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on 1 January 2014
These headphones consist of two parts which I will review separately:

1) The ear-plugs.
These are a very basic quality and I find it very difficult to get a good fit in my ear. Sound quality is poor - tinny and lacking bass, but there is a build in bass-boost that almost makes up for this. The lead is not very long, which is exactly what you need if you are going to clip the unit to your collar or lapel, but if you want to clip it to your belt (which I do underneath a waterproof jacket when walking the dog) you may well need an extension.

2) The reveiver unit.
This is OK at best but is over-priced for its quality. The biggest button on the unit is the most useless (to me) - the "call" button. Press it once and it re-dials your most recent number; not much use unless you are 100% certain who you last called. Press it twice (or perhaps it is a long-press) and it does something else equally useless (to me). To me the "phone" features of this are unneccessary but the way they are implemented mean they simply get in the way - it is almost impossible to pick the unit up without pressing a button. MUCH more useful would be to have the main button as a "play/pause" button.

Overall the unit is overpriced and, whilst it might be good for someone who always only phones one person, it was a bad purchase for me and will soon be replaced by something else.
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on 19 June 2012
These arrived SUPER quick!!!
Having just swapped from an iPhone 4 (worn on my arm for runnIng) to a Samsung Galaxy s3, (that is somewhat larger than the iPhone and possibly a little uncomfortable to wear on my arm being of a petite stature), stumbling over a wireless headset where I didn't have to have a cable dangling between my ears and the holder on the treadmill, was a little bit of a jump up and clap your hands moment!! Yes I know I seem easily pleased, trust me, I'm not! :)
The headset paired with my iPhone and galaxy with no problems what so ever. You can pair with two divices at the same time and upon pressing play, both phones started to play the songs they were left on! :D

The dongle is very light and has a clip on the back which seems to be very sturdy. The buttons (while taking a little time to get used to, as with anything new) are easy to use and access. There is a power on/off button to save on battery power, and the light indicator shows how much juice it has left.

The important thing for me...the ability to flick between tracks (I get picky when running), the important thing for hubby (yes he defected to Android too and after trying mine bought a pair of these in black), the sound quality and voice promt function...neither of us are dissappointed :)
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on 9 March 2013
I use a Samsung SII, and am hard of hearing. I use the Oticon Zests in both ears with either geemarc ear hooks or the direct input shoes.

This little device has it's own microphone and connects using your blue tooth compatible phone. It has a 3.5mm socket allowing you to connect ordinary MP3 headphones, your direct connection cable for your hearing aids, or your ear hooks/neck loop for telecoil listening.

What's great about it? It has volume control, and with the volume up on max, connected via my hearing aids, it's way too loud for me (i have a -55 DB loss binaurally) at only 75%. I also can put my phone in my pocket or view my emails/calendar while on a call, with any cables coming from the phone to get in my way.Since getting it, it has made mobile phone calls so much easier, as i have no interference, no problems finding the 'best place to try and hold it above my ear at an obscure angle', and the HS3000 has it's own microphone.

the HS3000 is smaller than my thumb, and clips to your shirt or jacket. It also supports media audio from your smart phone, and has a call answer button, volume buttons, track pause, next track and previous track buttons.

Seems to work excellently with my Geemarc ear hooks and Samsung SII. I'm well impressed
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on 10 October 2012
Love this little device, with it's 3.5mm jack it allows connection of any preferred head phones whilst still enabling calls with it's built in microphone. It can connect two phones simultaneously, so you can listen to your PC, MP3 player or phone and then take a phone call from the other phone seamlessly. The clip on the back is great so you can have the microphone facing you for a clearer call etc. The unit it small and unfortunately this means that the buttons are also, which can make it difficult to change tracks, adjust the volume etc. but it doesn't take too long to get used to this. The voice command function is quite impressive but I don't use this much - I prefer to press buttons.
My only gripe is that the unit gives voice information which for me is a little too quiet.

Overall a fantastic product.

(PS the dearer top of the range version uses a micro USB port for the headset instead of the 3.5mm jack which means you can't use anything other than the supplied head phones)
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on 13 June 2013
Pros - Small but not too fiddly, brilliant battery life (I use it for about 1-2 hours a day and only need to charge it one night a week at most), clear sound and works well with bass-booster apps, connects seamlessly every time and the earpieces supplied are decent, can be loud and are very usable.

Cons - The only cons I can discern are when using it as a hands-free talking device - since the earpieces sit so well in your ears you can hear only very little of going-ons around you (might be unsafe depending on where you are), you end up talking much louder than you would on a normal handsfree plus somehow I never seem to get the mic positioning right on my shirt/jacket and the person I'm talking to invariably says that they can't hear me properly (unless I'm indoors).

All in all, an absolutely great little bluetooth device that works perfectly with my Google Nexus 4 and well worth the price asked!
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on 7 April 2013
I've had several bluetooth headsets over the years, from fully wireless Plantronic Discovery 975 to the fully wired simple set that comes with the phone. This headset is a happy medium between both of those.

+ No wires required to connect from headset control unit to the phone
+ Control unit has an easy to use clip for your shirt, sweater, jacket.
+ Unit has A2DP for voice control & listening to audio
+ 2 earpieces for stereo sound
+ Mid-range price with Top-range features

+ Earpiece wires could have been just a smidge longer, for my personal preference.

The best feature of this headset by far is it's voice control which coupled with the latest Android Phone allows you to do everything handsfree from Text Messaging to Web Search to Dialing.

As always, do check compatibility with your phone first!
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on 23 November 2011
The headset is easy to use. The first run and pairing (with my mobile or old laptop(2005)) went quite easily. Voice guiding allows a simple start. Product is light and small. Price is just fine if compared with other Bluetooth headsets.

Cons: (minor issues)
The In-ear headphone cable is very short, only 50 cm and is wiggly so thumps frequently your face. Annoying until you get used to it. The sound quality is also not that impressive, bass sounds are distorted after some level. Changing with better earphones can solve these problems.
Buttons are tiny and are on the two sides of the device; makes it little difficult to press a button without pushing mistakenly some ones on the other side. Takes time to get used too.
The device is said to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy ACE GT-S5830. True it works, but the phone (not headset) has trouble with processing. Music may stop for a second when switching between Wi-Fi and 3G. For me, talking over Skype was not possible; ACE could not handle with the processing ( I may try with more memory space, I had <40Mb). Anyway, important is to know if your phone is capable to make full use of the headset.
You may not be able to listen to FM radio, since your mobile will not recognize any headphone plugged in.
(Some external reviews claim a built in screen, attention such thing does not exist.)

OVERALL: Considering the price and the performance I am quite satisfied with this headset. I just plan to replace the earphones with better ones.
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on 9 December 2013
I bought this device mainly due to two reasons:

1. to be able to call wireless.
2. to listen to the music on this wireless device.

The first impression is good as I can listen to music and the sound quality is perfect.

Then I started making calls and it was a disaster, first of there is a strange sound of clicking and then most of the people are not able to listen to me on the first attempt. On the second attempt usually other side can listen to me but most of the complain of very bad voice quality.

The only reason why I didn't return the device is that, I am based in Czech republic and the returning time is too long. So I decided to be content on only listening to music at times, though it is also not perfect and music player do stops in the middle of any song. Not something I can recommend to anyone.
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on 17 November 2012
Having my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1, i was eagerly looking for a bluetooth headset that i could use in conjuction with this device, especially if i have to make calls. I don't think there is would have been a better headset than this one.

All features work just well as described in its manual. Device's voice command is excellent, tells you that you have powered on the device, that you are connected, you are disconnected etc. Just pressing the play/pause button starts the music player in your samsung device. I use this to listen to music on-the-go with my samsung mobile (Galazy Wonder). Sound quality is just too well to appreciate samsung's ever fighting spirit to make their customers satisfied.

I am thinking of ordering another as i am afraid it might go out of stock soon.

Thank you the Korean Giants, Samsung :)
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on 14 June 2013
I have the sony bluetooth headset and it can be troublesome connecting and has an especially poor microphone (for phone conversations). This is much better in almost all respects and I love having an actual on/off switch instead of having to hold buttons in forever.

It does have a couple of downsides :-
1. Not great battery life (I need to charge every three days or so).
2. No screen - so not easy to monitor the battery life (you can press something to make it flash its lights to tell you what's left, but I damned if I can remember what you have to do and what the flashes mean).
3. Range isn't as good as the Sony - It's not a problem in itself for me, but worth noting.

The litmus test is that I'm using it in preference to the sony, so I do feel it's better at its job.
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