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on 1 January 2014
These headphones consist of two parts which I will review separately:

1) The ear-plugs.
These are a very basic quality and I find it very difficult to get a good fit in my ear. Sound quality is poor - tinny and lacking bass, but there is a build in bass-boost that almost makes up for this. The lead is not very long, which is exactly what you need if you are going to clip the unit to your collar or lapel, but if you want to clip it to your belt (which I do underneath a waterproof jacket when walking the dog) you may well need an extension.

2) The reveiver unit.
This is OK at best but is over-priced for its quality. The biggest button on the unit is the most useless (to me) - the "call" button. Press it once and it re-dials your most recent number; not much use unless you are 100% certain who you last called. Press it twice (or perhaps it is a long-press) and it does something else equally useless (to me). To me the "phone" features of this are unneccessary but the way they are implemented mean they simply get in the way - it is almost impossible to pick the unit up without pressing a button. MUCH more useful would be to have the main button as a "play/pause" button.

Overall the unit is overpriced and, whilst it might be good for someone who always only phones one person, it was a bad purchase for me and will soon be replaced by something else.
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on 24 August 2015
Samsung TV's..........brilliant. Chelseas sponsor, so cool brand. I bought it as I had a Samsung Galaxy and my Sony mw600 would not pair with it at all. This however compared to the Sony mw600 is inferior for these reasons.........
1. Battery life is literally half than the mw600s-working for 10hrs a day meant after dying at 6hrs I could not listen to music OR take calls when I was working (A BIG advantage of a stereo Bluetooth headset.
2. Connection was poor and didn't always connect (This surprised me with other Samsung products being so good).
3. The sound quality was worse than the Sony (despite it costing more).
I changed my phone back to a HTC Mone8 so I could by another Sony headset...............happy days :-)
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on 12 October 2013
I love listening to music when I travel but I can stand having wires trailing from my phone nor do I like having to keep handling the phone if I want to change tracks etc. I had been looking around for ages at Bluetooth headphones and other similar Bluetooth gadgets but none seemed to fit what I wanted. That is until I came across this Samsung. Me being me, I read lots of reviews and decided that this would be the best option so I could plug in any type of headphones in the future. And the price was brilliant too! It took about a week to arrive, which is fine as I wasn't in a rush but when it did, it arrived well packaged. I have been using it for a few days and it's brilliant. The instructions that came with it are clear and easy to follow, it linked to my phone immediately, and it's really simple to use. I like the size and it clips happily onto my shirt pocket or inside of my coat meaning I can keep my phone in my coat pocket and not worry about.

It also came with a pair of headphones...which were rubbish and really uncomfortable. Plus the music only came out as mono (even though it's got a stereo jack). When I plugged my other headphones into the Samsung, they were fine, so just poor Samsung headphones. The only other problem is that I have fingers the size of branches and the buttons on the Samsung are really small but I expected that and it's not a complaint as I am really happy with it.
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on 7 June 2013
Bought this with the main intention of connecting it to my hifi, I say I was a semi retired audiophile but still love good music and sound and I wanted to listen to music straight of my phone for the sheer convenience. the sound quality I was not expecting to be amazing but still I wanted it good.

Tried it with my audio technica ath-m50 headphones along with my marantz amp and tannoy speakers to get the best possible evaluation of it.

Plugged straight into the headphones it sounds really good clear crisp and detailed but when plugged into the amp it still sounds good but not as good as a Logitech wireless Bluetooth receiver that I also had to compare it with. Which is very strange because when I plugged my headphones directly into the Logitech the sound direct from it is much lower in output volume and at times it even sounded a bit messy. This was not the case when you plug both units into the amp and then power to the headphones or the speakers, the Logitech then gave a much better overall presentation with a much more enjoyable sound. There was plenty of detail very clear and well balanced with more of a colorful sound, the Samsung was a bit thin in comparison with less life.

These are two totally different products but my intention for them was the same, if your after a high quality sounding bluetooth stereo clip though it's a good buy. I did own the sony ericsson mw600 a while back and sound / build wise the Samsung is a better product in my opinion.
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on 2 August 2013
This headset set is expensive when you compare it as a headphone. It is a master piece, the headset to have, not any headset to have.
Technically, it is at its best. I used it on my Samsung phone and the sound quality is great. It has everything mini. Digital volume, ON/OFF, everything is miniature. It also has forward/backwards to change the track. It speaks to you when it is on/off, when it is " Bluetooth-Connected ", tells you to search if you have forgotten to pair it, etc, etc.
As said, all these few buttons or switches are very mini, just have to get used to them, instead of crossing them as a Mormon would do!. It's everything mini and its overall design has given it the ultimate beauty. I feel great using it clipped to my Shirt, or any garment I may have on. Included are a set of ear-plug-in type of headphones. In white colour it looks beautiful on any top that I am dressed in.
Once charged,I have used it for 2 days without charge, but that won't tell you much, so I must say that randomly I have used it for a few hours then switched it off.The next day just pair it for another few hours, so I reckon it has given me about 25-30 hours of use without recharge. Micro-USB was hard to get in, only on initial charge but now I am used to it and manage it without fingers snapping in anger. There are so many good things about it which I let you discover for yourself. CONS:- The only con which I found was, is not a con, but it does not work on KFHD to use it as micro phone. But then three are so many things that you can't use for Kindle Fire HD.
Because KFHD does not have GSM, I will have to forged it, but I can preferably use this headset for everything else that it is so well designed.
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on 29 January 2014
** I needed to turn the volume up on both my phone and headset as they operate separately so that could be why some people have said it isn't loud enough as this can actually get to uncomfortable volumes with the right music.

I'm using this with a Galaxy Note 3 and the sound quality is superb and loud enough to use with one earpiece in the car as a bluetooth headset. Callers have said the quality their end is at least as good as or better than using the phone microphone which is remarkable really and I often find it easier to hear people with this can than the built in phone speaker.

I did back to back listening between this and a set of high end wired earbuds (same ones plugged in to the phone and this for consistency) and I struggled to find any difference. It seemed to be only in a few deep bass parts that maybe something was lacking but we are talking maybe a 5% difference at most so in my view this is totally acceptable for wireless and better than any other Bluetooth headsets I've listened to (remember this supports aptX and there's a list of devices on the aptX website to check if your handset does too).

Can't recommend it highly enough and for the price it's amazing!
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on 26 September 2014
I bought the HS3000 to use with my Retina Display mini i Pad, my main source of entertainment on it are audio books & radio dramas & used for this purpose these are ideal earphones. It pays to experiment with the assorted sized replaceable earpieces because if they do not fit snugly they sound too sibilant . Bluetooth connection is laughably simple & very reliable with a range of at least 30 feet from the i Pad & no problem with transmitting from one room whilst listening in another.

I have tried using Sennheiser over ear headphones & a pair of Audio Technica noise cancelling ear bud type phones & both give a noticeable improvement in sound quality may be not quite good enough for classical music but the boom & tizz of pop/rock should be handled OK.

For me they are an excellent buy & value for money.
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on 14 January 2014
when listening to music and documentaries in the works van. I use it plugged into my FM transmitter (rather than the supplied earphones) so I can listen on the van radio. Means I can listen to music while keeping the phone in my pocket as I hop in and out the van all day. The range is remarkable and only rarely does it need to reconnect which it does automatically with ease apart from the odd time it seems to get confused. The Play/Pause button means I don't miss a note but it needs a bit of practise to find and use the small button by feel and not press one of the track skip buttons instead. There is a slight lag in it re-acting to a button press but I this is normal for Bluetooth connections.

Main bugbear is the maximum sound level is a tad low mean that I need to turn the van radio up louder than I do for other sources which also increases the background hiss from the FM transmitter to a noticeable level between tracks.
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on 1 July 2014
I'm using this in my car as I don't have a head unit, just an amplifier and it's great. When you turn it on, a voice says "Power On" and "Devices Connected" over the speakers which I think sounds pretty cool in my boy racer car! It means I can listen to music and answer phone calls in my car without ever taking my phone out of my pocket. The answer button answers the call or redials the last number and the play button starts whatever music you were most recently listening to, it's got other buttons to skip tracks and change the volume so it's really user friendly. I have it mounted in a position where I can't really see the buttons, but I can use it readily without looking at it which makes it ideal for driving as it isn't a distraction to turn the volume up/down, answer the phone or pause the music.

Quality of the music and calls is generally very good, however there is one downside. It has a number of preset equalization settings which are quite dramatic, one of the modes kills the vocals on some tracks and another drastically limits the volume. These are changed by pressing the "mode" button and would be fine, but there is no way of identifying which mode you are in other than listening to the music for several seconds. I find this really annoying because if the button accidentally gets pressed it takes ages to work out when you have got it back into "normal" mode. It's especially annoying because this a a pointless feature on any modern phone where you can change the equalizer settings on the phone anyway in a lot more detail and a lot less hassle and therefore settings on the headset just make the music sound horrendous.
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on 22 June 2016
A quality product. However, recently I have noticed the person on the other end of the line saying they can hear a lot of background noise. But works perfectly in less noisy environments.

I only use one of the headphones in one ear and keep the other one out when on the phone. However, I tend to use both when listening to music. If you do not like the headphones these can easily be swapped for any other with a standard 3.5mm jack.

This product has served me well and is still used. 5 stars.
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