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on 5 October 2012
As a long-time Mac user (professional and home) I can't find fault with this astonishing piece of kit. It does everything I want from it.

I've worked on Macs day in, day out for 20+ years and this is the fourth I've owned. I'm a writer and photographer (magazines and corporate stuff) and got into Macs so my output would be compatible with the graphic designers I work with. I've also regularly used PCs, most recently a Hewlett-Packard touch-screen, and a Toshiba laptop belonging to my partner.

The big difference to me is how laborious using a PCs is by comparison with a Mac of any description. Even the simplest move with a PC seems to involve multiple steps and commands, and then confirming that this really is what I want to do, whereas with a Mac it's just click and go. Laptops are the same, just infinitely slower, and nothing is quite where you'd expect it to be - Macs are far more intuitive in this respect. Microsoft's plodding software (how did anything as dull and clumsy as Word ever get accepted as the international standard?) just adds to my impression that PCs aren't suitable for anything even remotely creative.

Each Mac I've owned has been a revelation (my first computer, back in the early 80s, was an Amstrad 8512 and anything would be an improvement on that!). I had 8 good years of intensive use out of my previous iMac. I thought it was a great machine but this 27in model is light years beyond. The screen is astonishing, the speed blinding and the 1TB memory exactly what I need. It looks fantastic too (so does the HP, but the touch-screen is a bad joke). I'm sure I'm barely scratching the surface of the iMac's capabilities but I'm a guy in his 60s with little if any interest in technical stuff. It's great, by the way, to own something that my kids envy . . .
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on 12 August 2012
After suffering tiny and low res screens for decades, the 27" iMac is a joy. Total joy. So much screen real estate. Its fast enough for what I do - and at only 4GB RAM, it works fine. (I do want to upgrade RAM at a later date, but the 4GB is good enough). MacOS has some of its own quirks, but the machine just works flawlessly. This item was a second hand unit, and it has given me no issues. I was waiting for new iMacs to be released, but, as of this date, they still have not. I dont regret buying now - even if new iMacs come out, I saved a lot by buying this. I had researched for 3+ months this item - looking at resellers and fair prices, and this hit my target price at the right time.

I worried about the pixel size, but I need not have.

One of the best devices I ever purchased, if not the best.
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on 8 April 2013
Firstly there is nothing wrong with the Mac itself and I have had it for about 9 months however I came to clear some memory recently and found a lot of items on the MAC that where not mine including someones personal Family Photos. It has become apparent that although I paid for a new Mac they have sent me a reconditioned one. If I wanted a second hand one I would have paid second hand prices.

I am really concerned that this has happened and just waiting to see what Amazon is going to do about it.

I understand that it has bee a while but the item was packaged up as new and like i Said it wasn't until clearing some old files I can see that this has clearly been used before. Not impressed Amazon especially when spending so much money.
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on 21 February 2012
Don't be fooled into thinking the iMac is the cheap brother of the Mac pro and is thus worse. In many ways, in terms of both hardware and manufacture, the iMac trumps the Pro (which has not been updated in several years while the iMac has been) The pro is good if you wish to upgrade etc, but if you want raw power and versatile use in a single package, this is the machine for you. I use both Pro's and 24inch iMacs and can hand on heart say neither run anywhere near as smoothly- again, the Pro is more for those who wish to expand/want maximum compatibilty. This beast handles both Windows 7 and OSX incredibly with it's seemingly weak (on paper) i5 chip. I can run Chrysis 2 with almost full res and every single Adobe Master Collection application simultaniously with barely any performance lag. Yes, mine is upgraded to 12 gig of ram but even with the basic 4 gig you can get almost the same results and upgrading is a piece of cake (33 quid off amazon for 8gig!)

This or the 21.5inch? Psh! Easy! The Apple Cinema Screen of 30 inches is almost a grand retail. You get almost that for just 200 or so pounds more than the 21 inch. The 27 also has a better cooling system meaning the overall lifespan of the mac is improved; thus making it a better long term investment.

So i implore you. If you have a grand or so to spare and are not sure of the iMac, wonder no more. Gamer or Professional, this is the system for you.
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on 21 December 2011
This purcahse was my final transition from Windows to Mac and absolutely no regrets at all. Now have imac, airbook, ipad, iphone etc and the way these pieces of technology work so well together is very impressive. The imac is of course a lovely piece of kit, no need to add same comments about gorgeous screen etc but the concept of having the entire computer in one stylish screen has tidied up my home study no end. I bought the apple VESA adaptor ( Bargain at Bestbuys closing down sale ! ) and have now mounted my imac on a VESA TV bracket so it appears to float a few inches above my desk in fresh air from the wall, very neat indeed.

Back to the imac, i bought this one instead of the faster model because in the review of all the versions in a mac magazine when they came out, they commented that the difference in speed between the two processors was neglible so i saved a few hundred quid and went for the slower one, and spent £60 on the 16 GB RAM upgrade from Crucial.I am using mine for a lot of photography work so the extra RAM was more beneficial to me than a faster processor ( which apparantly is only a tiny bit faster anyway ) I guess if other customers are interested in playing games on their imac the faster one would be slightly better but to be honest, wacking up the RAM is going to be more beneficial for everything else except games. Adding extra RAM is a complete doddle, took about a minute and works perfectly.

I have hooked mine up to a recently purchased Synology DS212 NAS and put my itunes library on the NAS and switched on the itunes server so now I can access my itunes library throughout my house ( and via the internet from away ) without the imac being switched on, great stuff.

Have to say I am 100% happy with imac, OS Lion is a joy to use, streets ahead of windows in everything it does, even the magic mouse supports most of the gestures, i particularly like the way you can flick through web pages with a sideways swipe across top of mouse instead of moving up to the back button on the browser.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for and im sure anyone else buying an imac will be equally impressed ................... go on treat yourself, you won't regret it
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on 27 May 2011
I have owned this machine for a week now and when i bought it it came with Windows Office 2011 for mac which was useful to me as i was told its 100% compatible with windows office 2007 which is part of my college course. i own an iphone 4 and bought and ipad 2 which i absolutely treasure, it all started with me buying an ipod touch and has progressed from there.
Since owning mostly apple products i decided that i would opt for a mac and chose this model and so far i have been extremely impressed with the speed, most notable boot up and shut down times...mere seconds! for an ex windows user i was shocked.

Also the new Intel Sandy Bridge i5 processor is a leap from the i3 and the i3 is still amazing. The resolution is astounding when watching video and looking at photos, 2560 x 1440 i think, and that is HD x 2 so you get crisp images and games look sharper. I know alot of PC people dismiss the mac when it comes to gaming but i have a few games that are pc/mac compatible and they run fast and with no problems. This is my first Mac and i have alot to learn but i think Mac OS X is amazing and super fast from what i've seen from windows 7

If you are thinking about buying this. It is expensive but you get what u pay for.
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on 12 July 2012
Having been a Windows user for many years and stuck in the Windows habits, it has been fun getting to grips with the Mac without guidence but already i'm discovering i chose the right replacement for my old PC,the Mac is brilliant, I also made the right descision purchasing it from Amazon, as always they provided a first class service from browsing to delivery.
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on 4 September 2011
After my pc stopped working I decided to switch to this iMac for my main office work - design & development.
The speed is outstanding & the new screens are amazingly crisp. The only negative I can possibly think of is that I had to install Lion myself - this should surely have been done already.

All in all a brilliant buy & a great piece of kit.
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on 12 June 2011
Very fast delivery- within 2 days. Very fast but improved with ram upgrade from crucial (16 GB) New imac preferentially boots in 64 bit mode so Cisco VPN connections will not work. Need to boot in to 32 bit mode by holding 3 and 2 at start up . This took a while to work out. If buying or thinking of doing so in the next month wait for lion OS to be shipped as an upgrade will cost another £20
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on 19 October 2012
I bought my imac 27 inch about 2 months ago and am totally satisfied with it. Having never used apple computers before, i was a litle worried about how different using the mac would be. Well, it is so intuitive that picking up the processes of how to use the machine couldn't be easier. Having an iphone only adds to the experience as it is easy to synche the two together and so I have continuous interaction with the mac. I also decided to upgrade the RAM to 12GB which was very easy and which works a treat. Alongside these I bought the Xtreme Tango bar speaker to improve the sound and external backups for 'timemachine'.
Because I play a lot of games, I bought 'parallels'which enables you to use the mac to run microsoft programmes like PC games such as Battlefield 3 which play wonderfully on the computer.
Finally, as I love my photos, the screen is magnificent- crystal clear resolution!
All in all, I am well pleased with this purchase!!
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