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on 20 June 2011
I have a Canon 400D and was originally shopping for a Canon RC5 remote because I have to take some group shots with me in them. Trouble with the RC5, same as similar infra-red remote camera triggers is that it has to be line of site to the sensor on the front of the camera, pointed directly at it (not ideal if your going to be in the photo and your the one pointing the remote at the camera!) and it has limited range.

While looking at the selection of alternative (cheaper) products to the canon RC5 I stumbled across this radio controlled remote. And I'm glad I did! As can be seen from the product images it has two parts. The receiver plugs into the camera remote-trigger socket. The sender unit is about the size of a car remote locking keyfob.

The receiver has an on/off switch for the wireless operation. Even when switched off you can still use the button like a remote trigger. It works exactly the same as the real camera shutter release button - half press for auto-focus and shutter/aperture settings and full press for shutter release. It works exactly as if you pressed the real camera shutter button and it obeys all the same settings - single shot, continuous shooting, 10sec delay, etc. And if you're using a flashgun it will trigger the flash rangefinder/focus-assist beam. It came with a CR2 battery (about a half-height AAA sort of size like this one Energizer CR2 3V Lithium Photo Battery ) which is easy to fit and replace when necessary. It has dummy plastic hot-shoe shaped fitting that allows it to be slotted into the flash hot-shoe on top of the camera if required. If, however, you will be using the flash it gets in the way of the pop-up flash and obviously you can't have it sitting there if you're going to use a proper flashgun either. Its not heavy and I had no qualms about letting it just dangle down from the camera. The cable that plugs into the camera is about 30cm long. (It would probably be just as easy to tie some string around the hot-shoe fitting and clip the other end to your tripod or camera strap if you're worried about letting it hang from its plug). Its got a single LED which illuminates red/green. Red when its turned on and ready to receive. Green when it receives a signal from the fob.

The fob has a single switch and the shutter release button. (As another reviewer noted there's no on/off switch on the fob so you'll need to make sure it can't be pressed by accident if you keep it in your camera bag. It won't be able to activate the camera but it might run the battery down.) The switch is for instant-shot or delay. The delay of about 2secs is provided by the unit itself, and does not set the 10sec timer delay on the camera. When set to delay, you press the button on the fob, the LED on the receiver blinks for 2sec then activates the shutter release on the camera. Again the button on the fob operates in exactly the same way as the real button on the camera - half/full press, and you can even hold down for continuous shooting (if thats what you've set on the camera).

The only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is firstly it comes with no instructions, but if you know how to work an SLR you'll have no problem figuring it out. Secondly the battery is already in the fob. The lack of instructions means I don't know what type of battery it is or how to replace it. The fob is screwed together by 4 tiny screws - you'll need a set of jewellers screwdrivers to get the back off, and when the time comes, I hope that the battery will be easy to replace. However, thats a problem for the future.

As this device is wireless, not infra-red, it does not need line of site to the camera. You can trigger it from behind, or off to the side, I even tried it in the next room through brick walls and closed doors and it works fine. It will also have a much further range than an IR device. The product description says 100m - I've tried it from about 10m to 15m so far without a problem.
For me, to take a group shot with me in it, I can conceal the fob in my hand or pocket or out of site behind my back and still trigger the camera. Brilliant. And its a fraction of the price of the Canon RC5 which is an IR line-of-site device.

All in all I'm very pleased - and since the price was so good I even got one of my kids to cough up for it for a Fathers Day prezzy.
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on 12 May 2012
Cheap and cheerful but does not have the features described!
The product description states "# Lock the button for long exposures or continuous shooting #....# Slide to lock. Press and slide it to lock the shutter for Bulb Mode photography"
This is completely wrong. There is no slide lock feature on this model for bulb mode. As bulb mode photography was the primary reason for getting a remote switch, no use at all. No problems with seller, sent item back and got a full refund, although the product description still hasn't been corrected!
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on 6 July 2012
Well I could not get this little thing to work no matter what I did, I read all the reviews and wondered if I had to start fiddling about with it, but many people had said how easy it was. I kept trying, then decided to take out the battery and put it back in again, just for the hell of it...I took a closer look at the blue skin around the battery....saw a gap and lo and behold it is plastic that has to come off!! Grappled with it and off it came.....gadget works perfectly! There is an on/off switch on the plugged-in bit, I guess it should be off when not in use. There are no instructions with it but really it is basic long as you are not as ignorant as I was.

It was swiftly delivered too!!
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on 29 December 2011
bought as present for use with canon d1000 . connects to camera via a short lead and can be mounted on flash .. the receiver has 2 buttons ; 1 which can be used to operate the focus and shutter ; 2 which is a sliding on/off switch .
the remote unit has a 2 position button to auto focus and operate shutter ; and a slider to select instant or timed delay . it has no on/off switch so must have a sleep function built in .
when first arrived was quite well packed but DID NOT WORK and had no operating instructions . the receiver button operated the camera but the remote did not work even though the light came on.
TO GET IT WORKING i reset the 4 switches on remote and receiver , i used a 2 up 2 down configuration but i don't suppose it would matter what you set them to . [ MAKE SURE BOTH UNITS ARE SET THE SAME ] then removed the batteries from both remote and receiver [ you will need a very small instrument style cross head or philips screw driver to open the remote ] and then replaced them after 2 minutes , effectively restarting both units .
they have been fine ever since .
product has excellent range and doesn't even need pointing directly at receiving unit .
would have given 5 stars if it worked straight out of the box and had some instructions .
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on 22 February 2012
This little item worked straight out of the box.

It was well packaged, with the transmitter, receiver and battery.

I put the battery in the receiver, plugged it into the camera and pressed the button on the handset, without consulting any manual or handbook. The thing just worked! I have read reviews on here claiming that it was difficult to setup, but there is NO setting up to do.

Would recommend to anyone with a need for such an item, as it does everything it should do, with ease and no b****it.
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on 11 March 2013
This works brilliantly .. very simple to operate just slide in the receiver into the hotshoe connection where an external flash would go and plug the lead into the socket where a remote shutter would go... dont forget to take the seal off the 3v battery ( like I did ).
Using the transmitter is simple .. half a press on the transmitter will show the display on the cameras LCD screen and a full press will operate the shutter.. for bulb operation just keep the button on the transmitter fully pressed down until it reaches the time you want then release the button. I dont know the range yet but I can image its a fair distance.

Hope this helps.
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on 23 July 2012
This is a very useful thing to have if you are into photography. It just works perfectly. I opened the little package and it arrived without description but you dont really need it. But you need some time to figure it out. It arrives with the receiver which you plug into your camera, a battery and a remote. The receiver you can click it to where the external flash goes and it keeps perfectly in place. Or if you are using an external flash or your built in flash, just leave it dangling around by the camera. It is so light it wont effect taking pictures. You can turn the receiver on and off. The receiver works just fine. It works like the normal shutter from the camera. Just press half way and it will focus. Press allt he way through and it will take the picture.
Some tricks for using this item which I only figured out after a while. The receiver and the battery are still separate. You need to put the battery into the receiver. Ok it probably doesnt happen to everyone but I heard it didnt only happen to me. I forgot to take the plastic off the battery because it just didnt look like plastic. Put the battery in, plugged it into the camera and it worked but the remote didnt work. I just couldnt make it work and didnt know why. Until I figured I had to take the plastic off which I did and it worked just fine. Also make sure in the back of the remote and the receiver are small sensors which should be in the same order on both items. Now it works all fine. Once you figure all these small things out you will have so much fun taking pictures with the remote.
Hope this review helped. It certainly would have helped me.

Ordering: I ordered the remote and got it after about 4 to 5 days. It arrived in a little envelope and everything was in order. Nothing destroyed.
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on 6 August 2012
having spent the last 20 minutes reading how easy it was to set up and thinking i was a bit thick, or worse that I was sold a dud, i read a review to suggest that the battery that came with the product had a cover that needs to be removed. Oddly enough it now works like a dream. Will now take a timed shot of egg on my face with the working camera and delay...
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on 4 May 2013
Because my new tripod is so flimsy I needed something to trigger the shots that did not mean making contact with the camera, in case of movement due to camera shake. I saw this and thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did, it works well, and it means I can be anywhere around the camera and trigger the taking of a photograph, Now I use it much more than I expected, it makes taking photographs easy.
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on 17 April 2013
this piece of kit works brilliantly I was a little suspect of price at first, the reviews were good, so i thought i would give it a go. How simple was this to use!!! plug it in let it dangle and off you go, literally!! this works through brick walls, NO MISS FIRES AFTER 150 TRIGGERS SO HAS GOTTA BE GOOD.
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