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on 20 April 2012
The sound is better than I'd expected and definitely out performs what you'd expect from a speaker of this size--especially given that it also contains batteries. The firmware/operation is temperamental. If you're prepared to restart it now and then, and forgive the fact that it needs some attention from time to time, it's a great addition to a home setup. It does seem to need a good wifi signal to work, and some of the buttons on the back have yet to do anything. Perhaps when the firmware is updated, it could be worthy of a recommendation.
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on 14 July 2013
I really like this speaker. It was easy to set up with the Ihome set app from the App Store. Its stylish and has a good base sound. It does sometimes drop the wi-fi connection but comes back on almost immediately. This I think is due to the network rather than a fault with the speaker.
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on 11 April 2014
Sounds great, easy to use and no wires! What's not to like. (A bit on the pricey side hence not 5 stars)
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on 11 May 2012
This looked ideal for my needs and worked well on first use. The problem was that it had to be setup again each time I used it as it lost all of its settings every day.
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on 7 May 2012
The whole experience from trying iHome out to sending it back to Amazon was a disappointment.

Received the speaker pretty promptly and had very positive initial impression after I unpacked it: it does look very nice and sleek and everything is of very good physical quality. Absolutely loved the way the speaker docks to the charging station: no fiddly connectors, just put it onto a small charging "brick" and that's it. The positive experience ended at this point though, and physical quality is the only reason I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1.

Connecting to my wireless network was a bit of a struggle. I followed the connection procedure to the letter several times, but it just didn't not work at all. I then downloaded the iHome Connect for iPhone and tried using it to set up the wireless connection, but no luck again. Turned out that somehow it doesn't like the fact that my WiFi network name was not broadcasted, even though I manually entered correct network details, which has always worked for every other device I have ever connected to my network. Everything worked after I changed WiFi settings on the router to make the network visible.

iTunes recognized iHome but could not play back to it at first, until I restarted the speaker. After that, there was no problem connecting to the speaker and no pauses or connection drops other people reported.

The first track I played back brought a lot of disappointment. The sound was crackling at some frequencies as if the speaker was faulty or it has some digital processing problem. I tried a few other tracks, tried sending music from another computer and from iPod, both over air and by cable, but experienced the same very problem. Again, this only seemed to be happening at some frequencies so I haven't been experiencing this all the time, but often enough to render the speaker useless. But even when it sounded ok, the sound was "flat" and far from what I was expecting after reading the other reviews. It actually sounded like a louder and just slightly "fuller" version of my simple USB speakers. And yes, I turned on the "sound enhancer"; without it, the speaker sounded just like my build-in laptop speakers.

I wrote iHome support describing the problem and asking their advice on whether I could do something at all in case that was a digital processing problem (reset some internal settings, etc), but never ever received any reply (and it's been several weeks now).

So in the end I packed it up and sent back to Amazon. I'm in Ireland so posting it back costed me just over 46 euro at the local post office, as the box weighs about 5kg. Amazon processed the return promptly and refunded the full cost of the speaker plus 3.42 for postage... Why 3.42? That's what I asked Amazon, but never received any reply. They do specify that they refund up to 7 pounds in postage (which most people find out about only when returning something), but 3.42 euro?!

The end result is that I lost about 43 euro on a faulty item. I don't want to deal with iHome again and would be very cautious purchasing heavy items from Amazon. The latter has never failed me before though, but then I have never returned anything back to them before.
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on 1 February 2012
No more tangled wires and big bulky Airport express base stations plugged in every room, just in case you want to listen to your music or the internet radio in a different room of the house. The ihome wireless speaker is Airplay enabled, wireless, and a speaker with quality sound to boot! Set up is easy peasy, best done with the ihome connect app. Once connected, and wirelessly hooked up to your intunes playlist, you can conveniently place it where you like.
I love it, and hope to buy more in future, its good enough to replace medium sized hi-fi units around the house. Its the future of musical enjoyment, fully recommended !!!
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on 19 October 2012
I must say that I did fall in love with this speaker from reviews and the main feature I wanted of AirPlay.
The design is excellent, very sleek and easy to use and the touch buttons are responsive.
Unfortunately after owning this speaker for a while I am having to admit defeat. The AirPlay feature is the worst I have come across since converting to Apple and investing in AirPlay devices. The unit will constantly drop the signal and therefore lose connection to your device over AirPlay. None of my other AirPlay devices experience any problems on my network with my Airport Extreme but this device refuses to work. Very temperamental and unreliable. I can get F1 at over 3hours non stop on an Apple TV via AirPlay from my iPad, but with only audio to my iHome from my iPad it will drop out after a couple of songs even though both are on the same network and located (in this test) the same location. Doesn't have any kind of reliability and the reset time is a pain if you are using this away from the power dock.
No updates have rectified the problem and their support was very poor.
Wired however and the use of the internal battery I would recommend as the unit performed very well indeed. Hopefully mine was part of a bad batch??
Unfortunately I cannot recommend as AirPlay is supposed to give you wireless integration but with this unit I have to use mostly wired.
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on 9 February 2012
Awful. Constantly drops connection. Useless. Amazon no help. Manufacturer no help. Google has lots of people with same problem but no useful solution.
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on 10 September 2012
I have had no problems with this product. Great sound quality with no drop outs. I have a strong wireless network which I think helps. I can imagine if you were too far from the wireless router there would be drop out issues but that is a problem with the network as opposed to the actual product.
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on 15 January 2013
Airplay does not work on this device... I tried 4 times reseting the device, each time using different methods. I had no luck and my device still does not work via Airplay. I have sent it back for a refund as it does not fulfil its original purpose.
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