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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 April 2012
This review is primarily to confirm that the Classics version of Borderlands - Game of the Year comes with two disks. The second disk has the additional GOTY material. (See photo above.)
As for the game itself, it greatly improves with extended play. The graphics are excellent and the general game atmosphere is good, but it does require a little "grinding" to both level-up your character and open up new areas and features of the game. My first impression of the game was that the kills weren't satisfying. The improved weaponry and characters' improved ability to use the weaponry rectifies that, and fragging is back with style. The puzzle-solving component tends toward the basic, harking back to Doom levels of complexity at times, but there is a reasonable variety of missions to pursue, with worthwhile rewards in cash, XP or a new item upon completion. The initially dull beachcombing becomes more interesting as you progress through the game, and more powerful items start to appear when searching containers and rifling bodies. Wandering around Pandora still fails to be a particularly compelling experience as much of it is very similar in appearance, and there is little interaction. Some doors open, but the majority seem not to, so far. That said, the environment is interesting enough to encourage play. As you progress, new areas are opened up regularly with new, tougher variants of Scag and additional humanoid enemies encountered too. Much is made of the weapon varieties, and there is a pretty good selection. Every weapon encountered prompts comparison with your existing arsenal, and it can be quite a wrench to drop a weapon you know and like, for a more powerful but unproven new one. Weapons skills improve with use, and different classes of avatar have different skills. So it's useful to go with the grain to get the most out of your character. As with all games of its type, you can condense it down to wandering round shooting things, and just how much wandering round and shooting you can do before you tire of it depends on the individual. But as an example of the exploring FPS, Borderlands is a great example. Whilst it fails to reach the loft heights that Fallout 3 achieved, Borderlands is well worth playing and persevering past the initial rather humdrum training stage.
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on 4 May 2014
This game is just exceptional. It has a simple , unashamedly repetitive, yet fun structure to it; SHOOT AND LOOT. It works around a random event generator that random spawns guns with different attributes, such as FIRE RATE, AMMO TYPE, MAGAZINE SIZE, ACCURACY, AND DAMAGE TYPE. Who would have thought that a shotgun could fire rockets?

The game is made so enjoyable by the excellent script of the characters that you meet throughout and the stories that they are involved with. It's satirical, simple, intellectual and also incredibly stupid and fun.

The games gives you the choice if being 4 different characters and play 4 player online, or 2 player split screen co-op.
The standard game is hundreds of hours playtime, with the addition of multiple play-throughs that increase in difficulty as you level up. This Game of the Year addition however, completely magnifies that huge wealth of enjoyment and gives even more depth to the world of Pandora; the world that the game is set.

I played this before but picked it up again after playing days on days on the sequel. At £6.50 odd it is amazing value. I have been playing the second one over a year or two now with my mate over Xbox Live. Superb!
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on 21 October 2011
Where to start?
First of all, this game is pure gun-wielding, phase-walking, turret-blasting, bird-of-prey-flying Fun with a capital F! There is such a never-ending torrent of guns, shields, grenades, rocket launchers that it will make it hard for you to get any emotional connection with your current weapon.
But that is a good thing! In other games where you use the same few guns all throughout the game, here you'll rarely spend more than an hour with one. Well, at least in the beginning when leveling up is a fast affair.
The leveling up is also a great chance you can use to create significantly different characters to fit your playing style better.
Talking about style, the game's visuals never stop to amaze me. It really feels like you jumped into a very well drawn comic book and fighting through the story real people only read about.
The story... well, it is there but you won't play this game for it that's for sure. If you don't live to loot then you'll be disappointed.
Or maybe not, because with all the DLCs included you get so much content that you won't have time to realize the paper thin story. I never did and I'm usually someone who picks up on such major details.
To sum up all this nonsense: GET IT + PLAY IT!
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on 10 March 2017
Bought as a present and was much loved. Original game disk was scratched but was bought for the add on disk. Which was in perfect condition.
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on 18 May 2017
Came exactly as advertised. Good condition. Correct edition (with the DLC disc). Very prompt delivery.
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on 8 October 2011
When Borderlands first came out all the comments I heard about it where along the lines of "it's a great co-op game" and "you can play it co-op". For some strange reason it just didn't register on my radar as a game I'd want to have. However, when Amazon had it on sale at a good price I thought I'd take a punt on it. I have to say it has its flaws. The missions can get a bit repetitive and you may end up dead a few times before you realize that enemies have levels just like you. But those are really minor gripes. With the game of the year edition you are getting all the DLC along with the main game for your money. This by far makes it a more value for money prospect than if you bought the game and then paid for the DLC via MS Points. If you want a comparison of what it's like to play think of an action RPG in the vain of Fallout 3 but with more guns and less perks. You kill things, you gain XP, you level up and you find nice weapons to use. The thing that took me by surprise about the game was it had an intelligent system of not only leveling your character but the weapons you use. Or more to the point the kind of weapons you use. If let's say you like sniper rifles you can use any you find and every kill you get will level up your sniper skill. This adds bonuses to you sniping like more accuracy or less sway. Anyway this system gave the game a really nice feel of accomplishment. The more you use a weapon the better you seem to get with it. I would recommend the game to anyone who likes shooting things with guns. With the added DLC it'll last for a while so you're bound to get your monies worth out of it.
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on 30 September 2011
Furst off if you wish to obtain a 2nd disc with all the dlc instead of a download code you need to purchase the Classics GOTY edition.

I was sceptical about playing this because of the cell shaded 'cartoon' style graphics. However the game is great fun, a solid mixture of first person shooter and role playing. The action is solid and early on I found the game very challenging, don't be fooled by the cartoonish look of Borderlands.

One outstanding feature of this game, other than the quirky style and tight shooting controls, is the ability to reverse character development decisions. In other words if you are unhappy with the way you have spent skill points developing your character, Borderlands allows you to backtrack and undo those decisions by re-attributing points to other more fitting skills. This makes character development and subsequent gameplay very flexible. This mecahnism allows you to try out different styles of play and find out which one works best for you.

Regardless of or maybe due to it's quirky style, Borderlands brings something a bit different to the first person shooter market. In terms of value for money the GOTY edition is excellent in that it provides many hours of entertainment and can be re-played either re-building the same character in different ways or with another of the four character types available.

Borderlands is kind of a more tongue in cheek version of Fallout in some respects and definitely worth a go if you like first person shooters and would like a little variety from the standard military shooters. It's a long way from being a serious shooter and it's all the more fun and unique as a result.
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on 29 July 2012
Borderlands isn't your average game. Crossed between the genres of role playing and first person shooters, Borderlands provides you with a great gaming experience. The unique art style within game builds effective graphics for the varied environments, as well as making all the characters featured likable from the off. Even though the plot isn't the most compelling, the game makes up for it in co-op gameplay in multiplayer.

On top of main in game content, the Game of the Year Edition includes all 4 Downloadable Content packs (The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution). Each piece of content includes its own storyline, new areas and other features which aren't in the main body of the game.

Overall, A great experience for gamers and a nice product to add to the collection

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on 31 March 2013
This is a very good buy, boss battles are always something to look forward to and are the highlight of the game, the games main appeal is the very rewarding levelling up system.

However do not expect a good storyline or ending to it, it is a massive anticlimax, though the characters have personality and a comical edge they simply are not well used, the game is short, thus leaves you disappointed. This does make you want more and that's what is good about the GOTYE; the expansion packs are easy to install and play, but yet again these are very short. Annoyingly during the missions characters would talk over each other and crucial facts would be missed, the game has a log of all voice overs but many are missing from the log altogether, this is an issue raised in many video reviews so expect to find yourself wondering around the vast maps without any idea why you're: gathering random tapes, destroying items, or collecting flowers, etc.

As stated the lands of Pandora (the games setting) are vast, so big in fact that they are underused, a perfect example of this is the race track in an area named Dahl headlands, a side mission sends you to this location to kill bugs so the track can re-open, but this track is never to be seen again, a wasted opportunity, that is easily overlooked. With such a vast setting it is presumed that a mini-map would be utilised, but its not, this often means stopping pausing the game in middle of fight scenes to check the location of the target on the map. Pandora is lonely, though I played slit-screen with a friend we both agreed that the lands are empty; dull and brown with not much variation meaning most areas look the same, also not many friendly ai's, there are some random npc's but they are centred in the few main towns. Trying to interact with npc's is pointless most other characters in the game will simply say "you seen my gun?", I think I counted a total of 10 npc's all looking the same with the same voice and comments made. I realise that this is an aged game thus I was not expecting much from the voice acting, but I still expected more, the characters who give missions are unable to verbalise them, simple nodding their heads and saying "welcome" without opening their mouths, this issue is addressed in the dlc's and this was one area that a big improvement is made, during dlc missions I was happy not to have to read long winded paragraphs of information, the characters would describe everything needed to inform you of the mission without being a dull slab of text.
As mentioned I played in split-screen this is a great feature allowing two people to shooting enemies as a team, Borderlands relies heavily on its combat stages at it has every right to, combat is well done and enjoyable, it is satisfying to get critical head shots and watch your ability level rise along with the 'proficiency' to use that type of weapon meaning combat gets better as the game progresses. Enemies level up as well so combat is never to easy. To use multi-player is sometimes difficult players must be at the same campaign spot or it will say mission incompatible, then that person is not able to take part so plan accordingly. Strangely split-screen is split VERTICALLY I am still unsure why this is, game-play is harder because of this and it seems to be contradictory considering that all menus and tabs are portrait, thus it was unusual and awkward at first as we played it became the norm so be ready for that.

A big plus for the game is the gun randomisation technology used for this game, it is a one of a kind and a limitless amount of guns means game-play is never tedious, trying to collect the rarest guns is a reason to play the game over and over that's why I have. You must play this game with a friend, trust me the game is lonely without one, and you will need reviving a lot, just bare in mind loot is not multiplied. Borderlands also has a save any-time ability so when needing to end the game-play pause and quit, a message will then say; all game data will be saved, this is rare as most game will simple say; any unsaved data will be lost, often making me ask the question why not do what Borderlands does then and save it for me as I quit

It may seem that I am being overly critical but this was my experience I love this game because as the case suggests, it is a classic no game compares I am glad to see a sequel released for this game, if you are considering buying the second Borderlands but wanted to experience the first game, do it, it is worth the money. If considering buying this game for yourself, someone else or any other human in existence just buy it, despite some flaws it is a super classic.
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on 4 December 2012
The experience provided by this game can be expressed in a couple of words, incredibly fun.

This game is almost an open world game with the player being able to go wherever they wished so long as they unlocked the relevant area first. There are a multitude of guns almost randomly generated to the point of that you will rarely see the same gun twice. If you do, they are likely going to be very low level stuff which don't have much more than damage, rate of fire and ammo count taken into the equation. The enemies are varied and very fun to fight against.

Without going into too much detail about the plot of the game, I have to say first that the plot is fairly weak. Gameplay is focused on the player doing missions from bounty boards which can range from collecting audio recordings of the mad doc Patricia Tanner to hunting down boss creatures and wiping out camps of bandits. Thankfully, the story mission aren't played out by accepting them on bounty boards but you are get some seemingly random missions (main missions too) that give big payouts for meeting a person etc. There's not enough done to make the story stand out from the rest of the plod and shoot missions that the game provides on the side.

However, the plot is the only weak thing in the game that I can identify. The rest of the game is incredibly cheesy and very funny at most times when you're blowing apart Badass Skags or watching the psycho midgets get up a rage. With all the guns every playthrough can be fairly varied.

The DLC that come with this Game of the Year edition are great too. The only one I'm not fussed on is Mad Moxxi's arena and while I adore Mad Moxxi, the DLC is geared for almost exclusive multiplayer. It's very hard on your own. But the Robolution and Dr Ned's Zombie Island more than makes up for the (only in my case, who knows, you might have friends with this game and xbox live. ;) ) redundancy of moxxi's arena for me.

I have heard this being said that Borderlands is just a beta testing of the gun system for Borderlands 2 to make better of but I think that its worth a play just for the laughs and if you have friends it can be very fun indeed.
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