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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2016
I like Journey, but I can get "balladed out" really quickly over their softer material.

This really isn't as poppy as the Perry period - whether you think that's a good thing or not is a matter of taste.

Effectively though I feel they've got the balance perfect here - it's really a very melodic sound, but the guitars are crunchier and way more front and centre than the 80s material.

Arnel Pineda sounds great, Schon is at the top of his game, and the songwriting is inventive. Some have criticised the lyrics but to be fair I take it for granted that most rock lyrics are just filler, so that wouldn't really offend me either way.

I think fans of slightly harder rock, if you played this to them, would say, "wow? That's Journey?" (in a positive way)....but maybe original Journey fans might say the same thing (but wanting the original Journey sound), so perhaps it's a double edged sword.

Someone else made the comparison to Schon's post-Bad English band, Hardline, which I think is a good comparison.

Anyway - as I understand it the band were unhappy to the fan reception to this one, so I doubt they'll make another like it. Well worth checking out though, especially for Schon fans.
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on 17 June 2011
What comes out of this album loud and clear is the sence of unity within the band. They've thought about where they are in the music genre, and have a clear sense of where they are going. It's no longer a case of "does he sound like Perry?" or, "is there a "don't stop beleivin'" here?" It's simply a great rock album, created by great rock musicians and song writers, which will be played over and over by true rock fans. Without wishing to be patronising, fans of glee will probably fail to appreciate the depth and complexity of this album, it is a slow burner, but that fan base always was going to disappear as quickly as it arrived. Journey know that, and, as a long time Journey fan, ( infinity, 'nuff said? ) to me this is just yet another layer and embelishment to their rich back catalogue, which will stand alone, and will not suffer any negative comparison to previous classic offerings. Revelation was a great start for arnel, but this is better, signifying total intergration. I will be dissapointed if the album doesn't take all true Journey fans along with it. The essential sound that makes journey the legend that they are is still there, the back catologue is still on your cd shelves, and will be paid homage to on every tour, as it should be. The only critisism I would make is that the album wasn't released in the uk in time for the tour. ..bit of a cock up there guys! Having said that, now i've heard the album, i'm transported back to the two gigs we went to, ( Wembley, and Lg arena ..long story!) and reliving with relish the performaces of the new songs. ..fantastic guys, well done, see you on the next tour!!
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on 6 June 2011
I've been a lukewarm Journey fan since 'Escape', mostly going for individual songs rather than albums ('Be good to yourself' will ALWAYS be in my list of top ten favourite songs).

Last month I had 'Generations' rolling round my head because it's a quality album with a mighty peak ('Faith in the heartland'). Purely on the strength of that, without hearing a note, I took a chance and pre-ordered 'Eclipse'. I'm really glad that I did; it opens well with 'City of hope' and pretty much every track is listenable. The great thing about 'Eclipse' is that it grows on you with repeated listening, but if I only have time to hear one song it is definitely 'Tantra', a typical Journey song that swells into something very special and moving.

It's Journey, it's stadium rock, it's a change of pace and it's wonderful.
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on 5 July 2011
Wow!Despite being a fan from way back(Evolution was my introduction to Journey-1978 i think),this album could turn out to be one of their best.I must admit that when i heard about Arnel Pineda(lead vocalist)being found on Youtube of all places,i thought guitarist Neal Schon had lost it but when i heard "Revelation",the previous album,i thought this guy is good and deserves to be heard.With "Eclipse" however,he really has earned his right to front the band as their popularity soars again,thanks to"Glee"and"The Sopranos"connection.The whole album is full of great guitar work (you do it everytime,Neal!)and the soaring vocals of Mr.Pineda-take a bow!I mustn't forget the rhythm section of Ross Valory(bass)and Deen Castronovo(drums),who are always reliable and of course Jonathan Cain(keyboards),who co-writes most of the material with Neal.Stand out tracks for me are"Edge Of The Moment"and"Chain Of Love",which just happen to follow each other,and also"Resonate",which could almost be from the so-called"Perry-era".Talking of which,if there are any Steve Perry fans out who still can't accept any of his replacements,but still have a love and respect for Journey the band,then please give this album a listen,because i think it easily sits comfortably alongside their best work.
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on 8 June 2011
Not the most instantaneously catchy Journey album. The songs are heavier and darker than the classic era, and most clock in at over 6 minutes. Neal Schon's thick guitar work reminded me of his 90's hard rock outfit Hardline, and that's no bad thing. Persevering with the CD I found that the deeper, more layered approach really grew on me, particularly 'Tantra,' 'Chain of Love' and 'Resonate.' More classic Journey sounds can be found in 'City of Hope,' about Arnel Pineda's home city Manila. I was pleased that on this record, Arnel's personality shines through a little more, and he wasn't quite so tied to sounding exactly like Steve Perry. A magnificent singer who deserves a chance even from devoted Perry die-hards.
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on 4 July 2013
As my Dad's favourite band is Journey I just had to buy this for him. He absolutely loves this as he says they may have changed the line up but have kept that "Journey-sound" which works for the band.
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on 28 July 2013
Was very reserved to begin with,in what I was going to get here as Journey without the original lead singer just wouldn't sound the same, or so I thought.
No way this is sheer Musical, lyrical, and vocal excellence and brilliance.
Every single track leaves you desperate to hear more and is just an awesome album.
I was at their recent Concert in Glasgow and the songs are even better live.
If you were a journey fan buy it you wont be disappointed I promise you.
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on 11 February 2017
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on 20 December 2015
Brilliant album . I like the new singer great voice .
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on 11 October 2011
This a great cd from JOURNEY its good and smooth and slick, try it as it's a good fooling from the great cd " EVELATION " if you get it try and get it with the extra bonus cd of there greatest hits
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