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on 3 September 2011
April 2012 UPDATE:
After nearly 8 months of daily use of this Vax upright cleaner, it's only used on the carpets upstairs :(

Since I can't face carrying this super heavyweight & down the stairs, it's only used upstairs... and stays upstairs!

It frequently clogs up with with compacted dust, fluff & pet hair... which means having to dismantle the machine to de-clog it with a sturdy toothbrush and my old clapped-out Miele cylinder cleaner!

The Turbo Tool stopped working after about 3 months, so I can't even use the Vax to vacuum the stairs... I'm really glad that I didn't throw out my old cleaner!

Needless to say, I'm back in the market for a lighter, quieter, bagless, cylinder cleaner that can effortlessly deal with short pet hair!

This Vax looks both elegant and contemporary and was easy to unpack. The User Guide is short, simple-to-understand and mostly comprised of helpful illustrations. This meant the vacuum cleaner was ready to use in under a minute! I liked the long cable (30 feet), which meant that I avoided the irritation of having to constantly plug and unplug as I vacuumed.

Using the hard-surface setting, it effortlessly sucked up the daily load of fur hair shed from our 2 large mastiff dogs from the laminate & tiled floors. Having only ever used cylinder vacuum cleaners, I found it quite difficult to move it around corners. People used to upright vacuum cleaners may not have this difficulty. After two weeks, I'm finding it a little bit easier to manoeuvre around corners, but still find it to be a little too heavy.

It is very unforgiving with sucking up larger bits of debris, which quickly jam the brush mechanism. A jammed brush means having to stop, open up the brush mechanism and unjam the brush. I quickly learnt not vacuum rope strands longer than an inch and debris items larger than a penny!

The dogs short fur usually takes as long to clean from their thick nylon mattress-beds, as vacuuming the whole house. I was very pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly the Turbo Tool accessory sucked up all traces of fur in a single stroke :)

The Vax quickly transformed our old mud-stained stair-carpets into their natural clean-looking beige. Cleaning the stairs was effortless - the vacuum cleaner stayed at the foot of the stairs, while the spring-coiled hose & Turbo Tool gradually extended all the way to the top of the stairs, as I vacuumed.

Using the soft-surface setting, I was amazed at how much fluff and dust was removed from the upstairs beige carpets. This Vax quickly restored the original light beige colour of the carpets and has removed the need to replace the carpets :)

This MachAir Force2 Vax is extremely effective at cleaning carpets, stairs, hard floors and pet hair but my husband complains that the motor is far too noisy. I would have given this excellent vacuum cleaner full marks if it was lighter in weight, less noisy and had a retractable cable mechanism.
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on 23 August 2011
I took it out of its box and put it together. It was very easy to assemble, all I needed to do was to slot the handle into the top, untie the power cable and it was ready to go. The first thing I noticed was it was quite a bit heavier than my usual vacuum, this is due to the large capacity dust container. It holds 3 litres of dust which is a good thing but it puts the weight of the vacuum at 8.8 kg. This makes it heavy to lift but it is still very manoeuvrable and easy to push. The Vax uses multicylonic technology which separates the dirt from the air, ensuring that the dirt collects in the bag and not in the filters. It has HEPA filters which is good news for allergy sufferers and its antibacterial action will help reduce pet related allergens.
The height of the handle can be easily adjusted so that it is in a position to suit you with a simple button press. The hoover can be easily angled backwards by just putting your foot on the base and pulling the handle backwards. You can easily adjust the brush bar for carpets or hard floors by pushing a button on the top. If you are hoovering carpets you need the brush bar, if not you don't. Another useful feature is that on the front of the vacuum is a little green light, if this turns red it tells you that the brush bar is clogged up and you need to look at it.

I have to say this vacuum really sucks! I actually mean this is a good way, it has a really powerful suction which picks up everything in its path. When I hoovered my living room floor I realised just how bad my old hoover was. The amount of dust that appeared in the dust container was amazing! It managed to pick up small and larger bits with ease and my living room floor looked amazing. Another bonus of this vacuum is that it comes with a 10 m power cord. This is great as I can clean all lots of floorspace without having to fiddle about moving from plug to plug.

The Vax comes with two tools which can be attached to the hose. These are a 3 in 1 tool, turbo tool and a flat upholstery tool.To get the hose extension out you need to unplug it from one end of the machine, pull out the handle and attach it to the hose and then attach whatever tool you want to use. The flat upholstery tool is easy to take to bits so if you do get any bits jammed in it you can remove them. The great thing about the hose is that it is 4.2 metres in length. This means I can start at the bottom of the stairs and get all the way up to the top of the stairs without having to perch the body of the vacuum half way up and keep one hand on it to prevent it falling down while I hoover! This is fantastic, not to mention much safer.

When you want to clean the filters or empty the dust container, both are really easy to access and clean. The parts just pop on and off really easily. The dust container can just be emptied, one of the filters can be washed under a tap and the other just cleaned. For ease of maintenance it is great.

I love this vacuum, it gives a really fabulous clean and my floors have never looked so good. I am really happy with it and the extra long power cord, cleaning hose and larger dust container are all great pluses
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on 19 September 2011
The Vax was easy to assemble with a place for all tools which makes it a compact machine. I did think however that the hook for the power cable could be a little bigger as the lead is very long and tends to slip off if not careful. Having a long lead is a definite plus as it means I no longer have to keep unplugging and plugging in as I move about the house.

I found the machine itself fairly heavy to lift though this was not really noticeable when vacuuming and also means that there is no risk of it falling over when vacuuming the stairs. I used to find stairs a nightmare but the Vax solves the problem by having a long hose. The Vax comes with two tools which fit easily on to the machine when not in use. The handle can be adjusted which makes it ideal for everyone to use.

I was very surprised as to how much noise the Vax made. Everything else seems to have been considered and improved on except the noise! It really is "loud"! I'm sure this could be improved upon. Having said that the Vax well and truly makes up for any faults by having such super suction. It picks up absolutely everything first time - even small pieces of thread from around my sewing machine. This is a definite must for any pet owner. The fine hair from our boxer gets sucked up easily.

The Vax is easy to empty with no messy bags to replace. The Hepa filter prevents odours and ensures that the dust stays in the dirt container and doesn't go back into the air making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

I would recommend the Vax Mach Air Force 2 to anyone who is looking for an effective vacuum cleaner especially pet owners.
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on 1 September 2011
I was very happy when the cleaner arrived. I have vacuumed my home the evening before, using my old machine from another brand, so I was very curious to see the difference.

The first thing I've noticed was that it's heavier than the cleaners I normally use. But I've soon forgotten the difference when seen the excellent result. And it's very easy to manoeuvre.

It was very straightforward to put it together, took only a few minutes without any difficulty. Clear instructions are included, but did not need to use them much.

The extension handle and tools are easy to fit to the hose.

It is a bit noisier than I'm used to but it's not a problem.

The suction is excellent, both on hard floors and carpets, in a household with cats, dogs and messy children.

The brush can be turned on and off as needed, depending on the type of surface is being cleaned.

The Turbo Tool is great for cleaning hard to reach areas.

It is simple to detach and empty the dust container and it's easy to keep this and filters clean.

In all honesty I am very pleased with this vacuum cleaner. Amazing performance and real value for money.
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on 17 June 2013
Bought June 2012. Previous: Dyson Animal for 15 years! Me: I HATE vacuuming and vacuum cleaners, one of the things in this life that stresses me out more than just about anything else. So, bought this Vax, I wanted something that does the job, no messing and no stress. I vacuum once every 2 weeks on average.

I felt it would be worth waiting a whole year before writing a review, as new out the box is no measurement of performance over time. And at the price of this Vacuum, we all want to know if it stands up to the test of time and value for money.

First impressions: It looks mean, it looks the business, it looks like it is meant for the job.........and it does exactly what it says on the tin, remarkably well in fact.
Very very impressed with it. 100% better than my old temperamental (as it aged) Dyson (RIP).
Uses: Wood, tiles, rugs, mats and carpeted floors with pet and human hairs!

Leans forward so that the center of gravity is balanced, which means it stays upright, not falling backwards when using the hose.
Vacuums marvelously well, incredibly well, no need to keep going over the same spot....Perfect! I'm a happy bunny!
Low profile beater brush means it gets under cupboards and furniture well, and will almost go flat in order to access them. Beater head also sucks up very well close to skirting and edges.
There is handle height adjustment via the tube to match ones comfortable working position.
Will vacuum over fringe edged rugs without complaint (unlike the Dyson)
Will suck up reasonable sized bits of paper without complaint (unlike the Dyson)
I found the weight to be not much more than the Dyson. It sometimes feels heavier when using but thats just the suction at work.
Overall pretty agile for a larger sized machine.
Great long extending hose and long tube means I can leave the vax at the bottom of the stairs and start right at the top.
Long electric cord, means I can virtually clean the whole of one level of my house from one electric point.
Everything is easy to access, unclip, clip back, remove and replace.
It may be noisy for some people, but I dont care so long as it does the job I bought it for when in use.
Absolutely no issues with it's stunning performance, 5 stars and more easily!

Stupid, stupid, badly designed tool and cable bracket. After using the upholstery/crevice tool several times, it kept falling out of its bracket when not in use. Needed to take great care in winding the electric cable back on, barely enough room. The turbo brush kept falling off it's moorings after several uses as well. Then one day, last month, one of the 2 tiny shallow screws that hold this undersized flimsy tool holder broke away. I can fix most things so went to replace it with another self tapping screw. Could'nt do it, it was broken INSIDE the vacuum itself which appears to be part of the machines tube that blows the rubbish into the cyclone. A longer screw would of meant there would be a blockage eventually.
Used specialized PVC tubing glue instead, (which was risking not being able to take the machine apart if necessary as there are screws behind the tool tidy bracket). Today, as it happens, I've taped it well down with silver duct tape, so it does not look too bad. Had to do this, as it would of been just a matter of time before the second screw broke too then without any tool tidy bracket, the extending hose would have nowhere to live.

The 'turbo' tool no longer whizzes round, despite thoroughly cleaning it. Luckily, the old Dyson one fits, so I use that.

However, I can live with the broken tool tidy bracket, I wrap the cord around the handle/tube instead now. Looks untidy but, I wanted performance, and that is what I got, The tool tidy bracket has just been a superficial, if a most unnecessary minor annoyance in my opinion.

Once every 2 months I take the whole thing outside, take it apart and blow it perfectly clean with an air compressor. I'm happy to do this because its fantastic performance is worth the trouble. So long as it does its job, that is all that care about. Probably if I vacuumed more often I would not need to do this, as it does get rather full.
For a modern machine it is very well made, tool tidy aside.

If you buy one of these, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a super efficient vacuum cleaner and have hair shedding pets, then keep your old vacuum cleaner tools, and be extra, super gentle with the tool tidy and buy duct tape for when it does give way..
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on 19 January 2013
it worked fine at first but after a couple of weeks it starts to make horrendous noises the only way to sort it is to take everything apart & start again but after a very short time starts again also when using the pipe the hoover tips over very easily making it difficult to use also the pipe wont stop in the clip & not easy to wrap the cord if these problems could be sorted i am sure it would be a great product as it has got great suction when it works
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on 23 June 2014
This machine was a replacement for a Vax Mach 5 Hard Floors machine. I complained so much about that one they sent me a new replacement - Vax Air Force 2 Reach.
This machine has great suction. That's the positive bit out of the way. Negatives as follows:

- far too heavy. We live in a bungalow but it's still too heavy
- use the hose 1.5 metres from the machine and the suction is so great the machine flies across the room and hits you on the back of the head
- inner cyclone chamber gets full of pet hair and has to be disassembled and cleaned every two-weeks. There is a valve on the top of the cylinder below the lifting handle which lets air past when the cyclone chamber becomes blocked. Information on how to clean it out was/is not in the instruction leaflet. If you're not DIY inclined this machine will be the bane of your life.

Just this week the motor was emitting strange noises and giving off a burning smell. I called Vax and, again, they asked me remove the product label from the machine, attach it to a form, include a copy of the receipt and they'll send a new machine. There was a 6 yr guarantee on the original machine and I'm now on the third model. I really can't fault Vax customer service but I won't be buying another Vax vacuum cleaner. Hope this helps.
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on 28 June 2012
Was looking for a vacuum that could deal with mixed flooring. Decided against replacing Dyson with another as quality of manufacture now quite dreadful - cheap plasticky feel etc. Bought this product after reading reviews on various sites - incluing Which? GH etc. Am 90% pleased with cleaner overall and 100% pleased at finding it on Amazon at a fantastic price!

My one niggle is the same as many other reviewers - why on earth do Vax make these cheap '3-in-1' tools for such a great vacuum? They really let it down. One use and the catch that is supposed to hold everything in place is weakened so much that I cannot put any pressure on when using either the brush or the upholstery tool. Really useless. I emailed Customer Support at Vax and am still waiting for them to come back to me. Other points - not a huge deal heavier than previous 'old' UK manufactured Dyson; much better suction; love the long lead; and noise not a problem. Overall - happy with purchase.
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on 14 March 2013
The Vax works fine for suction and cleaning, but is so heavy it takes two arms to push it along. Does a better job than our Dyson DC04, but you need to be Tyson to use it. Glad our house isn't that big!
Since purchase, the turbo tool has stopped working despite being dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. The tools and the way they fit together is flimsy and come apart regularly.
Filters clog up very quickly as do the passages within the machine, pressure release valve on the top of the thing goes off within seconds of the machine having been cleaned out, yet again. Suction isn't great now either. It is the only vacuum cleaner which requires another cleaner just to clean it out, bring back my old Dyson any day. I thought Vax had a good name, I am sorry to say my experience of this product sours that.
Would I recommend this machine? Most definitely NOT! Stick with your old 8 year old Dyson DC04.
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on 24 July 2012
a very good overall vacum cleaner .if you are frail do not get this cleaner .it is heavy to use that is because of the great sunction power it gives.after first use my carpets sparkled.only a couple of minor items that vax could build into there design process .stupid lead and claspes clash with the detactable side hose ,very hard work to put the lead away.also needs better clasp brackets on the frame required to stop the suction side hose falling off and the tools that keeping on falling off whilist cleaning .

defo do not need to go to the gym after you cleaned the whole house.
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