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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is a very good quality item -well made, solid, and very easy to fit the Playbook onto. It has a nice solid feel when the Playbook is fitted, and the angle is perfect for display and use (though I would not use it for prolonged keyboard use on the Playbook). It seems to live up to its promise to charge the Playbook rapidly. I'm very happy with it as a permanent feature on my desk. The charger supplied with the Playbook will now stay with my travel bag so I am never without a decent charger.

Good item which does the job it promises to do.



This product is still performing 100% well. The connection it makes with the Playbook is still completely positive and dependable. I have no gripes at all.

Still highly recommended



And nearly 2 years on, this simple and effective charger is still used daily, and still works as well as it did on day 1.

Can't beat Blackberry manufacturing quality.



Approching four years on and working as well and looking as good as it did when I first got it. In fact I bought two more, one for my other half and one for the bedroom. They are all in daily use and doing fine. Very sold but of kit.

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on 5 March 2013
I sent my 10year olds playbook back to Blackberry as would not charge through the USB port. Blackberry said faulty USB port due to excess pressure beiung applied and told beyond economical repair and tried to charge me in excess of £120 for a replacement. I got the tablet returned un repaired. Did some research and noticed the charging stand charges the playbook not through the USB but the three pins at the bottom of the Playbook. Recieved it yesterday and my daughters Playbook works again.

Offically the best Dad in the world!
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on 4 January 2012
Bought this as wanted to use it as a bedstand / charger.

Being OEM it is well made though I've withheld one star as it can be easy to not sit the Playbook correctly for charging / dislodge the Playbook from the charging pins as the Playbook simply rests on the stand.

Another thing for prospective purchasers to note is that you cannot use this item at the same time as the 'OEM BlackBerry PlayBook Faux Leather Convertible Case' as whilst the latter provides access to the ports on the bottom of the Playbook it is too thick for it to go in the stand.
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on 9 January 2016
​3 years usage REVIEW::

I wonder how many products get a 5-STAR Review after 3 years constant usage!

If you "still" have a Blackberry Playbook, which I do and again that works brilliantly after 3 years, then this is the PERFECT Charger base for it.
You will at some time will need a charger base for the Playbook as if you haven't already found the USB Charger port is one of the first things to Fail on the Playbook. Which is one reason why a lot of people stop using the playbook.

But, get yourself a Blackberry Charger, and your Playbook will spring back to LIFE!!!

I have now used 5 different Tablet devices, but I still keep on using the Playbook, as in my mind its has one of the BEST operating systems for using a tablet - Android is now far too messy to use, whereas QNX OS is so simple.
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on 22 August 2013
Bought this for my son's Blackberry playbook which had developed the common charging port problem that renders the USB port useless. It allows him to now charge his blackberry without resorting to an expensive repair. He also likes the way it allows him to watch movies with the way it sits in the cradle. A great item that goes partly to addressing the playbooks poor charging port even if it means plugging in to a pc is still not possible via the dodgy USB.
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on 9 June 2015
I read from other reviews that sometimes the charger via the USB port stops working, mine hasn't but this was such a good price that I thought it worth having as a back-up should this happen. It works well and looks good, as you would expect from Blackberry. The packaging was good and the service and delivery superb.
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on 28 April 2014
My playbook had died or so it seemed - I couldn't get it to charge. Initially, the USB from the laptop wouldn't work - kept getting an error message saying 'unable to charge using connected source', then the mains plug that came with it had the same issue, so the battery went flat and all I could get was red light then 3 yellow flashes but wouldn't power up.

I read somewhere online about someone suggesting the rapid charger. I saw it on Amazon for about £12 and thought, 'what the heck, otherwise the playbook might as well go in the bin'. It works great, charges the battery quickly and is a useful stand for setting it in the kitchen on the work top. I would recommend it.
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on 21 June 2013
Ok, let's get this out of the way. Since the PlayBook was heavily discounted late last year, it has sold in phenomenal quantities. Being a Blackberry product, buyers know they are getting the best build quality and security, and some of the best features, of any tablet at any price. The fact that developers chose not to release apps for it, and those that are available are much more expensive than their Ios and android equivalents, is not the fault of BlackBerry or the PlayBook.

What really grates though, is that while other territories are reducing PlayBook accessories to clearance prices, including Amazon's US site, prices in the UK still command a premium. Welcome to rip-off Britain.

Now, about the charger. As it is a genuine blackberry accessory, you know it is going to be top class. The PlayBook sits on the groove at the front and a magnetic coupling holds the PlayBook securely in place while it charges. It's as simple as that. But what makes it so appealing is that it can fully charge the PlayBook in less than half the time it takes the one included with the PlayBook. And you can use it to read books, watch videos or whatever else you fancy, while its charging. What you can't do, and this is a serious design flaw by BlackBerry, is connect the PlayBook to your tv by hdmi cable, or to your pc by usb, while its on the stand. Seriously BlackBerry? For that, you can buy the cheaper, but still overpriced, rapid travel charger.

Many, myself included, would say that this charger should have been supplied with the PlayBook instead of the one that is, which takes around 8 hours to fully charge and you can't use the PlayBook for anything battery intensive, like web browsing, videos, music etc, while it charges.

The rapid charging stand/dock/pod comes in one colour, black, but it is a high gloss piano black, which makes it look like an expensive (which it is) piece of kit. You won't be embarrassed to leave it sitting about when visitors call, that's for sure.

So 4 out of 5 for quality and charging power. 0 out of 5 for price and design.
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on 13 April 2012
This item is functional, for sure. Does what it says on the tin by keeping the PlayBook charged whilst not in use. However, the real point for me is that the PlayBook is a beautiful item (small, slim, beautifully made); this stand is also beautifully made and displays the PlayBook almost as a work of art. Buy it! Pretentious, moi? ;-)

One word of warning: you have to take the PlayBook out of its (bookbinder) case to dock in the charging stand, but as the case is rather chunky and rather spoils appearance of the PlayBook I don't often use it, generally preferring the supplied neoprene slip cover for transport.
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on 17 April 2012
This certainly charges faster than the standard charger, and is a generally useful stand if you disconnect it from the power supply.
As for people saying this holds it at the perfect angle... That's impossible at all times. If you're sitting on a low desk with a high chair, it's not going to be 'perfect', and likewise with other various positions. However, I've no complaints about this, as it's never really a big problem.
Another advantage is it's magnetic connection with the Playbook, which gives less wear and tear to the USB socket (although the socket should take around 10,000 connections, it's always nice to know).
As for peoples complaints about it only being available in horizontal mode... You don't say so? Also, inaccessibility to other adapters is pretty obvious to pick up before you buy it.
All in all, a pretty good buy.
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