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on 28 June 2014
I absolutely love this DVD and have always been a great fan of Jane Fonda. Have been working with horses for a number of years and now aged 65 decided to retire from such strenuous work. The trouble is that six months into my retirement, I have gained a few extra pounds and stiffened in all my joints, so decided that I need to do some type of formal exercise. I have got a lot of fitness DVDs but they are now not an option!! So it's back to my mate Jane, and this has been a great choice. I am working through Part 1 at the moment and don't plan on stopping this until I feel normal again - after all, what's the rush?! I have done this three times and can feel the difference already! It's quite amazing. I think, so long as you don't hurry and push yourself too soon, and be consistent in your practice (daily is best) then you will see real results. I am truly delighted with this DVD and thoroughly recommend it to others of more mature years. Also a "well done" to Amazon - I ordered it one day and it arrived the next day. Fantastic!!
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on 13 May 2012
if you are 60 +, have joint problems and have become generally unfit, then this is the D.V.D for you.!
I started on level 1, but progressed to level 2 very soon, I have not lost weight but my fitness level is improving, and joints seem to be more supple, there is no jumping about and if you cannot follow it you can jog gently on the spot.Lasts 15 mins, just about right. if you are already fit, then it would not be for you,but ideal for those who have not exercised for a long time or even at all.
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on 15 August 2015
Full disclosure: I am a good example of the target audience for the Primetime Walkout. I tick most of the boxes: 50 years plus, overweight (yo-yo dieter), unfit, arthritic knees, occasional back problems, a lifestyle/ location that doesn't support regular visits to the gym/swimming pool, a preference to tackle my issues in the comfort of my own home, a tendency for nostalgia and the subconscious wish to revisit positive associations from my misspent youth.

Jane has grown older along with her audience. For most of us it has been a good few decades since we aspired for Stepford perfection and went for 'the burn' in one of her aerobic work-outs on the VHS. Ah -those were the days, hey?

Well, she still looks good in a leotard (sadly, I don't) but has deserted the old formula of dance studio and representative fitness group for a more intimate fake lounge and a one to one dialogue. There are 3 chapters on the DVD menu: the obligatory 'Before you get started' section, then walk-outs 1 and 2. There is an 'Extras' section which has a short piece on kegel exercises and a promo for other Jane Fonda programmes.

The Pros:

Each walk-out lasts 25 minutes making it easy to incorporate into your day without being onerous. There is a beginners walk-out for those of us feeling our age/weight/accessibility issues. The second walk-out provides a progressive stage which is faster and more taxing. I made the assumption that I could go straight to stage 2 (after all, it's only walking isn't it?) but found it was just a bit beyond me. I reverted to Walk-Out 1,which I enjoyed and the 25 minutes flew by. The routine never felt overtly arduous but I worked up a sweat and felt energised (as opposed to knackered) at the end of it. The movements were all straightforward and didn't cause any grief to my knees or back and Jane herself has had both a knee and hip replacement, which she mentions in conversation during the stretching exercises at the end. There is nothing too difficult to remember and after a few sessions the routine quickly became familiar. All in all it did what it claimed in the write up.

The cons:

Each walk-out routine lasts 25 minutes accompanied by elevator music. Obviously, the conversational tone of the first few visits quickly becomes the 'yackity yack' moments you try to ignore for the next few hundred times you do the work-out. There wasn't anything new to me in the routine and there are only 2 to choose from which both offer much the same thing just at slightly different levels. Okay, so why would Jane Fonda try to re-invent the wheel? No reason really, except that if, like me, you have a few other exercise DVD's collecting dust on your shelf, the Walk-Out may not be offering anything different. For example, if you own Rosemary Conley's Ultimate Body Workout you will all ready have all the moves incorporated in the JF walk-out routine with the bonus of it being set to better music. Plus RC serves up a few add-on bits for toning and floor work.

Having said all of the above, I can confirm that I am satisfied with my purchase. It has been like meeting an old friend who, just like me, is recognising that time has marched on for all of us over the last 30 years and the challenges change with age. Jane seems to be very much in vogue again and for that I am rather glad. If you use a Fitbit, the work out will add approximately 1500 - 2000 steps to your pedometer.
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on 1 June 2014
This is one of the best excercise DVDs I have ever used. I am in my mid 50's and have always been fairly fit but Having had a knee replacement in November last year and having other joint problems other than walking the dog I wasn't doing much else regarding excercise. To start with I did both walks one after the other but now do the second walk of this DVD and the second part to James's fit and strong DVD and feel so much better in myself even though I have only been doing for approximately a month. I like them so much that I do them most days and don't dread the thought of doing them. Jane is very encouraging and nice with it. The music is ok too. Also as I live on a narrowboat I loved the fact that you didnt need much space to move about . This is great if you are a beginner, feeling stiff in your joints or just want to get slightly out of breath but feel that you have done something. I have since bought another three of her videos and pick various sections from all of them. The only down side to this is having to eject and wait to fast forward to the parts I want to use but they have still been well worth the money as was thinking of joining the gym again but doing nearly an hour of Jane most days and walking my dog for a couple of miles daily I can already see a difference. As always delivery was very quick and packaged well.
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on 12 February 2013
Just the job to go with my weight loss plan. I am 64 and was reasonably fit until last couple of years due to lack of activity and weight gain. This walkout is ideal for days when I can't get out walking. Having done it 5 or 6 times now I find it quite easy and will move on to part 2 soon. Part 1 gets you warm and breathing hard and is such fun. Jane's commentary never bores me and all she says is true. Love the stretching at the end. Would recommend this dvd to anyone over 60 with age related stiffness because with time it will loosen those muscles and joints and is good for the heart.
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on 5 March 2018
A walking workout for the older person, not too fast, two similar routines, one slightly more intense.
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on 22 November 2013
Jane Fonda never lets me down. I congratulate her for putting together this great exercise DVD for older people. It is a deceptively easy set of exercises but once I really got into it I found I was putting more effort into each movement and now I am reaping the rewards. The trader sent the parcel well packed and within time. Many thanks
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on 24 June 2013
I love it because it is much easier and varied than I thought it would be. Would recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to get fit without having to walk outside in the elements
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on 17 April 2018
fun dvd
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on 12 August 2015
Great DVD. We have only done the first walkout, it is fun and easily manageable. Jane chats to you all the way through with plenty of good reasons to keep active. Would definitely recommend.
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