such evil?

For the quality only three stars, despite Pasolini's fame. I found it too stuck in the chateau, too claustrophobic, too narrow, and the acting leaves something to be desired. It's even dull at times.
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on 28 October 2017
Watched this as "Sight and Sound" magazine rated it one of the best 250 films. Boring, infantile in outlook and content which is just sick rather than 'adult'. Best avoided and would be low down in my lest of worst 250 films.
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on 10 June 2016
Not for the people who have heart problems this movie is sick!
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