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on 24 July 2017
I have had one of these for a while, it does the job, but, it didn't last very long and when it came to replacing it, I decided to buy a Dyson V8 animal which will act as a big hoover as well as hand held, it was more expensive, but at the time I got £100 off the price at John Lewis. The Black and Decker I purchased on this occasion was for my daughter, before my own machine gave up the ghost.
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on 5 December 2011
Finally; A cordless hand vacuum that actually sucks. Whilst the 12 minutes operating time may seem a tad short, I diligently vacuumed the stairs, hall, kitchen and usual daily "traffic" dirt in the living room, and the vac was still going well. On using it in the 5th room, it continued to suck up the dirt without any problem but I did notice the noise of the motor had lowered slightly, so it was starting to run out of steam. Done far more than I thought 12 minutes would allow and the lack of power cord made the task so much easier.
To be honest, I don't forsee the large family vac being employed as often, as this hand-held unit is so quick, easy and a breeze to use.
Only downside, (unless I'm blind), is that the recharge time is not stated, apart from a small, "Recharge 21 H", which would be an excessive charge time for any 18V motor in my opinion, but there you go! Sucks like a limpit on a rock, makes the most of the 12 minutes operating time by ease of use and pure handiness along with being so simple to empty, the house may sparkle a bit more until the novelty wears off.
On arrival, the units first charge is a full 24 hours, so don't be expecting to use it the first day.
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on 17 May 2014
I bought this as I live in a maisonette, downstairs is laminate flooring so the main vaccum cleaner lives upstairs where the carpets are. I wanted to use this on the stairs and it is an amazing little tool. My carpet is a dark colour and shows every bit of dust and this gets rid of it all with one sweep, it is easy to clean, got great suction, and the onboard tools couldn't be simpler. I now use it whenever the grandkids visit and the mess is gone in minutes. It sits behind a plant in the corner of the dining room on charge so it is always ready to use. I have read some negative feedback on this cleaner but I haven't found it to be noisy, in fact my grandkids hate the big vaccum being on but they don't have a problem with this which means I don't have to wait till they have gone home before I clear up after them...love it
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on 20 April 2011
This is indeed a top performer. Yes, it is a little on the heavy side and a tad noisy. However, that is the price you have to pay for the high power and suction this cleaner delivers. Don't expect the charge to last more that fifteen to twenty minutes though. This item is ideal for cleaning car seats and household stairs, which are the main reasons I bought it. For these applications, the length of charge is not a problem. I keep mine permanently connected to the charger so it is ready to use instantly. Well recommended.
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on 16 January 2013
I never thought I could get this excited by a mini vacuum cleaner! But I seriously believe it's a must have item in any family home. I ended up buying several as Christmas presents - they were approx £60 on Amazon.

Let's set expectations. It's not for long use, just a few minutes here and there. So, cleaning all the debris off the floor after a messy toddler meal - yes. Spending half an hour cleaning the bedroom because you cannot be bothered to get out the upright - no. Spilling powders/crumbs/dirt, dusty skirting, dried mud on the hallway floor ... - yes. So convenient where a dustpan and brush wont do or a proper vacuum cleaner is overkill.

This model of Dustbuster is very powerful compared to have mini vacuums on the market. I had a cheap Argos mini vacuum and this picked up nothing, and I thought this was normal for mini vacuums. Then my husband bought the Dustbuster and I was amazed at the difference. Also, it's very ease to use and empty.

This model is rather heavy compared to other mini vacuums, but it's compact as it 'folds' in the middle. We have it plugged in all the time to keep it charged BUT it's NOT wall mountable. It sits on a base and fits into it very easily. So one downside would be having the countertop space to store it.
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on 20 January 2014
I replaced another handheld vacuum cleaner, due to the batteries running low (and not being replaceable). I am afraid that this is the case with all handheld vacuum cleaners, mainly due to the very specific power requirements they have. The mounting point for this vacuum cleaner is different (you cannot have the docking station mounted on the wall, you need to place it on a surface).

The power of this vacuum cleaner is impressive! It feels as strong as our regular vacuum cleaner! I can only recommend it!

Thus far we never had a problem with charging. We put it back onto its docking station and every time we need it, it is sufficiently charged. We use it frequently for smaller periods of time (a couple of minutes per use) without any problems at all.
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on 19 May 2014
I didn't realise Black & Decker did several models of these until I bought a 12V one and returned it because it lost power within about 5 minutes after a 24 hour charge. I returned it (not bought from Amazon) and bought this one from Amazon because the shop did not sell the 18V one.

It seems to have more suction power but, most significantly the charge remains for much longer. I used it, continuously for about 10 minutes and did not notice a drop in the charge. The design is nicely improved from an original one I bought (not the one I returned above) some years ago with the brush now permanently attached on a pivot, and the bowl so much easier to remove and is larger. The filter design is improved too and overall there is a very good ergonomic improvement.

This is an exceptionally well designed product and if there are more powerful ones out there I've not seen any other hand vacuums that are so well designed.

I would strongly recommend it for general removal of dust & bits and for cleaning inside cars.
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on 4 February 2013
I am very happy with my purchase. I hesitated a lot as it is not cheap to buy, however I never had any regrets. I think this is the most powerful portable hoover so far on the market (unless you want to spend 140 GBP on Dyson which is a lot more powerful). It does the job really well. I have two cats who make mess constantly so it's very handy to pick up cat hair and other stuff from the floor / sofa, etc. It's not very good at using on a carpet or rug as it's not powerful enough, you will need a proper hoover for that. However it works really great on all other non-carpety type of surfaces. It's light and very easy to use. The battery only lasts for about 15 minutes or so, however it is plenty of time and you won't need to use it for as long as that if you just want to use it quickly to pick up some stuff from the surface. You won't hoover the whole house with it (obviously you have a proper hoover for that), however it is very hand handy to have it if you are like me and don't want to get your big heavy hoover out of the cupboard ten times a day. And it is cordless as well!
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on 17 August 2012
Having used a Dyson minivac for some years and been very happy with it, I wanted to buy a second minivac to keep upstairs but with a lower price tag than the £120 I paid for the Dyson. I had not expected the B&D Pivot Dustbuster to be as effective as the Dyson but as it was on offer (just under £60) and I was only looking for something to pick up stray hairs in the bathroom and fine balls of fluff deposited by my cat, I bought it. I have been very pleasantly surprised as the Dustbuster is every bit as good as the Dyson in terms of picking up power and although slightly noisier than the Dyson, it is not enough to be a problem. It has effectively picked up not only hairs and fluff from carpet and hard floors, but also large crumbs and grit. On top of this, the Dustbuster is very cleverly designed with an integrated nozzle and brush which means that you don't have to worry about storing these separately and they are always to hand. The pivoting action not only makes the Dustbuster quite versatile but also means that when it is stored and charging, it sits vertically taking up less space. The icing on the cake is that when it is on its charging platform - which is free standing so requires no wall mounting - it is aesthetically vaguely pleasing, certainly more so than the Dyson and the Dustbusters of years ago.

The only minor negative things I can say about this product are that the printed instructions which are in picture form are poor. I also found it a little fiddly to extract the nozzle first time round and didn't discover the brush for a few days!

Delivery was prompt and I would happily recommend this product to friends and family.
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on 20 December 2012
I have had many B&D Dustbusters and they have all disappointed, plus all fail after just a few years of even gentle use - I think it is the poor quality batteries used rather than the cleaner itself - and their suction power has not been great.

I hesitated to buy another until I read the reviews here and I can confirm that this one is utterly fantastic - the suction power is enormous (probably due to the larger than before 18v battery) and many design features - such as the integral brush - are a big improvement over previous models.

It is also neater and easier than equivalents such as the grotesque Dyson.

I have been so anti B&D previously but this one is truly excellent so I am converted.

The only drawback is that its powerful motor will drain the battery quite quickly if you use it for more than just a few minutes. And because it is so good you do tend to use it instead of getting out the big vacuum cleaner!!

Ignore the stupid person who gave it 1 star - he/she cut off the charger plug and plugged the Dustbuster directly into the mains - 240v AC into 18v DC will result in a blow-up!!!!!

I love this machine and have found nothing to criticise after several months use.
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