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on 26 April 2017
Happy with order
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on 4 July 2011
Love this game, nice colourful graphics, online play, long campaign, great combat and typical jrp story with nutty cut scenes and dialogue.

I really don't understand the gaming press reviews, the first one marked it down just for being a jrp with nothing that new! With that logic COD shouldn't even be scored a 3/10.
The second marked it down for other ridiculous reasons such as no tutorial, well this is a continuous sequel part of a trilogy, they jumped straight into the 2nd game without playing the first! so what do they expect. PS there actually text instructions in the 2nd on if they bothered to look (also video tutorial in the 1st game)

Yes it's best to play the 1st game before the second, but it comes free on the disk bargain!!!!!!!!
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on 22 July 2011
White Knight Chronicles II is one of the most enjoyable JPRGs on the PS3.

Huge value - it's basically 3 games for the price of one - you have the adventures of WKC1, WKC2, and the online components which feel like a whole game by themselves.

A lot of stuff to do - from going through the story to completing the hundreds of various available sidequests to completely costumizing your character and party to building your own town to creating your own weapons and armor, to playing online with other people (and that's not even everything) - WKC2 is a game that can easily last for hundreds of hours.

Story/chracters/setting - in terms of these 3 aspects, the game is one of the most traditional JRPG experiences available these days. So anyone craving a good old fashion story or that feeling of discovering a whole world should definitely try this.

Combat - while it may seem easy enough at first, when the combat opens up it becomes a total blast. It's most definitely not one of those games where players can go on auto mode for the vast majority of the game and just pay attention in boss fights - here players will be kept on their toes most of the time. Preparation, careful tactics, and attention to what's going on are required. The game is definitely challenging, but that only makes it a lot more fun.

Music/visuals - The game looks and sounds great. There are a lot of memorable tunes, and the detail in both the world and the characters themselves, from the facial expressions to the battle animations to the details of the armour, is quite impressive.

Online - it's a lot of fun to go on quests with other players, or get them to visit the town you created from scratch, among a fair share of other activities. The fact that the online community is extremely friendly and helpful only strenghtens the experience further.

All in all, I definitely recommend this game to JRPG fans (or even non JRPG fans I suppose, if you're willing to try something different), just be warned though - once you get into this game, it'll be hard to stop playing!
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on 13 October 2011
When I ordered White Knight Chronicles 2 for the PS3 from Amazon.co.uk I was a little a little surprised on a early delivery since I applies for the free delivery service. That alone is one reason I have no worries about my Sonic Generations CE to arrive on time and in fantastic condition just as WKC2 was.

What can I say about the game? Well if you enjoy RPG's, great story telling, good game play and rich replay value and stunning graphics then this is your game. The best thing is that even if you haven't played the first game, you have a choice to Start from the very start of WKC1 as a level 1 character which is the remastered version of the original game on the same disk. One example of a games company taking advantage of blu ray. Or you can start right where WKC1 left off at the beginning of WKC2 story as a level 35 character. Not only are there many great characters to be introduced to, you will also be able to create your very own character (avatar) which is highly customisable with many options to choose from so it's possible to make a character 100% unique. Though the game starts of easy as you would expect to give you time to get used to it there are many parts where game gets very challenging so dont worry about breezing through this game thinking it will be too easy. As well as the main story there are also a ton of mini quests, equipment and items to gain and create, transform into giant knights anytime during combat and online multi player where you can go on quests with up to 3 or 5 other players depending on the quests requirements. My only downside is that if you have WKC2 and your friend has WKC1 original even though you can check out their profile page and send messages you cannot join each others games even if you are play the WKC1 parts on your WKC2 disk. Other than that the game is brilliant and a must have in my opinion. I forgot to mention that if you have the original and buy the sequel you can import your avatar with it's stats and equipment into WKC2 so you don't have to start entirely from scratch.

Overal I give this game a rating of 9/10

P.S this is my very first review ever. Feedback and pointers would be most welcome and thank you for reading.
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on 3 August 2011
White Knight Chronicles 2 is a big improvement on the first game with faster battles,more weps to buy and bind, more quests to complete online and best of all your own avatar now gets it's own ark (Knight).Difficulty on this game is harder than the 1st installment which will make you want to throw your pad, mainly boss battles (lol)Well worth the money considering most games only run for around 8hrs.

PS - Buying a used copy will require a online pass (£7.99 on psn store) All new copys will have the online pass free.

White Knight Chronicles 1 remastered is included on the same disk
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on 17 September 2013
This is the first review I have ever done for a game but I feel that even this game being two years old and the online servers being shut it still deserves a spot light. The game has a great depth with very challenging quests, a huge choice of armour and weapons and also the ability to combine weapons and armour at binding posts which a really like, but the best attribute of this game is the COLLOSAL Knight combat. At the start of the game the main character leonard has a Knight which will be used in a number of different boss battles but the cool thing is u can use the knights whilst roaming in the game as well. Also when u get to chronicles two u also get to create and customize your own Knight and when it says customize they mean "CUSTOMIZE" which is really awesome. Game reviews ive read on this game do say that the battle system does not and fair play it could be a lot smoother and faster but the game play and story does make up for that, and if that's not enough u also get 2 game in one White Knight 1 and 2 so BARGIN. IF u like RPQ this is definitely worth a shot.

Hope This has Helped :)
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on 27 June 2012
The game itself has been reviewed several times, so I will be brief on that count...
If you enjoyed WKC1, you will LOVE WKC2 - it improves on it in many ways, even allowing you to play the original with the improvements.
You get to revisit old locations for fond nostalgia.
If you have not played WKC1, but you like Jap RPGs in general (Final Fantasy for example) you will probably enjoy this game.

NOW - the main reason I am leaving a review though, is that you need to be very careful which marketplace seller you use!
The version advertised here is an EU version - which is fully compatible with importing games from WKC1.

Several of the marketplace sellers only stock the US version. Some tell you this on their page, but some don't...
Make sure you go for a seller who states it is a UK version, or contact the seller first.

Also, you need to be a little careful with second hand versions - a large part of the game is building your own town, and you can only do this with an online code. If you buy a second hand copy, you may find you need to buy a code to play this part of the game (I think you still have to pay for this) - so the difference in price may be misleading.
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on 24 June 2014
Came on time and in good condition which is more than i can say for most online games traders, this one can be trusted for sure.
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on 17 June 2011
The first thing you need to know before anything else is that this game is - BOTH THE FIRST AND THE SECOND GAME JOINED TOGETHER TO MAKE ONE BIG GAME!!! The sheer scale of this game is HUGE!! You do NOT need to pay to play online, you get a geonet licence code included in the game box that you can use with ONLY 1 account, you DO need to pay for other licences if you want to play on other accounts after using the code!!

Now then, this game is a good RPG that will bring back the feeling of playing a kickass huge RPG such as dark chronicle (dark cloud 2) or that of the scale of any final fantasy game! The story is memorable and will keep you playing, THIS GAME IS NOT LINIAR LIKE FF13!!!! there are many towns and NPC's to interact with! The graphics have significantly improved since the first game, and the version of the first game that is included in this game has been REVAMPED!!! even the gameplay has been revamped for the first game to suit that of the second!!

As for the difficulty, THIS GAME IS HARD!! not demon's souls hard... lol... but will keep you playing for hundreds upon hundreds of hours!! RPG ADDICTS BE WARNED!! YOU WILL LOSE ALL SENSE OF YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING!!! but seriously... It's huge and challenging with many memorable moments and it will be one of those games you think about all day, while you're at work, or school, or whatever, it's seriously that good! remember spending hours at work or school thinking about nothing but Ocarina of Time??? Or The elder scrolls 3: Morrowind??? Or final fantasy VII????? Yea that happens with this game!

I'd recommend this game to just about any hardcore RPG fan, or those who haven't played an RPG before, or even those who just want something to entertain themselves! I'm so glad games like this are still being made! :)
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on 14 June 2011
big improvement over the first one, which i already loved. the combat is a lot faster and there seems to be a lot of new features to help us lvl up our guild rank faster. i can tell i'll put some fun hundreds of hours into this game
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