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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 November 2012
I initially bought this for my mum, who has struggled hopelessly with using the keyboard on her smartphone by hand, and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality and effectiveness of this budget stylus. It's a nice size and weight, and the little plug that fits into the headphone jack on the phone prevents the stylus from getting lost inside the abyss that is the inside of mum's handbag! There isn't enough thread in the attaching strap to allow this to be used while plugged in - but I suspect that a significantly longer strap would be prone to tangling. I was pleased enough with this that I went back and bought one for myself as well.
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on 4 June 2018
Bought these to replace the purple short stubby one I had because it didn't go with my new gold Samsung J3 ;-) The stylus tips work fine. But I find the length of the stylus makes it slightly more difficult to get my phone in and out of my bag. My fault, I should have stuck to the short stubby type I had before.
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on 4 May 2012
Having just bought an iPad, I wanted a stylus so I could write notes.

I firstly bought the Bamboo which is great but cost me over £20. I also read reviews saying the tip isn't very durable and is expensive to replace. So I thought I'd try a couple of the cheaper styli to see how they performed for day to day use.

I bought the pink Palo at £3.40 including postage and the black Trixes HQ at £4.99 inc postage.

The Bamboo is longer and heavier than the Palo and the Trixes so it feels more comfortable to hold. It is slightly longer and heavier than the other two and also has a slimmer tip so is slightly more precise. It also glides easily across the screen and writes smoothly.

The Trixes HQ and the Palo look very similar to each other - same length, same weight, the barrels and clips are identical (apart from the colour).

The major difference between the two is the slightly different tip. The Trixes has a slightly softer tip than the Palo and it glides much better across the screen when writing notes. In fact it's not far off the Bamboo performance. The Palo tip seems to be made with thicker rubber and doesn't glide very well across the screen - I'm not quite sure why that would be.

So, if choosing between all three I would get the Bamboo for comfort and a more natural 'pen-like' feel but the Trixes would be my day-to-day choice especially at £4.99.

I rated the Palo 4 stars but I feel this is better hence the 5 stars.
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on 17 March 2018
They are O.K. and I like the ability to attach them to my tablet, which I particularly wanted. The actual stlus end is a bit too soft though. I know it has to be soft enough to protect the screen but in this case it means the screen is very unresponsive and I have to use the stylus several times to get it to work. The tablet is very new and I've had no trouble with others I've tested on it.
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on 15 February 2014
Previously I had bought 10 styluses from Amazon for £2 altogether (For iPad Air). It sounded too good to be true - I had to press extremely hard to make the stylus work and the rubber part of it broke of after one day. So after 10 days all the styluses would have broken. Then I saw these styluses that said they can be used for iPad Air i bought them and was extremely pleased - I did not have to press too hard and the rubber did not break. The delivery was fast. Here is a warning - if you need to get styluses, do not get more for cheaper, go for the slighlty more expensive better quality styluses.
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on 30 March 2013
I used this pen for my blackberry tablet, it was much better than a finger. I have female large fingers and had problems with the keyboard. I extended the tape so I could leave the pen in the earphone holder and not loose the pen. Only trouble was I wanted to use the earphones so I popped the pen in an open pocket in my handbag, I was on a coach listening to Victoria Wood, when I got home I had lost the pen, it must have fallen out at some point.
I was so very disappointed.
Good news was I found another for 99p and its just as good but without the facility to fix into the earphone socket
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 February 2013
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For the price, I think that these stylus are really good. The more professional stylus brands are much more expensive, and I'm really not convinced that they're substantially better. I used this stylus a lot - probably averaged 10-50 minutes a day, and found that they lasted between 1 and 3 months at a time. That seems to be acceptable to me. I liked the fact that they're relatively inexpensive, because I have a tendency to leave them places, and I'd rather lose a cheap stylus than an expensive one.
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on 17 January 2012
This stylus pen is okay, especially for the price, and does the job. There are a few points which you might wish to consider:

The cord at the end which has the headphone clip needs to be removed when the stylus is being used as it gets in the way. I would be very uncomfortable with using the plastic clip in the actual headphone socket of my iPad.

The stylus is not very long and quite chunky.

The rubber tip is quite wide and on occasions it can be difficult to highlight or select text.

I am not sure how long the rubber tip will last as it seems to flex quite a bit.

I have now used it for over a week and I will be searching the market for a better quality stylus.
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on 24 September 2014
Heavier and clunkier than they look. Makes a bit of a noise when they inevitably swing around and clash with the device they're plugged in to. Also, a nice to have would have been some sort of grip on the earphone port part to more easily remove from the plugged-into device. Currently this relies on the looped string which I'd think might eventually snap off. A better design would have been a small ring for the thread to pass through which would remove the pulling tension on the thread when inserting/removing it.
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on 16 August 2012
It works, in that it 'communicates' with the phone saving my fingers!! Biggest problem is that although the idea of it having an attachment to fit into the output connection it is not very secure and keeps falling out, leaving the stylus in my bag and the phone somewhere else. Also the connection between the attachment and the stylus itself is very short meaning you have to take it out of the output port to use it. No big deal you might say, but if you're like me, and would forget your head, then the chances of leaving the stylus behind is quite high !! That aside, its a lovely little device, and excellent value for money, and I guess at £4.99 not a huge problem if it did get lost!!
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