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on 13 April 2017
 I use this Black & Decker hoover (DV7210N) every day for the last 4 years. It sits in the corner of my kitchen and is used for 2-3 min every day for a regular sweeping at the end of the day, and whenever needed around the flat mostly for accidental cleanups. It is very easy to operate and to empty / clean. Lasts for good 8-9 minutes and sucks up everything from dust to large lego blocks.This is where a transparent compartment comes handy, as you can see if you swallowed any precious things! Capable of lifting a CD box (see video). It comes with a very practical charging base too, some would call it stylish. Mine constantly sits on the charging base, 24/7 for the last 4 years.

This hoover is an absolute necessity if you have young kids. And additional bonus is that a 5 year old handles it easily.

- 4 years of everyday use and no problems;
- easy charging;
- stylish;
- transparent compartment;
- battery lasts long enough for a quick clean up.

- filter not cheap, but if you take care of it it lasts years.

Very very highly recommended.
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on 29 January 2009
I am disappointed because this is a CAR vacuum and the description did NOT explain this. I wont send it back because the P and P would be too expensive, given the weight. I had the impression that it was a general HOUSE vacuum but it charges from the car! It will sit in the drawer until I can pass it on to somebody for Christmas or a birthday!
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on 6 December 2017
We had high hopes for this portable unit hoping that we wouldn't have to get our big vacuum cleaner out everyday for small stuff. The Black and Decker product calls itself a Dustbuster. What it does is BUSTS the DUST by sucking it up into the machine and shooting it straight out the other end into the room in a cloud of fine particles. We bought this unit 2015 and really tried hard with it but in the end had to give up. The filter is so course it traps nothing and the bag gets clogged so quickly that you have to empty it after every use even though you may only have picked up a few crumbs. It also doesn't hold its charge well. Another problem is that the brush on the end seems to be fitted the wrong way round so that the lightest pressure whilst in use causes the brush to collapse back underneath itself. So all in all an expensive disaster for us. And yes we did read all the instructions fully and follow them, to no avail. Should have sent it back right at the beginning but didn't so that's our fault. We have just thrown it out in frustration. We have repeated this review in an email to Black and Decker direct. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING.
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on 10 May 2016
Having owned several handheld vacuums over the years which we found awkward to charge, cumbersome to use, and quick to lose suction we were not expecting much from this one despite good reviews. How wrong we were!

Unlike previous units the Black + Decker Dustbuster has proved to be invaluable, and a bargain, performing better than dirtdevil-type vacuums twice the price. Ours is in use daily and picks up pet hair, crumbs, grass, dirt, fluff, cobwebs, kitchen debris, craft spillages, and more. Initially purchased just for hoovering the stairs, we now wouldn't be without it for use all round the house!

The Dustbuster has a charging dock which it stands upright onto, taking up minimal room and always ready to grab to clean up spills without faffing round trying to unplug it first. We have yet to find something that it will not pick up though I believe it is unsuitable for liquid spillages. We are always amazed by how much dust it collects, which shows that the suction must be good.

Easy to empty with a simple push-button release to the chamber where the bits collect, the filter can be cleaned by simply twisting it free and then clicking it back into place. By keeping this clear we have found that ours has not lost suction despite daily use for several months.

The Dustbuster gives a good ten minutes of cleaning time, though to preserve it we just make sure that we turn it off when moving from one room to another, unlike a conventional hoover. The extendable nozzle has proven to be especially useful for dusting the picture rail and under awkward furniture, as it really gets into all the nooks and crannies. The furniture brush is perfect for the sofa and armchairs or spots of stubborn pet hair on the carpet, and simply flips back when not required.

Overall we have been very impressed and will buy another if/when this one packs in.
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on 6 July 2015
Eas to use and very good suction. No problem picking up small rubble after I had done a bit of DIY work in the bathroom and easy for the stairs.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 May 2015
This Black & Decker 9.6V handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner works well and holds charge for quite some time BUT at anything like the normal retail price it is WAY too expensive for what it is.

The only reason I bought it was because it was on offer as an Amazon 'Lightning Deal' at a price of £29.99 - just about the maximum price I would be prepared to pay for such a small and uncomplicated piece of electrical equipment.

Making a vacuum cleaner of handheld size must involve some clever design work, but if full-size versions can cost FAR less I'm afraid I can see no justification for such an enormous price premium. Yes, if you go to the cheapest alternatives end of the market there are often issues with them, but when they are about 20% of the price it's not that surprising.

The oddity of pricing these appliances is shown by the fact that the 6V version of this device is presently sold by Amazon for £43.79 whereas the superior 7.2V version sells for £37.99 - let alone the price of this 9.6V version which I bought !

[I have since bought a cheaper device with a similar specification, and far less of that 'cheapo' feel, which compares very favourably with this Black & Decker - especially on price. Details at the end of my review]

I like the effectiveness of the 18W suction power delivered by this machine and the integral extension nozzle/brush, but find that dismantling to empty the waste container can be a little fiddly as the main front-end clips are occasionally a little stubborn to properly engage and/or give the impression of being 'locked' when they aren't !

Eventually I realised the sensitivity of them and take more time (ie too much !) to hopefully ensure 'perfect contact' - I've lost count how many times they've disconnected and that main body had dropped off !!!

Despite an issue with those clips, the overall finish and construction suggests robustness; I don't really care how 'nice' it looks or the 'attractive' colour-scheme of the body - it's a vacuum cleaner after all and not a fashion accessory !!!

Another feature which I find handy is that the base/charging station is horizontal and that the device itself can be stood vertically when away from it, so for me it takes up less space.

So, whilst I don't think you always get what you pay for at this 'premium' end of the market, price aside this device works very well and gives the impression of longevity. My gripe with the securing clips is minor and a feature I especially like is that the device can be stored vertical.


The cheaper device with a similar specification and a similarly good feel of quality/longevity is this one :

VonHaus 7.2V Rechargeable Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Dust Brush, Crevice Tool and Charging Station

It 'only' has 12W of suction power, but I've not noticed the difference in use - please see my review of it for specifics.
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on 29 March 2017
This is a great hoover. I've had it for over a year now and its finally given up. Been used for cat food, baby food, mud, random bits my children drag around the house and i have naughtly used it for wet food sometimes in my lazy moments. Which is not the best idea but a clean up of the filter and main body and good as new. Unfortunately it only recently has decided to start a horrible squeal when its used. This has been used daily every meal time for the past 14 months so i think it can be expected. It is now being given to my husband for his icky garage and i shall be getting another. 1 more baby with messy food for 1 more year then maybe next year's hoover may last its proper life span. Plus my 2 year old thinks its amazing and does the hoovering up for me so win win! Ive recommend it to two others and my mother in law thinks its the best.
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on 11 March 2017
It's a very good duster. I really like it. The suction power is reasonable too and you can reach all the areas usual hoover can't. But I just wish that battery could last longer.
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on 11 November 2014
delivered very quickly - well boxed - by amazon - part of an order of several items.
No damage. hassle free transaction.
Easy to set up
Limited instruction - tho to be fair in good English and easy to follow. they just seemed indicative of cheapness.
Apart from the long snout there was only one attachment a brush affair. Knowing what I know now I should have gone for something with a very small or fine snout.
its looks are quite pleasing ( that is subjective)
it seems well made so far.
The stand/charger is simple and effective and means its always ready and you know where it is.
I don't know if I'm being a dunder head but it wont stand up NOT IN THE charger. i.e. when your zipping around I instinctively tried to put it down in an up right position but I just wouldn't have it - you have to put it down horizontally. I'm only simple so that niggled me and I have no idea why.
The blue light that tells you its charging is not harsh and quite nice. as it the LED on the on off switch on the unit.
There is only the one setting. ON or OFF nice and simple.
Its quite small. the blue part. where the dust/dirt collects is smaller than a standard upright kettle. the nozzle is a bit longer than an old fashioned hand set on and old fashioned landline phone. the whole thing weight less than a full jug kettle.
Charging times are quite long but in small bursts a full charge is good for about 10 to 15 mins of hovering. Given that this is NOT A MAIN HOOVER but a small one for odd quick bits or small things this is a lot longer than you think and more than adequate - Perhaps not so for a full session in the car. But if you want a good session in the car get your main vac out.
that said I' have used briefly in the car - for a quick effort - and it was ok - it will really struggle with those small marble sized pebbles but the odd leaf and such are fine.
Ah the power. dust cobwebs and the like no problem - UNLESS there is the slightest awkward access and there is any sort of a gap anywhere around the nozzle and then the suction just isn't enough to overcome it.
For touching up the stairs and the odd cobweb in the ceiling its great - because it is so light. it really is very portable. If I find an attachment that makes the nozzle have a very small opening I'll get it - and maybe let you know how it worked out.
other than that its well made light portable and convenient.
ACID TEST: would I buy it again. 75% yes
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on 27 April 2015
Have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it.
I have a 4yr old and 16mth old, crumbs and dirt are an hourly issue for me. This dustbuster has been perfect for catching food mess on and under the table and sofa crumbs. It is great for on the stairs, used daily it means I only need to drag out my Henry once a week for a 'deep clean' full house hoovering.

Also have a cat who has been shedding her winter coat. This is great at lifting her fluff from the sofa and stairs.

I also use this for the car when needed. It picked up the dry mud from the pram wheels that was on the boot carpet.

Takes me around 10 min to do a quick once over of my stairs, floor under the table, sofa and car. By the end the suction is becoming weaker, but still has plenty power to do the kitchen bunker for crumbs.

I switch on the charger Base unit whenever I'm home so I keep this fully charged all day.

Best mummy buy I've made in a while. Will be buying one for my sister when her first baby arrives this Summer.
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