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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 April 2012
Sometimes you just find a book that ticks every box for you. Usually it is in one of your usual genres. This book should be so far outside my comfort zone but I have to say it was a sheer delight to read from start to finish.
Of course it helped that there were loads of memory links from my own life to be had throughout the book. Things that made me pause my reading and sit thinking about, often with a daft smile on my face sometimes that smile turning into a giggle and, more often than I care to dwell on, cringing with horror/shame!
I love the style of writing. I find it easy to read. The author says it exactly as it is without resorting to unnecessary over embellishments, using language and style that is easy to follow. Her characterisation is also spot on. Another author well versed in people watching methinks. All this topped off with a cracking story that kept me enthralled throughout my 3 sittings reading it - I found it very hard to tear myself away. I have read in other reviews and on forums that some people lean more towards one half or the other (Oxford or Cornwall). Me, I loved them both, but then of course I have a personal memory link for that too!
I have read a couple of shorts by this author, but now I am going to see what else there is on offer...
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on 9 January 2012
OK, I must premise this review by saying I am not a fan of romancy chick lit books. In fact, the greater majority of them want me to gouge my eyes out! Where I have seen this is not the case is in alot of British chicklit which I find a bit more tolerable. The reason for this is that they are normally (un)politically correct, sarcastically witty and not afraid to be slightly raunch with knowing when it is going over the top, which I relate more to.

Trevithick's book fits right into that. This book was hilarious, as a young woman is trying to figure out her sexuality while at Oxford and then has to return to a more conservative part of Great Britain and determines maybe she doesn't have it all figured out. The main character was incredibly likeable and the book has moments of laugh out loud times.

Just my opinion, but I think fans of author, Sibel Hodge, will find Ms. Trevithick's chick-lit stuff really palitable!

Finally, Trevithick has stepped out of the normal genres I have read of hers, which were much more serious, and has done so brilliantly. I hope to see more of this type of writing from her!
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on 11 June 2012
This is the second story i have read from this author, it is the first full length novel.

The Bad

1. Sometimes things moved quite quickly/were resolved just a little to easily. Not a showstopper but i had to think of something bad.

The Good

1. Sophie is a wonderful character, strong and smart, humorous and witty, Yet flawed and sometimes rash, well most of the time rash. She is totally believable and so easy to get behind and sympathize with.
2. The social issues were dealt with fantastically. They didn't feel forced but were laid out sensibly and smartly.
3. The dialogue was wonderful, not overdone.
4. I loved the setting, both Oxford and Cornwall.

All in all this is a marvelous story, told well and simply unputdownable. I am fast becoming a Rosen Trevithick fanboy, I suggest you go pick yourself up a copy of this story, you will not be disappointed.

Would i recommend this book: a great big HELL YES i would.
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on 15 February 2012
This book is so funny in places it will have you laughing out loud. Some of the scenes are of a sexual nature, but please don't let this stop you reading the book. As you get into the story you realise that they are entirely necessary. As Sophie grows, you grow with her as you follow her development from a student into a lovely caring woman. The comparisons between the busy life of a student in Oxford, and Sophie's home in sleepy Cornwall are well told, and you can do little but feel sorry for her as you think she doesn't fit into her old life in Cornwall. Everyone has moved on and she doesn't seem to fit in with people or their lives.

I really would recommend this book, it's funny, and a really good read.:)
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on 18 October 2012
***cross posted from [...]***

Released in digital format in October 2011, Straight out of University is a comical look at the differences between University life in the City, and home life in a sleepy English village.

Sophie Sweet moved to Oxford when she was eighteen following her acceptance into Oxford University; throwing herself in head first, she explores all there is to love when it comes to enjoying life as a Student, including copious amounts of fun in the bedroom with both male and female companions!

Sophie loves her Oxford life. So much so that she stays there for an entire decade, only returning home to look after her Father after a health scare; Sophie adores spending time with her parents again, yet longs to be back at Oxford where she feels most at home. Cornwall is great, yet the people are nosey and terribly narrow-minded - the complete opposite of the people of Oxford.

Soon after returning home, Sophie meets a new man, yet is he really what she needs in her life? After all, she'll soon be returning to Oxford, won't she?

Just from reading the first page of this novel, you will know instantly if you are going to love it or hate it; it is straight to the point, as blunt as can be and hilarious right from the word go. Through the eyes of Sophie, we witness her growth from freshman, all the way to Graduation and beyond; how moving from village life to University life helped her find herself and become comfortable in her own skin. Then how following her return to her childhood home is a real eye opener, how much she has changed, in opposite directions to that of her childhood friends.

This book portrays an extremely intricate clash of cultures, serving to examine how we all become lost in our own worlds, no matter where we live or how we choose to live our lives.

You may think this sounds like a rather serious subject for a novel that supposedly falls into the comedy genre, and it is. Yet this book is most definitely funny. In fact it is laugh out loud hilarious from start to finish.

Thevithick manages to mix the somewhat seriousness of the subject matter with the comedy styling's of the narrative effortlessly, meaning the reader is in for a real treat. Straight out of University is one of those titles that grabs your attention right away, never letting your interest dwindle.

Trust me when I say, once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down!
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on 13 March 2012
Straight Out Of University is a more chick-lit type book than the other ones I've read from Rosen recently.

I must admit I found the University bits drag on a bit. I prefered the story when it got to the "out of" bit and the character Sophie returned to Cornwall.

This book is quite different from most of Rosen's other books, but that just emphasises how good a writer Rosen is.

Overall I really did enjoy this book, but it wasn't quite a 5 star from me.
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on 25 February 2012
Sophie Sweet is studying at Oxford University when much to this bisexual student's beguilement she is crowned lesbian of the year, thus beginning her experiences of sexual encounters with an assortment of women. Nine years later she finds herself back home in Cornwall only to realise her life is somewhat tailored by some of the narrow minded people she meets, making it very hard to acclimatize. However along comes John, a somewhat conservative man by Sophie's standards, but as a relationship builds up between them Sophie finds herself going through a life change.
A well written and entertaining read.
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on 16 February 2012
I absolutley loved this book,it was laugh out loud funny through a lot of it. Sometimes even a little cringe worthy but only due to personality similarities in relationships I have had in the past. It drew me in rapidly and even had me on tenterhooks to see if characters Sophie and John would work out together. altogether a well written novel, I will definitley be buying more from this writer.
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on 13 March 2012
Let's get one thing straight between us (so to speak). Straight Out Of University is not for you if you tend to pigeonhole people according to their sexuality. The whole premise of the book is that lead character Sophie straddles more than one way of life: not just gay and straight, but the intellectual environment of Oxford University versus the more family-oriented ways of her home town in Cornwall.

Assuming you're not easily shocked, then you'll have a blast reading this. I found the first-person voice of Sophie engaging, and it was easy to keep coming back to the book to follow her adventures. She definitely evolves as a person as the story progresses, learning from a variety of people along the way. Some of the other characters are amazing and inspirational, others deliberately have you tearing your hair out with whichever hand isn't holding your Kindle! A few of them don't quite get the storylines I felt they deserved, but most get their time in the spotlight, especially in the scenes I enjoyed the most: when Sophie puts her skills to good use and turns each person into a project. You'll want to cheer her on!

Mixed up with all the amusing confrontations and sincere romance are some genuinely interesting themes. At some point we've all been guilty of judging people at face value, and Sophie's experiences make it easy to sympathise with her. With almost everyone she meets - friends, family, lovers and rivals - she discovers there's more than meets the eye. She's just as guilty of making snap judgements about them as they are about her, which makes her a believable protagonist.

This is the first time I've read one of Rosen's books, and I'm impressed. She has a flair for snappy dialogue, detailed description and fast plot movement. Based on this, I'll definitely be reading more of her work.
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on 18 May 2012
I have to admit that I only picked this up because the video trailer was cute; but whatever reasons, I am so glad that I did - I loved reading it - it made me laugh many times; and it isn't as lightweight as you might think - definitely at the 'lit' end of the chick-lit spectrum.
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