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on 11 December 2011
Purchased this phone on the reviews that have been written that are positive. Got the phone last week, and charged it as per normal, following day the battery needed charging, well accepted that as i had used the phone alot. Charging the battery it went so hot and just switched off, wouldnt charge. Took battery out and let it cool down, put it back on charge and was ok. Did contact HTC and they said return to Amazon, but then i am stuck without a phone for weeks, thought i would give this a few weeks see if it happens again? also since that incident it has charged normally. I was wondering if it was due to the fact that i was using it while it were charging. Sometimes the touch screen sticks too. The battery life is awful, even when not used it will drop charge at least 50% in a day, so have purchased a higher MaH battery.The other downside is poor signal. Im on 02, when i had a blackberry it was mainly on 5 bars, even my old samsung had 5 bars most time.
UPDATE of May 2012: Dont buy this rubbish phone, clearly HTC havent resolved any issues, i.e, phone switches itself off constantly, even when its cool. Heats up despite using an Ankler battery. Avoid at all costs, Sansung galaxy much better. Selling mine to envirofone, even though only 7 months old. Piece of CRAP!!
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on 5 October 2011
I read lots of reviews before buying the Sensation. Overall I am very pleased. Sure, the battery life is a problem, but if one just wants a phone for emails, say, why buy one with such a big screen? I watched a whole film on BBC iPlayer yesterday evening and, to my mind, it is as good as watching it on TV, but using earphones, of course. I can confirm that it does not last a day if you are accessing the internet and/or playing games on it. However, as I am retired I can just charge it up before going out in the evening. As with all purchases, it depends on one's requirements. Like most users, I love the HTC Sense. The internet access is great. I now turn my PC off in the day, only accessing it if an email required some PC file processing. I don't regret my purchase, but have given it only 4 starts mainly because of the battery.
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on 29 September 2011
I've had the Sensation for over 2 months and have waited to write a review because it seemed some owners were experiencing problems with the phone after 2 weeks/1 month. I couldn't be happier with it: it's my first HTC and I find it beautifully designed, solid, sleek looking and very easy to use. I do agree with the reviewers about the poor battery life, but that's so easy to sort out! I got myself an Anker 1900mAh Li-ion Battery for HTC Sensation G14 Z710E - White and I don't have to worry about running out of battery when I'm out and about: I don't play games on a regular basis, but I use other apps pretty often (in particular Kindle, the Business Calendar and Weather), plus I update my 2 email accounts frequently, browse the Internet between 1-2 hours a day, text often and talk for a couple of hours.

Before buying the HTC Sensation I tried it and compared it with the Samsung Galaxy S II: I personally loved the natural colours and clarity of the screen of the HTC (as opposed to the over-saturated colours of the Samsung) and in the hand the HTC did feel/look like an expensive, well-finished object. I also tested the keyboards in both mobiles (in spite of being an iPod Touch user I was sceptical about having a virtual keyboard after using the Nokia E72's beautiful qwerty keyboard for 2 years) and found that the HTC was very responsive, with a very friendly prediction mode.

At the end of the day I feel it's a lot about personal taste, but I would certainly recommend this phone to anyone who would like a powerful, responsive, easy to use and beautifully looking smartphone.
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on 27 December 2012
I bought this phone for the Mrs, it was something she wanted for a while - thought I'd get a used phone but it turns out to be almost brand new! I have used it for a limited period but I think this phone is brilliant value for money, although it is getting a bit old, it isn't showing it from day to day usage. The phone has access to the play store and you can download hundreds of apps - I upgraded the storage to 16GB with a micro SD card so tons of room for video or pictures using the brilliant 8MP camera. It is fast and responsive when using the menu system and running any 2D apps, as well as running some 3D games - must admit, not the latest and greatest games. I love the HTC sense user interface, especially the built in weather feature. The resolution of the screen is still pretty good, not as good as the latest Super AMOLED HD but still impressive. Good for watching things like TV channels over wi-fi (when the main TV is not available...)
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on 14 April 2012
Having had the phone for a month, I find it is lightning fast, has a superbly bright screen, feels solid (compared to eg Samsung Galaxy S2), has plenty of room for apps, battery lasts for 2 days light usage (with the larger capacity one available on Amazon) and always lasts for whole day whatever the usage.
Transfer from htc Desire was straightforward and as I write this, I am struggling to find anything I would like improved.
The update to Android 4.0 (ICS) and one subsequent update has given added pleasure though I could perfectly well have lived without it. The better Calendar is perhaps the biggest improvement, as well as the ability to create and move folders on the home screen.
I have now had htc phones for over 2 years and have had no significant problems at all. That was a good reason to stick with them rather than go to Samsung. I suppose an htc with a screen the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note might tempt me
Finally I am pleased with the purchase from Amazon ASIN:B004Z4SJ78 HTC Sensation Sim Free Mobile Phone]]at a price much lower than the Samsung, and doing away with 2 year contracts. In theory the purchase plus data package from Orange is the cheaper option but it remains to be seen whether that is actually so.
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on 24 December 2013
The phone arrived on time and came well packaged.

I bought this phone to replace my old LG Optimus One. I flashed Cyanogenmod onto it and it runs really well now.
The speed of the phone is impressive, even more so if you root the device. The screen colours are vibrant , and resolution is really nice and clear. The phone is a good solid build , though I would recommend getting a case on the off chance you drop it.
(There are also some good Root Battery manager applications that will help. Some OK non-root ones too)

The downside I knew before hand is battery life. It is awful. However , there are much better batteries you can buy for it which last for much longer. ( I think you can get two with a charger for 16 quid on Amazon - Anker® 2 x 1900mAh Li-ion Batteries for HTC Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, with Anker® Travel Charger [18-Month Warranty] )
The audio non-too impressive ( I have yet to try using headphones with it) Phone calls are good enough, but sound a little digitized and not very loud. The audio out of the handset on speaker is very poor and should be avoided really.

I would only recommend this model if you are prepared to but the better batteries for it. Even with very light use it is pretty bad and may only last 6-8 hours before requiring a charge. Oh, on that note. The charging takes bloody ages, on socket or USB to computer. This is helped by the charger that comes with the better batteries you can get , mentioned above)

I got this for 70 quid. At that price I would recommend this phone if you are in the market for an HTC but don't want to go top-of-the-range.
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on 20 October 2011
I upgraded from the HTC Wildfire because the Wildfire couldn't handle Flashplayer as used on the BBC iplayer. The Sensation really is sensational to use. The screen is large enough to use either the supplied HTC Reader app or the downloadable Kindle app.....I use the latter. BBC iplayer runs without buffering on my 4m/bit wifi and the free downloadable Tune-In radio app lets me listen to DAB radio...this is particularly welcome to me as we have poor FM reception. I use the phone as my sat-nav....the provided Google Locations is adequate but I have bought Co-Pilot from Android market as this gives more functions. The front camera is more than adequate for Skyping. Battery life is a couple of days if I have the wife/mobile data disconnected when not in use and one day if I leave them on....no problem as I recharge overnight.
One tip...I bought sim-free and use my PAYG Tesco triple credit tariff. I pay £10 each month and get £20 free credit which more than covers my calls and texts. I also buy an unlimited weekly internet browsing pass for £2/week....this is taken out of the £10 that I pay each month; in effect I'm getting unlimited browsing for £8/month...not bad.
Back to the phone....can't praise it highly enough; do get a screen cover though and I'd recommend a flip-cover pouch
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on 26 September 2012
I have had this phone for 5 days and I have to say it is superb. I read loads of reviews before buying it and I have to admit to being a little apprehensive about it because lots of people seem to have had problems. So far I am really pleased especially after upgrading to Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0.3 (ICS). The interface is slick and easy to use and the phone never ceases to amaze me - I previously owned a Desire and this phone has improved on all of the frustrations of this.

I am keeping my eye on the dust under the screen problem - so far no dust, but I am using a gel case which covers the seal around the screen. I have had no problems with rebooting or lost calls - the call quality is actually pretty amazing. Everyone who sees the phone asks where I got it, even an iPhone user.

I will do an update in a couple of months - but so far so good (touch wood).
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on 23 December 2013
I bought the phone in August 2012, only writing the review now. I have had to buy a new phone this week. After about 3 months the sd card would not work in the phone. It did not recognise it. I could never get a fix for this. I think its a hardware problem. It started shutting itself off after 4 months. I fixed this by putting a small bit of an old credit card in behind the battery which stopped this. I leaned this trick online somewhere. I could live without taking pics or videos to be honest. It was a pain but what could i do. The final straw was when the phone started turning it self off again a month ago. November 2013. I have decided to buy a samsung galaxy nexus. All in all this purchase was a disaster.
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on 3 November 2011
As a prime customer, got this phone delivered immediate next day. The phone build qualilty before operating, is awesome, looks very elegent. But as it is not the best phone out there in market. I dont know how it competed with Galaxy s2 , this phone requires some serrious Fix. to put together below are the details


Aweful battery life : I have checked this with playing only music(audio only). It lasts for 2.5 hrs only on continuous play back. Kudos to 1530 mph battery of HTC. It looks like they have tied Bike to pull truck !!! . but as there is a always solution. this can be overcome through Anker batteries(avaialble in Amazon) which will give 3.5 to 4 hrs of music playback(still low but cant avoid it)

Sense UI: Many reviewers said its beautiful, agreed, but this is the main culprit in draining the battery, application screen never hangs but when browsing through the photos which has been copied from laptop , photos hangs a bit. No resolution to fix this

Speakers: Surround sound!!! but when u keep in high volume there is a slight noise which appears in phone, however sound come fine when listened in headphone or connect to speakers...Solution: Return handset and get sensation XE

Screen: Screen gets heated up especially in the region where the back, search and home buttons are present. It will be difficult to touch. No resolution yet for this

Accesories: Not much accessories available in market for this phone. only couple of stuffs avaialble in amazon


QHD display: Amazing display, lovely screen, beautiful

Ease of operation: Very easily customisable,

Sense Weather screen: Amazing .. suberb

Outer body: Looks like a masterpiece

Browsing speed: It depends on network but the speed of browsing is much better than compared to any other andorid phone(like S2)

Apart from this there are couple of already installed apps avaialble in the handset which are pretty useful

I hope this review will be helpful

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