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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2012
My Demon Lisa C Hinsley

This book is in the fantasy/horror genre. Its a good length and well written and edited - those are my real bugbears in so many ebooks - the self publishing route opens up the market and is great for us readers but also means some really dire and poorly spelt books with huge glaring grammatical errors. Lisa has done an excellent job avoiding this and I'm sure its time well spent.
We begin with Alex, typical nineteen year old in that she works in clothes shop, has boyfriend and lives with her mum - though her mum has alcohol problems and Alex needs to be the adult in the household. She out with boyfriend Jeremy when she sees Clive, a demon. She initially thinks its the waccy baccy their consuming that's too strong but as days pass and he keeps turning up she gradually believes he is real. He "helps" her out when she's in danger of being made homeless as mum hasn't paid rent and utilities. Clive tells her that her colleague is going to be sacked for stealing, shows her proof and says if she takes the money she needs it won't really matter as her friend is going to get sacked anyway.
Gradually Clive turns from friend to seducer - he's always had a seductive way even when in demon guise but when he drops that and appears as human Alex can't resist him. Then comes the bombshell, he gifts her the "sight" to be able to see the evil people and tells her she's been specially chosen to save the world, but she needs to rid the world of these bad people who are in fact empty shells, although they appear real and are people she thought she knew.
She becomes more and more confused and upset at what she has to do, her behaviour is very erratic and concerns her family and friends. Finally she discovers incidents from her past when opens her eyes to what is happening and she has to make a tough decision.
It's an engrossing book, gradually drawing the reader into a world where nothing is as it seems and poor Alex has unwittingly become simply a pawn for Clive. We wonder how she can get out of the situation she's found herself in but doesn't want to be there, and sympathise with her even though she is committing some dreadful actions. It's clever the way Clive starts as helpful friend earning her trust, then becomes seducer and finally a bully telling her she has to commit horrific acts to save the world from destruction - if only she's remembered the old adage "never trust a demon" but then we'd not have this excellent book....
Horror isn't a genre I'd usually chose but this book isn't a blood'n'guts type but more a book that makes you consider choices and the horror is in the decisions she makes. As I said earlier its good length and well edited, and at only 99p for kindle a real bargain.
The stars: well I have to give it 4 even though its not a genre I'd usually chose (and didn't realise when I picked this book...speed reading previews again - I must stop doing that!) because it was so well written that I still enjoyed it.
I received this book free of charge for review for [...] but that has not influenced my assessment in any way.
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Although I found it took a while to get going (largely I suspect because the doings of teenage girls don't hold my attention these days!) I found the concept amazingly good. Alex, a nineteen year old girl, begins to see a demon who is visible to no-one else. The fact that he is devastatingly attractive helps him to persuade her to follow his suggestions. Later, as she tries to back out, he uses more forceful tactics. He informs her that humanity is being taken over by an alien species and she can tell by spotting the blue smoke coming from their eyes. He persuades her that for the good of humanity and for the sake of her own life, these people must be killed. This is a huge change of viewpoint on life for Alex. Is she delusional? Is he a figment of her mind or is is all true? She can, after all, see the blue smoke.

Once the demon began to exert his influence over Alex I found the tension and excitement mounted quickly for me. There are some 'hot stuff' moments when the demon uses his sexual influnce over her and some horrific scenes when Alex tries to resist. On one occasion he takes her out to prove it's all true and the results are gruesome. I was by then totally on her side and wanting a good outcome.

Eventually it's information from her past which comes to her aid. I didn't quite expect (but really enjoyed) the ending. There are still questions hanging after the book finishes but the sign of a good story is that you want more! A great read.
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on 3 May 2012
This book is a page turner from the start as the protagonist, a young woman named Alex, tries to hang onto her sanity after a demon turns up that only she can see.

Clive (the demon) puts Alex and the reader on an emotional roller coaster as he switches between seduction and threats to coerce Alex into carrying out his wishes.

Alex is torn and, as the story progresses, doesn't know who to trust; her mum, her boyfriend or the demon. She is forced into some terrible choices which culminate in a dramatic finale that is filled with chilling twists and turns.
I literally couldn't put this book down, it's a great read.
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on 21 April 2012
My Demon is great fun. I read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down once I started.

Alex is just a normal teenager with a job in a fashion shop until a session smoking dope reveals a demon to her. Not sure if she is going out of her head, Alex finds coping with her new 'imaginary' friend increasingly difficult. He sees the future and leads her astray.

He tells her she has a mission to save the world. She isn't sure he's telling the truth but he always has a good reason and he uses his powers to seduce and abuse to get her to go along with him.

The reader is left to figure out what's going on and we are not seduced, so we become increasingly worried for Alex as her demon leads her to the dark side.

A tale of death and destruction which is a parable on the danger of good intentions. I wondered how it could end in anything but despair, but Lisa manages a surprisingly upbeat and satisfying ending. This book would make an excellent film.
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on 3 May 2013
This was a great read, and really really twisted! It really captured the "Oh gawd I'm going mental" of a teenage girl, or how I imagine it would be. The only thing that annoys me personally is that it suffers from the same abrupt ending as Plague and The Ultimate Choice. In each book the world is set up perfectly for more stories to be told, for example, in this I would have loved a bit more on how the UK 'survives' with it's new land for food.

Ah well, I'm looking forward to reading more when the author gets better :D
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on 14 September 2014
This is a difficult one to review as I did read it to the end & kind of liked it in parts. Did find the writing style quite juvenile so won't be reading any more of this writer. Note to author - check spelling of 'bass' - not 'base', when referring to musical sounds. An annoying repeated error which jarred. Quite surprised at the 4 & 5 star reviews and think that a 2 or 3 is more accurate. I'm going on the generous side because the idea of the novel was an interesting one even if she did not pull it off.
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on 7 January 2016
Alex is with her boyfriend in a minibus and they are both smoking weed. When Alex sees another person on the bus with them she can't understand how Jeremy can't see him too. The stranger introduces himself as Clive and tells Alex that he is a demon who is only visible to her. Convincing herself that it was all just a drug-induced hallucination Alex is shocked when he appears again in her home, and in her room. Soon she finds that her behaviour is being influenced by Clive who pops up anywhere at any time.
Some parts of this I loved but some parts I wasn't keen on at all. The podis, however, swung what would have been 3 stars to 4. Wouldn't recommend for younger readers.
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on 2 April 2013
Cannot give too much away. A good, fast paced, slick read that gets you pulled in. Not my normal choice of genre and it is disturbing in places but a good, quick read. Had worked out the twist way before the end though.
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on 10 February 2013
This book is a fun book with humour and a neat story. The writer does well and it does not turn out how I thought it would but well worth the read.
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Alex Walker is nineteen years old. For the last twelve years since her father left home, she has looked after her drunken mother. She dreams of marrying her boyfriend Jeremy, of taking a course in making stained glass windows, and generally is just drifting along in her life. The most interesting thing in her life is watching her best friend Becky frightening the customers by pretending to be a mannequin in the clothes shop where they both work. That is until Clive enters her life.

Clive is a demon. Not figuratively, but literally - a real life demon complete with red cat-suit and velvet horns. Initially playful and fun, Clive directs Alex's life deeper and deeper into darkness, despair and death. Is Clive real or is he just inside Alex's head?

After reading and enjoying Lisa Hinsley's book The Ultimate Choice, I was delighted when Lisa contacted me and offered me a digital copy of this book to read and review. I found it very hard to categorise this novel. It is made up of a large helping of chick-lit, some humour, some dark fantasy and some downright scary horror. Lisa's writing style is very easy to read without using over-complex words or overusing the thesaurus - and overall she delivers a very rewarding story that I should point out is rather graphic in some places. Although slightly outside the styles I usually read, I found it very hard to put this book down and I finished it in two evenings.

The presentation on the Kindle was faultless with no formatting problems and nice details like a good cover picture and new chapters starting on a new page etc.

Overall: 5 Stars: I previously read Lisa's book The Ultimate Choice and had rated that at 4 stars. This new book feels like Lisa's writing has matured and improved all round. The story really did keep me turning the pages right up until the end. Once again if you have any doubts about buying it, download the sample and give it a go - it won't take you long before you are back to buy the whole book! I am looking forward to seeing what Lisa writes next!
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