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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 January 2016
Good book with interesting main characters and great mystery. Takes a while to get in to the story a lot of time spent building the world (in this case solar system) but once it starts it has you hooked.
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on 18 March 2013
I've not read a huge amount of sci-fi. It's a stand-by for me, something to fall back on when i'm waiting for a book to come out or tired of trying to find something original. If you want new worlds, new species and writing that's going to really bend your imagination then this serise probably isn't for you. Having said that dont think it's not original as it certainly is and it will paint some stunning, evocative pictures in your mind's eye as you try and keep pace with the action. The book centres on two main storylines, one around James Holden and his struggle to make sense of what he's found himself in the middle of and the second around Detective Miller, a tired, washed-up cop on one of the outer stations who's given a dead end task to track down the missing daughter of a wealthy industrialist. The characerisation is very good with the authors successfully avoiding the stereotypical, cardboard cut-out 'extras' and bad guys. At the same time, the writing remains 'on-point' and doesn't get lost describing the endless detail of the current off-world utopian station that other books have become mired in. The pace moves on at a perfect speed, never pausing, never allowing the reader to become bored but also not too fast that you feel you've missed something. A very accomplished debut.
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on 11 July 2014
I really enjoyed this. I like science fiction generally but wouldn't call myself a real aficionado. The science is interesting and consistent but not too technically detailed. The story is gripping and engaging and the characters feel real and you care about them. The future solar system in which this is set is consistent and interesting but never feels too far fetched. For various reasons I've been giving up on a lot of books half way through recently, but this one kept me hooked and wanting to read more all the time. I have bought the second in the series within a few hours of finishing the first.
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on 6 May 2013
A lot of people seem to rate this but I found it mediocre at best. It may be a big ask to find an original plot in a Space Opera, but even so I found this lacking sparkle. I didn't find the main characters compelling and the attempts to make Miller some kind of noir detective fell flat. Worst of all, this book fails the main test of Space Opera - the infinite black expanses of space just end up feeling rather small and pokey. My edition of the book proclaims proudly that George R R Martin thinks it "Kickass space opera". Although Martin has written science-fiction it isn't his area these days (Game of Thrones = Fantasy Opera?) so he might not be best qualified to judge. Also, peering at the back of the book reveals that the author "James S A Corey" is in fact two people, one of whom is George R R Martin's assistant. So go figure. Conclusion - OK for the beach if you are desperate, but I won't be reading any more in the series.
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on 7 July 2011
I bought this in Ebook format because I could get it instantly & cheaper, simple as that.

I first noticed it in a book shop & almost ignored it because I didn't know the author.
Reading the back I noticed that it had a review by George.R.R.Martin, now here's the thing,
I have never read any of Mr Martins books but for some reason I have yet to fathom, I decided to
buy & try. I was surprised at how good this author is & will be looking for what I hope &
expect will be a second book in the series.

Without giving anything away, I can say that the book ends well but leaves it open for at least a
follow up, maybe even a series.

A really good rollicking space adventure with very deep characters, some with backgrounds that
let you know the author would probably make a very good psychologist or has some deep angst himself.
I prfer to think he is just really good at character & story development.

Look forward to your next book.
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on 29 September 2015
Excellent combination of sci-fi and detective story, with a horror undercurrent!

This was the first Corey I've read and was very pleased. The action is suitably energetic, the descriptions are vivid, and I thought the character development was excellent. Very enjoyable, right through to the end.
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on 18 July 2012
Once again lead to a book by Amazon's suggestion system and at a point when I needed a book I gave this one a go.

I like SF, but not the really dry and heavy stuff and so this book fitted nicely into my reading habbits.

The author has a curious mix of gumshoe noir detective and dashing space captain hero characters - some people might say both are cliche, but I rather liked it. There's action a plenty, some humour chucked in for probably some would say "more cliche" but it worked for me.

Are all the characters and scenes described in massive detail? No, they aren't but this SF reader has an imagination, I can fill in the gaps for myself rather than being beaten to death with pages of quite irrelevent detail that I would probably skip read anyway. I didn't skip read any of this book.

All in all, an enjoyable, unusual book but probably not for the SF snobs.

I'm off to get the second one now....
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on 8 September 2013
The social background is rich and believable as is the technology and the characters - who have very distinct voices.

Yes I could see where certain elements of the plot were headed but that wasn't due to the writing so much as the fact that the book explored some good old SF ideas. One event completely surprised (and delighted me).
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on 8 February 2015
This book has shot to the top of my favourite books. It is packed with action, like a space opera, but not as pompous. I could hardly put it down. I love the idea of the Belt and Mars as they are described, simply delicious.
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on 25 January 2013
I bought the second book in the series as soon as I'd read the last page. However I'm not sure I like the writing style of splitting the book into two character's perspectives - chapter by chapter throughout the book. That lost it the 5th star for me
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