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on 23 June 2014
This machine was a replacement for a Vax Mach 5 Hard Floors machine. I complained so much about that one they sent me a new replacement - Vax Air Force 2 Reach.
This machine has great suction. That's the positive bit out of the way. Negatives as follows:

- far too heavy. We live in a bungalow but it's still too heavy
- use the hose 1.5 metres from the machine and the suction is so great the machine flies across the room and hits you on the back of the head
- inner cyclone chamber gets full of pet hair and has to be disassembled and cleaned every two-weeks. There is a valve on the top of the cylinder below the lifting handle which lets air past when the cyclone chamber becomes blocked. Information on how to clean it out was/is not in the instruction leaflet. If you're not DIY inclined this machine will be the bane of your life.

Just this week the motor was emitting strange noises and giving off a burning smell. I called Vax and, again, they asked me remove the product label from the machine, attach it to a form, include a copy of the receipt and they'll send a new machine. There was a 6 yr guarantee on the original machine and I'm now on the third model. I really can't fault Vax customer service but I won't be buying another Vax vacuum cleaner. Hope this helps.
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on 24 July 2013
Bought this even after reading some bad reviews. There seems to be a lot of complaints about the weight, it is a little heavy but not unduly so - I'm no body builder, nor is my wife, but we both manage fine. Remember, its a very powerful vacuum cleaner, power = bigger motor, more air moving and more noise. If you want something less heavy expect less power and for it not to be able to do what you want.

We use this hoover to clean up after two long haired German Shepherds that live an outdoor life, there is plenty of fur, dust and sand to hoover up. It does this very well. We have to hoover up daily and fill the main dust compartment each day. There are a lot of remarks about the size of the dust compartment, it is possibly a little small but adequate for hoovering up after our dogs. It means that you will probably have to empty the vacuum cleaner after hoovering an average size house completely. In part the size of the compartment is down to the necessary design to may the hoover work in the manner that it does, to give more power. Empting is easy though, and much less hassle than previous hoovers we have owned. In addition to emptying the main dust compartment daily we have found that due to the nature and size of the task of cleaning up after our dogs we have to clean out the top filter compartment daily too, this takes a little simple dismantling. In all this process is very quick, a minute or two, and relatively clean compared to our previous machine which had a filter that needed to be banged and brushed clean which was very unpleasant and time consuming. Full instructions are given.

The tools are pretty good, however the turbo tool is the same as our previous Vax machine and we knew this to be a relatively poor design as long dog hairs bind the mechanism that makes it spin, but it is easily cleaned and their is a simple guide to cleaning it in the instructions. All the other tools are fine and seem pretty well thought out.

There are a lot of complaints about this vacuum cleaner being noisey. We have found it quieter than other vacuum cleaners we have had - even the dogs can stand to be around it. Vacuum power = Large volumes of air being moved = noise.

Many have said the brush bar doesn't work? We have had no issues here but there are some points to note. The brush bar can be turned on and off independently of the vacuum (on for carpet, off for hard flooring). Also we noted that when you stand the machine up the brush bar switches off automatically. This makes sense to us and a feature we like as when its stood up it means you are not using it momentarily or that you are using the extension pipe and tools and it is therefore not needed to be on. As soon as you tilt the handle back to use the machine the brush bar starts again immediately.

The extension pipe and tools do reach the top of our stairs from the bottom without any problems and the hover remains stable and stood up.

It seems that the negative reviews are due to people not bothering to read the instructions, not applying common sense and having far too high and even unrealistic expectations of a vacuum cleaner. When anyone finds a very powerful, very light weight, high capacity, rarely needs emptying, quite vacuum cleaner let me know and I will buy it. Dyson may have something that meets all those requirements, but I doubt it, and I'm not paying triple the price we paid for this machine - after all, it is only a vacuum cleaner.

I can highly recommend this vacuum cleaner and it has a 6 year guarantee.

Would have been 5 stars if the turbo tool had been improved.
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on 14 March 2013
The Vax works fine for suction and cleaning, but is so heavy it takes two arms to push it along. Does a better job than our Dyson DC04, but you need to be Tyson to use it. Glad our house isn't that big!
Since purchase, the turbo tool has stopped working despite being dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. The tools and the way they fit together is flimsy and come apart regularly.
Filters clog up very quickly as do the passages within the machine, pressure release valve on the top of the thing goes off within seconds of the machine having been cleaned out, yet again. Suction isn't great now either. It is the only vacuum cleaner which requires another cleaner just to clean it out, bring back my old Dyson any day. I thought Vax had a good name, I am sorry to say my experience of this product sours that.
Would I recommend this machine? Most definitely NOT! Stick with your old 8 year old Dyson DC04.
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on 2 January 2012
I bought this vacuum cleaner as a replacement for my previous Vax which had served me well with conveniently stored attachments. I find this newer version to be inferior to the previous one, it is heavy to manoeuvre, and to lift. The attachments are not as numerous as the older model and on the whole I find this machine quite cumbersome. With hindsight I wish I hadn't spent so much for something which I thought would give me the same standard of convenience which sadly it doesn't. I now wish I had bought a cheaper, lighter model which at the end of the day would do the same job.
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on 28 June 2012
Was looking for a vacuum that could deal with mixed flooring. Decided against replacing Dyson with another as quality of manufacture now quite dreadful - cheap plasticky feel etc. Bought this product after reading reviews on various sites - incluing Which? GH etc. Am 90% pleased with cleaner overall and 100% pleased at finding it on Amazon at a fantastic price!

My one niggle is the same as many other reviewers - why on earth do Vax make these cheap '3-in-1' tools for such a great vacuum? They really let it down. One use and the catch that is supposed to hold everything in place is weakened so much that I cannot put any pressure on when using either the brush or the upholstery tool. Really useless. I emailed Customer Support at Vax and am still waiting for them to come back to me. Other points - not a huge deal heavier than previous 'old' UK manufactured Dyson; much better suction; love the long lead; and noise not a problem. Overall - happy with purchase.
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on 9 January 2014
That was what my wife said when she tried to push it. Rear wheel design is very poor, it feels like a tank to move around. Perhaps we got a faulty model. I am in the process of returning it and getting a refund. All the more suprising as I have other VAX products that are excellent.
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on 31 August 2011
Nice, fairly lightweight machine. Good for stairs with the long reach telescopic extension tube. Picks up really well, carpets felt like new after using. Easy to empty dirt container. Very easy to operate and easy to maneuver. On board tools, come in useful.

However I did not like where the power cord is situated, as very close to the hose and can be a bit awkward winding up after use, also the turbo brush did not seem very powerful on my machine.
Overall I would recommend this machine to others; i think the good points out way the bad.

I would give this machine a rating of 4/5.
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on 18 September 2011
I have three Springer Spaniel so finding a vacuum that's up to the job for the right price is tough. so I was delighted when Vax asked if I would test out the Air Force 2 Reach and tell you guys what I thought.

I think Vax are onto something here. I like my house CLEAN and free from Vacuum Dust that doesn't set me off sneezing. One that doesn't require a degree to use and stores nicely in the cupboard or the corner of a room.

So after taking it from the box and elementary assembly I excitedly pressed the on button!

Holy Moses this thing certainly lives up to its name, unleashing its cyclonic power on my house, forget ordering in a carpet cleaner this thing has so much power your carpet looks fresh and lifted and those mud marks the dog might have left behind... GONE.

I was impressed by the Eco packaging none of this extra rubbish to get rid of!

Not at all noisy which is refreshing
Easy removal of the brush and it can be turned on/off making the transition from tiles to carpet a breeze.
The brush guard sits low so no more sucking up the kids toys or even that cable you left on the floor
Collection chamber is easy to release and empty.
Hose reaches comfortably to the top of the stairs.
Furniture is well protected by the rubber guards
A nice long power lead!
Detachable Tools for every job including a turbo tool helping out on furniture etc
Has a great widget to help adjust the suction when using the tools on different surfaces
A little light to let you know if there are any problems

So there a couple of things that could be better but on the whole I am really pleased with the way this Vacuum does its Job!

Its a little heavy but you can't have power and capacity and expect it to weigh nothing
The tools are a little fiddly and cable tidy could be better
Cleaning of the waste container is a little messy but you only do this now and again.
Carry Handle is a little high for taking upstairs

If you buy this you WILL have a clean house guaranteed and no sneezing!!!!

Vax U89-MAF2-R Air Force 2 Reach Multi Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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on 4 February 2013
Everything is picked up. Does the job well but very heavy. Hence my husband now does all the vacuum cleaning. Yippee.
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on 26 August 2011
This vacuum cleaner literally took seconds to put together. It was very easy to assemble, you slot the handle into the top, untie the power cable and I was ready to vacuum. As I'm quite tall I was pleased the handle height could be adjusted which took no time at all.
To switch the vacuum on the on/off button is on the top which I found much easier, I'm not great and have broken foot on/off buttons before so this was a better design in my eyes. To get going you put your foot on front of the vacuum and by tilting the handle backwards you're in perfect vacuum mode. There is a brush bar on the front too which is designed for carpets or hard floors it's operated easily by pushing a button on the top. There is a small green light near the brush bar, if this turns red it tells you that the brush bar is clogged up and you need to look at it. The instructions are clear and you even get pictures.
The first thing I noticed whilst pushing it was that it felt heavier than my normal vacuum cleaner. This is because it has a large capacity dust container, holding 3L. However it's not too heavy that I couldn't manoeuvre around easily. It was also great to have the 3L capacity as it meant I could vacuum the whole house without emptying it until the end.
I love the fact that this Vax uses multicylonic technology which separates the dirt from the air path, it ensures that the dirt and dust collect in the bag and not in the filters so they don't get blocked. As an allergy sufferer I specifically chose this as it has HEPA filters and has an antibacterial action which helps reduce pet related allergens.
This vacuum has the most powerful suction of any vacuum I've ever used or owned. I thought my carpets and wood floor were clean but after using it I was shocked at the amount of dust, dirt and pet hair which came from my carpets and floors. The quality of vacuum on my carpets with the brush bar on was immediately noticeable too. I also managed to vacuum my living room and then right through to my hall as the power leads is10m long!
The Vax comes onboard 3 in 1 too which can be attached to the hose or telescopic extension tube. To get the hose extension out you need to unplug it from one end of the vacuum and pull out the handle and attach it to the hose and then attach whatever tool you want to use.

I would recommend this vaccum, the suction and large dust container is just excellent plus I can honestly say my carpets and floors are definitely clean now!
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