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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2011
So... I thought this was good and I read it pretty quickly, ties up all the loose ends from the first one and Faedra finally puts her foot down and demands some answers.
This book begins shortly after the end of 'The Amulet' and Faedra and co. are still dealing with the effects of the evil Vivianna (wasn't entirely keen on the 'mental torture' section, not sure it added to the book)and at the same time planning a Halloween party, especially exciting as Faedra's father Henry has finally met a mystery new woman who is to be revealed at the party. Sadly typically for Faedra's parties, things go dramatically wrong and her world is turned upside down, again!
In the aftermath of the party Faedra becomes understandably angry but it isn't necessarily directed at the right people/places and she comes off a bit bratty. Lots of feet stamping later, the mystery of Faedra's heritage (which I assume most people had also guessed in the first book) is finally revealed, cue more foot stamping. Put aside Faedra's anger please, she has been through a lot, and the quest part of the novel begins and this is where it really picks up the pace and becomes more interesting. Lots of danger and a whole host of new characters later we reach the dramatic climax and Faedra must use her inner strength to conquer her enemies.
Pretty good all in all, love story was a bit too lovey for my taste, the twists were fairly obvious and there were a few repetitions of phrases such as 'his liquid blue eyes' but I did enjoy it and if you read the first one you'll probably enjoy it, not sure if she's planning another book in this series but this one ends well enough that you wouldn't worry if you had to wait for more.
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on 5 December 2012
Oooooo!! Book two is...!! Well, more of the same? No! More like a heart to heart with the two main characters as they go on their quest to rescue the Seven Kingdoms! It was really great to see them get to know each other!!
Still got my original niggles from the first book, but I like Faedra more now. She really is a feisty lady to be proud of!! And Faen is there nearly every step of the way, supporting and protecting her!! And what fantasy book can be complete without a bit of invisibility? Go, Etyran, Go!!
Just got to thank the author for bringing back some of my best childhood memories with this book. She has described Norwich perfectly!! The atmosphere and myths of that great city, its pubs, castle and cathedral is is incorporated magnificently!! If you ever get the chance to visit - please do!! All fans of the Custodian Series should at least explore Norwich digitally if they can't get there in person. It really helps to get the whole tone of this story and its teller!!
Off to start book 3 now.....!!!
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on 19 March 2014
The Custodian series - all 4 books so far are well written. The author has built a multi-verse of 'Realms' into and through which the story flows. Our Heroine is a down-to-earth, well rounded individual who, with lots of assistance from various characters who come from The Seven Realms fights numerous evil foes on her way to meet her destiny. I reccommend the whole series especially to young teenage ladies who want a role model and who still enjoy stories about 'Fae' or Fairies - especially 'hunky' ones!
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on 6 February 2013
This is the second novel of the Custodian series, you must read the first one 'The Amulet' as this book follows on from it and you would be lost starting the series with this book. Although it has been written with young adults in mind I throughly enjoyed it. It is about faries protecting 'The World Of Man'. I read this book in two sessions as I could it down once I got started.
I would highly recommend this book not only to young adults but also the more mature person, as it is pure fantasy and you tart to wish that you had some of the powers described in this book.
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on 20 July 2013
I got the first in this series "free" on the Kindle, and it was so good that I promptly bought the rest of the series. The author does not run out of steam, nor does the plot wane as the series progresses. I was gripped from start to finish.
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on 25 September 2013
I have never enjoyed reading a series of books as I have this one! I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to start the next one and yes I have already purchased it.. this series is great for any age it's clean language and great morals makes this series a breath of fresh air! I wish more authors would start writing more books like this!! Amazing,simply amazing..
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on 15 April 2012
I really enjoyed this book and the first one, it dealt mixing in the different realms really good and was never confusing, you really got involved with the characters, I would recommend this to others.
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on 24 February 2012
I bought this last week as I had read the first one, The Amulet. I really enjoyed that one, and so I was very happy to purchase this one.

Noticeable difference is that this is longer, and you can tell. But Alison Pensy has written a story that keeps moving, doesn't stop.

Have you noticed that in Hollywood, they think a sequel should always be bigger, better, louder, more extravagant, and most of the time more expensive than the first. They fail, usually.

This one does not.

Okay, it's a book, but still sequels in books can fail.

I personally think this is better than the first, as the dangerous situations that our two main characters are put in, are greater and more perilous than in the first book, but are greatly more explained, and so visually better and more exciting.

It's not perfect, what book is? Again, as I had noted in my review of the first book, this does keep up with the "he's so handsome, I just felt myself melt when I looked into his eyes' type of teenage girl world, but hey, I'm a 40 year old bloke, so it wasn't written for my age group. It doesn't linger too much on that style of writing, which is great.

I would also of loved more interaction with the dragons. Yes, we have dragons in the book. Maybe next time.

The characters all are likable.

One character I really liked, and is a little mysterious is Todmus. He really does have a tale to tell, especially about a horse (read the book) that he keeps secret.

If there is to be another book, then I ask the author to write more about Todmus and the horse. It's a great hook to keep the reader wanting more.
I am now a fan of Alison Pensy, and I hope she does well with future works.
I will certainly be buying more of her work as it comes out.

It's a great read, fast, exciting and you do feel for the characters, which is a great.
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on 6 January 2013
I think that this book was amazing as was the Amulet (custodian novel # 1) and it gets you really interested so that you can't put it down. (Read the first one before reading this one or you won't understand it. My advise anyways.)
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on 22 October 2013
I loved this book and it would be a great book for people ages 11 to as old as you want. :-* To discover all the amazing and imaginative ideas that has been created in this book is a dream come true! Really amazing.
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