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on 6 March 2014
I've had a little trouble getting hold of this item - the first one was faulty, the second one arrived on time but a mix up with the courier tracking meant I have a 3rd one on the way so it's been a bit of a complicated process, but my fountain arrived yesterday and I have a number of observations to share:

1) The water reservoir is made of a rather brittle plastic and as such displays fatigue marks and cracks easily (which was the problem with my first order - mint condition packaging, shattered reservoir). This is a HUGE shame because this fountain is LOVELY. If I had to buy it again I may consider a different brand because of the brittle reservoir. The bowl itself though is fine - not brittle at all.

2) Some people have commented on the noise - I have to disagree with them. You cannot expect an item with a pump to be completely silent but so far our fountain has been really quiet. Certainly not buzzy or loud enough to be a problem. If I had it in my bedroom I might have issues but in the Kitchen it's fine. It is certainly quieter than a standard fish tank pump.

3) Others have commented on the Splashing. I have to suggest in both point 2 and point 3 that these users may not have filled the bowl and reservoir enough as when filled according to the instructions (1.27cm from the top of the bowl), there is no splashing at all regardless of how high you set the flow.

4) My cat adores it. He's always loved running water and will regularly sit on the side of the sink and as soon as he discovered this fountain he went to investigate. I'm hoping this spells the end of him drinking from puddles rather than his water bowl. Even if it means he just licks the water off the paw he uses to bat at the stream. Either way I'm happy.

5) Setup of the filter and pump is simple, and priming the bowl is easy, filling the reservoir and inverting it is a bit more complicated and I got a bit damp. This is complicated more by my fear of dropping it due to how brittle it is. The fountain seems easy to clean too as the filter and spout are easily exposed for cleaning and replacement by removing the lid. A Bottle brush would be handy for the pump intake though.

6) The power cable is a bit short for my preferences - I'd rather have the fountain further away from the power socket and the cable doesn't allow much distance. Having said that the plug actually separates completely from the fountain via a socket so I can see it might be possible to purchase an extension of some sort.

7) Size. Some reviewers have said this fountain is 'HUGE'. Not really. It's not small, I will admit, but when you buy a 5 litre capacity bowl it's hardly going to be tiny... I think, in hindsight, I may have ordered something that is much bigger than a single cat really needs. This sort of capacity would be brilliant for 2 or more cats or a single largish dog (Spaniel or larger). But this is not a fault of the product.

The product performs excellently and I think it is good value for the money given the price of many smaller fountains in pet shops. It is also attractive looking with smooth lines and a clean, uncluttered finish. Some fountains are boxy and awkward looking but this one is quite nice. The colour is nice too - a soft grey with blueish flecks. Overall I would probably recommend this product.

It is also worth noting that Rabbits like to drink out of water bowls too so this would probably be fine for house rabbits too.
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on 9 November 2014
My sweet one has a penchant for going out to play in the mud and then coming in and washing his paws off in his water bowl! So needless to say the water was always dirty, with bits of 'this' and 'that' floating in there. Yuck! Plus whatever he was doing would cause the water to slosh around and spill out so there was constantly a mess on the ground under the bowl. So I started to look around for something that would filter the water and was also a bit more of a fixture rather than just a little lone bowl that he could knock around.

This fountain is great, it is a nice size, the filter works wonderfully and though I still see him sticking his little paws in there everyday, the water is always clean. The 'stream' feature is great, it took a couple of weeks before either of my cats would do any more than stare at it with curiosity but now they both drink directly from it :)

We have this in the conservatory, which is our 'pet room', and our living room connects to it. You can indeed hear it from the living room but it isn't too loud or distracting, actually the sound is somewhat relaxing. When the water runs low the fountain makes a distinctive noise which is nice, otherwise I'm not sure it would be easy to tell when it needs a refill. My husband cleans it and deals with the filter so I'm not sure on those, but since he has not complained I assume that it is easy to clean as well.

Great item, very happy with it :)
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on 4 August 2014
Well...*I* LOVE this water fountain, it is whisper quiet - cannot even hear the pump if you have your TV on, makes a lot less noise than even a refrigerator! The sound of the water trickling into the bowl is quite soothing too. As yet though, I haven't seen my cats drink from the fountain, however when first installed they did find it fascinating & so worked well as Kitty TV. It does take up more space than a standard bowl, but I believe it is worth it (As & when the cats do finally decide to drink from it). That said, it isn't HUGE...It certainly takes up no more space than say a standard round cat bed. Beware the cord isn't overly long...I do like however that the cord comes apart in the middle (a little plug system) so you can plug the transformer (It's quite large) into an extension lead out the way & just have the last piece of cord & unplug there for cleaning etc. Personally I have rigged an extension lead well above the fountain (which is on the floor) so the electrics are well away from the water.The flow is adjustable, not that the adjustment makes much difference IMO. The fountain holds A LOT of water, so no need to re-fill every 5 mins. Pump runs smooth & so far no problems! I used to have a CatIt water dome...this is infinitely easier to clean!!! If you have a water filter (say a jug one in the fridge) I like to fill my fountain with the filtered water which makes the filter last a bit longer & also helps avoid those horrible mineral deposits. Even though it has been very hot, the water in the fountain stays cool!
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on 2 March 2013
On the good side, you can adjust the water flow and the tank can hold quite a bit of water. It also has replaceable filters to keep the water clean. And you can take the whole thing apart to clean it. My dog used it without any issues and my cat loved to drink at the top, where the water first flows out, so it was functional for both of them. On the down side, I found the water pump to be difficult. The area that the water pump is placed (by suction cups) is bigger than the actual pump and if you don't get the position just right, the pipe that is fitted to the main part does not line up with it and there will be little if not any suction at all, causing no water flow. There were times when the pump was noisy, but still flowed, but I didn't like the noise, so I took it apart and re-attached the pipe to the pump again and it would be quieter (so I am assuming that the pipe and pump weren't aligned well enough the first time). I bought this on 25/10/11 and the pump stopped working completely on 28/2/13. So, just barely over a year. I have looked online and found that I cannot get another pump, so, unless I can get a replacement from the company itself, I will have to buy another fountain.
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on 23 June 2014
I have 2 cats and my youngest has just been diagnosed with a urine infection. Vet told me to buy a fountain so I purchased a cheaper one first and cats were not interested (luckily it was donated to my parents cats as it's the same as one they have had before but the motor stopped, so wasn't wasted) After doing some research I stumbled across the pet safe range. My little cat loves to play with water from the tap so I thought this could be a winner. Then I had to chose which model. I was worried that this would be far too big, but I was worried that the bowl would be big enough on the others. So I just thought I'd go for this. So glad a did it's big but not as big as I expected. I just take it apart once a week and put everything but the filter and the motor in the dishwasher. With a 5l capacity it doesn't need topping up. So glad I bought this even though it was expensive. Water stays clean and cold and little cat loves playing with the fountain. Love that I can go away and who ever looks after the cats doesn't have to worry about changing the water on a daily basis.

Some people have said that it's noisy, I found That was the vibration and if you make sure the power lead is pulled tight it isn't an issue.

Very happy cats, and very happy owner.
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on 11 April 2014
Was a good price, thought 5L would be large enough, but wish I had got bigger for our Labrador. He does use it, but the cats love it. Uses no more space than his bowl, need to be near a socket obviously. You can hear the water trickling but not an issue as it's in our kitchen, and they all use it. Does state to turn it off when not in use for long periods, in case the level drops below the pump, which defeats the object really, as he tends to drink it in the night and runs it low! But they use it, and I like the idea..so thumbs up from me..we use RO water in ours, so the filters will last a long time, or sometimes bottled, but because we have hard water, and have marine fish, so always have spare water, otherwise just use tap water and clean/ change the filters more often. Amazon was the best price as I shopped around.. :)
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on 1 June 2013
We got this for our Persian moggy who was two years old. He was on dry food and would only drink from a dripping tap that, although comical, was a pain having to sterilise every time. So we were told that this may cure it.

Unfortunately, he and our other cat found it too noisy. The pump can be heard in the other room, but I cannot really blame it for the downfall of the product. I think if you are buying this, get it for a kitten so they are used to it as a source of water. Older cats (in our case) just did not take to it.

The water flow can be adjusted from a trickle to a half decent flow. One design flaw in my opinion is when you fill the reserve tank. If you have ever worked anywhere that has a water cooler you will know what I mean. Fill the tank with water, take it to the unit turn it very quickly and get it to fit into the receptor within half a second or you will flood the floor!

Sadly, our baby (the youngest cat) had to be put down as he was not drinking enough water and got crystals in his bladder. So its been put up for when we get another cat in a few years time.
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on 18 November 2012
It says on the box that it comes fully assembled. Ours did not, it came as a self-assembly kit of parts, with a multi-language instruction booklet that was not particularly clearly written and had minuscule black and white photos of (most of) the parts that added little to the unclear instructions. Having put it together following the instructions , we had a small black plastic part left over. Referring to the Petwell website and its clearer instructions we discovered that this belonged inside the pump. So, take it apart again, pull the two halves of the pump apart and insert "surplus" black bit. Reassemble it all and ...

It works perfectly. Ours sits in a corner of the kitchen and we can't hear it. It doesn't seem to splash. The elderly cat we bought it for worked it out the first time she passed it and has been drinking from it regularly, at least in the first 24hours. We are very pleased as she has not been drinking since we had all our dripping taps repaired.

It is big but that and the half-hour or so putting it together are the only drawbacks so far. We'll see how it lasts.
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on 14 May 2014
Our puss refuses to drink from a bowl no matter how fresh the water is. So far she only drank when we ran the tap in the bath tub for her, but that is not very environmental friendly of course to have that one running all the time. If we did not run the water in the tub she simply would not drink at all and rather go dehydrated.

This fountain has been a life saver. It took her a day or 2 to get used to this new water thing in the kitchen but she loves it now and i think she drank more in the last week than she did in the last few months together.

There is virtually no sound from the motor so you barely notice it is there.

Happy puss = happy owner :)
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on 18 January 2015
We now have two of these water fountains and find they are brilliant. They aren't really quite but that doesn't bother us at all and the main thing is that our pets drink enough.
Its definitely stopped one of our cats complaining that our dog has dribbled in her water bowl. Since having the water fountain even if our dog has drank from it our cat hasn't come asking for the water to be changed so happy, healthy pets all around.
The large water reserve is certainly handy when you have a dog as you don't have to refill a bowl too often, even after a really good run down the park.
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