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on 7 October 2011
This is my first time reading this author (thank you for sending me a copy and giving me the chance to review it Christy).

Sarah decides to move her 2 boys to their vacation home and set up life there and make a go of her ranch. Having no experience with it and her husband dead two years it is the new start she and her boys need. Help comes in the form of Dodge, a social outcast shunned by the town because of his past but, to Sarah he is a welcome help and as the story progresses something starts to stir that she thought died with her husband.

It is a well written very easy to read story with a few levels to it. On the whole it is a mother trying to do the best for her children the best she knows how but fate has other things in store for her. We see Sarah struggle with the difficulties of still dealing with her husbands death, the role of mother with 2 boys reacting to their sudden upheavel of moving and a few other relationships along the way.

It doesn't always happen but with this book I got all of my answers and most of my boxes ticked (avid readers can be so picky about what they want to see in books and sometimes I am awful for it!). The only thing I can really moan about is the skulduggery plot which is revealed and dealt with with about 15% left of the book left so I thought there was something else going to happen which again is more about my expectations and assumptions, however I really enjoyed the book and would definately read more by this author 4/5 for me.
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on 2 October 2012
Sarah lost her husband and has been bringing up her boys alone. She decides to start a new life and move out to Colorado where the family had bought some land and she hopes to start a ranch. But things don't go her way; some ruthless men want the property for a new up market development and will go to any lengths to get it. Her children don't seem to want to settle down in the new place and miss their father which causes some disruptions. On top of that, she finds herself attracted to a local man that has a poor reputation; can she hold it all together?

This is a definite romance, but I rather enjoyed it. The characters are a bit more rounded out than is often the case; although I thought that they were a little bit stereo typical. The narrative moves at a steady pace throughout and I found it to be a very easy read. There are some rather adult sections with descriptions of sex, but I didn't find these out of place in the overall plot.

Sometimes, I feel that romance novels can be a bit formulaic and a touch unbelievable. However, with this book, I thought the overall story very well put together and nothing in it seemed to feel impossible. Although not my preferred choice of reading material, I found it very acceptable; it might even be an appropriate script for a moderately budgeted film.

The kind of thing that would be suitable for a read at the beach or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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on 22 July 2016
I didn't read this straightaway I was a bit put off by the title, but it was un-put-downable from the first chapter. Not my usual genre but I liked the dual themes of the developing relationship and the real estate issue. Not sure any successful business would sink multimillions into a venture without having an essential such as water in place, but aside from that, the struggle by the senator to gain the property was well balanced and could be believed. As for the romance element, it was just enough without becoming over powering. Some realism present in the attitudes of the children but not totally convinced of their quick turnaround from being egocentric. Really enjoyed the novel and would recommend it for escapism and feel good factor.
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on 26 April 2012
A surprisingly good read, was hooked from the first page.
After losing her husband, Sarah and her 2 children move to the ranch they had bought in Colorado. A Senator has been trying to buy the ranch from her, for the water rights, and gets increasingly desperate to force her to sell.
A.J.Dodge had reluctantly agreed to help Sarah settle into the ranch. Dodge, who has a shady past, has returned to his home town.
This was a great novel; full of tears, laughs and very entertaining. Downloaded as a free book, but would happily have paid for this. Can highly recommend.
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on 23 February 2013
Well it started ok, the idea of the widow being ousted off her land by the senator was a good plot, but the author has majored on the 'slush factor' of the relationship between the handsome rugged cowboy with a dark past and the poor widow woman. When his secret did emerge, I found my self saying 'so what', it was just so weak and although I don't know much, in fact nothing, about living in Colorado, are people really that shallow in this day and age? Shame because with a bit more depth I think it could have been a good story. I got to the point where I just couldn't wait for it to finish, it just became so dull and predictable. Sorry, but I won't be rushing to read any more of Christy Hayes' work, even if it is a free Kindle download.
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on 24 January 2013
I downloaded this book because it was free and am very pleased I did.

It's a well written, feel good story of good conquering over bad with a heavy dose of romance. The characters good and bad are full of life, in fact I would like to see a couple of them have their own stories in the future.

I would have no hesitation in buying other books written by this author in the future and have already looked to see what is available. Well done Christy and thank you for the entertainment and keep up the good work.
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on 10 September 2017
Great read and couldn't put it down.

Lots of twists and turns and kept me gripped from beginning to end.

Will be getting authors books again.
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on 26 July 2016
I really enjoyed this read, it's got a good story line to it that keeps you gripped as to what's going to happen next.
Glad it's got a h.e.a
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on 17 July 2013
You know what the ending is from the start, but still this book kept you wanting to carry on reading it. That's what makes this book great, the story was intense really got you into the characters and their lives. Brilliantly written, well ended with a great finished that your new the ending rather than leaving you hanging.
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on 7 April 2014
What a waste of my time. I initially thought it had the makings if a good storyline. However when the real gritty part of the story came it was totally glossed over for some unknown reason. The author should have chosen a different title as this title implies action, of which it turns out is none existent. Perhaps the author is incapable of writing about powerful mystery/action novels. This is just a mild romantic novel, nothing more, nothing less.
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