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on 23 September 2016
as a sufferer of post traumatic stress disorder for 18 years, I can recommend this book as probably the best trauma relaxation therapy I have ever used, it teaches the mind to relax through medication and helping you stop the negative chain reactions, that trigger anxiety.
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on 14 August 2017
I am yet to finish the book but wow once you go a few pages in your just captivated by the knowledge in this book and how relatable the examples they give are . I bought this book as I was feeling quite down and overwhelmed when ever I get that anxiousness back I just read a couple of pages and it makes me realize that itse that's making things worse by beating myself up about how I feel . 10/10 highly recommend it to everyone and anyone
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on 25 December 2017
This is a really interesting read and I do think that building mindfulness meditation into life helps massively in dealing with life's ups and downs. The audio tracks to accompany it are great to. I've struggled to build a regular practise into my life, I'm not sure how practical it is to devote as much time to meditation as the book suggests but I will continue to try.
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on 22 October 2017
Excellent book which I read on my kindle and smartphone. I also use the free audio through Audible, downloadable free to my smart phone. This is really an excellent buy. Additionally I have been informed by professional that these authors are very well respected in the field.
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on 1 February 2015
This book is brilliant. It can bring you back from the brink of despair. It's so interesting and it can be like having your best friend there at your side to guide you. You read it and light bulbs go off in your head all the time. It's not condescending or "flaky" ,you need no special skills for it to be effective . The guided meditations are something to look forward to everyday if you can fit them in.
I read lots of reviews before I bought this book and thought it can't be that good but it is. If you suffer from anxiety or stress it can really give you the tools to help yourself. If,like me, you suffer from stress because someone you love suffers from depression it can help both of you to take care of each other without hitting that downward spiral that can be so destructive.
This book does what it says on the tin- in a very calm ,soothing, very British manner. A joy.
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on 8 January 2016
This is the greatest and best book you will ever find on Mindfulness. There are many other books but before reading any other, I would start with this one.
By chance I came across this book and I am glad I did!
The first chapters elaborate on the why and how Mindfulness can help you to better manage your inner critical voices as well as it helps you to understand how these thoughts occur, and that you are not the only one with (critical) thoughts.
The next chapters will guide you through an 8 week course of Mindfulness, including the tracks on the accompanying CD. There are many Mindfulness apps on the market, but for me personally, it was especially important what each mindfulness track/training was trying to teach you.
I have not been very good at doing the daily mindfulness trainings, let alone completing the training week by week. I started the book/8 week course about 6 months ago and I have just finished week 5 - BUT I started to improve and feel better very soon after week 1 or 2. If you can finish it as recommended in the book, great! If not, and like me you do it your own pace - you will still feel a difference!
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on 19 June 2014
I suffer with anxiety & panic disorder and tried to do a group course in mindfulness but found it too difficult to do with other people. I bought this book to see if I could replicate the therapy. I was doubtful that a book could replace a proper course but I think it has. It was hard to keep at it, especially as motivation is not one of my strong points and some of the weeks turned into two. It is easy to follow though. Mindfulness has been proven to work in depression and anxiety and research is being done into it's usefulness in other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. I personally think it would work for people who have severe stress or anger issues. In fact the world would be a better place if everyone could practice mindfulness. If you can get over the hippy connotations of meditation and can work it into your day (it takes about 20 minutes twice a day) this really does work.
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on 22 March 2015
Mnay people have praised this book. I keep it by me at all times and use the disc to guide me. I have bought more copies to hand round to friends and family and I can only hope that they will eventually find they rely on it to help them deal with the problems that life throws in our paths. The emphasis in being non-judgmental can lift a huge burden from our own view of ourselves. The philosophy of living in the moment makes life worthwhile even through enormous difficulties and the idea that what is in the past is now only history should help to keep things in proportion. The future is unknown. No need to fret about it. Last of all, learn how to stop those turbulent thoughts endlessly rolling round and round. How can you manage without the help this book provides?
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on 24 May 2016
I was sceptical about Mindfullness and self help type books, but this is great. It has helped me identify areas in life where I am stressed and do not need to be, and also to put many things into perspective. Many parts of the book describe exactly how my life and attitude is, and has really helped me to see there is no need to be so wound up over things. The Meditation audio sections are very good. The voice is soothing and I look forward to using them especially at night if I am having trouble getting back to sleep. I downloaded the Kindle edition, as you then have the audio section at your fingertips whilst reading. Don't be put off by the term "Meditation" it did put me off at first, but it really is just a relaxation technique and for me it works!
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on 1 August 2015
This is a mindfulness course condensed into a very accessible book which the reader should follow over eight weeks (and then continue further). The techniques seem too simple to work but they really do if you put the time in. I found myself having more control over my emotions, stress and depression almost immediately. I started to understand what makes me happy and have a better perspective on the troubles and joys of life, both big and small. Mindfulness isn't quite a silver bullet but it is by far the most effective thing I have found. There are many other books on mindfulness and I have started reading others to complement this course but this is a great introduction and life changing base written by one of the experts who first introduced the techniques to treating stress and depression.
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