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on 8 August 2017
The ironing board is good quality but unfortunately it arrived in flimsy shrink wrapping and was badly scratched and damaged. I am returning it for a refund. My postage to return was £16.40 - Amazon only refunded £4.75 so be warned. The goods were faulty and I ended up out of pocket through no fault of my own.

Wish I had read previous reviews mentioning this board arrives damaged.
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on 2 August 2017
Arrived with only polythene cover, which was damaged. frame scratched and cover dirty. Tried to return but no couriers will take anything over 140 cm
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on 15 January 2016
Usual Brabantia high quality - heavy duty ironing board with lever release, lots of height choices.

My old John Lewis one (made by Brabantia) is 20 years old and still going strong. (The table part started to rust a bit since I started using steam generators but I just took off the cover and sprayed it with white Hammerite paint.)

But I needed an ironing board to hold a steam generator so I have invested in this wider one. It's great in lots of ways but two.

One, you can't pull trousers onto the end to iron the pocket/fly area because it's too wide. I expected that - the extra width makes up by being better for T-shirts and bed linen.

But two is a much more serious flaw - the rest at the end for the steam generator has a gap of about 1cm/10mm between it and the ironing surface - just wide enough to trap the steam hose between the tank and the iron. So just as you reach towards the end of the ironing board you get snapped to a halt because the hose has been caught - again, and again, and again. You have to do a little flick of the flex every single time you head down towards the end of the board. It is SOOOO annoying! If the ironing surface had been brought closer to the generator tank rest you could still get a new cover over the end but it wouldn't catch the hose all the time. I'm still trying to work out a permanent fix. Basic design flaw - Brabantia should be ashamed.
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on 13 January 2017
Positives: Arrived on time. Sturdy ironing board with larger-than-average which makes ironing sheets/duvet covers etc a bit easier. Feet on one I received are stable so there isn't loads of rocking when you're trying to iron. The height is adjustable and it can go up quite high, so is good if you're on the taller side. You can also use it when sitting down - as long as the surface your sitting on is not too low. (Check measurements before purchasing to make sure it meets your requirements.)

Negatives: ironing board is very sturdy as stated, but that is partly to do with the weight of it; it is quite heavy so if you have joint/ mobility issues or have difficult carrying heavier items (for example, if you're a Senior Citizen) it's probably not the best type for you. I tend to 'walk' it around on the odd occasion that I wish to transfer it to a different room and need to move it over a greater distance. Whilst it can be used when sitting down, it's tricky trying to fit your legs in. It's also a bit stiff so when you want to adjust the height you need to rotate it 90 degrees and rest it sideways on the ground to adjust the height. But that also means that once it's in place, it doesn't slip out of position.
(N. B. The metal stand that you rest the iron on does not have any holes in but whether or not that's a 'negative/ positive' depends on your preference obviously.)
Overall, I am pleased with the purchase.
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on 24 February 2018
The board is indeed sturdy , my steam generator sits nice on it, but... for the price I've paid I would have expected it not to have water dripping on my feet when ironing.
It is supposed to be a board that should be used with steam generators and because steam generators produce a lot of steam (because this is what they are supposed to do) I was expecting it not to have water dripping. Dripping happens if you iron for longer time, usually it happens after half an hour in my case... I have a 7 bar Philips steam generator.
Besides this the delivery was very prompt, well packed, in good shape and very very sturdy (which is well appreciated when you have a young child running around all the time.
If I were to buy it again I would question a bit if my decision... not sure I would, not sure I wouldn't....
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on 28 November 2015
Did not purchase this from Amazon because my awful Minky board collapsed on my feet and I decided that enough was enough, went to Argos and bought it there as I could not wait.

This board is amazing. I am using a Tefal steam generator on it and it is so stable. It's huge too, makes it so much easier to iron trousers and shirts. I didn't try ironing the duvet cover on it but I have no doubt that it will cope well, if the stinky Minky did, this will definitely do too.

The Minky board was in an awful state, full of rust underneath which was coming through the cloth cover and staining my white shirts. Good grief, I don't know why I waited for it to break, I should have invested in this Brabantia board a long time ago.

My steam generator stays put on the tray and the board doesn't move or wobble. If you're worried that it will break during delivery, just buy it on the high street, a new law called Consumer Rights Act 2015 became live on October 2015 so if the item is defective you have a 30-day no questions asked right to a full refund from any shop on the high street, if the board breaks just get a refund, simple.

The cover is quite nice and smooth, underneath there is a tensioning band to keep the cover taut. I hate to iron but this board coupled with the steam generator makes the job a lot easier and less stressful. I'm not as grumpy as I used to be after a session of ironing.

BUY IT! You'll love this thing ;) By the way, just be aware that the 10 year warranty is on the frame ONLY. The cover is only covered (no pun intended) for 2 years, this is written in tiny letters on the packaging carton.

By the way, totally ignore the clueless 1 star reviews, practically all of them are unreliable. Some because they bought the product used and it was damaged, and they think it's the manufacturer's fault. Others complain about the size, ignoring the fact that Amazon has displayed the dimensions so they could've checked before buying. Others talk about late deliveries, this is unrelated to the product's quality and reviews are about the PRODUCT, not the delivery or seller. And finally others complain that the board was damaged during delivery. Again, this has NOTHING to do with the product's quality.
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VINE VOICEon 31 December 2017
Superb ironing board - the Brabantia label sold this to me before checking out alternatives, there are alternatives but not in this class!
Well made, solid, stable, not too heavy and safe.
The legs clip securely into the board when collapsed, so no sudden decision to hurtle across the kitchen like my previous board as it suddenly decided to imitate an unbroken horse!
The ratchet mechanism to adjust height is easy to control and therefore quiet.
The stand section is big enough for a steam base unit, though there is a hose sized gap between it and the board proper this is not big enough to cause problems.
It could be better packed - it arrived just in plastic film with no protection from bumps and scrapes in transit.
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on 16 April 2017
I already have a Brabantia board the same size as this and love it. However I couldn't put my steam generator on the iron rest as it was too heavy and left the generator at an angle, so the water used to drip out. I had been pulling a side table up to put the generator on, but I saw this and thought it would solve the problem. I ordered one and when it arrived noticed that there was no laundry shelf, so although I wouldn't need to pull my side table up to put my iron on, I was now going to have to pull it up to put my ironed clothes on! I had therefore spent over £40 for no benefit! Luckily my Mum bought it from me as she irons next to the dining table so it wasn't a problem for her. It may not be a problem for everyone, and if not, this is a good size sturdy board. but if you iron in the middle of a room to watch telly like me, it may not be for you.
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on 29 September 2016
Now how do you make an ironing board sound exciting?

Well to be honest, it is so well built you could probably do your ironing and then go out and use it as a sledge this winter (if we get some snow that is)!

It is a robust, but not overly heavy piece of kit.
Noticeably longer and wider than a standard board, it is ideal for use with a steam generator iron (they are brilliant by the way).
I find this makes ironing much easier, and therefore quicker.
Clothes almost stick to the surface, which is a real help as long as you have laid it properly in the first place.

It has fully adjustable height and at its highest setting, is pleasingly high for me at 6' 3".

From a guys perspective, it will actually make you more attractive as your clothes will look better ironed!
Remember, every girl (and guy I am sure) loves a smart dressed man accordingly to those style icons, ZZ Top... :)

Overall, yes it is expensive for an ironing board, but it really is worth it (as long as you have a decent steam generator iron too).
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on 25 November 2016
I'd like to say I purchased this for my wife but really I purchased it for the both of us. Yes I am a man who can iron clothes. Admittedly I iron my shirts but prefer ironing the uncomplicated bedding which this ironuing board makes much easier because it is much wider than your average ironing board.

The height adjustment is brilliant too so I can have it higher than other boards which helps me being 6' 2".

Although a little more expensive it is money well spent as the board is much sturdier than all the cheaper boards we have had in the past and which, now looking back, were such a false economy and made the ironing more awkward than it need to have been. The end shelf which holds the iron is very big but that's because it will hold one of those steam iron reservoir things so plenty of room for our standard sized iron.

The ironing board surface is firm and spacious so all round a very good buy.
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