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on 25 May 2017
You can basically forget about charging the latest, power hungry smart phones directly from the solar panel right now, it's just not powerful enough to do it in the UK climate for all but the sunniest, cloudless skies.

The ONLY viable way to charge a modern smart phone/tablet off this product is to do it off the included battery pack.

If you accept the limitations of solar charging in the UK and regard being able to charge stuff in the few remote places still left in the UK as a bonus when the sun is shining, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed, but it is only a bonus. As for this product to be a genuine alternative to carrying more battery packs you will basically need a clear sky with no cloud cover at all, get that sort of weather and it will charge a low power smart phone, directly from the solar panel, to 100% capacity, in about 4hrs but only a low power, budget type phone. All you Samsung & Apple phone users can forget it.

It's for this reason that I keep two phones on me, a fully charged modern smart phone for internet access, and an old budget one that I know will be chargeable off the solar panel most of the time, even in the UK climate.

Modern smart phones, especially those that have the newer Type C USB connection need more electricity to charge than this solar panel can provide in anything but perfect, sunny weather, if cloud cover interrupts charging then you will need to unplug it and reinsert it for the phone to detect it and start charging again, not much use if a clouds come along every few minutes..right?

The solar panel will trickle charge the battery pack in most conditions though, at peak output in ideal conditions, the solar panel can charge the battery pack at roughly 300mAh an hour, so your looking at a charge time of 30-40hrs for a full 100% charge! I wouldn't like to guess how long it would take in typical UK weather, so ideally you'll aim to keep the battery at 50-60% at all times and top it up as necessary.

Keep that battery charged though and it will charge anything you throw at it. The battery is rated with a 9000mAh capacity, though only about 6000mAh of that is actually usable, which is enough to charge a modern smart phone twice or a large tablet one and a half times.
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on 30 January 2017
I love the Powermonkey Extreme.
An extremely robust panel and intelligent storage battery complete with a great carrying case and all manner of accessories - this goes on every holiday with us and although the panel is small compared to other solar panels we have it does a sterling job of converting the light to power.
The 5v/12v version is reasonably expensive but I feel that is justified by the quality, compact size and reliability. The remaining charge on the battery is very clear as it is expressed as a percentage on the LCD display which is turned on with a simple finger swipe and that is way better then many storage packs which either have nothing or a few small lights.
Stored power lasts ages too which is a major bonus as it can be weeks between good charging days in rainy old England.
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on 8 December 2016
This product is getting a bit dated now and should be sold as a solar panel only as it's awesome! I attach the solar panel to my backpack or bike rack and sometimes charge other power packs or my phone directly. I use it when out bikepacking and camping and in direct sunlight charges really quickly, however if there is any cloud it slows down a lot. If it is completely overcast then it doesn't charge. The battery charges my tablet and smartphone as well as provide some power for a camping light. The fiitings come in handy all the time for lots of uses and plugged into the mains it charges within a reasonable time.
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on 17 October 2013
I am very pleased with this charger, as it does what it says on the tin. I was away camping for just over six weeks and this charger kept both mine & my wife's mobile phone and ipad fully charged and usable for the whole period. Very robust and well made.
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on 1 April 2016
On a recent trip to Kilimanjaro four of the party had purchased power monkeys (two of them Powermonkey extremes). We were lucky with the weather so none of them were exposed to harsh conditions. By the end of the trip only one was still working. When I returned home I tried to diagnose the problem. The battery pack won't even accept a charge from a socket. Great concept, rubbish implementation.
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on 11 November 2016
I absolutely love my Powermonkey.. I take it with me when I go away for the weekend. It charges all my devices without needing to be recharged itself. It's heavier than other much smaller, less powerful charging devices, but absolutely indispensable. It comes with a variety of attachments which have on more than one occasions saved me when I have lost the wires to my Kindle and mobile phone.
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on 4 February 2017
I bought this to run in conjunction with an existing power traveler Extreme from my last trip to Mount everest where I will be for two months. It was bought to bak up my power requirements and doesn't seem to work at all. total con nowI have to go looking for something better which lead me to believe even if I bought the power gorilla which is claimed to charge laptops. That I would be left reading paper backs for two months instead of watching films. My advice don't put your faith in Power traveller at all. My email is afm_1966@yahoo.co.uk ill follow this up with an email to power traveller themselves.
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on 17 June 2017
Really disappointed with this, especially considering the price. The touch sensitive controls do not always works and often require a few attempts to get it going. Also, it's doesn't provide as much charge as advertised unfortunately.
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on 14 August 2014
Generally works well... I tried recharging via solar panels, after 4-6 hours on the back of my bike (I was on cycle tour/camping), it charged to 25%, could have just been not sunny enough? Will try charging again soon for a test... As it is quite heavy, I think more power would have been nice, as its heavier than carrying 6 mobile batteries (which it is meant to be able to charge).
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on 26 December 2014
Amazing product, so glad I got this one 100 times better than the cheap ones that I have tried in the past.
Used it traveling and also at festivals charging anything from phones to cameras to even wireless speakers could not ask for a better product!!!

It charges my iPhone 5 about 10 times from 1% to 100% fast and on flight mode.
its tough, durable and I would buy another one if it ever breaks without a sec on thought.
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