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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2012
Samsung HS3000 VS Sony MW600

The idea behind the Sony MW600 Bluetooth was just what I was looking for, built in radio for when I'm jogging or just walking the dog and a display to show who is calling or the artist and song name playing on my iPhone without taking the phone out of my pocket. The problem was it kept transferring the call to the phone just before the call was connected, the display would freeze on the Sony Bluetooth where I would have to switch the Bluetooth off and on again before it would work properly again so I exchanged it for the Samsung HS3000 which is to me a much better Bluetooth. The Samsung feels batter quality and it works. It has a much bigger answer/call button making it much easier to answer calls without looking down to find it whilst driving which I had to constantly do with the Sony. Sometimes it would take so long to locate the answer button on the Sony whilst driving that the caller would hang up before I could answer the call.

With both Bluetooth headsets you can use your own headphones which is good because the ones provided on both are the type that push into the ears and block out all the surrounding sounds which may be good for listening to music indoors but not good if you are driving because you can not hear your passenger speaking to you and very dangerous if you are out walking or cycling because you can not hear the dangers or traffic around you.

I prefer the on/off button on the Samsung as it is a sliding switch as opposed to the Sony one that you have to press and hold until it turns on or off also the shirt clip on the Samsung is stronger so won't break as easily as the Sony one which is thin and narrow.

Multipoint on the Sony MW600. You can connect up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time but if you connect 2 mobile phones to it only 1 of those phones can be used for making or receiving calls, the second phone can only be used as a media player. I know this for a fact because I call Sony services who confirmed this.

Multipoint on the Samsung HS3000. You can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time and if you connect 2 mobile phones to it both phones are active meaning you can make and receive calls from either phone. If your talking on one of the phones and the second phone rings you'll hear a little bleeping sound in the earpiece to notify you that there is a second incoming call. To answer the call on the second phone press the answer button on the Bluetooth once which will end the call your on and answers the call on the second phone also if you are speaking on one of the phones you can make a call on the second phone using the second handset which will automatically put the caller on the first phone on hold while you speak to the person on the second phone and as soon as you end the call on the second phone it automatically transfers you back to the caller on the first phone without cutting them off.

1* Sony MW600
5* Samsung HS3000
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on 7 December 2012
I own two of these - one black and one white. I bought the second as a spare in case my old one died. It's small, uncomplicated, light and clips firmly and securely onto clothing. Pairing is a doddle with multiple devices (though only 2 at any one time) - I have connected it to several phones, several PCs, my Asus Transformer Prime tablet, my Sony PSP and my Sony mp3 player without any issues whatsoever. Useful voice prompts tell you when you have switched on the device, switched off the device, connected to a Bluetooth device and disconnected from a Bluetooth device.

Because of its size, the buttons are awkward to use but I don't care. Because when used with an apt-X capable device (I use mine with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and high quality IEMs (I use Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10s with Comply tips) the combination is so awesome it's hard to believe you're listening to IEMs through a wireless Bluetooth connection. In fact, this set-up sounds better (at least to my ears) than plugging the IEMs directly into my phone. In particular when listening to lossless FLAC files, the sound is very balanced, with a dynamic, exciting presentation, nice detail and an engrossing three-dimensional soundstage. Ensuring a good seal for the earphones, the bass is taut and deep. Vocals have presence and texture. Highs sound clear and well defined (not "splashy"). I would suggest however that, in my experience, highly compressed sources show up flaws far more readily. Note that as far as I know, neither my Note 2 nor the HS3000 use the lossless version of the apt-X codec, but they are still better than any other portable listening set-up I've ever had. Of course it won't beat a top-class pair of wired headphones connected to a decent system but at the moment I'm not likely to get much better for unencumbered wireless listening on public transport.

Whilst I bought this device just for listening to music wirelessly on the commute, I have on occasion used the call function. A larger and much easier to access button is positioned on the front to answer calls. Sound at both ends is perfectly adequate in my experience. The microphone is positioned at the top of the device and as long as it's not pointing downwards or too far from your face (e.g your belt) it is able to pick up your voice very well.

To summarise, positives are:

(a) small;
(b) light;
(c) apt-X capable;
(d) has a decent battery life (I would estimate maybe 8-10 hours use per charge and 2-3 hours to recharge from empty);
(e) perfectly acceptable talk quality at both ends (though I have not used this feature an awful lot - I bought it for music);
(f) at least with the IEMs I use and the apt-X codec, it sounds utterly fantastic for what it is;
(g) sounds good even with non apt-X devices (my old Samsung Galaxy S2)
(h) is an absolute bargain at just over £30 on Amazon.

Downsides are:

(a) due to size, buttons are awkward to use, even if you have normal size fingers (you need to use your fingernails);
(b) again due to size, could be very easy to lose (but at least cheap enough to replace without too much pain)

All in all, the HS3000 really comes across as a bargain if you need the convenience of wireless and still want excellent sound quality on the move. It seems to be capable of stepping up and performing brilliantly when paired with a decent source and/or decent output. But to make the most of it you will want to both: (1) replace the dire bundled earphones with a decent pair of headphones/earphones; and (2) ensure you use an apt-X capable music player.
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on 9 February 2012
Now this is what listening to music should FEEL like... no.. not sound like, that's down to your source and ear buds, this is FEEL like!! Freedom from tangled wires with added crystal clear sound, this is bliss. Choose a pair of earbuds that sound great plugged into your source (mp3 player, phone, tablet etc...) then add this baby. You won't regret it !! Though it needs line of sight to the source for best reception, there's no discernible sound degredation through earbuds, computer speakers or HiFi.

Bought for the train trip to and from work, the function buttons, though small, are easily accessible and over A2DP, easily control play, pause & volume on my phone. The built in voice prompts also keep you informed of status, in use. Small and unintrusive, the HS3000 allows very easy pairing (no code required) to my phone, tablets and PCs.

The only problem now is my next techie present to self will have to be a bluetooth enabled mp3 player....

Update:... Sony Walkman NWZ-S765....
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on 29 March 2012
I have been waiting for these for almost a week and came at the given estimated date, but I expected them to come a bit earlier as products I have previously ordered all came at least 2 days before the estimate. Let's get to the real review.

When I first opened it, the headset was begging me to use it, so I connected it to my phone (Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman(tm))which didn't take long and then I tried them with my music. I noticed that the included in-ear headphones were very basic and not particularly good for things such as running. The sound quality of the headphones was in my opinion average, but that doesn't bother me one single bit. After a few minutes of trying them out, I decided to connect my Philips SHE8000/10 In-Ear Headphones - Black in and changed the mode and... BAM!!! (More sound and bass at lower volume) The music that came out was now like when I directly connected my in-ear headphones to the phone. I was absolutely amazed by the music quality!!!

The headset itself is light and well-built. The clip is very strong and I don't think it is likely to break. I personally think the White/Green colour scheme is very eye catching and the controls are very simple and easy to use. It is very unlikely that you'll need to refer to the manual for instructions.

The headset comes with the bluetooth headset, white earphones (about 57cm long), a USB wall charger, an instruction manual and different sized ear buds.

I highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a set of bluetooth headphones. If you're struggling to choose between these and the Sony Ericsson MW600, I advise you choose these as the MW600 has a very flimsy clip which can very easily snapped. I hope you find this useful.
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on 1 July 2013
I wanted this to connect with a bluetooth transmitter that I have plugged into my TV. It worked first time so now I can listen to it without disturbing my wife. Bonus is it also works with my HTC One so I have wireless music down the gym. Distance works to about 6 metres then it cuts out. Excellent value and headphones are also pretty good that are supplied with it even though I wasn't looking to have headphones included. Mic works well too for phone calls. Update: clip on the back has broken already. It is very fragile so after three trips to the gym the clip has had enough. Still useful to listen to TV wirelessly in bed but now half the use it had before. Annoying.
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on 11 January 2012
I use this item with an iPhone running IoS4, it has a call answer/end button, play/pause, next/last track (which also acts as a scan forward/backward if held down), volume up/down, on/off button and a fairly useless 3 position graphic equaliser button. It ships with a pair of in-ear headphone buds with a choice of 3 different sizes of ear pieces, this have a very short wire, (probably because the microphone in the unit has got to be reasonably close when speaking) and a standard 3.5 mm jack. All functions work well with my iPhone which connects quickly with an audible confirmation. The shipped earphones, which give a fairly 'bright' sound, can be replaced with any headphones/buds with a standard 3.5 mm jack but note that if these have any controls in-line these will not work, the buttons on the Samsung have to be used. All in all very good value for money, well made with a reasonable battery life from the built-in rechargeable battery. The unit ships with a mains charger with a standard Samsung connector.
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on 25 March 2014
I initially purchased the sony sbh52 from amazon but returned it a few days later. The music quality was excellent but the call quality was appalling. The mic picked up every noise in the background leading to an unpleasant calling experience. If you drive or are in a noisy environment and plan to make calls.give the sony sbh52 a miss. Apart from the call quality it does everything else it says on the box.
I replaced the Sony SBH52 with the Samsung HS3000. Music quality is excellent ,on par with the sony, if you use good earphones. The ones that samsung supply with the HS3000 don't do any justice to the quality of the output from the unit.
I was pleasantly surprised at the great call quality. The noise cancellation certainly kicks in cancelling almost all of the background noise. Callers told me they thought I was in a room when in fact I was driving.
I'm very happy with the Samsung HS3000.
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on 19 November 2011
I bought this to use whilst I use my home gym as my desire s just got in the way. I can now use spotify without problems. The unit is small and clips out the way easily. The included headphones are ok but not for the bass hungry listeners.

My review title refers to the fact that the bit setting in the Android operating system is low and you can't change it. This leads to limited sound quality. It's ok but audiophiles don't bother if you have an Android phone.

It has annoyed me that I almost gave this product a bad review because of Google's shortcomings as an OS provider. I tried this on a friends iPhone and on an older Sony phone and it worked brilliantly. Hence the 5 stars.
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on 1 January 2014
These headphones consist of two parts which I will review separately:

1) The ear-plugs.
These are a very basic quality and I find it very difficult to get a good fit in my ear. Sound quality is poor - tinny and lacking bass, but there is a build in bass-boost that almost makes up for this. The lead is not very long, which is exactly what you need if you are going to clip the unit to your collar or lapel, but if you want to clip it to your belt (which I do underneath a waterproof jacket when walking the dog) you may well need an extension.

2) The reveiver unit.
This is OK at best but is over-priced for its quality. The biggest button on the unit is the most useless (to me) - the "call" button. Press it once and it re-dials your most recent number; not much use unless you are 100% certain who you last called. Press it twice (or perhaps it is a long-press) and it does something else equally useless (to me). To me the "phone" features of this are unneccessary but the way they are implemented mean they simply get in the way - it is almost impossible to pick the unit up without pressing a button. MUCH more useful would be to have the main button as a "play/pause" button.

Overall the unit is overpriced and, whilst it might be good for someone who always only phones one person, it was a bad purchase for me and will soon be replaced by something else.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 20 September 2011
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Lets get the headline stuff over with first:

- Allows you to connect a standard 3.5mm headphone jack to any Bluetooth device.
- Cheap, durable, simple and small.
- Good compatibility (even connected straight away to my 4 year old Nokia N95).
- Decent sound quality, assuming you use decent headphones
- Decent battery life: 4-7 hours, depending on the headphones (5-7 hours with the supplied in-ear bud headphones).
- Excellent range - it even allows me to listen to internet radio from my PC when I'm in the garden (7 metres away and though closed double glazing!).

- The supplied in-ear bud headphones are pretty basic. Get some good ones if you want to make full use of the main unit.
- The device doesn't turn off when you disconnect the headphones: you have to use a small on/off button. Easy to miss, and Ive left the unit on a few times because of this.
- The device has pretty basic sound controls - there are none of the usual presets (rock, classical, pop, etc).

Music quality is very important to me to the point of being picky, preferring pro quality over-the-head headphones.

In the office, I use a pair of £200 Studio quality Sennheisers for listening to music. Unsurprisingly, I would also prefer to use them on the train rather than the in-ear bud headphones most mobile phones require. With the Samsung, I now can!

The HS3000 turns your Bluetooth enabled device into something you can plug a set of decent pro headphones into. It now allows me to completely shut out the noise of the train without having to stick ear-bud headphones into my ears. Bliss!

When listening to music from my office PC, I can now walk around the office (up to about 15 metres away from the desk) without having to remove the headphones.

Of course, the Samsung doesn't have the drive to power my Senheisers to the full, but its more than adequate.

Quality music on the move for the price of a couple of CDs. What's not to like?
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