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on 12 July 2011
I've had a HTC phone ever since the Orange M5000, through TytnII, HTC HD, HD2 and HTC Desire; so it's fair to say I like HTC.

I decided to skip the Desire HD, as it wasn't a big enough jump, and plumbed for the Sensation in all its dual core goodness.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it; the screen is large and easy to read, the GUI is lovely and fast, all the normal Market Place apps are there, and everything I've bought previously on the Market installs without a problem.

As others say - the battery life is about a day with a decent amount of Smart Phone usage. Not had any trouble with wifi or 3g connectivity or with dropped calls.

In fact the only small gripe I have (don't think anyone else has mentioned this) - is with the micro USB connector. It's recessed so some of my USB cables don't plug in far enough. Easily fixed with a Stanley knife and a quick shave of some of the plastic from the end of the cable but watch those fingers ;-).

For all the smart things this phone can do, I mainly use the internet connectivity - which is quick and simple, though I prefer the free Dolphin HD browser to the pre-loaded app.

I would recommend this phone to anyone - in fact I guess I just have.
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on 8 July 2011
There are some surprisingly poor reviews for this device, I have, overall been very pleased with this device, I got mine through Vodafone and have been using it for over a month.

Yes the device does get warm if you're playing games for a long time, but not to the point of burning my hands, a little warmer than say my nexus one when doing the same task.

The screen is vibrant and responsive, as is the Sense UI.

The battery life, I usually get a little over 24 hours with probably above average use; browsing the web, playing games, watching you tube, making calls, texting/email and I have no problems with any of them. I'm yet to have a go at using the device to connect to my TV to watch a film because you have to purchase an adapter.

The screen shows 4x5 = 20 icons in the apps view, and 4x4 =16 on the various home screens but it does depend on the size of your widgets as to how many you can put in there. The lock screen, quick access feature is great and I use it pretty much every time I open the device to take me to one of my 4 most used areas.

Android is a personal preference I have ipod touches, and I find the android and sense UI to be more to my personal way of using a device, if you're of a similar mind set you'll enjoy this phone, if you love/want an iphone then you'll be dissapointed because this isn't an iphone, I'm tired of apple, windows, android debates, it all comes down to personal preference, what you want to do with the device and how you're used to working.

Final point on signal, I've not had a single dropped call from this device, the device picks up H consistently and is fast at getting email and browsing when I'm out and about, which is an improvement over my Nexus One.

In summary, I spent a long time trying to decide between this and the Galaxy S II, I prefer the sense UI and that's what swayed me to the sensation over the Galaxy as the spec is very similar. If you're looking for a dual core, HTC device with a large screen then I would recommend this device, I'm very happy with mine.
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on 29 September 2011
I've had the Sensation for over 2 months and have waited to write a review because it seemed some owners were experiencing problems with the phone after 2 weeks/1 month. I couldn't be happier with it: it's my first HTC and I find it beautifully designed, solid, sleek looking and very easy to use. I do agree with the reviewers about the poor battery life, but that's so easy to sort out! I got myself an Anker 1900mAh Li-ion Battery for HTC Sensation G14 Z710E - White and I don't have to worry about running out of battery when I'm out and about: I don't play games on a regular basis, but I use other apps pretty often (in particular Kindle, the Business Calendar and Weather), plus I update my 2 email accounts frequently, browse the Internet between 1-2 hours a day, text often and talk for a couple of hours.

Before buying the HTC Sensation I tried it and compared it with the Samsung Galaxy S II: I personally loved the natural colours and clarity of the screen of the HTC (as opposed to the over-saturated colours of the Samsung) and in the hand the HTC did feel/look like an expensive, well-finished object. I also tested the keyboards in both mobiles (in spite of being an iPod Touch user I was sceptical about having a virtual keyboard after using the Nokia E72's beautiful qwerty keyboard for 2 years) and found that the HTC was very responsive, with a very friendly prediction mode.

At the end of the day I feel it's a lot about personal taste, but I would certainly recommend this phone to anyone who would like a powerful, responsive, easy to use and beautifully looking smartphone.
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on 26 January 2012
My decision for a new phone lay between the HTC Sensation and Galaxy S II. Having read around and played with both, I'd say the Galaxy S II has the more solid hardware behind it - there's little doubt in that. However, for the £80+ price difference at the time, it is my opinion that the Sensation presented better value. The Sensation's internals are also very high-end, but the main selling point that sealed the deal for me is the addition of HTC Sense. Standard Android has come a long way, and the soon-to-hit-both-handsets Android 4.0 ICS improves it further still. However, Sense lends a touch of polish to things that I feel many people overlook/neglect - for instance, it has the best dialer I have seen on any Android phone/ROM to date. The integration of social media with contacts is nice, if only to give me nice headshots of the people calling and letting me know that my friends' birthdays are approaching. The smallest touches such as the beautiful and simple scroll wheels for selecting times and dates on alarms/calendar events add a lot to making day-to-day use much smoother. I have run Cyanogenmod and AOSP ROMS on my old HTC Hero for the past two years on and off, but I have always returned to Sense for a reason - it simply feels more complete. With the newer version of HTC Sense (3.0) on the Sensation, this is truer than ever. Granted, some of the animations are over-the-top, but they run smoothly and do not appear to drain battery or resources unreasonably (additionally, I know that some can be disabled - such as the full-screen weather animations on unlock.) There are those who hate Sense and call it bloated, but my experience on my slow HTC Hero and this Sensation is that while it's fairly resource-heavy, it is optimised well enough such that swiping through the interface feels smooth/fluid and stable - which, at the end of the day, is what you'll be doing most!

To date, I have had no issues with battery life - I expect a smartphone to last me through the day and anything more is a bonus, and it has done this without trouble. This includes during the "honeymoon period" when I first upgraded and tried all the games and apps my old 1st-generation Hero would have whimpered and crashed out on. It is quite likely not the best battery life achievable in a high-end smartphone, but higher capacity batteries are so cheap on Amazon that this seems almost a moot point. HTC Sense also includes a power saver feature that begins to disable radios such as BT or Wifi as the battery reaches critical level - I've not had this happen yet, but regardless, it's a nice feature that could help you out in a pinch.

The construction of the phone is very satisfying, with the main guts of the phone sliding into its unibody aluminium shell reassuringly firmly. It is a large phone to hold in the hand, and even my large hands occasionally wish for less width in the handset, but this is a small price to pay for the screen real-estate. Held next to my aged HTC Hero, the overall size difference of the phone is surprisingly small considering the difference in screen size. The Galaxy S II's greatest asset is arguably its screen, and this was the main point I hesitated on; however, the qHD screen on the Sensation is a pleasure to use in real-life situations i.e. reading crisp text and viewing defined media on the screen. There have been few sunny days in which I could test its worth outdoors, but thus far I have had no problems. The main gripe that I feel anyone might have is regarding the viewing angles, which are admittedly shoddy. This doesn't concern me greatly, as I don't expect to be using my phone as the family TV, and in some ways it may help keep prying eyes off your screen! However, it might be a nuisance for those wishing to watch lots of media without concern for propping the phone up at an appropriate angle.

Overall, given the relatively low price of the handset coupled with what Sense brings to the table as an interface and the tightly integrated features such as social media contacts, multimedia features (automatic album-art grabbing, DLNA media streaming, HDMI output over microUSB...) and aesthetics make for an incredible value high-end handset. Unless you are looking solely to brag about benchmarks or primarily for a portable video player with a beautifully vivid screen, I can't see a real reason to pay more for the Samsung - even though it is a nice phone in its own regard. On a final note: if performance enhancements are desired, it is also possible to root the phone and install a ROM originally meant for the Sensation XE which will boost the clock speed from 1.2 to 1.5GHz and also increase the GPU clock speed, amongst other tweaks. This is a fairly simple (non-official) process but will void warranties. Additionally, it is fully expected that Android 4.0 will officially hit this phone in the coming months, which may well bring more performance enhancements.
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on 24 October 2012
I purchased this phone a year ago and was initially impressed with the jump from my previous handset (iPhone 3gs). The screen is vibrant and responsive (usually) and it's able to multi task without becoming overwelmed.

I have been impressed with the flexibility of the operating system but that speaks more about the Android platform than the phone itself.

As time has gone on, I have experienced increasing issues with battery life (I ended up purchasing a higher capacity battery just to get me through a typical day) and have been let down by the Alarm Clock function on more than one occasion. In fact i have to manually reset/restart the phone every couple of days or basic functions such as the alarm cease to work. I can only assume that the basis for this is that the cache gets full and overwhelms the system. Still, it's not really excusable for a phone with this price and spec.

If you can pick up one of these cheaply, it might be worth doing so, but in it's position in the market as one of HTC's premium devices I expected a lot more. More to the point, I think it's reasonable for a basic function such as an alarm clock to work.

Overall, it has left me with a slightly bitter taste in the mouth and I would be hesitant to chose HTC above some of the other major Smartphone manufacturers in the future.
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on 6 October 2011
I upgraded from HTC Desire to HTC Desire HD and now to sensation, I suppose you can call me HTC man. I am carrying out this review because I don't really understand why people are reviewing this phone from average to very bad phone.

Trust me; I know I sound silly. I am asking you to trust me when you don't even know me. but at least hear me out, this phone is currently the best in the market including the current iphone 4S. The only thing I would say that let it down a bit is the battery that came with it, but there is a solution to it. Please buy this Battery (Anker 1900mAh Li-ion Battery) immediately you get the phone.

People compare this phone with the Samsung Galaxy 2, this is a lovely phone, but the HTC Sensation is outstanding in every way. Needless to say it is currently the most customisable phone in the market that includes the new IPhone 4s. I love my phone.
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on 7 September 2011
I have had this phone for a week and decided why not write a review. What surprises me most is how people complain about the battery life. For a smartphone your battery is not supposed to last up to 24hrs. I use mine with Wifi on and all day and background sync and it gets me thru for the day. I usually plug it in to charge when am about to sleep. I also use the Premium navigation by HTC on it daily so the battery complaints by others are really weird. One more thing, people with battery issues should search online there are lots of methods to remedy the problem.

When it comes to the software on the phone, i definitely love. Sense does make a lot of sense. I will say am indifferent to a skin android or Cyanogenmod. To me all that matters is that it works. It's really really fast when I playing a game on it like Asphalt 6 HD & PES 2011 which work perfectly. Won't really go into how the software on this works. You will have to read about android gingerbread 2.3.4.

I will say I am a very satisfied customer with phone and if given the choice to get another one will definitely do that again.
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on 12 September 2011
This phone is fantastic, and contrary to what others say, I have found the battery to be just as substantial as the iPhone or any other similar type of phone. I think people are disappointed if they come from an older type of phone because these phones are SUPPOSED to be charged nightly. I think with average usage I probably get about 27 hours of battery life from a charge. There is all sorts of things you can disable to extend the battery life too which help. If you aren't using the internet for instance you can turn it off to save battery, if you're in a bright place you can turn down the screen brightness.

The Battery life is FINE. If you're getting less than 20 hours then either a) you're doing something wrong, or b) you have a faulty handset.
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on 29 July 2011
Two weeks ago, I was making do with my old HTC Hero, which by now has become incredibly slow, worn out, and unable to keep up with current Android standards. Cue the HTC Sensation, which arrived at my doorstep last week to great fanfare from myself as I rushed to prize it from it's box. First impressions were that it looks incredible. From the camera that protrudes slightly from the casing to the sleek, elegantly curved screen surrounded by the unibody aluminium casing, it looks, for want of a better word, Sensational.

Upon starting up the device, a couple of niggles begin to appear. For a start, the thing is HUGE. I mean, seriously. My hands aren't that small, but I found that having to reach over to the A button on the left hand side of the keyboard when holding the device one handed was nigh on impossible without having to balance the phone at an awkward angle with the grip and balance of my spare fingers and palm. Touching the buttons at the bottom of the device is a much more notable problem though, especially when accidentally brushing your hand over them when trying to grip the phone sideways or reaching across the screen, and it would be nice if they had an option to respond only to long presses or such. If you're careful, this problem might not be an issue for you anyway. Once you get your grip right, and if you're prepared to regularly have to use both hands, you soon get used to the keyboard (at least) and eventually you'll find its size causes few notable issues. If you don't like the standard keyboard, it's nice to see a swype-style predictive trace keyboard built in, as well as surprisingly accurate voice input for all text fields, and the landscape keyboard is perfectly sized for general two-thumb typing. A brief point I should make is that with the large screen size, finding an angle you're comfortable to use it at can sometimes be a pain, and the auto-rotation of the screen can sometimes be overly zealous, especially when trying to use the phone at an angle, say, in bed. This option is easy to switch on and off via a simple, included widget, however.

Contrary to how I've made it sound, the device's size isn't actually a bad thing at all, thanks to the spectacular qHD screen which makes individual pixels barely noticeable. High quality video also looks stunning in full 16:9 widescreen with no borders or black bars, as do games, text, and websites. Sometimes the screen can seem slightly blurry when scrolling through text, but since you're unlikely to do that whilst reading anyway, it shouldn't be much of an issue.

One area that the massive screen inevitably manages to cause problems is, of course, in the battery life. With my old phone, I expected to charge it up every night, but I knew I could probably just about stretch it an extra day if really necessary. With the Sensation, you'd be lucky. Listening to music or browsing the internet drains the battery insanely. An odd text or email will barely affect the device's power consumption, but if you're looking at this phone I would expect that you plan on doing much more than such typical tasks, and you should be prepared to take a hit when you do.

Once of the most noteworthy comments on HTC android phones is the custom HTC Sense UI, which love it or hate it, has some fantastic features built in. The new lock screen is superb, and makes easy access to your phone's various features amazingly quick and intuitive. There are some built in apps that you probably won't give a second glance, like the movie rental app that has similar prices to that of iTunes (in other words, not great), and those designed to jot down your locations, and due to the locked bootloader, these can't currently be removed (although this is set to change with an update coming soon). The social network integration with contacts still remains a firm feature favourite, especially for linking Facebook profile images with your buddies, and a built in "quick settings" menu to the notifications bar - complete with task manager - attempts to somewhat ease the violent battery pummelling.

Back to basics, the touch screen is of superb quality, and I've had no issues with it's sensitivity - other than that sometimes the touchable buttons can be too sensitive - or weird bugs that others have reported. Photos and video recording is exemplary for a mobile phone, and although it's not a patch on professional equipment, you'd be surprised at how well some images come out, especially when aided by the dual LED flash. And of course, with the dual core processor, the only thing that'll slow you down is your network's 3G speed. Of course, some may note that the RAM is a tad more limited than that of the 1GB available on the Galaxy S II, but I will be very surprised if anyone has any issues here. Despite speeds on the S II reported to be faster and more powerful than the Sensation, you'd be hard pushed to find any reason for the Sensation to have more oomph than it already does, and it should be perfectly capable of any challenges thrown at it over the next few years. One final concern I'd like to stomp on is that of the antenna problems. Unless you have rubberised hands that somehow manage to grip themselves locked tight whilst wrapping around the entirety of the phone, you shouldn't notice any signal issues at all, and the claims of it's prevalence are utterly unnecessary. Something that some reviewers have noted is that the phone can get quite warm, and whilst this is true, it (hopefully) shouldn't affect performance unless the screen is left on for a ridiculous continuous length of time. Like the battery though, such issues are to be expected from such high specification technology being compacted into a device like this.

All in all, then, the Sensation is fantastic. A great screen, camera and processor all come together to produce a device that you'd be hard pressed to beat. It looks glorious - both on and off - works like a charm, and is fully capable of anything you can think of throwing its way (unless you need the bootloader unlocked, which will take a few more weeks). The battery is an obvious issue, unless you plan on carrying a spare battery or using the phone for simple tasks like occasional messages, tweets and emails, and the screen size can be a bit of a surprise to those who don't have the hands of a giant, but that surprise is mostly down to me failing to factor in just how big 4.3 inches really is, and in all honesty without the screen, the phone wouldn't be half as sensational as it would've otherwise been (even though it would've otherwise still been pretty amazing).
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on 12 October 2011
Had hard times choosing between HTC Sensation and SGS2, finally made a decision towards the HTC phone and have never had a single regret about it! It looks nice, it works smoothly and fast, HTC Sense really is very convenient. So far I haven't experienced a single bug, restart or whatsoever. And if you are not afraid of flashing your phone - there are tons of custom firmwares in the net, which can make your Sensation _even_ faster! If I lost the phone I would probably buy a new one right away. Totally recommended.
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