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on 28 October 2014
I was looking for a high capacity USB3 drive and already have one of the older Transcend StoreJet (500Gb) drives, so thought I'd give this one a go. My older drive (purchased in 2011, I think) is still going strong and I've never had any problems with it.

After placing the order, I noticed that the WD Elements equivalent (2TB) drive was 17GBP cheaper. I figured I'd go ahead and order the WD drive too, and return the Transcend drive to Amazon after it arrived. So, why am I leaving a review of a drive I presumably returned? Well, having the two drives side-by-side, I chose to keep the Transcend and send the WD drive back instead.

The WD drive is very neat. It's pretty much a square and is smaller than the Transcend drive but a little thicker. The WD's housing is nice enough to look at but feels very plasticky and rigid. It has 4 small, rubber feet on the bottom but really feels like it wouldn't handle bumps and knocks very well and there's not very much grip on the casing. Straight away, I felt that I'd be forced to handle it with much more care than the Transcend (more on that in a minute) and be worried about it slipping out of my hand whilst carrying it to and from the machine it was purchased to act as a backup for (and I didn't want to have to end up buying a soft case for it).

I can't attest to build quality, reliability or anything like that, as I've literally only had both drives for a couple of days. They both connect without any problems, both write at roughly the same speed in some tests I did (about 26-27MBps on USB2), both are formatted to NTFS (although oddly enough, I seem to remember the WD Elements 2TB drive actually showing up with very slightly more free space than the Transcend...maybe the cluster size is different. Anyway...

I'd not even opened the Transcend drive and was midway through boxing it up and processing the return when I figured I could at least just open it. As soon as I had it in my hand, I knew that I'd be keeping this drive instead of the WD Elements. The StoreJet has a really nice rubber casing and although it's physically a bit bigger than the WD Elements, it feels like it would physically be more sturdy and the grip provided by the rubber casing means that you won't constantly be worrying about dropping it. Interestingly enough, the Transcend drive's packaging doesn't appear to offer as much protection as the WD's packaging...that could tell you something about how delicate WD seem to think their drive might be. Also, the Transcend comes with a 3yr (albeit "limited") warranty, over the WD Element's 2yr.

They both come with software that most of us won't even use (although the version of WD's backup software is only a 30-day trial, whereas, Transcend's software seems to be fully functional) and both come with short USB3 cables. I prefer the cable that comes with the WD drive; it's longer and thinner (therefore, more flexible).

I don't doubt that the WD Elements drive is excellent, I just preferred the Transcend and think the extras (seemingly better protection, longer warranty, etc.) were worth the slightly extra price. I'll update this review in the coming months if I have any problems with it - if you're reading this and don't see an *** UPDATE ***, assume it's still going strong. :-)
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on 6 July 2016
I bought this drive to use as backup during a trip to Namibia. But I have been unable to get it formatted so I can use it with my MacBook.

I searched the Transcend forums without finding a solution so I contacted Transcend describing the problem and asking if they could suggest anything that might resolve the situation. After 2 days their response was to ask for the serial number on the disk. I sent back the only number on the disk which was the number I had registered the drive with on their site (this number is printed very faintly in ink on the drive) but was told after two days the number was not valid.

Their useful advise was to take the drive to my vendor (in the UK) or to their partner in the country I am in (they do not have one in Namibia).

It would have been more useful to have a series of steps that I could try to resolve the issue as I am sure I am not the first to have an issue formatting this drive on a Mac. The fact I needed the drive for backup while on a trip did not seem to concern them, the process of verifying the serial number was more important.
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on 12 June 2017
Do not buy.

The internal USB-SATA converter failed within a few days. The device is no longer recognised by several computers, even with an alternate USB cable.

The disk itself still works, so I've been able to retrieve the data from the disk by opening up the case (breaking the manufacturer seals), removing the disk and connecting it to a more reliable USB-SATA adapter.

If I hadn't needed the data, I'd have just sent the unit back to Amazon. As it is, I'll just have to eat the cost of the purchase, and look elsewhere for something more reliable.
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on 5 April 2017
Having "lost " several supposedly portable hard drives to relatively trivial impacts, users are crying out for a little more robustness in these devices. It doesn't matter how many billion photos it holds, if it can't survive a 12" fall to a soft thick carpet, or vibration in a trolley bag, it's of little use, that billion has gone in an instant. This hopefully is the answer! So far so good. No impacts, and working well. The speed at USB 3 it nigh well astonishing.

The only thing that remains a mystery is the number of colours it comes in, each at a different price. Does colour matter to people that much? With military grade shock-resistance, a camouflage one would be nice.
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on 16 December 2014
Lost data while using this device!
The drive is very well protected, when it's working; it's fast and quiet.
But the connector on the drive end is next to useless.
It wobbles around and just does not feel secure.
Whilst transferring data, I moved the drive gently and the connection was lost, corrupting the file beyond repair.
Treating it with 'kid-gloves, has served OK for a while, but recently the same thing happened, and I didn't touch the drive, only brush against the cable. Because the plug sticks out so far from the drive when it is assembled, makes it vulnerable, and the need to keep plugging it in, because you can't store the drive in the pouch with the plug connected, it's loosened up.
what was wrong with the traditional square plug or even a female standard USB. Transcend have spoiled what was a good product, and all to make it a little bit slimmer.
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on 28 September 2017
Excellent disk for travelling. Very well protected for knocks and bumps. Initial problem I had was that I copied files from my Windows laptop and then tried to read them with my Mac laptop. The Mac didnt recognize the disk. The disk was formatted exFat with my Windows machine (a format both for Win and Mac to r/w). The solution was to reformat it in exFat BUT in the Mac machine. This fixed the problem and both machines can read and write in the disk.
Another issue I had was when I tried to connect the disk to a Samsung Tab S2 tablet. The disk wouldnt start. This is because the USB in the tablet has no enough power to turn on the disk. The solution was to plug the disk with an external cable to the USB in the wall.
Delighted with it and cant wait to bring it backpacking in my next trip.
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on 4 August 2017
Have used several of these in the past. All still functioning, so in terms of failure they are fine and should be reliable and have proven to be.
Speed is about average
Goes to sleep when not in use
Fairly robust and durable

Occasionally cuts out when transferring large amount of data or files. (about 100Gbs or more)
is not military standard or robust for outdoor stuff.

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on 12 November 2017
This was purchased to replace my old 500GB device which was connected to me Network Hub on one of the USB ports. The advantages for this is that it is USB3 and twice the storage of my old device.

The difference in speed between USB 2 and 3 is very noticeable even though it is connected over the network. Also, it helps that although the device it always connected it will go to sleep This should prolong the life.

Impressed so far although I haven't needed to test its sturdiness yet.
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on 23 February 2016
Worked fine for about a year, and now has terrible performance. I'm unable to play movies directly from it, as the the playback is faltering, and just stutters, and freezes. I have to copy the files from the drive, onto my laptop, in order to play them. Disconnects randomly as well. Just one other complaint, which to be fair isn't unique to this product, is that the connection of the cable to the HDD is pathetically weak. I've noticed that this plug/socket design is universal, but why such a weak connection is used on a drive that is supposed to be mil spec, is beyond me!
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on 20 May 2014
Mine is the 2TB version.

I initially loaded 700GB only to find, too late, that they ship the thing with FAT32 formatting. It's easy enough to change the format to NTFS, which is probably what you really need, but for goodness sake! FAT 32 on a 2TB HDD? So..... I obviously had to do it all over again with NTFS in order to be able to copy those files bigger than 4GB. In these days of HD video recordings, a 4GB file is far from uncommon.

Speed seems OK. I am only using in with a USB2 PC at the moment but it copied 700GB in about 16hrs even using 'Karens Replicator'. I am sure it would be faster if you use its own software but I do like the error report and flexible control that 'Karen' provides. Accessing a large file in normal use, I am very rarely made aware of any delay in loading it. That makes it a very practical machine although I would have preferred a captive cable to save carrying a separate one.

There seems to be ample power in my USB2 ports; it works perfectly connected to just one port. I guess those people having problems have ended up with a slightly different model to mine or perhaps they should try a different USB2 port?

It gets noticeably warmer than any other portable HDD I have used. I guess that the shock-proofing also acts as heat insulation. That MAY not be good for it long-term but it does come with a 3 year warranty.

The adverts tell you how robust it is but the instructions are somewhat different. They tell you to handle it carefully, don't put it in a suitcase, don't get it hot, keep it in a protective box, etc. That rather defeats the point of having a rugged drive doesn't it?

It vibrates in use more than any other portable HDD I have used (I have 5 others). Maybe it is spinning faster. It's not noisy, it is just a vibration you can feel.
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