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on 31 August 2015
Great gloves, I'd previously had Elite Body Squad gloves which were also good but pretty much fell apart after a year, I was interested to see if these one would be better. Initially just while wearing them in I got small dead skin blisters just below my fingers but these soon went as I got used to them.
Things I like:-
The combination of padded leather and rubber on the grips is very good the fact there is not too much of either provides good grip.
The wrist support is good, it can occasionally ride up the arm, but just need velcro them round the wrist again and their fine.
They don't smell too bad - sometimes gloves can give off a really pungent burnt leather smell that never goes away.
Snazzy design!

After a couple of months (5 gym sessions a week) they aren't showing any signs of wear I generally find the stitching always starts to go around the cut off fingers but they are holding out.
A tip to all people who haven't worn gloves before, don't wash them at all they will lose their grip easily, gloves smell get used to it!
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on 1 September 2017
After buying a different set of gloves that didn't fit i decided to buy these with all the wonderful reviews,i've been using these gloves for a week now they seem ok but for some reason i'm getting blisters on the palm of my hands which hurts really badly while lifting weights,also the wrist strap when wrapping it around my hands the stick piece don't seem to stick properly the fingers protection is really good but the palm isn't good at all
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on 29 October 2016
Just arrived so it's only first impressions... that said, I'm impressed. They seem way better made than the pair that just wore out (another make) that lasted fine. Negatives? None really. they seem very stiff and inflexible now, but no doubt they soften quickly with use. I was a bit concerned about sizing - seems ridiculous that the manufacturer/supplier don't provide a guide on the page here. I guessed medium; my hands are 21.5 cm around the widest part over the knuckles, and they feel a bit tight today; but once they loosen and stretch I'd say they'll be fine. I wouldn't want to have bought large....
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on 19 July 2017
Nice design 7/10, durability 6/10. first i should say i used them 5 days per week , they lasted for me for a mount or so. At first i liked them a lot and they started to fall apart pretty fast, but lest be fair i used them quite heavy. Thats why i would give them 6/10, but they were quite comfortable, and the wrist support is perfect, no pain after or during the exercise.
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on 6 June 2015
"How does this product fit?" - so tempted to put "like a glove!".
Bought this pair and a pair for my partner because my gym had cable attachments for cable flyes that dug into my wristbone, so wanted a glove with cushioning. The wraparound on these gloves solves that problem perfectly. Good design, nice padding and once they've softened up with more use they will be very comfortable. When using them with wrist straps for chins or heavy lifting they can make the wrist area quite bulky, but I still got the grip I needed. Very pleased with the purchase.
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on 2 June 2015
Overall good quality gloves. This is the second pair I have bought as I needed a pair to go in my travel bag as well as my normal gym bag. Would recommend these gloves and if I do need to replace a pair in future, I will most likely purchase this product again.. They also wash well which is handy. The only criticism I would have for these gloves is that the wrist support strap feature takes some breaking in when new. The straps tend to drift down my forearm slightly, rather than maintaining wrist support, however after a few uses, this is not an issue (and to be fair, the material is fairly heavy duty and good quality, so basically needs breaking in like a good pair of boots!)
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on 18 August 2017
I've been using these for about 2 months, lifting about 4 times per week and they still look brand new. So hard wearing, and the wrist support is amazing. They are a little uncomfortable at first but once you use them a few times the leather moulds to your hands and they'll be fine
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on 5 August 2013
First use was very uncomfortable but I thought I would give them a week of good use and then make a decision.

5 sessions later these are still the same, the stitching is terrible especially between the thumb and index finger where the bar rests pushes the stiching into the hand. Soon as you get a bit of proper weight on the bar it gets unbearable, all i can think about is how much its digging in my hand and puts me off.

Also the same stiching is now starting to come away from the leather. Not impressed at all. My last pair of gloves was £7.99 and lasted nearly 2 years of hard use almost everyday. These are nowhere near as good and are not worth the cost.
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on 31 March 2015
Its second set of this same gloves, first set manage more then a year of heavy lifting 3 times a week. They are very good and very durable, maybe a bit stiff when used first few times but that changes afterwards. First set I bought was large size and it was a bit to big as my hands are not that big so this time I bought medium, fits perfectly. Warning! Those are weight lifting gloves not body weight training gloves, use them for weights not pull ups etc.
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on 2 September 2017
Been using these for over a year now, 5 days training a week, and they are only just starting to fray ever so slightly. I would highly recommend. Some say go up a size...but I say just get your normal size cause they stretch over time. Would highly recommend
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