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on 20 January 2013
This is a difficult movie to classify as it doesn't really fit into the normal tidy genre pigeon holes; it's not action though there's a fair amount of violence and plenty of tension, it's not really a thriller but there a smattering of intrigue and it's not a romance despite a certain amount of personal entanglement. It, however, definitely is not a comedy. The story focuses on the current life of three principle characters and their actions thirty years previously as Mossad Nazi hunters. The action cuts back and forth slickly between these two time periods as the capture of an infamous concentration camp `doctor' is planned and executed. The pace and tension are carefully managed to draw you into the lives of the protagonists as the lie that has been gnawing at their consciences but that has shaped their lives is gradually revealed. The cast are superb, and the assured direction & cinematography make for an absorbing and gripping experience. The ending is slightly predictable but is left nicely open ended - not very tidy but thought provoking nonetheless.
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on 9 August 2017
I enjoyed this 113 min crime drama, thriller REGION FREE BLU-RAY DVD that had a good story line but used flashbacks and flash forwards between 1965 and 1997, which means you have to be focused on the film to ensure what is going on and when. All the actors played their parts very well.
Three Mossad agents Rachel (Jessica Chastair) Stephen (Martin Csokas) David (Sam Worthington) set out in 1965 to capture a Nazi war criminal Dieter Vogel (Jesper Christensen) the surgeon of Birkenau but when the film reverts to 1997 Rachel is Helen Mirren, Stephen is Tom Wilkinson and David is Ciaran Hinds. The question is do they succeed in their mission.
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on 17 September 2016
Some films are made, others are crafted and this is just a fine example of cinema. The twists are pivotal to the story and so well done that you will never guess what is coming next - or, more importantly, even expect a twist to be on its way. You need to bear with the film for the first 15 minutes or so as it shifts around all over the place as we're dealing with the present and the past here, but in hindsight, it's a fine opening that sets you up for a sombre journey through to the end. The cinematography is excellent and the set locations are equally superb and the acting is nicely understated. With a subject matter like this, it's certainly no feel good movie, but it is very rewarding, nicely paced and gripping. Even more surprising than the twists though, is that 2 or 3 people managed to give this a 1 star review. I mean, seriously?
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on 28 January 2017
Worth the time to delve into a story of intense psychological drama where the end justifies the means, but the price the main characters have to pay for their actions is just too much to bear but acted out brilliantly. Not wishing to spoil the film in any way, all I will say is this film travels back and forth from the 60's to the 90's with ease and you are able to understand the transition without effort. The ending is ambiguous with no tidy up necessary. It is what it is. Helen Mirren as always is brilliant as are all the actors. Suspense and intrigue keep you on your toes throughout and everything about this film makes you believe you are the one living through it. Well worth the watch.
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on 7 October 2017
Very disappointing. Best described as a film about 3 totally inept agents who screw up and only have to deal with the consequences 30 years later. The plot is not inconceivable and the idea interesting, but given that it's based on the three main characters ineptitude and lies it needs something to make the viewer interested in the what happens to them. Unfortunately Nothing about the film invoked me to care one iota for anything that happened to anyone in the film. An absolute waste of Helen Mirren's undeniable talent.
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on 4 July 2016
I liked this move. I found the characters interesting. How something you do when young can affect the rest of your life. One reviewer said it is hard to put this movie into a category which is very true Basically it is about 3 agents from Israel sent to Easter Germany to kidnap a doctor who did experiments on people. The story covers the relationship between the three agents and the fall out from their mission. This is not a good review on my part but I suggest watching and deciding yourself.
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on 13 June 2016
Really didn't know what to expect when going into this film but man was I impressed.

This movie is fast passed and well acted to it's core. Really enjoyed the character dynamic between Jessica Chastain's character and the two others. At first, I wasn't a big fan of the fast paced editing between past and present at the beginning but its result was a highly enjoyable spy thriller with hints of action and mystery. What I find with many movies trying explore deeper meanings through the medium of thriller or action movies (such as in this one the use of truth and it's importance) is that it can often fall flat on it's attempts. This movie really hit home on that regard and I really enjoyed the ending as well as past paced drama and dialogue between each of the characters.

A definite recommend.
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on 28 June 2016
Interesting movie (no spoilers!). Very good cast.
An intelligent espionage thriller about a female Mossad agent and her group.
The action takes place between 1965 and 1997.
Unexpected end: nothing is what is seems to be.
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on 5 March 2017
A slick, unusual, well-paced thriller with a strong cast, played across time with interesting moral implications
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on 20 October 2017
This film is underrated! This is a brilliant, thought provoking, original and well executed piece of spy thriller film making. I would rate it with Argo for tension and excellence. Superbly acted with great set pieces. Add this to your watchlist!
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