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on 6 August 2011
Pleased with this bit of kit. Improved the sound on my LED Samsung TV 100%. It will never be as good as full surround sound but I didn't want speakers and wires everywhere. The bar itself sits neatly in front of the telly and looks as if it belongs there. The sub woofer is unobtrusive and has the benefit of wireless technology. Suits my needs and if I was marking this product I would give it 9.5 out of 10. Sounds good - looks good - value for money.
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on 4 September 2011
After much searching I finally realized this was the system to get after hearing it in action at a John Lewis store. I took the plunge and purchased! The boxing was good and secure with delivery being fast.

The sound bar and sub woofer look beautiful and stylish. Nice shiny black always looks smart.
Set up is easy and instructions are simple, yet detailed. This unit can be connected by HDMI ARC or Digital Optical Cable. I connected it by DOC to a Panasonic TX-P50U30B Plasma and the sound is immense!!! It's better that the cinema.

I tested 300 - Fever Dream when I first got it and was in awe at the sound quality and deep bass. And it goes soo loud it's unbelievable.

This is a must buy! You will not regret it.

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on 23 October 2017
Very good
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on 11 December 2014
excellent quality. improves sound immensely. fast delivery. no issues
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on 16 August 2012
We have a Panasonic 42" plasma TV that is a couple of years old. The sound has never been great and the extra speakers and yards of cable of a surround sound system did not seem an attractive proposition. I read the reviews of various sound bars and when we heard one demonstrated in a store it was game over.
We decided on the Panasonic because we wanted the bar to sit against the front of the TV. All the sound bars we saw blocked the remote control sensor but the Panasonic provides an IR blaster, a very small device that sticks to the back of the bar and relays the signal. Very effective it is too. Being a slightly older TV the stand is oval and slightly domed but the feet that come with the bar lift it clear of the stand even at the lower of the two settings. I looked at the top of the Panasonic range 550 but the salesman pointed out that for some unaccountable reason the IR blaster had not been included in this model.
The box does not include an HDMI cable which is annoying as the system does not work without one, or a digital optical cable which you will also need if, like my TV, it predates ARC. The remote subwoofer is quite large but as the only wire is the one with the power plug on the end it can be placed almost anywhere. The separate volume control for the subwoofer is useful for those times when a booming bass becomes a throbbing headache but maybe I'm just getting old!
Set up is easy and as soon as you switch the TV sound to Home Cinema I defy you not to smile. The difference is fantastic. Panasonic claim that dialogue is easier to hear and this we have found to be true especially when there is a lot of other noise or background music. In the few days that we have had the system it has really enhansed our viewing experience across the board and films take on a new life.
The sound bar itself is 40inches long and very neat.
This system looks good and sounds even better.
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on 12 December 2017
great sound
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on 9 September 2011
Well I guess most of you are looking for sound bars as I did to eliminate the wires of a full 5/7.1 surround sound system. Over the years I have had surround sound systems and have always enjoyed the characteristics of them. I had been waiting around 6 months before jumping in to buy an alternative. I found this sound bar on amazon but before parting with my hard earned cash I wanted to hear this in action. I sourced a well known retailer that supplied this, went to the shop and kindly asked to have this set up as I would like a demonstration. As keen as the comission filled salesman was, he set it up in a few minutes from an unopened box that was in store and to be honest he handed me over the remote and away I went. Messed around with the settings and wacked up the volume to find I was very suprised how good it really was. Really like the sound generated from the preset 3D equalizer setting, this is one of three settings. Decided that I liked it, thanked the salesman and told him I will think about it. Came home to purchase this on Amazon at a much better price. Was delivered brand new in 20 hours. Even had a call from the supplier stating he had handed it over to the carrier and it will be with me in the morning, excellent service.

Ok recieved the following morning set it up straight from the box with an optional optical cable I bought from the tv optical out and wanted to hear some magic moments of my action filled movies from SKY HD but it would only access one of the three settings from the equalizer. No problem. I then set it up using the HDMI and hey presto all three were availible at much better clarity than the optical cable. I'm using a Samsung V-6 series tv that doesn't have ARC technology but its does exactly what ARC does on panasonic TV's. So those of you having Samsungs will have no issues with this advanced feature. Cant comment on other TV's so research may be required. So now I have a really nice sound coming from my sound bar and the wireless sub has a lovely low end thud at all settings.

Great stuff, so now I want to connect my PS3 so that blue rays can be played along with movies from its HDD. But...... there is only one HDMI port, so will I be stuck with only one of the three setting from the equalizer. And yes I was, reading in the manual that using the optical cable it would set the equalizer to the frequenzy from the source. Yet I wanted to the choice of this. So I went onto Amazon and purchased a 3 input one output HDMI splitter which arrived the following day. This is now working a treat and exactly as I wanted. I even have a extra HDMI input for adding another piece if hardware at a later date.

Pros: Looking great infront of my 40" TV,
Sound quality is good.
Remote control
Two input sources 1 HDMI. 1 Optical.
Wireless Sub Superb.

Cons: Only one HDMI Input (yet overcome this)
Extra cables needed

So overall I have now got want set out to buy and thought I would share will all. Oh It also comes with little feet for having it in front of your TV (I have it as it came) or if your are wall mounting it the brackets are also supplied. I really like it now its all up and running the way I want it. And turning it off to hear TV speakers again makes me so pleased that I have this alternative lovely sounding option.

Update Feature: Now how many times have you gone to bed to wake the next morning to find the surround sound has been left on all night? When I switch my samsumg TV off at the end of an evening the soundbar also switches off. Great stuff!!
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on 11 November 2011
First off you have to accept that this product represents a "style" product rather than an audiophile solution and so will have limitations but does have the huge advantage of not filling the room with boxes and wires. 2.1 audio only but so what.

Within that limitation works very well, especially with Panasonic TV's because of the VIERA connectivity, but do yourself a big favour and connect it up via the ARC HDMI ports on both the TV and the unit itself. That makes life a lot easier as long as you RTFM and set the speaker outputs on the TV to "Home Cinema".

Subwoofer works best to my ears at least on lowest setting, and is happily doing its stuff about 2m from the sound bar itself.

Overall very pleased
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on 22 November 2011
brilliant sound easy to set up did not want any wires so bought this and its fantastic bought it to go with my panasonic viera tv and it sounds great
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We already had a recent Panasonic TV, recorder and Blu-ray which are all Viera linked together, and wanted to improve the sound quality. We figured a modern system like this would mean we could get rid of our old hi-fi system which includes two full size speakers, separate amp and various decks.
The result has been almost perfect - very nearly ideal. The sound quality from the soundbar isn't *quite* as good as from our antiquated old set-up, but it is entirely acceptable for most home music. And it's far, far better than the sound quality we were getting from our TV.
Some info which hopefully will help you with your own choice:

-set-up using the Viera link to our existing Panasonic kit was very quick. Literally plug and play
-we did need to buy a decent HDMI cable to connect the new unit. Cables vary in quality which can affect the end result (especially over long distances), so we went for a mid-price one at around £25
-the wireless sub-woofer is excellent, can be positioned anywhere in the room
-the sound bar itself fits neatly under the TV, very unobtrusive
-the unit automatically switches itself on/off along with the TV
-there's an auto dialogue enhancement feature, which really does seem to work. We used to have the sound quality on the TV manually adjusted, with the bass down a notch and treble boosted, to help dialogue rise above the mix on films (watch a lot of films...) You can't adjust these settings with the soundbar but we haven't needed to; dialogue has been much more clear
-the overall tone and depth of sound quality is impressive. Makes the TV speakers seem like tinny bean cans. Awesome 'atmosphere' from the sub-woofer. Formula One on HD sounds amazing, too...
-you can adjust the sound tone using the remote through three pre-determined bass levels; we found the one which suited us and parked it there.
-volume is adjusted using the TV Viera remote
-Prices for this unit vary by fifty quid or so depending on where you look, so it's worth shopping around a bit between suppliers

Overall, we would have liked a little bit more flexibility in the set-up, to be able to tweak the sound tone / balance to our personal tastes (I think there are more expensive versions which offer this, but I couldn't find one for sale whe nwe wanted to purchase). Apart from that, the unit is close to be faultless. For the price, it's excellent value and has really enhanced the experience of watching movies at home.
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