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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2014
Was worried these were too weak for the job after all the reviews. They seemed quite robust though when I received them. Put them into my stereo (had to youtube instructions, though, as none are supplied!) and they worked a dream! Well, difficult to latch but I think that is down the the original stereo fitting, but they were strong enough to pull the stereo out (Ford Mondeo 6000CD). I can now once again listen to my stereo in the car (I just needed the serial number to get a code after replacing the battery). Highly recommend these as a cheap way to get your stereo working if you don't have the right code and need to find out the serial number.
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on 28 September 2016
Did exactly what it was supposed to, extract a Ford radio on a Ford Fiesta 2008 model. Watch a video on youtube before using them to ensure you insert them the right way round. I did my first one wrong and it was hell to remove, and the metal is thin so you can cut your skin pulling if you insert it wrong.
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on 18 March 2016
When they arrived I thought I had paid for four keys but received only two. It turns out the keys were stuck together in such a way that you only find out there are two in each bag AFTER the little bag they come in is opened, as the keys are stuck together. The keys are quite strong for what they are and you would have to be quite rough with them to bend any, so their not going to break in use as quick as some apparently warn.

They fit in the slots with the curved side pointing inwards towards the centre of the radio, with the straight backs on the outside. This is not mentioned in most 'reviews', the only advice being to look for how to do it on youtube. You have to be careful and not force them into the holes, as the mechanism to release the radio is quite fiddly. Be aware that if you fit them into the slots properly, they don't come out UNLESS you take the radio out first, then it is just a matter of pushing the moveable levers each side to release them from the radio.

This can ONLY be done with the radio removed, so plan ahead before using these keys and only insert them when you are ready to remove the radio fully, otherwise they are in for the duration. They do take some force to bend but don't do it at all if possible before removing the radio. Once broken inside, it's a dashboard-out job after that. However, fitted properly the radio comes out quite easily once the keys are in the slots..

Once the code on the radio is taken note of, you also need to be aware that the code, if it starts with MO, is actually M - ZERO and NOT the letter 'o'.

I found this out when generating my code on the appropriate web site for my radio (at a cost of £5 through paypal) I couldn't work out why it wasn't generating the un-lock number, UNTIL I TRIED THE NUMBER ZERO INSTEAD OF THE LETTER 'O'. This isn't mentioned anywhere in the website or on youtube that I could find. Once the four digit number was acquired, entered in and finalised in the radio, the radio worked as normal straight away, with no delay (a radio station started playing music)

So all in all these keys are quite good quality even though they are thin metal, they aren't sharp edged like some report, plus they work in a Ford focus, even if they are fiddly to use. They make the job relatively easy to do and £5 for a new code number is better than the labour charge from ANY garage. So next time the battery is changed and the code gets scrambled, I don't need to worry if I have lost the radio code number in the future.

I highly recommend you get a set of these keys if only for possible future use. Your radio ISN'T coming out without them.
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on 8 November 2011
The product wasn't stamped Autoleads as per the photo. I've since seen some actual stamped Autoleads one and they are far better than these cheap copies. These keys are available elsewhere on the internet but typically for about 4 times the price. You can always use the line 'you get what you pay for' but you also expect what is advertised.

These are basically cheap stamped-out keys. They were difficult to engage through the slots to remove the radio, and once I did manage to get them in, they were extremely difficult to remove due to the poor finish of them. The ring parts were especially sharp so they had to be pulled with pliers or a screwdriver through the loop to prevent cutting my hands. As they came out, they scratched the slots on the radio due to the sharp burrs on the key edges. These are only fit for one use only.
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on 30 July 2016
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Hooray. Read everything you can about using them first. I had radio out, got serial number off it and then got it jammed putting it back in. Ordered the keys, got it out again by inserting flat side to the doors and curved side to the handbrake, then move keys towards the doors. and BINGO! Then have to push clips in from the side (Used a knife) and that releases the keys. Get a good grip of it putting it back in and square it up so it locks at the same time. Hoooray Tunes and driving again - Cheers Amazon.
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on 7 April 2016
The keys that arrived were not stamped Autoleads as in the picture and were not as crisp or well made. They all benefitted from being flattened in a vice and then a file run over the flat faces to remove the burr from the stamping process (some were worse for roughness than others). Once this was done they fitted the radio OK and did their intended job. For the very low price including postage I'm not complaining but you may want to bear the cleaning up process in mind before shoving these in your radio. They do need to be flat and smooth to work properly.
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on 6 November 2015
How expensive is it to locate a dealer who will unlock your radio after removing the battery and forgetting to keep the radio powered? If you don't know the code you can get your it on line for £5.99 but what good is that if you can't take the radio out? These little keys are very thin but at the silly low price they do the job, with care. As they are unlikely to be used more that once, they can be thrown although I bought two sets just in case and only needed one. They are now in the car for the next owner.
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on 17 June 2014
The keys work but the radio construction is not easy to understand. It is not as simple as 1,2, 3 at least not when I did it. Please look at this YouTube clip first [...] befroe attempting to use these keys. There is no usage instructions. Once fitted to the radio the keys lock into place and it seems to be the meaning that the radio is removed from the dashboard tbefore you can remove the keys. If the clips however do not release correctly using the keys, you can be left with a radio with 4 keys stuck in it and fixed in the dashboard. Experiment first to feel the spring on the clips before locking them into place so you understand what is happening. IN the end I used the keys one at a time to without locking them into place to prise out the radio.
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on 27 September 2015
The keys/tools were dispatched and arrived on within the allotted time.
I have read reports saying the tools were flimsy and would only be useable once or twice this I find to be bemusing as the keys/tools I received will be reusable indefinitely. So all in all I could not be more pleased.
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on 17 February 2016
Did the job of removing the stereo. Just be careful with the keys as they can cut into your fingers due to how thin they are. I'd suggest wearing some gloves to protect your hands. Thats the only reason I've rated at 3 stars.
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