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on 26 April 2013
I am very into Frank Kinslow just now and am reading his other 2 books just now. A very easy and sensible, unassuming way of looking at life and healing in general, highly recommend this book and his videos on Youtube, take a look and see what you think.
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on 30 January 2010
If you want to heal and have no experience, or if you are already an experienced healer, this is THE book for you!

I must admit that I wouldn't have bought it if it hadn't been recommended to me - its title would have put me off.

I landed in the "healing" world by accident under two years ago. Healing has kind of taken over my life (apart from the fact that I still have a normal "day job"). My spend on healing books and courses is easily into four figures now.

If only this had been my first book! It is very readable and easy to understand (no woo woo stuff here), and there's no padding to waste your valuable time (just the stuff you need to know). Looking at what's currently available on the market I couldn't put a value this book, to me it's priceless. The knowledge and skills that I have obtained from this one small book are much more than my previous two years of study - JUST LIKE THAT!

Now don't get me wrong, all the courses I've been on and the books I've read have been good, and I'm glad that I've done/read them. But this goes to a much deeper level, is so quick, and is (unbelievably, at the same time) much simpler to do.
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I must agree with the reviewer who said "Nothing new in this book" - at least if you've been reading books and practicing any kind of spiritual techniques.

While the author has given the technique a fancy name, the same technique has been practiced from the beginning of time in one form or another and it can be summed up in three steps:

1) Clear your mind
2) Intend your outcome, and
3) Let go (and let God)

As I kept on encountering techniques that have been around from the beginning of spiritual centering and manifesting techniques, frankly speaking I was put off by the author giving new names to old techniques and claiming he invented them. What was called in spiritual books "divine attributes" or "timeless attributes", the author has labeled "Eufeelings".

The book begins with what is elsewhere known as a centering technique. If you've been involved in meditation or spiritual practice for any period of time, I bet you have your own arsenal of centering techniques - one for every occasion and mood you may be in, and because being centered makes you feel awesome and helps you to experience incredible inner peace, you'd be "centering" yourself throughout the day, every day to the point that it has become a habitual state from which you live.

The second technique described in this book, which the author has labeled the "gate technique", is yet another famous centering technique, which if you've been involved in any kind of spiritual practice, I'm sure you used in your meditations - and it entails contemplating the idea (preferably one of the divine attributes), and ideally, meditating upon it until you find yourself absorbed with it at which point the boundary between you and the idea disappears - and you become that which you are contemplating.

If you have ever experimented with manifesting anything using the power of your mind, you already know that after you clear your mind and intend your outcome, you need to let go. While when you "intend" the outcome, you are in a do-er position, when you "let go", you shift into an observer state of consciousness. For this observer state of consciousness, the author uses two of his favorite words in the entire book "pure awareness".

And now to the "entrainment" part. Again, no new ideas here. I'm sure you've heard at some point in your life that "love heals". And maybe you've seen people sitting all day around some "guru" and wondering what are they getting out of it. And then again, you may recall yourself being around people, places or in circumstances where you felt so good, you didn't want to leave. That which is of lower vibration or lower order will always entrain to that which is higher. The "higher vibration will CONSUME the lower one". When you raise your level of consciousness, you raise your vibration and everything around you then automatically begins to entrain to that vibration. That is the reason that in eastern countries people would sit for hours around a "guru", a being who has elevated his consciousness and his vibration through meditation and then those who sit around get to entrain themselves or bask in that higher vibration. When you lift yourself up by raising your consciousness through any kind of centering technique, you will be automatically lifting up whatever person, thing or condition you bring into your awareness while in that state where you are experiencing peace, love, bliss, and light if you will.

The entrainment technique in this book follows the same process that's been used again from the beginning of time - you bring yourself into elevated state of consciousness through a centering technique, then you get in sync with the idea of perfect health (if the person is present you may touch part of the body that is healthy), and through intention you entrain the malfunctioning part to perfect heath and then let go. And even though the author called this instant healing, the results you get will ultimately depend on whether you're able to remain long enough in that childlike state of wondrous expectation, which the author attempts to drill into you by emphasizing over and over the necessity for "pure awareness".

At the beginning of the book the author states that "though is energy", which if you've been working with "energy AND consciousness", and if you've been involved in any kind of systematic esoteric training from any tradition in the world, you know is INcorrect. Manifestation occurs at the level of duality, where male and female polarities merge to create something new - it is not just that sex among human beings produces babies, but also on metaphysical level that thought (consciousness) + emotion (energy) produces vibration, which determines manifestation. In Taoism they may call it the interplay between yin and yang, in Tantra the dance between Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy), in Western alchemy they are represented as "king" and "queen", in esoteric symbolism as a dagger ( focused thought) immersed in a chalice (emotion) - and then if you've read any books related to manifesting, I'm sure you've encountered the term "energy follows thought". Thought gives shape to that which is to be manifested, and energy gives it power to manifest.

And like the reviewer before me who stated that there is nothing new in this book, I too must say with regret that while I read the book I had an overwhelming urge to burn it - and not because there's nothing new in this book. I love to read and re-read books that share ideas that I have not only read countless times, but have been also practicing for years, when such books are written in an easy to read, or rather coherent, uplifting and inspiring way.

The techniques in this book could've been described on several pages, and if you just read those few pages of centering meditations and entrainment techniques, and apply them - they may do you good. After all I consider centering techniques to be the core of any spiritual practice and I suggest you learn as many of them as you can, so that you have one for whatever mood and state you may be in and if you keep on applying them throughout the day, you're guaranteed to live a happy and peaceful life.

As for the rest of the book, it reads as if the author was just brainstorming whatever crossed his mind and was jotting down the ideas as they popped into his mind. While the author keeps on talking about "order" (as in "implicate order"), the writing style of this book doesn't flow in any coherent order, but rather you find yourself jolted from one idea to another. Sometimes he inserts bits from quantum physics that sound as if they have no direct relation to what he was writing about, other times he'd throw in the idea about parallel universes (a valid idea, except that he'd throw it in out of nowhere just for good measure or because it popped into his mind).

After every few paragraphs, he'd pull out the sentence from the previous few paragraphs and repeat it in the middle of the page, just after you read those two paragraphs. I found those pull out quotes neither interesting, nor elucidating, but simply distracting. And I found the author's writing style somewhat pompous. I think if he just shared the techniques and described his experiences and the experiences of other people, the book would've read much better. When someone presents material that has been around for thousands of years, as his own, and just adds new fancy labels to those techniques, the material reads as a turn-off to those who are familiar and have already been using such techniques for years and even decades.

If the material presented in this book is new to you, then perhaps you'll find greater value in it, you may be awed by what you experience using these techniques and you may not mind the rest of the book, even if it reads as a mumbo jumbo that may go over your head and mean nothing to you until you have experiences you can relate to what you read.
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on 5 October 2009
I have spent a small fortune reading books of a similar ilk and purchasing and listening to cds in an effort to learn and acquire the ability and skill to heal myself and others, often ending up frustrated and disappointed.

Just read the book, so elegantly and simply written. No seminars need to be attended or other purchases need to be made. You don't need to line the pockets of anyone else in this billion dollar industry. Read the book and instant healing will not be a secret anymore.

This book has been the #1 bestseller in this category on Amazon in Germany for months.
It's about time it reached the same position in the US and the rest of the world.
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on 5 October 2009
I've been involved with the intuitive healing arts for over twenty years and a student of nondualistic spiritual philosophy (A Course in Miracles) for nearly as long. Within this easy read is the key to much of what I've learned, discovered and developed along the way about both healing and consciousness, and all in an easily explained method you can learn to do in a few minutes. I should be furious (all those years, all those experiences, all those books and classes, and all that $$$), but instead I am absolutely delighted! Dr. Kinslow has distilled the core elements of healing and transcending ego identification into a single, simple practice that produces amazing results. Whether you are helping yourself or someone else with back pain, headache, stiff neck, a twisted ankle, chronic fatigue or a broken heart, this method often initiates miracles, sometimes in seconds. All the while, both parties open to the kind of profound bliss and calm normally requiring years of meditative or contemplative spiritual practice. My hat is off to Dr. Kinslow: he has my boundless gratitude and admiration for what Quantum Entrainment accomplishes, and I can't recommend this book highly enough. You won't regret buying it! His previous book --Beyond Happiness-- offers the lifestyle and spiritual philosophy underpinning Quantum Entrainment, so you can learn how to live your life in true bliss and contentment. Buy that too!
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This book is an exciting introduction to a new form of healing called Quantum Entrainment. The book exceeded my expectations and this type of healing seems to me to be a simple method appropriate to the times we live in, when everything seems to be Quantum this or that. (Not that I really understand what the word "Quantum" implies.)

The book is clearly and simply expressed, i.e. it is well written. The author has a sense of humour, and he is clearly a person of advanced spiritual development.

The method consists of healing by the power of awareness. We don't have to "do" anything, just become aware and focus on the person, being, or even object, to be healed. The method can apparently be used to heal anybody or anything. We ourselves benefit from the healings too. We can heal others using direct contact to the "partners", as the writer terms them, or by means of distant healing.

First we learn the "pure awareness technique". To do this we download a meditation from Kinslow's quantum entrainment web site. Through this meditation we learn the "technique" once and for all. You don't need to do the meditation again.

When we find a "partner" to be healed, we set the intention of healing whatever the complaint is, then carry out the basic technique. This consists of placing a finger on a tight muscle of your "partner", focusing on this, then placing another finger nearby on his/her body, then focusing on both of these at once. Then you do the awareness technique, which results in a "Eufeeling", a feeling of quietness , peace, or euphoria. In a few minutes the muscle will soften and the healing will be completed.

You can use QE on both physical or emotional/psychological/mental conditions.

You will need to use extended QE on those with chronic ailments. This means a healing of about an hour at a time. The author describes a healing of one seriously ill with cancer.

We can heal ourselves and we can use remote/distant healing, i.e. heal those not physically present.

The author sees the method as a means to gradually heal the world. When you practice it, "your soothing influence instantly radiates outward to help heal the ills of us all".

My only complaint is that more space could have been devoted to healing ourselves and to distant/remote healing. However, since I am used to administering remote Reiki healings, I quickly found out how to both do remote QE and healing on myself, using as a surrogate the teddy bear I use for remote Reiki healings. I've only just begun to practice the technique, and it does need practice, so it's too early to comment on its effectiveness. However, I find the technique really promising, and I do feel the "Eufeeling" (euphoric feeling) he refers to. (Personally, when the Eufeeling is in place, I know that it is so by a feeling of flow, though this is my own experience, and the author does not refer to this flow.)

I strongly recommend this book to those who wish to try a promising new, simple method of healing oneself and others.
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on 30 August 2010
After the positive reviews I was really looking forward to reading this book. What a disappointment! Rambling, disjointed, longwinded.If you want to heal - read the "Quantum Touch" succinct, powerful and with a little practice of the exercises, it works in minutes. I am still looking again through Frank's book to see if some little gem is lurking there but no luck so far. His other book - "The Secret of Quantum Living", repeats much of the same stuff as the first one. I think he has taken bits of metaphysical ideas and stuck them together. May work for some - but not for me.
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on 9 July 2012
I bought this book having read various reviews and expected that it would be the usual long drawn out explanations with little actual practical content, but I was wrong!!A quick and to the point read, written in a very accessible way.The exercises are very easy to do and illustrate the authors points clearly. You learn in an experiential way how to implement the system and can be practicing the Quantum Entrainment process by the time you finish the book.I have already recommended the Secret of Instant Healing to several friends. I'd suggest this book to anyone wanting to explore their potential.
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on 11 June 2012
I loved this book and trust the author. He seems to be coming from the right place and to understand non-duality, while being funny and down to earth at the same time. I would give it 5 stars, but I haven't been able to master the technique yet, myself, so it may not be quite as easy as he makes out, but otherwise, it's fantastic and could change the world?
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on 22 August 2011
I have always found it difficult to just switch off and try to be in the moment with no other thoughts and distractions popping into your mind. This book has a very simple message and after years of reading all books on wellbeing and enlightenment and awareness, this for me was the answer. Its not mind boggling its just plain simple stuff. I can now sit into myself and just be - even though it might be for just a nano second at first, but keep practising and you can extend the relaxed state for a longer period. It has certainly helped my level of awareness.
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